10 things you must do in Barcelona

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Barcelona is an eccentric city, and one of the most culturally active in Spain. I think you have listened, someone of your friend to talk about this city, they can speak about Sagrada Familia, about Gaudì and Dalì, or just about the market and the beach.

The weather in Barcelona gives you a prospective holiday all year. In winter is not cold like other countries close to the see, but in summer the temperature can be higher than 35 C°. Plan head your two days in Barcelona, there is a lot to see and you want to miss the best attractions. If you want to be off the beaten path, you have to go for the top unique things to do in Barcelona.

Top sightseeing in Barcelona

Travel abroad can be really expensive sometimes, most of the time, you get your bank account in red to afford the travel. But today, I will share with you, some of my tricks to afford Barcellona less expensive, bring back your wallet and keep calm.

Most of the best museums in Barcelona are free, and some of it can be free just some days. In the particular list of the expensive city in the World, Barcelona is in the down, this is one of the cheaper in the World, I never been.

You can afford your travel on a Budget, and don’t miss anything.

The Catalan city can offer to you a lot of cultural solution, with null economic impact.

Barcelona is the eternal opponent to Madrid, Catalonia against Spain with the Capital on the first line on this conflict. Barcelona is rich in art and culture, visited every year by milion of tourists from everywhere.

The first thing you need to be informed is: the public transport in Barcellona is really perfect, the metropolitan line is really full of branches and stop, you can reach every place in a short time. To save some money, you can buy a travel card, his name is T10. You can afford 10 travel without time limit, and you can use all transport, train, bus and tram.

#1 Free Museum on Sunday

You cannot visit a place without knowing their museums. This is true. So, if you stay in Barcelona on Sunday, you can see most of the best museum for free. Every Sunday, between 3 pm and 8 pm, you can visit the Museum of Picasso, or the MUHBA (History Museum).  

Other museums are free, but just in some month day, most of the time the free entry is on first Wednesday or Sunday of each month. There is a list of all Barcelona’s Museums and their websites.

#2 Festivals in Barcelona

Catalan Capital is one of the best festival centres in Spain. most of them are traditional and come from the past. All the population start to enjoy the festival with traditional costume. The Citizen of Barcelona feels a lot of their traditional festivals. In September there is the Festes de la Mercè. Five days where the city is a unique soul in the feast.

There is a lot of concert with dance and fireworks. In this feast is possible to have a look of “Correfocs”, a drums parade with devil and fireworks. In summer there is one of the most popular feasts, “Mejor de Gracia”, all the borough of “Gràcia” is full of light and light works on the buildings. The price of the goods at this festival is really cheap, you can drink a beer for just 1 euro.

Tibidabo Temple - Sacred Cour of Jesus in Barcelona - Best photo spot Barcelona
Tibidabo Temple – Sacred Cour of Jesus in Barcelona – Best photo spot Barcelona

#3 The Ramblas

It’s Is one of the place plenty of tourists, with a lot of shops and boutique.

There are, also, a lot of eating point, restaurants and bars. It’s a free catwalk of over 1 Km, go from the centre of the city to the seaport. In the middle of this biggest street, there is the biggest market of the city, I am not sure, but can be one of the biggest in the world, if not for the extension, for the variety of goods. This is the paradise for the food lover. At the end of the street, there is a big white column, on the top Cristoforo Colombo, with is finger give the direction to America. Over the Bridge, on the seaport, there is Barceloneta, a beautiful beach, and also the big structure of MareMagnum”.

This is a Commercial Centre, on the top of it a big Night Club, and on all the side a lot of small bars where can drink a lot of “Chupitos”.

#4 La Boqueria – Don’t miss your lunch here!

It’s a food lover paradise. An explosion of colour, smell and taste. Inside this market there is everything you need, and what you don’t expect to see never in your life.

Tips: Try the Jamòn curato. (not for vegan and veggie)

This is the typical Spanish prosciutto(ham), delicious, need to be on your to-do list, you cannot go away without trying this. Into the small shop, you can eat all of the kind of Tapas and Pizza, also Paella too. Other advice, you can ask to try before buy. All the vendors can be really nice to offer you a sample. After this stop, with your stomach full, you are ready to restart your discovery of Barcelona.
To be on a budget while travelling in Barcelona, you have to act like a local. Why don’t try the best Taps bar in Barcelona. Ordering a beer, that will cost you just 2 euro, you will have some tapas on the side.

#5 Art and Culture

Barcelona is not just food, football and shopping, but also is art and culture. You need to pin in your agenda “The Sagrada Familia” and the “Casa Batllò” of Gaudì. If you are not late on your agenda, you can visit also The “Casa Lleò Morera” and “Casa Amatller”,  another perfect example of modernist art. You can see a lot of Architectural structure based on modernism art in every part of Barcelona, put your head up and look at the show.

#6 Barceloneta, see and the sun.

The Beach is close to the city centre. That’s one of the most important things to remember. The lively Barceloneta, can offer to you a beautiful spot for taking relax and also a nap, enjoy the sun and sweat. The sand is really gold, and the waterfront is really nice and clean, with a lot of restaurant or bar. Barcelona is the heart of Catalonia, all the Region come on the coast side on the hot summer months.

If you want just to relax and stay over of tourists places, you can go to “Fòrum”, a little beach in the north, where the people go just for relaxing, out of the stress of Tourists and Restaurants.

#7 The arts into Parc de Joan Mirò

It’s an amazing collection, fabulous, extraordinary and rich in colours.

This place gives you a lot of emotion. This is one of the most famous and loved artist of Barcelona, you can have a look of a lot of his creation in every part of the city.
Everywhere you can sight some colourful tiles, a distinctive emblem of his arts. For entry into the “Parc de Joan Mirò,” you need to pay a ticket, it’s not really expensive.

In this space it shows the sculpture “Woman and the Bird” tall 22 metres, this is fully covered with coloured tiles.

I think most of you, have seen before by friends pictures, or tv spot, some images about Joan Mirò Arts.
The example of Joan Mirò’s Arts you can find after you landed in Barcelona, into the Terminal 2 of the principal airport, or on the central walkway of the principal street “La Rambla”.

Live like a local in Barcelona

#8 The Barri Gòtic – Beer and Sangria

In the city centre can be really awful if you get lost in the small street, ancient, mixed with lively and modern colour. At the end of the ancient small street of “La Rambla,” there is the area of Barri Gòtic.

This is a weaving of cobblestone street with thousand bars and small shop, selling every, where you can lose yourself and your wallet for sure!

This is the Medieval area of Barcelona, suggestive and charming, with such of gothic theme give that a big up taste. You cannot miss the visit to one of the best places in Catalonia’s capital, the place where you can find and get inside to the Catalan soul.

#9 El Raval and the Museu d’Art Contemporani

This place is really close to the El Barri Gòtic, this is a weaving of street where local people use to stay. During the summer is really busy, with all the bars make parties with tables outside, it’s really out of the tourist map, but It is not, therefore, less impressive.

The only touristic place in all the area is the Musei d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. The immense structure come in front of you, and you cannot say no to a visit.

El Reval is full of really good bars and restaurant, where eat for lunch, dinner or just an aperitif.

All the shop are really cosy, and you can buy also souvenir and clothes with a really good price. If you go, also, in the small street, typical of Catalonia’s regions, you can have a look at the street art. This is one of treasure with the best amount of walls art.

Barcelona Photography - Prospective of Barcelona Photos
Barcelona Photography – Different point of view of Barcelona Photos

#10 Font Màgica de Montjuïc

This is the last tip, I will give to you in my short guide to Barcelona, can be in the future to find more other guides to one of the best city for me.
The last tip is about the Magical Fountain, one of the most famous in the World. This is one of the most instagrammable spots in Barcelona.

This fountain was built in 1929, for the World Exposition of Barcelona. The magical water jets at music time, with it’s thousand coloured light is one of the best touristic attraction of Barcelona.

Barcelona Camp nou
Barcelona Camp Nou

In Barcelona, every time there are a lot of different events, most of them are free, without any fee for taking part. This kind of politics, attract a lot the tourists. If you are planning a visit to Barcelona, or you are just thinking about a weekend out, you can visit the website Forfree.cat.

On this page, there is a lot of information to understand when is the best time for visiting the city.
Also, you can have a look at Barcelona Turisme.

Have a look at the football Liga Schedule match, you can find a good match of Barcelona, of the first division and support Messi and Co.

Casa batllò - Gaudi - Barcelona
Casa Battlò is one of the masterpieces of Gaudì
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Shreya June 10, 2018 - 10:46 am

I love the idea of visiting museums on Sundays for free. If you are in Barcelona, you certainly can’t afford to miss Gaudi architecture. I guess I would love to add Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia to this list. Would be so exciting!

Lori June 13, 2018 - 11:47 pm

Great list of places to visit without going broke. I love the idea of going to the museums on free days. We do that often in our hometown but generally when we travel I have not been able to research enough to get the right days. These museums all look like a great visit. I’ll have to remember them when we finally make it to Barcelona.

Andalucia Tour - Discover Sevilla - Italian Trip Abroad December 28, 2018 - 4:50 pm

[…] Barcelona is the first city Toti visited in Spain. It is one of the places he loves and we need to return. We feel to be at home there, it is looking like our home city, Napoli, and some of the streets are perfectly the same. […]


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