How to reduce your airfare ticket with Turkish Airlines

by Alessia
Fly to Istanbul with Turkish airlines for a stepover and go

Visit Turkey has been for a long time on our watching list of places. But also the States have been the dreaming country to visit for Alessia. While we were looking to spend time away, both staring at the west and east side of the world, the idea came up to watch for both.

Sometimes when looking for your next holiday, you are so focused on the final destination that you don’t glance at the surroundings. That’s why most of the travellers spend so much money on a flight that might cost less or even half of the price, if well-coordinated in a step over somewhere else. Yes, sometimes it is not that difficult to organize a trip on a budget. You need to be flexible, manage well your time and understand how long you will be for a stepover.

Sometimes when watching videos on YouTube of Travel Bloggers around the world, living incredible adventures you might think that is hard to plan. Sometimes there are tricks and tips available for everybody. This is one of those blog posts that you have to watch out to understand how to spend less for your next trip with Turkish Airlines.

Long Haul flight at the cheapest fare

Not everybody knows that Turkish airlines have got long haul flights. But even fewer people know that they apply for a low-fare ticket for those long haul flights. If you don’t believe us, you can check by yourself.

The mission of the company is to compare a normal intercontinental flight that is carried by a high price company, on a lower scale. Everybody can have access to a long haul flight. That’s how your dreaming holidays became a reality.

Save money on a low-fare ticket

Turkish Airline Long haul flights fleet

Even better than what we talked about above, you can still lower your airfare ticket if going to apply some tricks we suggest here. Book your Turkish airlines tickets at the lowest fare on Cleartip. This will allow you to compare different airlines’ fares. You will get the best price and direct you to the best time of the year to explore the destinations you are looking for. Not only that, with Cleartip you will be allowed to check different locations, through Asia and the Middle-East as well.

Plan a Stopover in Istanbul

As you might understand Turkish Airlines are based in Turkey. This is the engine of the airports in the entire country, with over 50 million people carried every year across the country. Why we suggest a step over in Istanbul ? Nor only because the city itself is stunning, rich in art, culture, architecture and ancient history. Istanbul has been for ages the connection between the Middle East and Europe. Today thanks to the efforts of this company it is proposing as a hub for long haul flight to both sides of the world.

Turkish Airlines in this way are proposing the chance to do a “First Stop Istanbul”. The slogan of the company is clear “The meeting point of the World”. From Istanbul airport, you can fly far to the five continents. You can reach Thailand, Maldives and Japan in Asia, but not only. All overs the Americas from Brazil to New York. In Europe, you can fly close to Spain or even Italy in our city Naples.

Lounge Access in Istanbul

Doesn’t matter how long will be your stopover in the city, unless you are planning right between the connection flight and the actual landing. Istanbul Airport is developing so much nowadays.

With Turkish Airline, you can get access to the huge Lounge Services in the Airport. This is the ideal for travellers like us, willing to get a flight after another extensively. The lounge access is also helping us so much to have our job done on the way.

Turkish Airline Services with other companies

The Turkish airline company is developing synergies with other partners. Booking through Turkish Airline, using the service we have advised you (Cleartip, check out), will give you access to several other airlines companies operating in more than 315 cities across 120 countries.

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