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If you are planning to go to Cote d’Azur, you are planning already to save the money for don’t end up bankrupt. It’s really cheaper than you are expecting.

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Nice city is known as a very expensive city. But what not everyone knows is that it is possible to spend a very nice holiday without spending a fortune. The first bus you will encounter on your arrival at Nice Cotè Azur Airport is the Nice Airport Express. This is a special bus, even if look like a local bus, with the quickest connection between the airport and the town.

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This bus will reach the main train stations and all the main places like the Seaport, Nice Ville, Nice Riquier via the Promenade des Anglais. You will pay for this trip 6 euros, you can buy the ticket on board directly to the driver and by cash, it is not possible to pay by card.

But there is a way where you can spend less. Your trip from the centre of Nice to the airport and return will cost 12 euros or 3 euros. Not everyone knows, if you just walk out of the airport zone, in direction of the main road, it is just in front of you, five minutes by walk, you will find a bus stop. Almost all the busses are passing by, stop you in the city centre and do stop in some others areas. The fare for this is just 1,5 euros, you need to pay it on board and by cash.

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You can reach the city centre by public bus with just 1,50 euro. Yes, you understand well, just one euro and 50 cents, for go from the Airport to the City Centre or Promenade des Angles, or like us on a street at the back of the city centre. When you go out of the terminal, follow the instruction for Promenade des Angles and spot the bus stop. At this bus stop there is also a Villo” bikes, the sharing project of Nice, if you don’t have a lot of luggage and feel strong after the trip, try it for just 2 euros for the day.

It’s just 5 minutes by walk, out of the Terminal for cut off your starting cost, and get on the floor of Nice the right step. Find the bus stop with the lines 98 or 99, you can do the ticket on board.

Avoid taking the taxis, those are really expensive and there is some kind of it are abusive and not really friendly.

The Busses in Nice

If you want to prepay the tickets, you can go for a 10 trip multipass. It will cost 10 euro, you can save easily 5 euro on your pass, but it is valid just in Nice and around. A single day passes it cost 5 euro, there is also the seven days pass for 15 euro. The local bus in Nice are really frequently and on time, the journey will start around 6.00 am and most of them finish late at night. Check the time at the bus stop.

Ligne d'azur - Nice bus and tram transport map

From Nice, you can easily reach Montecarlo, Menton, Cannes, Antibes and other landmarks. You can do all your trips out of Nice by bus, even go on the ski slopes in winter. If you want a complete guide to how to reach all these places, you can visit our dedicated guide here.

If you want to use the bus to reach the closest landmarks, you are going to use the Ligne d’Azur. It has a different fare valid within different Tariff Zone. From Nice to Monaco, Antibes, Cannes, St. Paul de Vence or Grasse, you can go to take the bus at the seaport, where is the Nice Harbor, behind the Garibaldi’s Square. You need to declare your destination to the driver, but the price will be the same, 1.50 euro for your journey.

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The tram in Nice

The tram is one of the suggestive things you need to give a try in Nice. Despite in other cities you can find really old vehicles, in Nice, the Tram line is really new and well run. Unlike the buses, on the Tram, you need your ticket before boarding. You can purchase the ticket at the machine at each tram stop. The machine accepts both cash and card. Be aware of the tram and buses, especially in the summertime, when are really busy, it is the favourite place of the pickpocketers. Take your valuables in a safe place.

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Rent a Car in Nice

We suggest you do not rent a car for a lot of reasons. One of it is the hard chance to find parking on the streets, opt for it just if you plan to stay in a Hotel with parking included or the chance to have it. Also, if you are planning to visit other cities around Nice, or going to Monaco, if you take the highway you need to pay a tax and there are some stop where you need to pay for the pass on. When you arrive in Montecarlo, you need to stop your car in one of the car parking out of the centre, the cost for a day pass is really expensive, even if you rent a city car.

gp monaco curve

I know can be really suggestive to do some curves like in the formula one, I am thinking to come back one day to do it (a man’s dream).

If you have any suggestion about the transport in Coté Azur we will be really happy to include it. Feel free to contact us and ask suggestions. We have really enjoyed being there!

Nice - Transport guide - All you need to know about cote azur transport

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