15 Travel hacks you want to know before you fly, and can save your life.

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Time to fly. So why don’t get some trick and hack to get better your holidays? This is a short list of travel hack you will need for your next flight abroad.
15 travel hacks you want to know before you fly again and start it with right foot.


travel hacks in the plane by italian trip abroad

1. Breeze through security by picking the checkpoint farthest to the left.

Recent studies show most people are right-handed, so most of them on the security check opted for the line on their right. If you want to skip the queue and go faster, go opposite, chose the lines on your left tend to be shorter and get through security faster.

2. Running out of Wi-Fi at the Airport attendant your flight. No problem.

Most all airports give their customers one hour or two of free Wi-Fi connection if you are watching a movie or listening to music, one hour is not enough, there is a curious hack to do. You can roll back the clock on your laptop and get extra time, you need to do that before the hour finish and the system automatically get your Computer on the list out.

3. Continue your job and avoid fighting for free charging space.

In all Airports, there are free charging stations, where you can connect your device and recharge it before your flight. Sometimes, especially in the busiest airport you need literally fight for find free available space. You can carry with you a portable battery charger, we usually carry with us more than one for don’t run out and charge simultaneous more than one device.

On the market, you can find portable charger also for the laptop. Also, there is a new luggage with charging station in, where you can plug everything, is a bit expensive, but try to find out, maybe you are lucky. If you don’t want to fill the space, you can get a multiplug, where you can charge more than one device at the same time.

flatlay workstation italiantripabroad

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4. Tired to keep your phone in your hand and watch your movie?

No way, you don’t need to carry something more and get the weight in your luggage.
Yes true, sometimes, you need to think the small object can give to your luggage extra weight and take volume necessary in your luggage, so you need to avoid to carry unnecessary things, like a stand for your mobile. You can easily pass it, turning your sunglasses int a makeshift stand.

5. Bring your favourite drink from home by freezing it solid.

I found this simple hack via Thrillist, I never tried it, but I will do soon and get feedback later. For them, you need to be sure your liquids are actually frozen. They assume “Solid like a rock”. If you do this hacks correctly, you will meet the security requirements.

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6. Extra Wi-Fi sitting outside an airline club lounge – Travel Hacks

If you run out of free Wi-Fi and don’t want to act like in the first point of this post, you can find the nearest Club Lounge and sit outside, closest possible. The Airline clubs offer their customers free Wi-Fi and other extras. If you seat just outside the door, you can reach their Wi-Fi, there is no access request for the Wi-Fi for most of all Club Lounge.

toti maisto italiantripabroad

7. Get secure closing your luggage with zip ties.

All you want is to get your luggage and your valuable secure from ill-intentioned. If you want to avoid any bad thing during your trip, you can adopt a clever thing. The zip ties help you to kip your luggage close and blocked. Its a cheaper solution and you can replace it every time, it’s more efficient than the conveyor belts. The only things are: You need to close it and be sure you don’t need to open your luggage, till arriving at your place.

8. Give your luggage VIP service by putting a “fragile” tag on your bag.

The airlines might ask you to sign a waiver, absolving them of any damages, but if you don’t actually have anything fragile then you have nothing to worry about.

Bimba italian trip abroad wifi airport

9. How many time the pressure on the plane gives you a headache, or let you say I don’t want to fly anymore?

Adopt this little and easy hack at your next flight. Take lollipops with you during the fly, sometimes if the fly is too long, more than one.

10. Stay hydrated – Travel Hacks

The most common things for everyone is to forget to buy a bottle of water before the flight. On board, it is too expensive for the on budget traveller. If you want, you can keep with you an empty bottle and fill it up at a fountain before going to the boarding.

11. I don’t want to pay extra for heaviest luggage. I wear everything.

Pay for extra weight for our luggage is always a pain. If you want to avoid it, once you passed the security, go directly to the nearest toilet and change yourself. Show to all the World, the on budget outfit of the year.17. Be comfortable on long flights by bringing your own slipper socks.

italian trip abroad vacation mode on

12. Use a signage on your luggage for spot it easily.

How long you need to wait for your luggage? sometimes is too long, sometimes it’s passing in front of you and you don’t recognize it. If you put a sign, like a bright colour on the handle, let you avoid loss of time at arrival.

Bimba italian trip abroad vacation mode on

13. Roll your shirts using less space – Travel Hacks

If you roll your clothes, shirts, pants, shorts, you can avoid to lose space and carry more thing. How many times you do your luggage and do it again other 100 times. This is a quick easy hack can save your life and let carry you your favourite shirt.

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waiting with wifi in the airport

14. Use a ziplock bag, take the air off of it.

If you want to do better the point 13, you can use a ziplock bag, place all your clothes organized in it and zip it. Wait, not all. Take the last piece of your zip open, take off the air in the bag, don’t pressure it too much, and close quickly.

15. Avoid your headphone getting tangled – Travel Hacks

There are curious hacks you can act to avoid your headphone getting tangled. You can simply use a Card, like your oyster, credit card, pharmacy or market card. Roll the headphone cable around. This hack work with all the cable, so you can use it to roll the charger cable as well.

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