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Italian Trip Abroad on the road. What is the essential plan for your next road trip?

Trust me it wasn’t easy but it was funny and romantic. We saw sunrise and sunset from beautiful places. Here you go some tips.

Go on the road with italian trip abroad - essential road trip guide

Organize a road trip it could be easy if you are prepared. The most important thing is to decide where to go and what to see. Our last road trip was well-organized few months before our departure. We decided to do a road trip in Andalucia.

Our roundup started from Malaga going to Gibraltar, Cadiz, Seville, and Granada. We will finish it again in Malaga, and do some stop on the way by every place. Of course, we been on few beaches as the south of Spain got beautiful spots, it is the Coast of Sun.

If you want to find out our trip, you can have a look at our route and take some inspiration for your next one.

The first thing to do in your preparation for a Road Trip is to organize yourself for a long ride. You need to try to be participating in the all the trip. What will you need to do that? I will say organize step by step all the stages to do.

Use it as a tick list and go through without missing any steps, for sure you don’t fall sleep as Alessia did.

Travel light - take an hook and wear your tongue

Do not travel too heavy

As you know, on a road trip you will need to move from one place to another, it could be quickly and easy. You don’t need a heavy backpack or extreme luggage.

Pack your bags as much as you can without useless staff, like Toti. I’m joking usually I am the one, but thanks to him I learn how to pack all my staff in a small hand luggage.

In this way, you can avoid to spend a fortune in luggage fees on the flight and also stay light for all the trip.

Don’t fall asleep, remember it is a road trip, you need to assist who is driving

Be ready to be awake all the time, otherwise, you will miss a lot of amazing places. I know sometimes is hard and you feel tired, most of the time happen to me as well as I love to sleep and in the car is amazing, but after a while, I understood that I was missing a lot of our trips.

For avoiding it you can do some stops in the middle of your trip, try to find a good spot on your way. For example, on the way to Seville from Cadiz, we stopped in Jerez de la Frontera.

We walked around for an hour, took a coffee and step back on our way. It is also important because you need to assist your driver. You don’t want he/she fell asleep driving, you know the consequence, so it is a teamwork.

Play music, take pictures, give a talk but stay awake. 

Be smart take just the necessary with you

Do not bring with you staff like Shampoo, Shower gel or others things as you will be always around you can buy it for all the duration of your trip. (Or like we did, in a hotel, we “borrow” them).

It doesn’t matter how many days you will be around, but if you start to organize your staff and start to cut the useless one, you will have more space for souvenirs or new clothes

. It is hot weather bring with you just shorts and t-shirts and comfortable shoes, is true that you will spend most of the time in the car but later you will need to walk and remember your flip-flops.

Tips: Don’t forget to buy a car cigar charger. It is really important when you run out of charge. Always carry a spare battery bank as well.

A few months ago we did a short guide to what you need in your luggage, check it out.

Don’t use the flip-flop or tongue or sandals while driving

There is no way to drive with it and take off your own safety and of the other drivers as well. Instead to use those, in a long ride is hard to have the shoes on 24h for a day, so start to use your socks.

Drive with socks, it sounds crazy but really comfortable, and safe as well especially if you are on a highway you can start to massage your left foot.

bimba - italiantripabroad - planning a trip in the airport

Planning, planning, planning.

Unless we are adventurer promoters, we love to plan a road trip. At last, we don’t plan what we want to do in a place, on this point we give space to our imagination and get all ourselves in the soul of the place. We love just to plan day by day our daily stages. Plan your trip day by day, if it could be helpful write it down everything so you won’t forget it. It is also important for planning the accommodations you will stay in, find some discount and don’t miss any spot.

Change the plan and get lost

Get lost. Ok, I know on the point on top I said to make a plan. Organize your days and your stages. But it is not working well always, sometimes you need to listen to your sixth senses and feel a place, take a quick decision and go to spot unmissable places.

Do not think you must go in that way if you change your plans sometimes is even better, as happened to us in Ibiza.

We were going to a famous spot, planned it, looked a lot of Instagram accounts posting pictures about this unmissable place, but then we so the signage and the way was still going up and up.

There were nothing around us, just nature and rocks, but Toti took the decision to go up, miss the signage and our spot and try to find the adventure on the rocks. We spotted one of the best beaches in our life, a place we cannot take our mind never.

Supermarket and local market are your friends, cheap and comfortable local food

Stop by in a supermarket and buy some snakes and something to drink. If you are like us you will need it but don’t drink too much otherwise later you will need to go to the toilet and sometimes on a highway is hard to find a service station.

Take a snack while travelling is a good chance to take a long conversation with the driver and take him/her awake.

We suggest you stop by a local market, you can find unmissable local food. Sometimes your taste need something feel like home, other times you need a local bakery or dishes.

check the weather while travel for get the best of your road trip

Check the weather and take the best from it

I know you are planning your road trip from so long. But, it could be disastrous if you need to change your plan, or you don’t enjoy it because of the weather.

On a road trip where you start in a place and you will return there, you have the option to go in one sense or do the opposite roundup. If you are travelling during the summer, planning by weather condition can save your trip.

Why? The answer is easy, if you want to visit some beaches, you need to get a good weather to swim, take a relax and change a bit your skin colour. 

Three days before go, check the weather condition for all the time you stay. It could be really important even for your luggage and the clothes to dress.

Be ready for every climatic condition

Have you never been in a place in the middle of May with over 25 degrees and the snow up to the mountains?

Yes, it is on our back. In Andalucia we were driving to Malaga from Granada, on the mountains of Sierra Nevada, there was a lot of snow in the middle of May. Unbelievable!

So, for that, be ready to wear a jacket or a coat, be ready to have some space in your luggage and go shopping!

Do you rent a car, van or motorbike? Check it and take pictures.

You don’t want to have a headache from the rental company. Get a huge bill at the end of your trip. Take your adventure like a nightmare for the huge repair costs you need to afford.

To avoid it and have secure fun, we always chose the maximum insurance coverage offered by the rental company.

It could be expensive, or at least more expensive than the normal rental, but trust us, it is really good with some Company waiting for a chicken.

We do it and for taking less we play on the days we really need the car. In the day we arrive in a place we don’t take the car, and on the day we will fly back as well.

It takes off two days and some money-saving. Try to do that and do the full coverage insurance. 

If you don’t want to pay more for the full coverage, so our only advice is to take pictures and video of the car before you start to drive. Check all about your new car, the fuel policy and if everything is in order.

plan road trip like italiantripabroad

Personal Insurance and gear coverage.

Like the point before, this one is important too. This is an added value especially if you are going to another continent and your company doesn’t cover your personal insurance.

Even if you are carrying with you a good and expensive gear, like cameras, laptop or jewels, you can cover the cost if you get it lost or stolen. Sometimes have a personal and gear insurance is less expensive than you think. Have a look at the best travel insurance company and get safe.

If you have any other suggestion or you do something special in your road trips, we are here to take it.

Help other traveller is a good way to make new friends and we believe in this philosophy. If any point of this post it not really clear, we are here to explain better and share with you other secrets.

Drop us an email, we will be happy to answer and get in touch.

Travel Tips – Italian Trip Abroad


Help us to share this post! Help your friends to travel cheaper!


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  9. agree with a lot of it! road trips are so fun but my first one ever I was definitely not prepared. Best to know all of these things ahead of time instead of learn them along the way for sure

  10. This is an amazingly comprehensive articles with some great tips. Thank you for sharing these; I’ll be road tripping soon and try to apply all of them!

  11. I love planning, I plan every trip with major things. but I also leave time to “unplan” and get lost. I love that tip. it allows one to explore and see things you can’t plan!! Beautiful!

  12. I road trip all the time! Great tips! One i never really take notice of is driving in flip flops. I do it all the time.. I would be careful because I have been told before in some places its actually illegal to drive without shoes… never know haha
    thanks for this! I’ll be road tripping soon and all of these going into effect!

  13. Completely agree with you, stop by a supermarket or local farmers are the best in a road trip. We usually prefer local farmer market, are cheapest but also much tasty and you can find local speciality as well!

  14. Great tips for a road trip. I agree about wearing shoes when driving. It’s much easier with just socks. I love picnics when I’m on the road, so supermarkets or farmer’s markets are my best friends.

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