Essential guide to Warsaw, one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

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Warsaw is really beautiful and cheap, this gives you the chance to visit it in every period of the year and also, you can afford it if you are a couple, solo travel or with friends.There are so many events during the years, and every street, every pebble inspire you and talk about history, genius and magnificent past.

But the contrast of Warsaw is not just that. Warsaw is the everlasting contrast to Krakov. This historical polish city is in the south of the nation.

Is the German part of Poland, in contrast with Warsaw with big inspiration from his Russian side. Krakov was the Capital of Poland, till King Sigismund of Sweden swaps the Capital from south to north and all the official national building with it.

Sigismund was one of the most important Kings of this nation, he doesn’t a Polish King but was before the King of Sweden. He was private of the Throne for is Catholic faith by his cousin.

He was obsessional by taking back his throne in Sweden and start a War with his cousin.

In the old city, there is the wall of Old Town. Barbican was the border to defend.

A couple of steps over there is the Royal Palace and the old town square with the commemorative column to Sigismond. The Barbican wall is going all around the city and still stand after the bomb of the Second World War.

The sightseeing in Warsaw is not really extended and are close to the centre of the City.

If you are organized and start to study the city in advance you can visit it in a couple of days, without running and giving good attention to all the most important sightseeing.

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We’ve started our tour of the city from the old town, under the Sigismund Column, taking it as a landmark.

From the square, you can have a look at the national stadium, symbol of the Polish pride, the symbol of modernity and redemption. The stadium host a football match and other events like concerts.

The building is endowed with modern technological systems and is one of the most envied of Europe with over 60k seats.

The currency isn’t the Euro, but it is accepted in a lot of shops. The official currency is the Zloty and you can find it write like it: zł. Almost all the shop accept card payment, you don’t need to take cash with you.

Just if you buy products in the street markets you, especially in the old town, Card payment isn’t accepted and you need to pay cash.

Top Tips: We suggest you change your money at the airport just in case you need, you can find beet exchange out of there.

The cost of living is not too high, your budget should be low. That’s why we will keep it on our list of “travel on Budget”.

We choose it before flying to Stockholm, the city really expensive. We did it to keep our travel on a budget and don’t lost all our reserves in one trip.

The cost of a dinner in a typical polish restaurant, with a starter and a pint of beer, with a two-course meal, can cost you around 60 Zloty, almost 14 euro.

For the night the cost is cheap respect other parts of Europe, but here as well your lifestyle can cost you more. The Top Hotel in Warsaw asks you around 400 zł for a night, around 100 Euro.

We have booked an entire place on Air BnB (This is the code for a 30£ discount if you didn’t get it yet).

We paid 78 zł each for a day, around 17 euro for two night.

Our Flat was fully furnished with a lot of comforts. This was one our cheap expense for a flat abroad, cheaper than other European Capital.

The best period of the year to go in Poland is obviously is Summer, but by the spoke with the citizen of Warsaw, we know another best time to go is in October when the weather is warm and during the day you can walk with half sleeve.

At the end of October starting the rain period and start to be cold and dry. Winter in Poland is very stiff, the temperature can go below the zero. Typically in winter is snowing in Warsaw, that’s why one of the best periods to visit the city is during Christmas. The snowy landscape of Warsaw at Christmas is just amazing. Think about a trip to Warsaw as a stop by your visit to Auschwitz, will be easy to reach as from Krakow.

Poland is even a place where hike the beautiful mountain around the main cities.

The public transport of Warsaw is really good, the city has also a metropolitan train line. You can visit the city easy by bus or with an old fashion taste you can take the Tram.

You can buy the ticket for all the transport in all the kiosk usually sell the cigarettes as well, are a lot around the city but doesn’t have any ensign.

Buy a ticket for 24-48-72 hours is the best way to visit the city and is really cheap. The ticket for the just 24h cost to you 15 zł, less than 4 Euro.

If you visit the city during Weekend there is a good deal. You can buy a ticket valid from 7 pm on Friday to 8 of the morning of Monday for 27 zł.

There are some discounts for old people and students, or for young till 26 years old.

Don’t worry about to travel by public transport during the night, there is a link after the sunset as well, but if you prefer the Taxi are really cheap and also Uber operates in Warsaw.

The cost of the taxi is really cheap as well, around 3 and 4,5 zł for Km. Toti love to drive abroad, but in this case, we didn’t take this option.

We know very well about some problem with road maintenance and also the parking area could be your big problem in the city centre. Also for go to Zone 1, the city centre you need to pay a tax, like in London with congestion Charge.

The tube of Warsaw is a recent railway. There are two lines, the M1 goes from Ursynów (Kabaty station) to Młociny in the north.

The other line is the M2 and goes from Rondo Daszyńskiego at West of the city to Dworzec Wileński at East, in the Praga Bureau (This is just a fortuity the name is the same of Czech Capital – Go and see our guide to Praha ).

The Signboard of the Tube is the M, in red with background blue. Try to understand immediately the direction you are going, because in almost all the station you can enter from a different area for a different direction and inside there is no connection between the lines.

If you are wrong in the direction, you need to be back out and take the other direction.

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