Brighton one day itinerary | How to plan a day trip to Brighton from London

London is a gorgeous city but sometimes you need to find a good escape for a short break. A day trip to Brighton from London is ideal if you are looking to escape from the routine. In our Brighton one day itinerary, we will share with you all the things to do even if you have 24 hours.

Brighton is easy to reach from London by train, and you can easily plan a Brighton day trip even from one day to another.

Brighton is a cool place to visit in summer when the weather is nice and warm. Not just that, we love the romantic Brighton atmosphere when is raining. In our ultimate guide on what to do in Brighton, you will be surprised by all the many things that this city a step out from London can offer. It’s one of the best places to visit near London and perfect if you are planning day trips from London.

day trip to Brighton from London
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Day trip from London to Brighton Train

There are many ways to reach Brighton from London for a relaxing day trip on the Coast of the United Kingdom. We have recently included Brighton as a perfect winter day trip from London in a guide about the best cities in Uk for a winter escape. The reason is also because of the easy way to reach Brighton from the capital. Visit Brighton on a day trip from London by train from many stations in the city.

Take your train with Thameslink from St. Pancras, Farringdon, Blackfriars and London Bridge. You can reach Brighton from London even from London Victoria and London Bridge. The last one was more close to our house, so we enjoyed it so much, taking the Southern Railway Train. Keep an eye on the last train offers from London to Brighton.

Brighton beach - Shore beach in UK - day trip to Brighton from London
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Sea breeze one hour away from London

One of the best reason why we love so much our day trips from London to Brighton is that just one hour away from the city chaos, there is the sun, sea and beach. Brighton is a really cute city on the coast of Uk, facing the French coast. It is one of the best cities in England and is perfect even if you are visiting London for a few days. Of course, there is not always the sun in the sky of Brighton, it is always cloudy and plenty of rainy day in Brighton, but the summer… The summer’s day in Brighton is the best escape from your routine in London. 

Brighton is not that big, so is the perfect day escape from the city, walkable and with the same amenities you have in London. There are many unique things to do in Brighton, that will make you feel to be in the right place for a day. The seaside English town is full of accommodation for your stay overnight in Brighton. Take it slow and enjoy the view of the sea at the sunset, don’t rush to come back to London. It is just an hour away. There are some of the best hotels on the beach in Brighton, ready to accomplish your desire to relax and calm.

Things to do in Brighton in one day

  • Brighton best view at BAi360
  • Lunch with a view at West Beach Bar & Kitchen
  • Brighton Pier
  • The Royal Pavilion
  • Brighton Beach
  • Sea Life Brighton
  • Explore Brighton Lanes
  • Eat mussels by the seaside
  • Tour Bus of Brighton
  • City Bike Tour
  • Discover the white cliffs of Seven Sister

Brighton one day itinerary

Experience one of the best Brighton views on the top of the British Airways i360

Brighton seascape -i360 attraction in Brighton
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This structure is quite new in Brighton as it was opened in the summer of 2016. It gives you a gorgeous view of the ocean and the coastline. If you want to enjoy the lovely view from the top of Brighton you can pre-book the tickets online. The 162-metre observation tower, owned by British Airway, the leader in the flight’s sector has changed the skyline of Brighton and the seafront of the former West Pier. There is also the chance to drink a glass of wine while chatting and getting up into the sky of Brighton. This is for us a special romantic thing to do in Brighton.

The cost to go up the attraction is £16.50 which is £2 less if you just walk in and buy the ticket at the desk. For children up to 15 years old the cost of the ticket will be £7.40. Check the tickets offer below.

Have a lunch with a view at West Beach Bar & Kitchen

One day in Brighton is possible and if you follow our itinerary you will see that you’ll be able to do everything. Arriving in Brighton in the morning will give you the chance to enjoy the city better.

One of the best places where you can grab lunch after strolling around in the morning, it is the West beach bar & kitchen. Here you will find typical and fresh food which will be enough to catch up your energy and move on to your next stop.

Brighton Pier UK - See Brighton
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Brighton Pier

Once you will reach Brighton the first thing you will see is Brighton Pier. You can’t visit Brighton and not walk along this lovely pier. It’s a typical British seaside pier where you will find a lot of stalls selling doughnuts and ice creams. Brighton Pier has got some coin-op games inside as well, perfect fit for things to do in Brighton on a raining day.

The game Pier of Brighton has become one of the biggest attraction on the seaside, also it is for many a proper symbol of the city. In the summertime, the pier is so busy, with people coming from all over to enjoy the sunshine. Appreciate a fresh ice cream or a candy floss while walking and enjoy the amazing landscape of Brighton.

Brighton Royal Pavilion | One day in Brighton

The Royal Pavilion is a must-see during your Brighton one day itinerary. It’s an incredible building located in the heart of the city, built-in 1787. From the outside is nice as well and if you find a nice and warm day you will see people relaxing on the meadow in front of the Brighton Royal Pavilion. The building has got a nice museum, buying the ticket for it allows you to visit the intern of the Pavilion as well. It is not as expensive as you think, check if you find a bargain.

It is the perfect excuse to spend one day in Brighton and enjoy the cultural side of the city.

day trip to Brighton from London
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Brighton beach

In your Brighton day trip, you can’t miss a quick stop to Brighton Beach. True, isn’t the best beach in the UK but at least is something. It’s a huge beach which has got a very long promenade that goes all the way to the town nearby which is Hove. 

Especially when the weather is nice and warm you will find many people around enjoying the sun. Many locals from all over UK plan day trip to Brighton beach from London as is one of the main popular beaches in the coastline. This is a non-sand beach, so remember your shoes for the beach. If you are not fancy for crowded places, 2km away walking down there in Hove. This is another amazing beach, less busy than Brighton with nice spots as well. 

In a rainy day in Brighton, you can still enjoy the beach, take a drink to the close bar on the beach and see how amazing is the landscape at the sunset.

One day in Brighton explore the Sea Life

Going for a day trip from London with kids? Brighton is a good idea, visit the sea life will make your kids feel happy. Which other place is better to see the real sea life if not close to the beach in Brighton. Visit the Sea Centre of Brighton on a raining day can save you from a bad day out. Visit the SeaLife is a must things to do in Brighton England.

Here in Brighton, there is a huge Sea Life which you can visit during your one day trip from London. It’s located right next to the Brighton Pier and very easy to find. There are different types of tickets and different packages. The price is less than 15£, but you can find discount and bargains easily. Check the best deal here!

We highly recommend buying the tickets online as you can save up to 40%, and skip the line.

North Laine | Brighton itinerary

North Lane is one of the best places to see during your Brighton one day itinerary. The Lanes are a few narrow laneways located in the History Quarter of Brighton. One of the best things to do in Brighton is for sure exploring this area.

The Brighton Lanes are plenty of antique shops and jewellery along with fashion boutique and various shops. You will find many cafes and restaurants as well where you can sit and relax after exploring the city.  The North lane of Brighton is the meeting point for the young people of Brighton, stroll around this area at the evening finding a spot for a good drink.

Things to do in Brighton

Eat mussels by the seaside

During your day trip to Brighton from London, you can’t miss trying the seafood. We were desperate to try the mussels which taste something, and finally, we found them. Not everyone will like seafood, but if you are a lover like us you need to try them at least once.

Being so close to the sea will give you an amazing sensation which it is almost impossible to describe. We did a kind of food tour in Brighton, tasting the amazing local cuisine, and dishes from the fresh local market. Enjoy the day with a local that will describe you the secret facts about Brighton.

Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus of Brighton

If you don’t want to walk around and feel lazy to stroll in the narrow streets of Brighton, you can go for a bus tour of Brighton with Hop-On Hop-Off. In this way, you will save time and see almost everything in the city. Like many cities in Uk and in the World, bus tours are not expensive, but the best option if you are tight in time.

The bus will take you from one of the many stops in the city and you can take it from another point after your visit. There are bus stops at any of the sightseeing in Brighton. You can stop by at the Palace Pier, at the i360, Brighton Station, the Pavilion or the Brighton Marina. Check all the best option you have to visit Brighton by bus.

Have you ever considered Glamping in Brighton? There are some amazing locations where you can choose from and all of them are super nice and worth to experience.

City bike tour of Brighton at Sunset

day trip to Brighton from London - 1 day in Brighton from London
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Be a coastal city has advantages, like an amazing sunset. The sun in the evening in a blue sky day is going down into the sea for a fantastic landscape. Brighton is also known as London-by-the-sea. It is a vibrant and colourful city, full of energy and fun. Take the chance to visit Brighton from a different point of view. Be ready to ride. A full afternoon tour on a bike in Brighton is a real bargain, check those deals here.

Discover the real history of Brighton, stopping by the popular landmarks. This activity will let you get some of the best photos of Brighton. Take the chance to spend a weekend in Brighton on the bike, for a real sustainable experience in Uk.

Discover the White Cliffs of Seven Sisters from Brighton

Not far away from Brighton, there are the Seven Sisters Cliffs. Close to Brighton, there is the  South Downs National Park, a newest national park in England, where you can enjoy amazing seascapes.

Take the chance to have an adventurous day trip from London, passing by Brighton and discover a remote part of England. On your way back from Seven Sisters, pay a visit to a small iconic village, Rottingdean. It has got the amazing gardens of Rudyard Kipling, author of The Jungle Book.

Is not that expensive the visit to the white cliffs and sometimes is cheaper than you expect, look for deals.

London to Brighton train

How to get to Brighton

Brighton activities on the beach
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To save time most of people prefer travelling from London to Brighton with the train. The journey by train will take less than 2 hours, leaving from London city centre like Victoria Station and reaching Brighton train station. Train tickets can variate if you book them during off-peak time. Remember to check out train times and prices on The Train Line app or website, so you can get the best price. Try to avoid peak time as a lot of people commute in and out of Brighton and it makes train tickets more expensive.

The bus instead will take 2 hours and a half but it’s cheaper as with National Express you can pay even only £5. It’s up to you what you want to do. You can plan a day trip to Brighton from London and stay overnight with no rush in exploring the city. 

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From London to Brighton by car

Is easy to get from London to Brighton in just an hour drive. The A23 will take you directly to Brighton, passing by Gatwick Airport. We highly suggest you choose an alternative way to reach Brighton from London, because of the expensive parking. We did it once and will assure you that the ride was amazing, but the price of the parking make us thinking that was worth by train.

Day trip to Brighton from London | Travel tips

Seaside of Brighton - UK PRomenade
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We have been to Brighton for the day many and many times. We found it very easy to organise London day trips to Brighton. If you are planning a Brighton one day itinerary try to avoid weekends or any bank holidays as the city will be busy and so train too.

Start the day early to make sure you have enough time to explore Brighton without missing anything. Bring with you some snacks during the journey as you will need them. Don’t spend to much time thinking about where to eat, grab something quickly but good. If you are spending more then one day we have a few suggestions for you. We had a really nice dinner at “NuPost” with delicious Italian food.

Brighton one day itinerary 

Brighton on the sea UK
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As you might understand, Brighton is a lovely place where to spend one day away from London. It’s the perfect escape even for a winter day trip from London, but we preferred Brighton during the summer. Brighton one day itinerary will be enough to discover this lovely gem on the coast of England.

Things to do in one day in Brighton
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Day trip from London - One day in Brighton
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How to spend one day in Brighton
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