How three app change our lives

Usually, due we travel a lot, and sometimes for an extended period of times we have to change multiple sim cards, or run into the airport to get our data on when land.
But, also in preparation for a new trip, we always try to find the best deal for our sim card. We have used many companies but after a couple of months, we were always trying to find something new. 

The reality was that we didn’t try Three yet. 

We love Three, not only for the good deals and the roaming abroad but for the incredible app.

Did you see the last app update? That’s amazing.

Recently I did the update on my phone and there are a few new things that you can do.

Think about the worst thing that can happen to you while you travelling? For example, your data is not working or you can’t call or send a text.

I had this problem recently because my sim card was activated in Spain and when we moved back to London it was not working. Panic. Nothing was working.

I discovered the Live Chat

Usually, when something wrong happen you are always trying to find the quickest and easiest way to resolve the problem. One of the best things that the Three App has is that you can chat with someone and explain what is the problem. 

I always loved when someone is replying to you in the minimum time possible and helping you to solve the problem. 

It’s a great thing and I am happy that now I can find this option in my App without chasing anyone on the phone or via email. 

Moving from Pay as you go to Pay Monthly

Another great update that I found is the option to move from Pay as you go deal to Pay monthly. It’s great and it takes less than 10 minutes. You need to follow a few steps and here you go you move from one offer to another. Did you know that you can top up your credit from the app as well? If you got a pay as you go offer you can top up the credit by using your debit/credit card or a voucher. 

Three Live

What an amazing function is the “Three Live”. A new app update that allows you to book a 30 minutes session, where you can check the latest phones and find out more about the details without going physically in the store. A new incredible way to serve the customers. You can see all the latest update regarding phones without moving from home. 

Click here and see what’s new in-store.

In all those years I always wanted something that can help me on a daily basis, starting from the top up my credit to have a live chat with someone to answer all my queries. 

Now I can do everything with the app without call someone and spending time waiting on the phone. I can see if my roaming is activated and if I can travel abroad. That’s amazing, isn’t 

Disclaimer: Please note this is a sponsored post with Three UK.

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