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There are many free walking tour in Malaga, all of them are showing the main attractions of the Spanish city. Malaga has a lot to offer, from ancient Roman ruins, Moorish Alcazaba and modern art. If you are not fancy for a free walking tour Malaga, you can go for a private tour in Malaga, many for different prices and duration. The city of Costa del Sol has got many bus tours. The Hop-on Hop-off bus tour of Malaga is the most popular one.

Planning a visit to Malaga, remember that on Sunday there are many museums and attraction open free. Most of them have a free entrance on Sunday afternoon. If you don’t want to spend your guided tour of Malaga with other people, you can go for a small group tour, that will make you more comfortable. Take in advance your ticket for the hop-on-hop-off tour bus in Malaga for less.

The not free tours of Malaga are not expensive, this is one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe. The private tours of Malaga don’t hurt your wallet at all.

Malaga Free
Walking Tour

Book Your Space In Advance And Enjoy Malaga In The Best Way. With A Free Tour You Will Get A Better Understanding Of The City And It’s Completely Free!

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City sightseeing in your Free walking tour Malaga

Free walking tour in Malaga - The view from the Alcazaba
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Most of the tour activities in Malaga starts from Plaza de la constitución. This is the concentration point of the city and you will find a lot of Umbrellas of free and private tours waiting for tourists. In the meantime, you are waiting to start your free walking tour in Malaga, drink a coffee to the most popular bar in Malaga, the cafè central. Or, stand by the amazing Italian Fountain. 

The attractions you will visit along your free walking tour Malaga are:

What are some ‘must do’ activities in Malaga?

Malaga is a big city on the Costa del Sol. There are many activities to do here, some of that is free, for some other, there is a small fee. Malaga is really a cheap city where spend your holidays. Into the list of Must-do activities in Malaga, there is absolutely on the top to visit the Alcazaba. The Moorish Fortress is the first monument you will recognize in Malaga, just above the Roman Theatre.

In the same area, you can visit the Cathedral of Malaga, really suggestive at night. You will find many similarities with other Spanish cities, but Malaga is unique because here you can find the Arab influence into the European style.

Malaga is one of the best cities to visit in Spain, for culture, tradition and high standard living life. The many long beaches in Malaga will help you to find the right sunny spot in Europe during the summer.

We highly suggest booking online your tickets in advance for the monuments in Malaga that you want to visit. You can skip the queue that in summer are really long and is too hot, with a temperature over 40 degrees sometimes. Book Online through us for cheap prices.

Free Tour in Málaga City – Local guide

There are many free tours in Málaga City. Most of them have a meeting point is in Plaza de la Constitución, in front of the Bar central. This is an amazing square. If you look on the pavement you will see the newspaper in bronze of the proclamation of the Republic. Below we will give you a list of the best free tours in Malaga city for us.

Is Malaga, Spain an interesting place to visit?

Yes. Malaga is the best choice for planning a sunny trip to Spain. Doesn’t matter how long your itinerary will be, pay a visit to Malaga will be always a good idea. You can go hiking, on the gorges of the Caminito del Rey or beach life with the amazing Malagueta. The nightlife in Malaga is extraordinary, explore Malaga at night to live like a local.

 Malaga free walking tours

Tours of Malaga in the Morning and in the Afternoon

harbor malaga italiantripabroad
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As you can expect could be possible to get a free tour of Malaga in the morning or in the afternoon. Obviously, the two paths change a lot. In the morning you can opt for a free tour that will take you along the most known attractions of Malaga. Basically, you will stroll around the city centre.

A free afternoon walking tour of Málaga is the ideal when the daylight starting to go down, is the best time to visit the Harbour Area. The recently rebuilt area of the seaside of Malaga is one of the best in Spain, going along Muelle 1 and Muelle 2, the Seaport side where the Cruises moor, toward the biggest beach of Malaga, La Malagueta.

Check our list of the best beaches of Malaga, if you are coming here in the summertime.

On the Moorish steps in Malaga

Strong Moorish presence, you will learn a lot about Al-Andalus influence in Malaga

Like most of the city of Andalusia, Malaga has a strong predominant Moorish presence. The fortress on the top of the hill of Málaga is the Gibralfaro. This is out of any free walking tour if you want to get inside the fortress, there are many cheap private tours that will take you to visit the Gibralfaro.

From the hilltop, you will enjoy an amazing view over Malaga. If you book in advance your ticket you will skip the queue, that is horrible with the hot temperatures. Check the cheapest tickets here.

Visit the Picasso Museum | Free walking tour Malaga

If you don’t know yet, Malaga is the birthplace of Picasso. All the streets of Málaga will remember you the artistic masterpieces. In your free walking tour in Malaga, you will pass by the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. It will be really hard to spend a few days in Malaga and don’t pay a visit to the Picasso Museum with the major masterpieces of the artist.

You will get a full immersion in the artist life, admiring the exhibition of paintings, some of which are wonderful and little known. The entrance to the Picasso Museum of Malaga is really cheap, for 4 euro you will get a full point of view about Málaga and the Artist. Take your ticket in advance, skip the queue and enjoy it. If you want an audio guide it is coming for 2.50 more following this link. For 6.50 euro you will see the Picasso Museum with an audio guide that explains to you the Artist’s life. Check this bargain.

Did you say free? The list of best free walking tour in Malaga

Bike tour of Malaga

Looking for some of the best tours of Malaga, alternatively to a free walking tour is to rent a bike and go fast around the city sightseeing. Following our suggestion about renting a bike for 12 euro, you will go around the pedestrian city centre, stress-free. Check the bargain here. If you want an e-bike tour of Malaga, it is possible with a private guide for less than 25 euro for a full day. All the offers for cheap are here.

This an alternative walking tour of Malaga for who believe like us to be more environment-friendly.

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Reasons why Malaga is worth a visit

Malaga Electric Car Tour

If you are in the rush and not fancy for a walking tour under the hot sun of Malaga, you can get an Electric Car Tour of the city. It is nice to drive like a local in the major streets of the city, listening to an audioguide and learn something about Malaga. It will be also fun, we highly suggest you do that in alternative to your free walking tour.

Malaga Rooftop Bar Tour

Some of the best free walking tours of Malaga are in the evening when the daylights go down you will have a different point of view of the city. Why don’t go also for a Malaga Rooftop Bar Tour, that will take to some of the best bars in the city, looking at it from the top?

The best hotels in the city have built up rooftop bars and rooftop pools, where you can relax. A private Malaga rooftop bar tour is really more cheap that you think, for just 19 euros you will do a great itinerary trough 3 different rooftop bars in Malaga and get 3 glasses of Local wine. This is an alternative to a free walking tour Malaga Evening. Check the last bargains here for less than 20 euro.

Alternative Tour of Málaga

If you are not looking for a free walking tour in Malaga Spain anymore, you can go for an alternative way to discover Malaga. See the city from a different perspective is the key to some of the best private tours of Malaga. We have selected one for you, that is so cheap and worth to be tried.

You will visit the Carmen Thyssen Museum an underrated gem of Malaga, stroll inside the Atrazana Market. This is one of the best places to visit in Malaga. We love to walk inside and smell the fresh products, colourful and lively market life. With this tour, you will get a few samples of typical Spanish products in the market. It is a private tour but is so cheap and worth. The tour will take around 2 hours, check the discounted prices.

 Relax in an Arab Bath

A long as we offer to you the chance of the best free tours in Malaga, we will help you to relax after a long day walk. The best solution we found, after ourselves tried a walking tour along the streets of Malaga was to relax body and mind in a typical Arab bath. This is a unique experience to do in Malaga. It will help you to relax in thermal water in a typical Arab atmosphere. Our video below will take you to this dimension.

The entrance to the Spa of Malaga is not that expensive as you are thinking. Check yourself that with 33 euro, here, you can have a full entrance to the relaxing area, with 4 pools, steam and rest path. If you want more, there is a chance to get a massage and entrance for 47 euro. Follow this link to find the cheapest prices to the Hammam Al Andalus Spa of Málaga.

Why is worth a free walking tour in Malaga

We always think that strolling around a place is awesome, but you are always missing something. Some part of the history of a city has been known just by locals and handed down by father to son. This is the main reason why together with a self-guided walking tour of Malaga, we always looking for a free walking tour. Starting from that you will have a clear idea of the best sightseeing of Malaga, explore the most important monuments and museum. 

Booking a free walking tour in Malaga you will visit places like the Cathedral, the Roman Theatre and the Muslim Fortress. The gorgeous part of Malaga is the history that is behind every building, this will get you back in the past of the various dominations of the Andalusian area. You will see with your eyes the Arabic period and the Christians reconquest, the Roman ruins and reminiscences of a Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Visigoths and Arabic past.

The free walking price as you can understand is priceless. It’s you to decide how much is worth the free walking tour.

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