The backpack that changed our way to travel – Nayo Smart Backpack Review

Every time that you are planning a trip to somewhere, the first thing that will come up on your mind is: “Which kind of backpack should I bring with me?”

Everyone is always looking for the next backpack and travel bag that will match their requirements.

We always had this problem as we wanted something lightweight, comfortable and especially waterproof. With the evolving of our trips, we are always in need of something that can adapt to a different situation. It is impossible to carry with you a couple of different backpacks every time when you are travelling for long. All the features that you want need to be in one single object. We always carry with us the laptop, so the charger, the DSLR Camera with at least an extra lens, a small kit with extra SD cards too.

Also in our backpack, there is one or two external HD. You will clearly understand that carrying all this weight for so long will hurt your back a lot. So our bag should be comfortable, and also stable, more than obviously spacious. After changing different bags, this one seems to work perfectly for the different circuit, ideal for the city but also in the hiking. Believe it or now, seems finally we found the ideal backpack for us.

Nayo backpack in London Circuit
Nayo backpack in London Circuit

Quick Overview

  • 32L or 25L capacity
  • Main body fabric is 600D polyester with polyurethane coating
  • SBS water-resistant zippers, seat belt webbing, and plastic buckles/adjusters/D-rings
  • Panel-loading main compartment with laptop/tablet sleeves and 4 slots for accessories
  • Top-loading secondary compartment with 4 internal slots
  • Top, front, and back panel quick-access pockets and side water bottle pocket
  • The external standard USB plug

Two backpack sizes

Large size – Volume of 32 litres, the weight of 1.5 kg and dimensions of 51x17x35cm. The large size backpack can fit a big-screen laptop of 17.3”.  

Normal size – Volume: 25L, the weight of 1.2 kg and dimensions: 46x16x32 cm. The small size backpack can fit a regular laptop of  15.6”.

Why we choose Nayo Smart design

Nayo Smart Backpack unique design

After living in the UK for so long we understood that we needed something adequate for a city like London. We were looking for a daily backpack, the one you can carry easily on the train at pick time, but also something that at the same time you could travel with.

Recently we tested in London the new Nayo Smart design. An innovative bag system that allows bringing with you both our cameras, laptop, IPad, Tripod and where the external disk had their own thermic and anti-shock pocket. Nice isn’t it?

The design is perfect for everyone who loves travelling or if you just want to use it to go to work.

Testing the bag in London was helpful for us to understand how far could be stretched the features of this bag. We knew that the bag was waterproof, but how it will respond under pouring raining style of London? That was amazing, we were completely wet, the outside of the bag was too, but the water was draining out and inside was absolutely immaculate. Nothing wet, all our belongings completely safe. No one single drop in the thick waterproof case.

Water-resistant backpack

As we have explained before this was our main concern. How waterproof resistant could be the bag?

We have tried many bags in the past, most of them sponsored as waterproof, but also equipped with a waterproof cover. All those bags were great, but under the rain were starting to show the little problems of a bag without a case appropriately created waterproof.

The Nayo Smart, has given us the chance not only to try it while in a city circuit, but also trying hiking. The case of the bag will work as a resistant shell for you, protecting your belongings from whatever external factor.

Not only that, on the side of the bag you can find a thermic pocket, which will protect food, or like we use at the most protecting our precious Hard Drives. The top pocket is also waterproof, protecting all your necessary things, like a wallet or a watch.

This is the ideal bag if you are looking for something smart, with a good design for any kind of situation, from 4 days in London, to Hiking Pidurangala in Sri Lanka.

USB Charger

USB external charger feature Nayo backpack
USB external charger feature Nayo backpack

The extra feature that we were looking for was an external USB charger, with the power bank directly connected inside our bag. Not just because it is cool, but it is useful if you are running from a side to another in the city. It is like to have a socket with you all the time.

The USB charger plug is included in a waterproof pocket, it can be connected to a power bank that can be hidden inside the thousand hollows of the bag. The extension cable is really long, and the pocket is capable of carrying more than one power bank at once.

This bag is created to be ideal for long howl, when you need power after a long day shooting outdoor. We used the extra charger to charge the battery of our GoPro, after using it all day, we didn’t want to give up to use it in extreme conditions.

How the inside is divided and why we love it 

Inside the Nayo Smart Backpack

The inside of the backpack is divided into two sections. You have one part (work part) where you can carry with you your laptop, IPad, a notebook, pens and on the side we place always the gimbal. The other side of the bag, the one we call “fun-side”, is more the part where you carry the heavy stuff. The second side of the case can be filled with DSLR Camera, or more than one, lenses or more than one and you still have room for chargers.

This second part of the case has been filled a lot by us. In order, we have carried inside 2 DSLR Cameras (Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 600D). More than that, the room was filled by a Canon 50mm lens, a Sigma 70-300 mm that is really big, and a regular 18-55mm of Canon. In the extra pocket that you can extract we have filled one with 4 lens filters, remote control and 2 external HD.

The outside pockets are also a great feature for this amazing bag. We have filled the top one with extra batteries, which can be useful to have handy when you are shooting outdoor. On the top pocket also we have included the LED light for low light shooting, my wallet and a small set to clean the lens.

The two front pockets have been filled with the notepad, the one we use to write our storyboard and story mood for videos, and a couple of pens.

Look and Feel

The exterior of the pack is super clean. It seems like a freshly painted spaceship, dark grey colour, ready for the launch in the space. The only branding on the pack is the word “Nayo Smart” in the bottom of the bag, in a light grey colour. It is a little reflective which is nice for visibility’s sake.

The location of the logo and even the style seems at odds with the symmetrical minimalism of the pack.

Extra Features of Nayo Backpack

A backpack with two anti-theft pockets

Anti theft pocket at the back of Nayo Smart
Anti-theft pocket at the back of Nayo Smart

Many bags nowadays are implementing anti-theft pockets. Those allow travellers like us to keep their valuables safe and always on our radar. The Nayo Smart backpack, has got two anti-theft pockets, one at the back, and another on the front on one of the shoulder strap of the backpack. The first allows you to carry your passports secure, it is at the back, close through zipping and waterproof too. The second anti-theft pocket, is right in the front, close with a zip, with enough space to carry a few notes and a bank card.

Handle – Hard grip

Handle grip of Nayo backpack
Handle grip of Nayo backpack

Not everybody looks at the small features of a backpack, what we have noted is the hard handle of this backpack. The hard plastic handle has helped us a lot during our commuters in London. Travelling during the pick time in the metro system of a big city, you can clearly understand that often you have to carry your luggage for all the track. The hard grip will help you to don’t feel it at all, and don’t lose your backpack or stress it and you for the weight.

Zip open at 180°

Thanks to this feature, a double zip that will help you to open your backpack at 180°, it will be turned in a smart suitcase. You can pack and unpack your luggage easily, making all the pockets of this bag more accessible.

Ergonomic Harness

Haergonomic back suistain

This was one of the main features we were looking in a backpack. Carrying heaviest loads, almost every day you are always in looking for comfort over than just design. The Ergonomic Harness of this bag is unbelievable, capable of let you don’t feel at all the weight. It doesn’t go directly on your shoulders, but distribute the weight on the whole back.

Ryanair backpack allowed

While travelling in Europe so often, and moving from one city to another just for a few days, we needed something that can pass the controls at the airport as a backpack, without extra charges. We have tried to travel with it on a Ryanair flight, strict on hand luggage policy, trying to avoid the extra charges for the luggage. Despite the big volume of the bag, it fits very well under the seats and is so a backpack for travelling on a low-cost flight.

Fixing Strap

While not always we travel low-cost, we need to carry our luggage too for long trips, we need to carry another bag. At the back of the Nayo Smart, there is a fixing strap that allows you to carry the backpack on top of the wheels luggage. You don’t imagine how it was useful while we were running in the airport to don’t lose the flight.

Water bottle pocket

waterbottle adjustable pocket of Nayo Backpack
The adjustable water bottle pocket of Nayo Smart Backpack

On the side of the Nayo Smart, there is a water bottle pocket, really useful. Despite most of the bag we have recently used in our trips, that the water bottle pocket was tight and smaller to fit a big bottle, the Nayo Smart is really good at that. This bag features a side pocket with an adjustable zip, that will help you if carry a large water bottle aside. We have used this pocket also to carry the tripod, and it was secure to don’t let it fell out.

Sternum strap

Chest straps of Nayo Smart backpack
Chest straps of Nayo Smart backpack

While hiking with the Nayo Smart we understood how is important the sternum strap. Sometimes you need it to feel all one with your backpack. The sternum strap comes handy in this kind of situation, when you are jumping rocks to pass a river, or reach the highest point.

Sunglasses hanger

On one side of the backpack shoulder strap, there is a sunglasses hanger. It will come handy for people that don’t like that much wear sunglasses but knows that you need sometimes. It will be helpful in various situations, we have used it also to hang a hook with your camera handy.

REVIEW DISCLOSURE: This post has been created as a partnership with Nayo Smart Backpacks. As always, all views are our own, every opinion is made conscious. We have personally tried this backpack for almost 3 months before writing the review. This post may contain affiliate links that earn us a small commission but come at no extra cost to you. In this way we can sustain our blog activities, running our tips and tricks free for you. We will take this occasion to say a big thank you for your support!

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