Canary Islands – Gran Canaria. Spain Island, cost, living and relax in the Paradise.

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The Canary Islands are an Archipelago located on the Ocean Atlantic. Is it part of Spain and local language is Spanish, but they are located around 62 miles from Marocco’s coast.

The current change is Euro, like Euro Zone, you can change your currency easily at the airport, but if you want to save money is better if you choose a valid abroad credit card, so you can save some money.

The better choice if you to Canary island is to use a Master Card credit card, I use to buy all my things abroad with my MasterCard, and the rate exchange is really cheap.

All the shops accept payment by credit card, and also contactless payment is accepted.

When going to Gran Canaria

I can say to you when is the better time, but not when is not.

The reason about that is because always the Canary Island suffer about micro weather change.

On my last trip there, I was looking for a good weather in the south of the Island and bad in the north. Really!!!

There were really biblical raining in the north of Islands, and sunny at all in the south, especially in Puerto de Mogan (One of the best and relaxing places I never been in my life).

One of the most important AirLine fly over the Canary Islands is Thomas Cook.

Yes, the company with the heart on their aircraft. Also, in some period, like February or September, they have a really good offer.

Typical Costs

The Canary Islands, are a fiscal paradise. If you getting there you are not paying any tax. From Gran Canaria you can visit Lanzarote easy by ferry.

All the price are cheap, also for clothing, so lovely women be ready to buy a new luggage as like Alessia did, bought everything.

I really didn’t find any difference in the technology products, but for other things is really cheap.

The cost of goods for this part of Spain is really different than the other.

The food is really cheap. You can plan a good choose and range of lunch and dinner out, without spending all your money, but with a good quality and portion.

Breakfast: The Cortado, is a small amount of coffee and milk not steamed.

Generally, the cost is less than 1 euro, if you want a Croissant the price can be from 1 euro for the plain to 1,50 with cream outside, is difficult to find a croissant with a cream inside, but all are really good.

They have a good range of snack of all kind of price, from 1 euro to up. The full breakfast, English one, start from 5 euro, and it’s really enough to start your day.

The lunch is really cheap, there is someplace with a beautiful view of the ocean, in Las Palmas, close to the Las Cantera Beach, 24 miles of coast and beach with all kind of restaurants and bars. The price for a meal in the restaurant is from 10 euro.

The dinner is cheap as well, in one of the best place “El Churrasco“, you can spend 20 euro each for a starter, a litre of Sangria and a big portion of Paella, with chips on the side.

Also, in the Las Cantera Beach, the Paella can be served for 20-25 euro for a portion for two.

If I can give you the advice, I love Paella with fish and meat, it’s amazing, I love it. Living in Gran Canaria could be a big deal for your pocket.

There are some museum if u want to be there not for the beach and the sun, you can visit the Colombo’s museum, their place is entire dedicate to Cristoforo Colombo, who find the coast of actually the USA.

I’ll advise you to rent a car, is better for have a look at all the island.

You can enjoy your time and discover every part of it, in less time.

The public transport works good and go everywhere on the island, but drive it is really nice and you can enjoy the beautiful skyline on the ocean.

The price for 5 days, with the mayor company of sector, can go from 120 euro, less than 25 euro for the day.

The cost of fuel is really cheap, less than 1 euro, 0.80£ for a litre. I rented the new Fiat 500 for 122 euro for all my holiday, after more than 500 Km, I get the fuel and I spent for a full charge less than 25 euros. Totally cost in sterling were 167£

The price of a Taxi is really cheap, all the people take a taxi, and is really easy to find it.

My relaxing time in Gran Canaria was really nice, and also cheap. I can advise all of you to spend your holiday in this paradise and enjoy the food, the skyline and the water sports.

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