18 Photography locations in Prague – Instagrammable places in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic is surrounded by many cute places to take pictures. We put together 18 best photography locations in Prague, perfect if you are planning an itinerary for Prague photography.
Who doesn’t love taking pictures? And, especially for those who want to discover the most Instagrammed places in Prague? In the following Prague photography itinerary, we will share with you all the most instagrammable places in Prague which you will find during your journey.

Start planning a Prague photography tour without missing the John Lennon Wall. This is, of course, one of the best Prague photography locations. When we are talking about photography spots in Prague we are not just talking about the main Prague sightseeing but even the hidden places around. Follow us in our new itinerary for Prague photography where you will fall in love with this cute and lovely city. Be ready to discover new photography spots in Prague.

18 Best photo spots in Prague 

  • Strahov Monastery Library
  • Old Town Bridge Tower
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Prague Castle
  • Prague River Bank
  • Old Town Square
  • Old Town Hall Tower
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Charles Bridge
  • Letná Hill
  • Dancing House
  • John Lennon wall
  • Lesser Town Side
  • Vrtba Garden
  • Smetanovo Nábřeží
  • Petrin Hill
  • Jewish Quarter
  • Wenceslas Square

If you have more time to explore the Czech Republic, will be great to plan a more intense trip. Prague is a popular destination in Europe, but the surrounding is beautiful too. Why don’t plan a Czech Republic Itinerary that will take you to explore underrated places of central Europe.

Wenceslas Square – Photography locations in Prague

This is the first place in this list, is a 14th-century square in the new town. Rich in history and culture is the place where to start your tour with us.
Start your day with a rich breakfast in one of the amazing bar or restaurant on the sides of the square.
Wenceslas Square is a top photo spot in Prague due to the presence of the National Museum and the old hotels. Those boutique hotels in Prague has got amazing facades, elaborate with paintings all around. This is the perfect way to heat up your camera and start with the best Prague street scene.

This square is in the middle of a boulevard going from the Národní Muzeum, the National Museum and the Metro Station Můstek. If you are looking at where to stay in Prague, we suggest you check out Wenceslas Square.

prague top photo spots
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Prague top photo spots

Strahov Monastery Library – Prague Photography

Starting your journey with Strahov Library, Alessia’s favourite place and you know why.
She loves books. The Strahov Library appears on the list of places which are worth visiting during your time in Prague.
It’s also a perfect place for your Prague photography itinerary. Hunting the next bestseller, walking along with the oldest and precious books, the external part of this building is just stunning. Lose yourself inside and get off your creativity.
This is just the first stop. To get access to the interior part of the Library you can get a ticket in advance, for a discounted price.

St. Vitus Cathedral – Most instagrammable places in Prague

The Cathedral of St. Vitus is one of the most important temples in Prague, within the complex. You can see this building from almost everywhere in the city.

The entrance to the neo-Gothic part of the Cathedral is free.
If you want to explore more in deep the St. Vitus Cathedral, you need to purchase a ticket in advance. This is the best way to photograph the amazing internal part of the building from every angle. This is a stunning building neo-gothic, has a lot to offer inside.
The central Nave is an example of architecture unique in Europe. This is the symbol of Prague, the central chapel is dedicated to St. Wenceslas.

Prague Castle – Prague photography spots

Talking about the symbol of the city of Prague, the next not for importance is the Castle of Prague. You have seen for sure the photos of this Castle somewhere.
This building is one of the most beautiful in Europe, especially at night. It gives to the city of Prague a romantic landscape.
One of the best Prague photography spots is for sure Praga Castle, which offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city. It’s a paradise for every photographer as the castle is one of the best instagrammable places in Prague. The best time to visit the castle and take some awesome pictures is during the sunset. If you would like to visit the Castle inside or get up the watchtowers for a better view of Prague, you have to purchase the ticket here.

Prague River Bank – Instagrammable places in Prague 

The Vltava river is another instagrammable places in Prague for us. You can’t miss visiting. You can easily get a great shot from every part of this bridge as all the surrounded area is cool.
Obviously, like every place that has a river going right in the middle, you can have the best shots in the afternoon. At the golden hour, the sun is going down and you will have the perfect light to shot, clear and smooth. Take your tripod with you and try some setting for an epic long exposure.

It has become very popular by local and it is a great location for great shots. Take your spot there and wait until the right time to snap.

Old Town Bridge Tower – Photography locations in Prague

Considered one of the top photography locations in Prague. The Old town Bridge tower needs to be in your list of the best photography locations in Prague. The gothic monument as well was built in the late 14th century by the Bohemian King Charles IV.

If you want to have the best lights, you should go there before the sunset. Wait until the lights are turned on and enjoy the beautiful skyline, transforming the city in a lovely postcard.

To go up and enjoy the lovely view you need to buy a ticket which will cost you 100 CZK which mean less than £4. During summer time they open at 10 am and they close at 10 pm and during winter they close at 6 pm. Check for all the discounted prices available.

Old Town Square – Photography spots in Prague

The Old Town Square need to be in your list of photography spots in Prague. In the middle of the square, you will see the most iconic monument in the city, the Astronomical clock. This is another spot of Prague, that you will find in details later on.

Besides the clock, the square is one of the places to visit in Prague, and if you got a wide angle lens, you will be able to capture a complete scene.
For many the Old Town Square host one of the best Xmas Markets in Europe. If you are visiting Prague in winter and still looking for photography spots in Prague, head here for a magical atmosphere and blinking lights.
From the Old Town Square are starting all the best Tours of Prague. Check some of the best photo tours in Prague from this list.

Old Town Hall Tower – Itinerary for Prague photography 

Do you want to have a 360 view of the city? The Old Town Hall Tower is perfect for your itinerary for Prague photography.
The entrance is 250 CZK which is the equivalent of £8 more or less, depending on the exchange rate. From the top, you will have a beautiful skyline of this gorgeous city.
This spot is perfect for taking photos of Prague, but remember that this place can get very crowded and you won’t be able to take any good pictures.
There are few tickets available to skip the line, this allows to take your spot up to the tower.

Astronomical Clock – Photography in Prague

The Astronomical Clock is one of the most visited monuments in Prague. (Check the best ticket price here!)

This sightseeing of Prague is always busy and sometimes lack of available tickets to get on the top. It is considered the third oldest astronomical clock in the world which is still working.
It is one of the most photographed sights of Prague and recently it is becoming even an instagrammable place in Prague.
If you are planning a relaxing but intensive itinerary for Prague you should consider starting your journey in the early morning. In this way, you can avoid the crowds of Tourists, especially in the old town.

Charles Bridge – Most instagrammable places in Prague

Crossing the Charles Bridge is one of the things to do in Prague absolutely. This is for us one of the best places to watch the sunrise in Prague. 

Why the Charles Bridge is a perfect spot of sunrise Prague? Because of the colours and the beauty of the city are mixed in just one shot. It’s our favourite photography sites in Prague and the most common one as well.
The bridge can get very busy during the day and we suggest you go there early in the morning to avoid any confusions and tourists and to be able to enjoy the lovely panorama.
If you are travelling to Prague you can’t miss taking photos of this famous bridge. It’s like going to Florence and don’t take any pictures of Ponte Vecchio.

Actually, have you never been to Florence? Check out our last post on what to do and see in one day.

Dancing House – Best photo spots in Prague 

This famous building is a gorgeous modern architecture located in the heart of Prague close to the riverbank. If you love photography you will love doing a long exposure around the Dancing House during the night. 

Where has the name come from? One of the buildings goes to the sky, the other goes through. The architecture seems like the first is waiting for the hug of the other. If you have enough time, you can visit the last floor which is a French restaurant.
From the top of this tallest building, you can admire a marvellous skyline on Moldava. The view from the top is breathtaking, at night like during the day.
Enjoy this view on Prague with a glass of Wine for the best Instagrammable Prague Spot.

John Lennon wall – Prague street photography 

Another gorgeous spot which you can’t miss is the John Lennon Wall, as it’s perfect for your photography locations in Prague.

Located not far from Charles Bridge, in Mala Strana, it’s a must-see during your itinerary in Prague.

Why is it called John Lennon Wall? It starts when people filled the Wall with John Lennon graffiti and pieces of lyrics from the Beatles songs. Go and check yourself through a great Tour of Prague, the prices are so cheap and worth.

Letna Hill – Instagrammable places in Prague 

Letna Hill is another viewpoint in Prague which you should consider visiting. One of the reasons why you should climb the hill is for the lovely view of Prague and the Vltava River.

It’s one of the most instagrammable places in Prague and be ready to shot a lot. 

Try to wear something colourfully so you can have a lovely combination of the colours of Prague and yours. The best time to visit Letna Hill is during the golden hour, and you can understand why. On top of the hill, there is a park where you can rest a bit and chill. Consider renting a bike to get on the top and do a unique tour of Prague by bike.

Lesser Town Side 

The Lesser Town is a picturesque area perfect for a Prague street photography. The ancient buildings and St. Nicholas Church makes this are worth a visit.
For us, this is one of the best photo spots in Prague, colourful and traditional at the same time. It’s a quiet quarter, even more than the Old Town and New Town.
For many, this is the real Prague, the ones that are not yet touched heavily by tourists.

Vrtba Garden – Photography locations in Prague

The Vrtba Garden is one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens located in Prague. It’s the perfect location if you are looking for the best photo spots in Prague. The entrance is really cheap, it’s 80 CZK which is less then £3. We recommend you to visit the Garden in the early afternoon when the sun is high as you will get the best Prague photos. For nature lovers, this is the perfect spot where relax, out of the touristy things to do in Prague.

Smetanovo Nábřeží – Prague photography for long exposure

If you are looking for the best Prague photography locations, Smetanovo Nábřeží is the ideal as you will have Prague Castle and part of Charles bridge in only one picture.
For the best photo spots in Prague, you need to go there for night photography.
This location is one of the best for Prague photography for long exposure. You will catch the perfect lights of Prague.

Petrin Hill

This is the perfect spot to visit in Prague in Autumn when the leaf falls and the landscapes are all around yellow, orange and red tone. Petrin Hill is one of the prettiest parks in Prague, will say more instagrammable than Vrtba Garden and free.

Here you can enjoy long panoramic walks along the tree-lined narrow streets. This park is really well known by locals because has got the highest point in the city. From the top of the Tower of Petrin Hill, you can have the perfect Prague Landscape. While the weather in Prague is unstable, check before the forecast. You need a clear day to snap the perfect cityscape photo of Prague.

The Jewish Quarter – Photography locations in Prague

This the formerly Jewish ghetto, which is part of the history of Prague. This area of the city history belongs to the 2nd World War, a dramatic history. We didn’t include this place on the list because is instagrammable.
We are not willing to do that, but here is history steeped. You will see the real Prague here, in a place rich in history and architecture.
We suggest to take a guided tour, that will explain to you all the details. If you are passionate about street photography, this is a good location for you. The Jewish Quarter has got the best street scenes in Prague.

Day trips from Prague to Vienna

If you loved your time in Prague and you liked to stroll around the city while taking pictures, you should consider a day trips from Prague to Vienna.

Vienna is a gorgeous city which has got plenty of Instagram spots. You can easily organize a day trip from Prague to Vienna with Flixbus which will cost you less than £15. The journey will take around 4 hours, depending on the traffic, but on the bus, you have all the comforts to afford a long trip, we did it and was amazing. There are also many organized trip from Prague to Vienna, that is not costing a lot but will help you to plan better an Itinerary in Europe. 

Day trips from Prague to Budapest

If you are organizing a day trip from Prague you should consider Budapest as well. The Hungarian capital was our favourite destination ever. From Prague to Budapest by bus, the journey is a bit long as we are talking about 7 hours on the bus. But, it’s worth it. The prices are cheap as well and with only £15 you can enjoy the lovely Hungarian Capital. By train, the journey would be always around 8 hours as you will need to stop in Vienna.

What you could do is to organize an amazing trip going from Prague to Vienna. Stay in Vienna for one night and then travelling from Vienna to Budapest.

Budapest is the perfect location if you want to find the best photo spots around Europe and you can’t miss visiting this gorgeous city.

Travel Tips to be safe in Prague

Try to wear something colourfully as sometimes Prague doesn’t have many colours around.

Don’t accept any money exchange from random people who says that they got a better rate as they will give you fake money or money without value.

You can pay by card but, if you are travelling during Xmas for example only have with you the essential amount of money in cash.

Wear comfortable shoes as you will walk a lot even if the city centre is small.

If you are planning a Prague street photography carry a backup pair of shoes and dress to make your photography in Prague more instagrammable.  

When to plan your trip to Prague? You can either organize it during early summer when the day is long and you got more daylights or during Christmas with all the markets around.  

Getting around Prague

Prague is very easy to visit walking through. You can visit all the main sightseeing on your own without need a guide, but the tours are really cheap and worth it. Invest in a good Tour Guide of Prague and then go on your own to spot the best photography places in Prague. 

If you want to save time and money while spending your time in Prague you should consider getting the Prague City Card which includes the entrance to the Castle and unlimited access to public transport.

If during your journey, you want to have more information about this lovely city, you can always join a Free Walking Tour which you can book here. 

Yes, It’s free! The tour will take 3 hours and you can have a quick but guided tour of the city.

We recommend to do it on the first day, so you can get more confident with the city as well.

Best night photography spots in Prague

If you are looking for the best spots in Prague for night photography, below you will find a list of the top 3 places for:

  • Charles Bridge
  • Dancing House
  • Franz Kafka Monument

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The 18 best photo spots in Prague

Prague is a lovely city which you need to visit at least once in your life. Usually, most of the people don’t know the existence of this gorgeous city and they try to skip it. But we hope that after sharing with you where to find the best photo spots in Prague you will change your mind.
In our itinerary for Prague photography, we were surprised by all the beautiful spots we found during our journey.
As travels are becoming more addicted to being directed by photos and by influencers account, we will say to you that Prague is worth to be visited over all the photos. In this city, you will find tradition, history and culture.

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