This is our December round-up. Here we go, the month of Christmas, of the bye bye to 2018, the fireworks, lighting and best wishes for the new year.

A month where you make space for the good intentions and a new project for 2019. As well we are doing that.

December round-up - We made it! 13 countries in 12 months! 1

Now we are really focusing on our actions and the results are coming. We are really proud of all our way until here, and we are looking forward to a successful 2019.

We are really happy this month because we are putting a lot of work up to this blog, a lot of work on our social channels.

We decided to spend Christmas and New Year eve in London, away from our family, as we are used to be in Italy to spend some holidays with parents and friends.

We have done a lot this year, travelled as much as we can even if we are still continuing our full-time career. But we will talk more about that soon.

December Round-up

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13 Countries in 12 Months.

As you know we have started a big challenge at the beginning of this year.

We were trying to reach 12 Countries in 12 months while working full time.

It is a big challenge, isn’t it? Actually, we have made 13 so far!

In January we didn’t think was actually possible keep going this challenge through the year. In June we have done half, as planned. But looking back at six months ago, we were still incredulous was possible to carry on the challenge.

December Round-up

In some point of the year, when we were stuck, like in August. The challenge was really hard. Nothing was coming in our mind, no cheap flight, just 4 months before the end of the year and just one trip planned, Napoli and Rome for September.

Later on, we started to think about the UK, so we went to Cardiff, Wales and after that the secret location present for Alessia’s birthday. It was absolutely great.

Three countries in 8 days. Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, all together, cold but magical.

December Round-up

And so you know. Now we have won the challenge with ourselves, and demonstrate to everyone that is possible to travel a lot, even if you have a full-time job. You don’t need to quit your 9-5 job to travel and visit the World.

The only things you need to stick in your mind is: You have to make sacrifices sometimes. You have to take a flight early in the morning and stay just 48 hours in a place as we did in Bremen.

While we were travelling in the days off. You have to fight back to London during the night and stay in the airport a lot of hours before like we did in Ibiza (We told you how amazing could be Ibiza for a couple?).

But we will talk better about this amazing challenge in our dedicate post about. Telling you about Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Malaga, Sevilla and Gibraltar.

Our Brand New YouTube Channel

For months we have mumbled to start a youtube channel. As we use to say, the time to be shy is gone. We need to put the face out.

So last month we have done our first video after a while. It was so stressful because we want it to be perfect and ready for the WTM in London.

For who doesn’t know what it meaning, it is the largest and most important event for the Travel Industry in Europe, it has the same event in all other continents.

Anyway, we are more than happy to present to you, our brand new video. Hope you will enjoy our hometown, Napoli.

The channel is still working progress, so feel free to get involved, give feedback and if you like, subscribe and follow us.

December Round-up

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We will start the new year with great news and new features, so we are implementing our services. We have wondered always to help more people to plan trips and holidays, giving help directly and send a monthly update on our tips.

We have started a brand new newsletter, integrating our old mailing list. You will start to receive our mail from January.

We are taking this time to be ready to accomplish GDPR requirements and give useful information about travel, photography tips and news from the industry.

December Round-up

Upcoming Trips – December round-up

This is the best part of this post. Absolutely Travel is the best part of our life.

We are happy to announce that next year, since January we are again travelling.

The first trip of 2019 is the best way to start the new year. We are going back to Italy for a few days and visit the family in Milan.

We are so happy to go back and see Alessia’s Brother and obviously visit Milan as well.

We are also so happy to have booked our ticket for the next Traverse Conference in our lovely Italy in June. This is the first time for Alessia to the conference and also the first time at all in Trentino Alto Adige.

Please take a minute to check out the amazing things these guys make up. The tickets went sold out in just 22 minutes. Crazy!

December round-up - We made it! 13 countries in 12 months! 2

We are looking forward to our stay at the ” Terme Trentino Alto Adige “, the thermal baths of the Region, drink a glass of wine in a typical Chalet Trentino Alto Adige and enjoy the Wellness of the Region.

Just a quick recap of our last trips. We have been visiting for the first time part of East Europe. This was the secret holiday present for Alessia’s Birthday.

It was another epic Road Trip. Was love to call it The best East Europe Road Trip. It was from Vienna to Budapest and Bratislava.

We have tried to do as much in a week, going through the countries in a sustainable way. Using basic commuters as Bus.

It was an amazing experience since we have never done a similar one. So now we are ready to share with you our

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