Kensington, London sightseeing map with Samsung S9+ and Three Uk

There are a lot of online guides about the best walking tours in London, some of them are trying to show you the best sightseeing map of London, others some specific areas.

This wouldn’t be a classic guide, I would like to try to give you more about the sensations to walk through one of the best posh areas in London. The borough of Kensington is really big and awesome, you will enjoy the beauty at 360 degrees.

London sightseeing map kensington chelsea city
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Kensington, South Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham Knightsbridge, and Gloucester are the most iconic areas of the London glamour, where most of the richest people choose to live and it is in the centre of the capital of Europe.

I personally discovered better this area thanks to “A lady in London”, check out her guide about London, find your self-guided walk in Chelsea or Kensington and get lost in it.

Thanks also for a common project with Samsung, Three Uk, and Traverse Events, where I was following a class of Julie about mobile photography, trying out the new Samsung S9+.

I am a Samsung addict, despite Alessia love iPhone. I’ve accepted the challenge to start to use the mobile to produce great contents, and this new way is really unusual for me.

If you have a look at our social channels, especially Instagramyou will understand who is the mind behind all the live post, the Insta Stories and who is behind the regular post. I am not used at all to mobile photography, I prefer my DSLR for the shot, even if it needs to be quick.

Check out the post about London’s Art on the Underground by Sally Pederson.

London kensington chelsea free selfguided walking tour
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That’s why I am now talking about the challenge. I know I can use mobile photography for taking good shots and create amazing contents like this post. Shot in an area really beautiful, gave me the chance to play well the game.

Anyway, apart from the little but pretty story, take off the phone from your pocket and start to shot.

The London sightseeing is not just localized at Westminster or in the city centre as Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square or Buckingham Palace. There is a London more glamour and pretty and as somebody wants to call it a little pretty London.

Amazing Mews and courtyards, with colourful and ancient buildings. I think this is one of the most iconic London areas. There are some houses really amazing, with the grass on the facade, going all around the surface, some of it has also plant and flowers to decorate and give liveliness to the whole area.

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London kensington chelsea free walking tour
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You will start your self-guided tour at Gloucester Road Tube Station, you can reach this metro station with the Piccadilly line (Blue), the circle line (Yellow) or with the District line (Green). Gloucester Road is a really old tube station. It is really well located in the middle of the Kensington area, really close also to Fulham and Chelsea.

Kensington and Chelsea – London sightseeing map

This is an iconic area, one of the best where take your smartphone pointed directly to the awesome buildings. Try to find out about the weekend markets, those are really amazing with all the colours and the glamours.

My personal suggestion is to visit Bywater Street, with some of the best and prettiest houses in London, the pastels colours and the decors all around. For sure your Samsung S9 will not belong in your pocket, take it off and start to experiment with lights and shadows.

Secret gardens of Chelsea – London sightseeing map

Just around the corner of Kings Road, one of the main street of Kensington and Chelsea Borough, full of shops and restaurants, you will find some nice streets, more like the prettiest houses of Notting Hill, with pastels colours and flowers all over.

Walking through those streets there is Carlyle’s House. At the back of this awesome building, there is a pretty garden. Carlyle’s House is a small museum worth of visit.

Another amazing London secret garden is on Swan Walk. The Chelsea Physic Garden is open on certain times, not all days and all year long, but for giving a try and stop by, it is worth of visit as well.

Kensington, London sightseeing map with Samsung S9+ and Three Uk 1
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The mews and the prettiest houses – London sightseeing map

The mews are the main attractions of Chelsea and Kensington, those are amazing. Basically, a mews for who don’t know that is a small street, most of them are with cobblestone pathway, those give to the mews a nice atmosphere.

Those small but pretty streets are cute and the buildings seem in a big courtyard all coordinate each other. Some of that houses have a really ancient history, is good if you try to talk with some owner if you have the chance.

I’ve met an old woman in one of my walking tour, she was telling me the story behind her house. It was completely destroyed during the II World War, it remained just the facade. The house today is completely rebuilt with the old style and is the pride of the entire borough.

London is everywhere awesome, if you get off a little bit from the touristic routes, and strolling just around the common corner, you will find an hidden an magic London, made in the past and actualized in the present.

Doesn’t matter if you see London by the eyes of a tourist or by a local, it is always awesome and fill your desire to explore new hidden gems.

London Sightseeing map Chelsea
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