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Barcelona is an authentic gem in Spain, the colours and the lively people make it one of the best place for your next holidays. It is the art that is in all streets of this European Capital, that make us write a blog post about the most instagrammable places in Barcelona.

There are many things to do in Barcelona, so we are trying to give to you a different perspective itinerary. Barcelona Photography Itinerary will take you through the best sights of Barcelona.
A city guide created to take you the most instagrammable spots in Barcelona. You will see places like the Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc Cable Cars or the best photo spot in Barcelona of Park Güell.

Most instagrammable places in Barcelona

Visit the SAGRADA FAMILIA – The most impressive masterpiece of Gaudì

Best photo spots in Barcelona - Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia during spring in Barcelona is one of the Best photo spots in Barcelona Spain

The most important sightseeing in Barcelona is the Sagrada Familia. Don’t skip a visit to this amazing monument, that is still under constructions but can give you the chance to shot the perfect photo of Barcelona.

Casa Batlló – The Art Nouveau masterpiece of Gaudì

Casa batllò - Gaudi - Barcelona
Casa Battlò is one of the masterpieces of Gaudì

This building is absolutely one of the masterpieces of Gaudi, the head of Art Nouveau. The exterior made of pieces of glass and fine ceramic is unique, that make a mosaic style that has inspired designer for years. This spot is absolutely one of the best insta-worthy Barcelona Spots. We highly advise you to buy the ticket in advance online.

Where is it? Metro Stop Passeig de Garcia

Casa Milà “La Pedrera” – Top photos of Barcelona

We are still in the area of Casa Batlló. Antoni Gaudì has built up almost all the area. La Pedrera is another amazing building of Gaudì, the balconies and great colours give a great photo perspective of Barcelona. When people are talking about Casa Mila, they can refer to La Pedrera another name of this amazing work.

La Boqueria Market on La Rambla – Best place for food photos in Barcelona

La boqueria - Barcelona Market on la Rambla
La Boqueria – Barcelona Market on la Rambla – Best food place in Barcelona

Doesn’t matter if it is for a quick lunch or for a full meal, La Boqueria Market is a must-see in Barcelona. The freshest food in Barcelona is here. Take your camera and start to shoot the colours of this market. Is well to know that this market is still here since 1217.

La Boqueria is amazing for the eyes and for your mouth, the right Instagram worthy food in Barcelona. It is true that it is my Barcelona favourite Places.

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Arc de Trionf – The Triumph arch of Barcelona

Instagrammable places in Barcelona - Arc de Trionf Barcelona - Spain
Arc de Trionf Barcelona – Spain

Another photo location in Barcelona, really worthy for an Instagram photo is the Triumph Arc of the City. The Arc de Trionf of Barcelona is close to the Parque de la Ciutadella. It was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1888.

Exact location: Arc de Triomf metro station

Playa de la Barceloneta – The beach of Barcelona

Barcelona view of Barceloneta, the best photo spot in Barcelona - Barcelona Instagrammable
Barcelona view of Barceloneta, the best photo spot in Barcelona

It is summer, it is hot, ready for the beach? Barceloneta is not just a place where stroll around, but it is also the closest beach to the city centre. Barceloneta is insta-worthy, but it is not the only instagrammable places in Barcelona. If you are scrolling your feed you will see a particular space of Barceloneta in every picture on Instagram. The spot that shows the W hotels is the photo of Barcelona and Barceloneta.

Barceloneta is not just nice during the day, but also at night. It is a nice place where find restaurants for typical dishes or a drink and tapas at one of the ciringuitos on the seaside. There are so many instagrammable restaurants Barcelona in this area, give a try.

Casa Vicens – Less popular instagrammable place in Barcelona

The style of this place will remind you of a great artist. Yes, it is again Gaudì!

This is actually the last masterpieces of Gaudì opened to the public visits. This is an authentic gem of Barcelona, an unripe Gaudì made it years before the projects of Casa Milà or the Sagrada Familia. Casa Vicens is on our list of Barcelona Photo spot because for us it is still a great place to see in the city.

Red House – Hidden gem of Barcelona instagrammable

This is not on the typical city guides of Barcelona and out of the touristic Barcelona itineraries. But we will bet that in a few years it will be the perfect instagrammable spots of the city. The Red House Barcelona is a stunning building in Carrer de Padua 75, with vivid red colour in a white facade.

Even hidden gems in Barcelona as the Red House, make the Mediterranean city one of the best vacation spots in Europe.

Pont del Bisbe – Barcelona Instagrammable

The Gothic Quarter has got a lot of places to visit. For sure, Pont del Bisbe is one of the best Instagram spots of Barcelona. In the same quarter, there is this masterpiece and the Cathedral de Barcelona. For a perfect Instagram photo of Pont del Bisbe, you have to be patient and wait until you get the perfect spot.

Carrer del Bisbe – Gothic Quarter

The Pont del Bisbe is in the Gothic Quarter, in the area of the Carrer del Bisbe where is taking the name. This area is nice at night for a lively nightlife with locals, but also during the day. The foreshortening of the Carrer del Bisbe is unique and let you understand how Barcelona is instagrammable.

Montjuic Cable Car – Instagrammable Barcelona

It is not easy to say why we think the Cable Car of Montjuic is an instagrammable place of Barcelona. Just go up to the hill using the ropeway and enjoy the view from the top of Barcelona.

Is it now Barcelona Instagrammable? If you were still thinking about how many photography spots are in Barcelona worth to be visited. At this point, you will be satisfied. If not, keep scrolling down for more inspiring Instagram worthy places in Barcelona.

Magic Funtain of Montjuic

Here we go, you are off from the Cable Car and up to the hill of Montjuic. Head to the park and see how it is nice the Magic Fountain. Head to the Funtain of Montjuic is in the evening, this is the best time. During the golden hour, you will get the best shots.

The entrance to this sight of Barcelona is free, up to the stairs there is the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, the Museum of Arts of Catalunia. The funtain and the stairs are the perfect spots for your photos of Barcelona. In the evening also, when the sunlight is going down the funtain will get nice light and water shows with music, ready for your YouTube videos and instastories.

Tibidabo – Amusement Park – Top photo spots in Barcelona

Sounds funny right? It is funny! The Mount Tibidabo is 512 metres over the sea, the view is stunning on top of Barcelona. The Amusement Park of Tibidabo is amazing and the view from the top is one of the best views of Barcelona. You will enjoy the awesome landscape on the city from a little terrace down the Church. To hike the top of the mount you can take the Tram or the funicular, that will take you to the Church. This one is absolutely worthy to be visited and is right in our list of top photo spots in Barcelona.

Tibidabo Temple – Sacred Heart of Jesus

For many people the Tibidabo Temple is most beautiful than the Barcelona Cathedral, for me, both are the best spots in Barcelona. The mount Tibidabo is one of the best hot spots in Barcelona, and you have to go!

Park Guell – Best Instagrammable place in Barcelona

Another hike to the top an amazing view of Barcelona. I will bet that you have seen this photo everywhere, but it is so beautiful. Make sense to get Park Guell in the list of Top photo spots in Barcelona. The colourful and artistic terraces of Park Guell are so impressive and makes Barcelona Instagram worthy.

Park Guell is another amazing masterpiece of Gaudi, we can clearly say that the Artist was already thinking about the modern era, where you visit a place right after seen the photo on Instagram.

Be ready to find the perfect spot for you, this place is always crowded and it is not easy to take the best photo of Park Guell. This landmark makes Barcelona a coveted holiday destination in Europe.

Barcelona City Olympic Swiming Pool

Bunkers del Carmel – Top photo spot in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of Instagrammable places but every time I saw a photo from this spot, I fall in Love. It is the view from the top or the love that I feel for Barcelona. Bunkers del Carmel is on the top of the list of places that you have to visit in Barcelona for photos.

An insta-worthy photo of Barcelona will be from the edge, with the city down of you. Check well your camera and don’t blur too much. You need to have the sun in the right position to shot this spot. Head to Bunker del Carmel at the sunset, you might be lucky and get the sun going down with you on the edge.

Palau de la Música Catalana – Barcelona Instagrammable

Are we talking about the best insta-worthy places in Barcelona, so we have to mention the Palau de la Música Catalana. A masterpiece Unesco World Heritage site that is amazing. The entrance to this place is free, so it makes not just Instagrammable but also a bargain. Obviously the entrance to the Concert Hall is subject to the event that is taking place. For us, this is a great photo spot of Barcelona for the architecture, the light and the colourful facades.

Park de la Ciutadella – Instagrammable places in Barcelona

Tired and looking for a quiet place where relax, the Park de la Ciutadella or Parque de la Ciutadella is what you need now. This is the right place where have a picnic or just enjoy the sunshine. The lake will take you rowing a boat while relaxing. This place is not just the best way to enjoy a quiet time in Barcelona but is also one of the best photo spots in Barcelona.

Camp Nou – The Football temple of FC Barcelona

Barcelona Camp nou
Barcelona Camp Nou is the famous football stadium where is playing the main team of the city FC Barca

This is the stadium of the mayor football team of the city, FC Barcelona. We have included this place in the list of most popular instagrammable places in Barcelona, because is a top sight in the city.

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, anytime soon, look for the next upcoming match for a unique experience in the city. The atmosphere in the stadium is unique, with the local supporter singing for their team for the whole match.

If you don’t want to watch a live match, you can still visit the Camp Nou. You will have access to the changing room, the press room and the area where are the Trophies. Check the online ticket in advance.

Palo Alto Market – Alternative Barcelona

Another fancy market in Barcelona in our list of Instagrammable Places. Really an alternative spot in Barcelona, out of the touristic guide. Palo Alto Market could be in the list of Barcelona off the beaten track.

Placa Reial – The Royal Square

Placa Milans – Milians Square

This place is a hidden gem of Barcelona, located in the Gothic Quarter. Placa Milans is ready to go in the list of Best places to take pictures in Barcelona.

Cathedral of Barcelona – Instagrammable places in Barcelona

I know that you are thinking the Sagrada Familia is the Cathedral of Barcelona, but it is not! Like Placa Milians, the Cathedral of Barcelona is in the Gothic Quarter. You can hike the top of the Cathedral of Barcelona, the entrance is 3 euro, but don’t head here in the afternoon that the price goes up to 7 euro.

The top of the Cathedral is one of the best photography spots in Barcelona. The light of the Golden Hour is obviously the best to shoot this amazing place, The Barcelona Cathedral is one of the best photo locations in Barcelona at the sunset.

Hotel Ayre Rosellon

The Kiss Wall – Photo Spots Barcelona

Are you loving me? Seems to say that this wall! Yes, Barcelona, I love you! The famous Kiss Wall of Barcelona is located in Carrer del Cappelans. Called also as the Kiss of Freedom is a famous photo spot in Barcelona. Plan the visit to the Kiss wall after having discovered the Gothic Quarter.

This mural composition is one of the best photo spots in Barcelona, made exactly to be posted on Instagram. Made by thousands of square tiles is awesome. During summer you really have to queue for a photo in front of the wall.

To reach the Kiss Wall, you have to stroll around the Gothic Quarter and go toward Plaça d’Isidre Nonell. A top photo location in Barcelona for a kiss with your partner.

Plaça d’Espanya – Instagammable places in Barcelona

I was so impressed by this Square. This is another symbol of Barcelona. During summer this square became full of tourists attracted by the lights and water games, on the top of the Magic Funtain. The gardens on the sides of the square make it a perfect place to relax. On the other side of the square, there is a shopping centre, right in the place where a few years ago was the bull ring.

Cofradía de Pescadors

Carrer de Allada Vermell or Vermell Street

Best photo Spots in Barcelona

Barcelona is absolutely full filled with art and culture. Rich cultural heritage with a vivid buzzing nightlife, that makes Barcelona as one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. While Barcelona is not just beaches and nightlife, but also art and culture, those are the best photo spots in Barcelona. Places where you can shoot the masterpieces of Gaudi or Montaner as the most instagrammable places in Barcelona. Walking through nice streets as Pont del Bisbè, just a few steps away from the Cathedral, in the Gothic Quarter.

Barcelona has it’s a unique charm and is nice to visit all year. Not just top photo spots in Barcelona, but a footstep guide helping you to see the most underrated places in the city.

A typical local Barrio in Barcelona - Instagrammable places in Barcelona - The catalan culture
A typical local Barrio in Barcelona – Instagrammable places in Barcelona – The Catalan culture

Best places to take pictures in Barcelona

This is a huge list, and of course, we have our favourite photo spots in Barcelona. Our Barcelona favourite places are absolute, Park Guell and amazing colours. The other amazing spot where take awesome photos of Barcelona is the Carmel Bunkers, a shot here will be the cover for your social forever. If you are a football fan, you have to visit the Camp Nou, and why not go over where are the training pitches, maybe you are lucky to spot some of the best players of the team. Talking about the symbol of Barcelona, we can’t miss passing by the central market La Boqueria, absolutely an awesome spot for all photographer.

As you can see even for us is not fairly easy to find the best of this list. Try to visit also Montjuic, taking the Cable Car, you will shot the best photos of Barcelona.

Instagrammable food places in Barcelona

If you are not visiting Barcelona in one day, but you are planning to stay a bit longer, we will suggest you follow our instagrammable food guide in Barcelona. This will be for sure more interactive and tasty guide. For sure for a proper foodie guide of Barcelona, the market of La Boqueria need to be on the top of the list.

There are many place Instagram worthy in Barcelona, but the central market on La Rambla is absolutely one of the most colourful. Not fancy with street food, or the market is too crowded for you, we’ll suggest checking for some of the most instagrammable restaurants in Barcelona. Spending 36 hours in Barcelona, like in a layover from the other side of the Ocean, you will enjoy nice dishes. On top of the Hotel Ayre Rosello, you can enjoy the amazing view and tasty food.

How to spend 36 hours in Barcelona just taking photos

Barcelona could be even a layover from somewhere, so you will stay in the city just a few hours. Doesn’t matter how long you will be in Barcelona, one day or more, this city will leave you wishing to come back one day.

Spending 36 hours in Barcelona you have to be quick and know already where to go. Those are the fancy blogger spots in Barcelona, after years travelling everywhere, the bloggers have the chance to visit almost everything in a short time.

Popular Sights of Barcelona and Photo spots of Barcelona

Visit La Rambla and La Boqueria, for a quick lunch in a proper Catalan style. In Barcelona, you’ll take the best photos in Spain. Strolling around the city centre you’ll see the Sagrada Familia, the symbol of Barcelona, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà. While it will be so hot, head to the beach for ice cream in Barcelona on Playa de Barceloneta.

It’ll be full of locals, nice to walk through the seaside. The evening we suggest to head up to Montjuic and see the magic fountain. With the Montjuic Cable car is easy to reach the top quickly. For the dinner we suggest to stay around the Barrio Gotico, it is one of the oldest quarter in Barcelona, fulfilled of a nice restaurant with the best nightlife of Barcelona. Last few hours in Barcelona, well to visit Parc Guell that will take you long before your flight.

Barcelona is the Best holiday destinations in Europe

If you are looking for a vacation spot in Europe, we highly suggest Barcelona. This Spanish destination is the top of our list. The city on the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect spot to relax with a dark cultural side. There are many sights in Barcelona, most of them forged by the creative vein of Gaudì. All monuments and buildings of the Catalan artist are some of the best pictures in Spain, the most famous places in Spain. In Barcelona, you will enjoy the sun on the beach of Barceloneta, the great food and the lively locals. Barcelona is a city that many students in Europe choose for the Erasmus, so it is lively all year.

Some of the best images of Spain nightlife are coming from the Gothic Quarter, a borough of Barcelona that gets alive after the sunset.

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