Brussels Guide for Beer Lovers

Do you want to know which was the best thing we have done in Belgium? There are many, but the best was a Brussels beer tour. This will be our personal Brussels guide for beer lovers. Feel free to give us suggestions about new places to visit. We will thank you with a pint of fresh top Belgian beer. Brussels is well known for many things, one of it is for the nice production of tasty beers. There are many breweries in Brussels, and the best plan you can do is a tour of the best breweries in Brussels.

A tasty itinerary in Brussels, where you will drink great Belgian Beers and eat the amazing chocolate. We have tried to do a proper Brussels beer tour map, and aim to develop the plan adding new breweries soon.

Brussels beer tour - Brussels guide for beer lovers
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A list of the best Bar for your Brussels Beer Tour

This is the list of the top bars with the best beer in Brussels. In this amazing tour beer of Brussels, you have to visit the Brussels brewery museum.

  • Delirium cafè
  • Brussels Beer Project
  • Moeder Lambic
  • Beer Planet
  • BrewDog Brussels
  • Poechenellekelder

A list of six of the best Beer bar of Brussels. Customize your own Beer tour Brussels, following our suggestions.

Local Brussels beer tours – Brussels Guide for Beer Lovers

As you know as many places, the best is to follow the locals. That’s why un our list we have included the Delirium Cafè, that is still one of our favourites. However, if you want to be off the beaten path in Brussels, you have to follow the locals, go away from touristy places and discover the surrounding quarters. For a proper Local beer Guide of Brussels, we have included the Poechenellekalder and the Moeder Lambic. This name is even really difficult to pronounce if you are a tourist, so follow the map to get there.

Our tip is to ask the waiter the local beer. Most of the Pubs and bars in Brussels are Breweries, or they have their own brewery outside of the city centre. You will taste another Brussels. Also, this is not just tasty, but cheap.

Beer Tour in Brussels

Plan head your beer tour of Brussels, a guide to the best places to visit for beer lovers. Brussels is a paradise for Beers lovers. There is a big concentration of Breweries in Belgium and those are coming from in house breweries to Trappist Brewery.

Some city to point on your Belgian Beer Map are Antwerp, Brugges and Leuven. But you can also do a Beer Tour of Belgium around small cities as Chimay or Hoegaarden.

Brussels guide for beer lover's
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Top of our List: Beer tour of Brussels

Let’s see how looks a beer tour of Brussels. It will take you to visit Brussels in two days, or you will get drunk soon as you get out of the airplane?. This list will take you more than one day in Brussels, but even if is a short stay in the city you will enjoy it.

Some people use to have a layover in Brussels. The main airport of the city is really close to the center. If you are one of them, head to the central station, and then point your Gps to the delirium cafè.

In the city there are many Brussels beer experience to try. Some of them are free, and some others for a small price give you the chance to try it as well.

Brussels Beer and Chocolate tour

Brussels tour is not just beer, but the best association you can do is with a Chocolate tour. For a proper Brussels beer and chocolate tour, you have to start the ride in Grand Palais. It is the main square of the city, all around you there are the main sightseeing of Brussels, and also some of the most touristic places where drink a beer. At the back of Gran Palais there is the Manneken Pis, the statue of the symbol of Brussels, here you will find as many Pubs as you want and some of the best chocolate places of Brussels.

Brussels chocolate Tour

Delirium Cafè – Belgian Beer tour Brussels

The Delirium cafè is a three level bar and pub. It is the most known in the World, while it is the Official Beers World Champions. On the menu there are more than 3000 beers, some in bottles, some spilled. There are many tourists, so be ready to find crowd. A Brussels Guide for Beer Lovers is not true if the Delirium Cafè is not mentioned.

Délirium Café, Impasse de la Fidélité 4, Brussels

For a proper local beer tour visit the Brussels Beer Project

It is one of the best young projects in Europe. This is not just a beer place in Brussels, but it is also an authentic brewery start-up in Brussels. This Pub has got a tasting room, that hosts evening events. Thanks to the many international collaboration, this brewery is becoming one of the best of Brussels, and the top list of our Belgian beer map.

Brussels Beer Project, Rue Antoine Dansaert 188, Brussels

Schaerbeek Beer Museum – Best things to do in Brussels

Yes, Brussels has its cultural beer museum. This is kind of off the beaten path guide of Brussels. The Schaerbeek Beer Museum is a proper collection of the best of the Belgian Brewery. Entering inside this museum you will do a tour of the top Belgian Beers. The building is open on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.

Schaerbeek Beer Museum, Avenue Louis Bertrand 33–35, Brussels

Where to buy some of the best Belgian Beers – Beer Mania

Beer Mania is the place where you will have a proper tour of beer. Here you can buy the top Belgian Breweries products for a reasonable price. You will be really surprised when you see the price of some prestigious beers. In this shop, there are more beers than what you can find in the Delirium cafè. Your beer knowledge will be impressed by the kinds and provenience of those beers.

Beer Mania, Chaussée de Wavre 174–176, Brussels, Belgium

Moeder Lambic Original

If you are willing for a cozy space, where relax with a tasty and fresh beer, the Moeder Lambic is the right place for you. It is one of the top beer spots for locals in Brussels. There is a good balance between classic beers, lagers for anyone, and experimental drinks for connoisseurs.

Rue de Savoie 68, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Are you ready for your Brussels beer walking tour ?

A step by step direction from pub to pub, beer to beer, until you will say: It is enough! Hope you are not, but feel free to leave the tour anytime you are looking at your phone, and not see anything. Please, understand this is not an encouragement to drink, neither to do a lot. This will be an itinerary for people who love the beer culture. Check our Brussels Beer Walking Tour down and feel free to start and stop wherever you feel, or wherever you feel comfortable in a place.

The perfect Europe trip for Beer lovers

As you can see Brussels is the perfect place for who love drink beers. Thanks to a wide range of beers is perhaps the best place to visit in Europe.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a day in Brussels or a week. The Brussels beer tour is a must do. You can’t leave Brussels without trying beers, pomme frite, and Belgian chocolate waffles.

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