15 Best Travel Couples on Instagram will inspire you

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Just a short guide of the 15 best travel couples on Instagram that will inspire you, as they are inspiring us daily.

Like everyone, we are always looking for inspiration. A new adventure, new trips and destinations give us the chance to have a look at our feed on Instagram and be inspired by some of the best Travel couples in the World.

Now the question is easy to go. Could be a travelling couple be inspired by others travel couples? The answer is Absolute yes! Like everyone we look at other travel bloggers, some are amazing, creative people going around the World and taking the most breathtaking shots.

We will call some of them “Legend”, they not just inspire us with a daily amount of creativity, but some has become during the time friends and helped us a lot in our learning process.


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The best #view ever ❤️

A post shared by Italian Trip Abroad (@italian_trip_abroad) on

We are Toti and Alessia, a few years ago we have left our home country, Italy, to live a life of travel and adventure. We have met in London and since 2016 we are travelling together all around Europe. In 2018 we have done a big challenge. Visit 12 countries in 12 months while working both full time.

We don’t have left (Yet) our 9 to 5 Job in London, but we are demonstrating you can have a travel life even if you have duties and responsibilities. Check our photos and be inspired, feel free to get in touch and wave us.


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A post shared by Andrew + Emily (@alongdustyroads) on

1 – A long dusty Roads

They are absolutely the most inspiring photography travel couple. Won the Travel Blogger Awards in 2018 and more others prizes. For sure they will be for you an inspiring couple to follow on Instagram.

The unique style they follow in any shot is absolutely amazing and authentic. It is not just a matter of filter in after production but is also about perspective, shades and colours gradient to make their photos stunning. Well done guys!


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A post shared by mark + mim (@thecommonwanderer) on

2 – The Common Wanderer

We have met them in London, in one of the conferences for Travel Bloggers. We understood as soon they were really a great couple, and also the best travel couples! Wherever they are, they take great shots. We have loved the way they told the stay in Croatia, making us wish to go there one day.

We love their photos not just because are the most colourful we have seen in the industry, but we also love them because of the adventurous style, the amazing story they tell at any shot.


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A post shared by 2foodtrippers (@2foodtrippers) on

3 – 2 Food Trippers

Here we go! We love those two. They are absolutely the first we have met in this job world. They are great. We have met them in an alley in Napoli, our hometown, in the Christmas holidays of 2015. They were doing a Vlog and Toti was just starting out the layout for this website. Was strange to start to talk to them about travel and blogging.

After that, they became our mentors dispensing advice. Their focus is on Food Blogging, you will find them from one side to another of the World in a couple of days, is literally impossible to keep track of their moves.


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A post shared by Tania & David (@viviendodeviaje) on

4 – Viviendo De Viaje

Tania and David count more than 62K followers on Instagram, and they are an amazing Spanish couple. Those guys have been in more than 30 countries so far. Their photo is really couple oriented. You will get your inspiration watching photo at the Grand Canyon or the amazing one on the steps of Lisbon.

Follow – Tania and David at Viviendo De Viaje


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A post shared by Eric & Mari ✱ Travel Couple (@dontworrybecamper) on


Eric and Mari are enjoying the best the life give to them, going all around with a van, showing everything is possible. In their photos you understand is not just a matter of filter, even if they are using their own one. But for making a photo stunning out, it is also a location factor. They are really good to find a great time of the day, and find the best spot, even if it is just a desert.

Follow them at ERIC AND MARI – VAN LIFE


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A post shared by Valerie ✈ Alex | Travel (@ourwanderlustory) on


Valerie and Alex are travelling the World as nomads since 2016 and over 35 countries at the back. Nomads life is as more hard than they show, but they seem to enjoy it and don’t look back. Valerie and Alex give us the essence of a dream in their photos.

Follow Valerie and Alex at OURWANDELRLUSTORY


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A post shared by HANNAH & NICK / ? BALI (@saltinourhair) on


Ok, just to give to you some numbers. Not the most important, but are quite impressive for this couple. 192K Followers, almost 1K posts over the time, one of the best engaging account on Instagram, their photos likes rising up thousand each.

Sometimes we think their photos are not true, they are incredible. Both have a creative mind, ready to snap the impossible. Such as great inspiration for every traveller.

Check Hannah and Nick Instagram account at Saltinourair


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A post shared by ✨TRAVEL BLOG ??✨Elisa&Simone (@italy_you_dont_expect) on


We are following this couple from not so long. We have learned a lot from them about our home country. They are really passionate about Italy and will find in them the right guide to the next visit to the beautiful European country. They love nature and are absolutely cute.

Be sure to follow Elisa and Simone account at Italyyoudontexpect


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A post shared by Luke & Nell | Travel Couple (@whatifwewalked) on


We love their landscape photography perspective. It seems they play a lot when are travelling. The colours are really true and the composition is awesome, the photos are telling a story, a nice and true one.

Check Luke and Nell Instagram at whatifwewalked


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A post shared by Joana & André ∞ (@honeymooners) on


This is a couple is absolutely genial. They are travelling the world with a wedding dress. they keep going their honeymoon all over the world. Their followers have been raising until 300K with just 78 posts.

As they said in their bio, are together since they were 14th, their mission is trying to inspire dream and love.

You can follow Joana and Andrè at  – HONEYMOONERS


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A post shared by Kelly + Kody ⚤ (@positravelty) on


Kelly and Kody are both from the United States, are full-time travellers and are quickly rising up. They are sharing photos from all continents and the most stunning are from Cape Town. 

Have a look about Positively photos


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We love their photos, Cam and Kels are based in South East Asia, in Bali. They are full-time travellers and help this lifestyle with photography jobs. Both are born in the United States but made the choice to live abroad and live their dream. We love to follow them on their journey and video.

It is great to have a look at their photos and find some great inspiration Thewanderfullyfe


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A post shared by Natasha+Cam, The World Pursuit (@theworldpursuit) on


Travellers, Travel Writers, featured by Lonely Planer, Travel Leisure and BBC, what else? So, almost 90K followers and 1K posts with 75 stamps on the passport. The World Pursuit, Natasha and Cam are living the dream of everyone. Every couple should follow their journey to keep going the wish of a dream come true.

You will find Natasha and Cam at TheWorldPursuit


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A post shared by Mandy Celine | Travel & Film (@mandyceline) on


Philip is an amazing photographer, we both love its way to do portraits and travel photography. Mandy is an authentic star in the video production. This couple is a great mismatch. They are friends and we love to interact with them.

Check the account of Mandy and not forgot to pass by Philip ones.


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A post shared by Andrea e Simone | Travellers (@couple.express) on


Andrea and Simone are Italian and has started recently. They have been strolling around the bumpy streets of South Asia for three months. Going up and down the continent, visiting amazing beaches and remote corners of this amazing land. For the great inspiration, we suggest you also to check the photo from their recent On a budget road trip of Croazia.

Be sure to follow Simo and Andrea story at Couple.Express

As you can see there are some of the best travel couples on Instagram, some of them have been around the World for long, some for short time. Everyone has different ways to enjoy life and live the dream to travel and have adventures in all corner of the World. Let us know if you will suggest us more travel couples worth to be followed.

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