Christmas tours in Europe – 14 Xmas markets you should visit in Europe

Most of the people are asking what is the best country to visit during Christmas or where is the best place to spend Christmas in Europe. In this case, we can’t really say which one is our best place for Christmas tours in Europe as all the city have their own magic.

We have been in a lot of countries, especially during winter time and we must say there are a lot of Xmas markets which are awesome and you must visit. If you are planning your Christmas tours in Europe here you will find our best travel guide for the best Xmas holidays in Europe.

Christmas tours in Europe

  • London
  • Brussels
  • Berlin
  • Vienna
  • Budapest
  • Naples
  • Salerno
  • Prague
  • Warsaw
  • Hamburg
  • Bratislava
  • Madrid
  • Porto
  • Barcelona
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London Christmas Market

Who doesn’t know London Xmas markets? The big city is known by everyone for the special lights and Xmas markets. We have been living in the UK for almost three years and we always love Christmas time here. It is special.

If it is your first time in London and you are visiting during the Christmas season check our latest post of how to spend 4 days in London

There are so many things to see in London during Christmas and for sure you can’t miss the famous Christmas Markets. 
Here are our favourite Christmas markets in London:

  • Covent Garden
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Leicester Square
  • Southbank
  • Greenwich Christmas Market  
  • Kingston Christmas Market

If you will visit London during the Xmas season you will see how the vibes around the city changes. The city is getting busier than usual as most of the tourists prefer to visit London during the Christmas period. 

Around the end of November, a huge theme park is opening. If you never ever heard about the Winter Wonderland it is the perfect excuse to visit it. With its Christmas Markets, mulled wine and ice skating rink the Hyde Park becomes a perfect place to hang out with friends and have fun with the family. 

One of the best Christmas Market in London, for us,  is the Winter village in Southbank, but all the area surrounding the riverside, between the Tower of London and The London Eye is amazing. All is shining and give to London another glare.

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If you are walking around the city you will feel the Xmas atmosphere everywhere, from the people singing in the tube to the lights once you come out of the station.d.

If you want a more traditional market, go for London Bridge Market, open all year with a huge range of products from all over the World. Planning to be the 24 with bubbles and nice food to celebrate the Christmas in style.

Brussels – Best Christmas Markets in Belgium

Grand place - Main square - brussels - Grote Markt - italian trip abroad
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The best Christmas markets in Belgium are in Brussels. We have been last year and we fall in love with the city and for the magic light surrounded in the city centre.
Do you know which one is the best part? Every hour in the old town hall, all the building around start to flash colours and to play music. It is welcome to the tourists in the Belgium Capital.

The most famous Christmas Market in Brussels is around Grand-Place and the Bourse, the Place de la Monnaie, the Place Sainte-Catherine and the Marché aux Poisson.

In your list of Christmas markets in Brussels you should have:

  • Sound and light show at Gland Place
  • Winter Wonders
  • Xmas Markets in Watermael – Boitsfort

You cannot miss this amazing market, in the end, there is a big old wheel. This market is run from November to the beginning of January.

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Berlin – Berlin Christmas market breaks

Berlin’s Christmas markets reflect its status as the nation’s capital and as its largest city. It boasts a wide variety of locations dotted around the city as well as different styles of the market.

There are more than 60 markets that open towards the end of November and, in some cases, don’t close until the end of December.
There are small markets for the local communities in the city, trendy designer markets and ‘alternative’ markets.

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Vienna – Austria Christmas market

Vienna Christmas Markets - The wheels of Vienna
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The Viennese Christmas Market in front of the City Hall is an unforgettable highlight for those eager to get into the spirit of the season.

Inside the City Hall on the ground floor, there is an area dedicated to children, where they can learn how to make Christmas cookies or candles. You can also listen to international choirs singing carols with free entrance on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

You can’t miss this location on your Christmas tours in Europe. The traditional festive sensations in  Vienna is so magic and, for sure, you will love those markets in front of the City Hall. 

Budapest – Budapest Xmas Markets

Budapest was one of the city we fall in love. Apart from the most beautiful spa’s, the Hungarian capital is famous for the best Xmas markets.

The most famous and popular Christmas market in Budapest is the fair located at Vörösmarty Tér (Vörösmarty square).

This is located in the heart of Budapest, at the end stop of the yellow metro line sharing the name of the square, and at the end of the shopping street of Budapest, Váci Utca.

You should definitely check:

  • Christmas Fair Vorosmarty Square
  • Christmas Market by Basilica
  • Budapest Opera House Christmas Shows
  • Ice Rink in city park Budapest

Napoli – The magic markets of the south of Italy

Napoli is where home is, and we must say that during the Christmas period this city is becoming something really special which we can’t really describe. 

What is really famous in Napoli is San Gregorio Armeno where the “Presepe” takes place. In Napoli we love traditions and this is one of those. During Christmas time all the people from the world are waiting to see this amazing street really famous in Napoli.
Check out our insider tips for Christmas in Naples, Italy.

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Salerno – Christmas Markets in Europe day trip from Naples

Each year during the Christmas holidays, the city of Salerno organizes its unique Le Luci d’Artista event with light shows and installations along the streets and public squares, creating a magical atmosphere and attracting thousands of visitors.

Salerno lights italy luci d artista napoli
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This needs to be in your list of the Christmas tours in Europe. Salerno is a really magic city and you will understand why.

This year the lights will be up from the 4th of November till the 22nd of January. In Italy, especially the south the Xmas period is finishing the 6th of January when the “Befana” is coming with the last present.

Prague – Christmas tours in Europe

Christmas markets are a key ingredient of the festive magic in the Czech Republic, and the Prague markets are the most impressive in the country. They light up the city, bringing locals and tourists together in a true ‘winter wonderland’ setting. Also, the Old Town Square Christmas market is the prettiest and busiest one in Prague.
The market is dominated by a Christmas tree, which is adorned with hundreds of lights.


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Warsaw – Christmas tours in Europe

Poland Christmas markets are a must-see during your Christmas tours in Europe of the best Xmas markets in Europe

Our recommended places where to see the best Christmas markets in Warsaw are:

  • Warsaw Old Town Xmas Markets
  • Christmas Market in Royal Wilanow
  • Royal Castle Square
  • Christmas Market in front of the Palace of Culture and Science

All those locations are perfect to stroll around the city and buy some souvenirs to take back home. Remember that Poland is very cheap and if you have so many presents to buy it might be the ideal place where to do it. 

If you are looking for a more in-deep itinerary for 2 days in Waswas, see out the latest post.

Hamburg – Xmas breaks in Europe

Recently we have been to Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival but we decided to come back during the Christmas period and see the city from a different perspective. 

We must say that when Christmas is approaching everything seems more beautiful than usual. 

We explored a couple of Christmas Markets in Hamburg where we bought a lot of souvenirs for our families. 
If you are visiting Hamburg for your Xmas breaks in Europe, you should check:

  • Hamburg Winterwald
  • City Hall Market
  • St. Pauli Xmas Markets 


Most of the times, Bratislava is not considered at all but even if a small city you can still enjoy the Christmas vibes. 
If you are visiting Budapest of Prague you can easily reach Bratislava by bus. 
This is our list of the most popular Christmas markets in Bratislava:

  • Old Townhall
  • Eurovea Xmas Markets 
  • Christmas markets Advent at the Castle

While visiting those cute Christmas markets you can’t miss to try the typical food such as goose, loksa, potato pancakes or the strudel. 

Madrid – Spanish Christmas holidays in Europe

Madrid in winter is beautiful and with the Christmas vibes even more. 

We have visited Madrid so many time and during different periods and we think that the best period to visit the Spanish Capital is during Xmas. 
The atmosphere, the lights and the markets need to be on the top of your Christmas tours in Europe list. 

Things to don’t miss in your Spanish Xmas holidays in Europe:

  • Christmas markets in Plaza Mayor
  • Feria dulce de Navidad
  • Xmas Market at Paso de Recoletos
  • El Rastro de Madrid
  • St. Miguel Market 

Be inspired by this beautiful vibes around the Spanish Capital during Christmas. 

Porto – Christmas in Europe itinerary 

We fall in love with Porto the very first time we arrived in the city centre. We drove from Lisbon to Porto and we thought that we would stay only a couple of hours but the plan actually changed. The moment we arrived we realized that we had to spend more time in Porto. Visit Porto in winter will be the best idea, the city is not crowded with tourists, but still, maintain the charming beautiful sunset and gorgeous lights games. If you want more suggestion on what to do in the city, you should check our guide on what to do in Porto in one day.

This fantastic city is beautiful during summer and awesome during Christmas time. Check out some of the most instagrammable spots of Porto.
You can’t miss visiting:

  • Artesanatus
  • Porto Belo and Mini Porto Belo
  • Urban Market
  • Arca de Natal


Another touristic place during Christmas is Barcelona. Cheap and beautiful the other Spanish city is a must-see during your Xmas holidays in Europe. The Spanish culture is similar to the Italian one and you will find many things which will remind you of Italy.

If you are visiting Barcelona during the Christmas season you can’t miss visiting the most beautiful markets in the city:

  • Fira de Santa Llúcia Christmas Market
  • Fira de Nadal a la Sagrada Família
  • Mercat Gòtic Christmas Market
  • Mostra d’Artesans de la Ribera

Christmas tours in Europe 

Christmas makes everyone happy, we love being around the world and discover new cultures and traditions. If you love Christmas you can’t miss seeing all these beautiful Christmas markets around Europe.  Plan your itinerary to Europe in winter and see all the best city in the Old Continent. There are many places that stand up out of this list, for your winter itinerary trip.

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