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Sevilla is one of the best city where you need to go, especially if you love making pictures. Here in Seville, you will find some amazing spot. We fall in love with this city, we feel the same, it is something we couldn’t describe.

Most of the people after our road trip to the South of Spain were asking us which city we have visited was our favorite.

Here you will find some amazing spot which it will make your trip instagrammable Seville.


bimba italiantripabroad plaza de espana sevilla
The best photos Seville Spain

We have been in MalagaSevilla, Cadiz, and Granada on the road trip of Andalusia. It’s difficult to decide, but we think Seville have something more respect the others.

We don’t know if is the vivacity of the city, the architecture or the colours, but we think after you see our list of instagrammable Seville, you will understand why we fall in love with the capital of Andalucia.

Here we discovered the magic of Spain. At every corner you will find somebody smiling at you, all the people are so nice and happy. Those small things make your day.

After walking around the city for long, we discovered some beautiful places where to take the best photos ever. Seville and photogenic in Spanish can be translated easily talking to the people about the Capital of Andalusia.

Do you know our philosophy, there is nothing better after a trip to see your personal post-card and remember the exact moment and situation where you took it. If you want to improve your photography skills for taking better photos of your travel, check our guide!

toti and alessia super jump in Sevilla Spain plaza de espana
Top photo spots Seville

Plaza de España – Instagrammable Seville

After the Cathedral, Plaza de España is one of the most beautiful structures in Seville, and during your visit, you must have to go there.

This photo I think was the most amazing one made by us, we think it is even better than the one we did for our post on Instagrammable Lisbon.

We have spent raffle half an hour to organize it and to make sure there was no one passing by the camera. It was taken in a really busy time, but we were waiting for the perfect light. Some bad shot, too late, too slow or too fast, but we did it and the photo looks literally amazing!

It’s normal when you want to have a nice pic you have to sweat a bit, it was really warm, over 25 degrees for sure.

In Plaza de Espana everywhere is amazing to take a picture, especially if you want to remember your Instagrammable Seville. Once you will reach this place you will find around this huge square a small river, here you can rent a boat and be a bit romantic with your partner.

More then romantic it will be funny, I don’t think everyone can row.

Royal Alcazar Sevilla Italian Trip Abroad

Real Alcazaba

All our friends were suggesting us to go and see the “Alhambra” in Granadabut unfortunately, there were no tickets available. We decided to enjoy instead the Real Alcazaba of Seville. 

The style is almost the same, with the main influence of Arabic culture. Obviously is not the same. The Alhambra is protected by Unesco as humanity heritage, it is also the most famous and touristic.

We suggest to book the ticket in advance like us, to avoid a long and tedious queue.

At the time we were attending our entrance, the queue was going around the whole buildings and really we don’t know if for the closing time the last in it made it.

You will find even discount booking online.

The ticket is not expensive it’s only 9 euro and 50 cents. For those under 16 years old the access is free and for the student between 17 and 25, the ticket is just 2 euro.

Plaza de Espana Sevilla the most beautiful square in the world

Be ready to spend all the day inside and take some amazing photos. There is a lot to see, your creativity here will come out as a magma from the Volcano, an explosion of ideas.

TIP: If you want some particulars posture, try to wear something with colours as Alessia did.

It wasn’t on purpose but if we are thinking about it now it does make sense. Everything in Seville is with colours, seems like a city who really lives. Sounds crazy but true.

Plaza de Toros – Instagrammable Seville

Oleee!!! We have been in Plaza de Toros in Seville and in Malaga. The one in Seville is the most amazing one for us. Could you believe it? Even from outside everything seems new and curated.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time so we lost the tour from inside, but we peek a bit and we remained speechless, without even one word, shocked by the beauty.

We know somebody can say it is cruel to kill animals just for fun, but hey we are talking about the structure, it is really amazing and old fashioned. 

Plaza de Toros – Seville – Italian Trip Abroad

Metropol Parasol – Instagrammable Seville

It’s a wooden structure located in the old quarter of Seville and it was designed by the German architect Mayer. 

This amazing structure is organized in four levels. The underground level (Level 0) houses the Antiquarium, where Roman and Moorish remains discovered on site are displayed in a museum. Level 1 is the Central Market.

The roof of Level 1 is the surface of the open-air public plaza, shaded by the wooden parasols above and designed for public events. Levels 2 and 3 are the two stages of the panoramic terraces offering one of the best views of the city centre and a nice restaurant as well.

Metropol Parasol is located close to the city centre around the beautiful Jewish Quarter. Visiting hour is from Sunday to Thursday from 10 am till 11 pm and Friday and Saturday from 10 am till 10.30 pm. There is a ticket office close by which close half an hour before closing time.

So hurry up and enjoy this fantastic view. The thicket cost just 3 euro and it is worth it.

Walking through the streets

It’s always a good time to take a nice photo, even if is extremely hot you have to enjoy it.

During your walking tour in Seville step by Torre de Oro, a watchtower located on the riverbank and let your imagination started. Be creative and spontaneous, keep in mind your picture and realize it.

Seville will inspire you to take the best photos. You don’t need to follow any rules just be yourself and you will find the best photo spots in Seville or around during your visit to Andalucia. 

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