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Vienna is the perfect city, a magic city I would say. It is the best place to take Instagram photos, and we will show you where to find the best photography locations in Vienna.

Sometimes it is really hard to find the best place but with our guide, you will be able to discover the best photography locations in Vienna.

If you are planning your visit during winter time or Christmas time you will find a perfect inspiration for the best photography locations in Vienna.


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#1 Schönbrunn Palace – Sisi Castle

If you are in Vienna you can’t miss Sisi Castle. Here it is the most beautiful places for photography.

After your visit to the castle, explore around and find the best place to take Instagram photos.

We did find a lot and even if it was a really cold day we spend more then two hours just shotting around the castle.

Best Photography locations in Vienna - 24

#2 Rathaus – Instagrammable Vienna

When I first saw Rathaus I was seriously impressed. Taking pictures of it isn’t really the easiest as there is almost always an event or something going on in front of it.

The Rathaus is also particularly nice at night when it’s lit. I would suggest the best time to take pictures is during the night but even during the day, there are some amazing spots.


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#3 Stephansplatz  – Best location Vienna

It’s in the middle of the city centre. It’s the best photography locations in Vienna. For me, it is one of the most beautiful monument.

Vienna city centre is not really big, we did it all by walk, but if you don’t fell to walk there is a tube station just close by.

Best Photography Tips: Use your imagination as much as you can. Here in Vienna, you will be surrounded by a really nice beauty.


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#4 Prater – A good location to take pictures

Vienna night photography, you are in the right place. As it’s a theme park during the night there is a lot of light, which sometimes are not really good for taking pictures.

If you want your memorable Vienna night photography we will suggest you bring with you all the necessary, so all your pictures will be amazing.

This is one of the Vienna attraction you must put in your “To Do List” of best photography locations in Vienna. 

This is absolutely one of the best photography locations in Vienna. It was the funniest part of all the trip. It’s a huge park with some amazing spot where to take the best pictures.

As you can see this is one of the best pictures ever, it was my dream and here you can fell how I was happy and excited about Vienna. It’s true what they say: ” When you travel you live three times: when you dream, when you live and when you remember. “

#5 Belvedere Palace

After Sisi Castle, this is the second best one. Schloss Belvedere Palace Vienna or “The Belvedere” is surely one the best photography locations in Vienna.

The Belvedere Castle Vienna is a historical landmark for the capital dating back to the 16th century during the Habsburg reign.


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#6 Hofburg Palace

You can capture one of the city’s most breathtaking views at Hofburg Neo-rococo entrance – Michael’s Gate with various Hercules statues.

Make sure to capture the famous Vienna Fiakers waiting at the site.

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna is huge.

The Hofburg Palace in Vienna, was the centre of the Austrian monarchy, from the beginning of the reign of the Habsburgs, in the thirteenth century, until the end of the monarchy in 1918.

#7 Christmas Markets

During Christmas time everywhere in the world is magic. In Vienna especially, there are some amazing markets really nice.

When Christmas is approaching everyone look very happy especially us we feel even more inspired when we are travelling as with those light everything is magic.

Christmas time in Vienna is a very special time of the year, as the whole city lights up with thousands of fairytale-like lights.

There are Christmas Markets all around the centre, providing many wonderful photo spots wherever you look.

#8 Sacher-Torte – Instagrammable cafes in Vienna

The Sacher-Torte is the typical Austrian cake. It is a really good one, I must say.

In Austria you can find this cake almost everywhere, but why don’t you chose a good instagrammable cafes in Vienna with an amazing view?

Most of the people would say to go to an expensive shop, queuing a lot for a Sacher-Torte which it will cost you around 8 euro.

As we are Italian, we loved to explore and we always want to find the best instagrammable cafes in Vienna and that’s what we did.


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Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker  

It is just in front of the opera and it is divided into three floors.

For something just to grab and go you can just sep by the main entrance, but if you want to relax a bit, especially after a long day, you are in the perfect place.

Walk through the third floor and wait for someone to show you where to seat.

Can you imagine how much it will be a Sacher-Torte? Just 4.90 euro. 


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Also, you can take a nice snap at the Vienna State Opera. It is a huge monumental building just behind the main shopping street.

It is another place need to be in the list of the top things to do in Vienna. You can reach the Vienna State Opera with the metro, just following the omonimus stop.

One of top reason why visit Vienna is absolutely the cafè central. It is also one of the prettiest places in Vienna and the prettiest cafè in Vienna. You can grab your last cute Instagram pictures.

At the question:  Is Vienna a nice place to visit ?

We will always answer with a secure yes, it is! Grab your guide on the 10 best places to visit in Vienna Austria. Check the 2018 top Vienna Photo and visit the Austrian Capital.

Those are our top tips for the best photography locations in Vienna.

It is a really nice and romantic city, where you will be inspired and you will start to be creative as it is a good location to take pictures.

Vienna is rich of photo opportunities and photography spots, also you will find the best place to watch the sunset in Vienna, a romantic and special one.

You will improve your street photography skills, with a retro touch in one of the awesome alley. Pass by one of the Vienna sightseeing and visit the Vienna attractions.

Now you know what to do in Vienna, so just grab your ticket and visit the most beautiful places in Vienna.

I think Vienna is like Paris, both of them are big cities with a lot of important monuments, but at the same time, you just want to stop and start to shot every single moment.

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