13 places to visit in London in the fall | Autumn in London

Let’s discover together London in the fall! Come with us to explore the most beautiful autumn places in London and be ready to enjoy autumnal colours in London!

Last Update: December 4, 2023

Are you ready to discover London in different shapes? London in the fall becomes complementary diverse, trees turn gold and hidden gems get covered in brilliant red ivy.

Autumn in London is one of the best seasons ever as you can enjoy the entire city with different vibes. Apart from the lovely colours surrounding the city, the Halloween atmosphere plays an important role as well. While walking around the pretty streets of Chelsea, Kensington, Sloane Square and many more, you will see how people are enjoying decorating their doors with pumpkins and autumn colours.

What are you waiting for? Let’s discover together the Autumn in London, come with us to explore the most beautiful autumn places in London.

St. Dunstan in the East | Autumn colours in London

Best time to see autumn colours in London

Around mid-October, London starts showing all the beautiful autumn colours. Depending on the weather, you will be able to see autumn colours in London from the second week of October till the first week of November. Sometimes, it can start earlier like the end of September, beginning of October. If you want to see all the autumn leaves in London, the middle week of October or the end of the month, it’s the ideal time to visit London in the fall.

Places to visit in London in the fall

Now, it’s time to discover the most beautiful autumn places in London. For the first time, after 5 years, we’ve enjoyed London in autumn as we couldn’t go anywhere else. If it’s not your first time in London, you will see how the city changes completely when it comes to Autumn. Come with us and let’s enjoy the fall in London.

  • Little Venice
  • Kynance Mews
  • Chelsea Embankment
  • St. Dunstan in the East
  • Mayfair
  • St. Lukes Mews
  • Sloane Square
  • Hampstead Heath 
  • Hyde Park
  • Greenwich Park
  • Holland Park
  • Richmond Park
  • St. James’ Park

Things to do in London in the fall

Little Venice

Where to see autumn colours in London? One of the right places to start from is Little Venice. This is one of the nicest places to enjoy the autumn leaves in London. Walking along the river will let you breathe this season, surrounded by golden trees and romantic lights from the traditional boat berth on the dock. 

Enjoy the beautiful shapes of orange, red and yellow while strolling around the most charming canal of London. If you want to enjoy Little Venice from a different perspective, hop aboard a boat water taxi and explore the gorgeous colours of Regents Canal toward Camden Town.

Places to visit in London in the fall

Kynance Mews

One of the most famous spots in London during autumn is for sure the Kynance Mews. Located in Kensington, this Mews, it’s very popular on Instagram. Today, many Instagrammers and photographers are choosing this location for shooting. Talking about London in the fall, Kynance Mews, need to be on the top of your list but hurry early in the morning, otherwise, you will find many people queuing to get a shot.

It’s a trendy location in London, super pretty during autumn, but also in spring. If you are looking for all the best photo spots in London, here you will find our suggestions. The houses of this mew will be completely covered by Listeria from May onward.

Visiting in late October, instead, the red and pinkish leaves make this location one of the best Autumn places in London and you can’t miss it during your itinerary.

Autumn colours in London | Chelsea and Embankment

Chelsea Embankment

If you are looking for the perfect location to admire London in the fall, we suggest you take a stroll along the Thames. Experience the beautiful autumn colours in London around the Chelsea Embankment area. If you are looking for the right moment of the day to take a walk around this gorgeous part of London, you should consider visiting it around sunset. Watch the sunset from the Royal Albert Bridge, and place this spot in the hidden gems of London Itinerary.

St. Dunstan in the East | Autumn colours London

St. Dunstan in the East

Near Monument/Bank station you will find this gorgeous and public park. Once upon a time, it was a gorgeous church, unfortunately, the story wasn’t good with this place, destroyed and rebuilt several times. This building has in its ruins the history of London, being destroyed the first time during the great fire of the city and the last during WW2. The damages during the German Blitz of the Second conflict were heavy, and today the Church is a monument to what is still standing of that time.

It is also considered one of the most instagrammable places in London. Thanks to that, many photographers are choosing this location during the autumn season in London, being inspired by the incredible colours and the gothic architecture.


The glamorous style of London in autumn can be seen in Mayfair, one of the trendiest areas of London. For many, this is the richest part of London in the city centre, full of cosy boutiques, art galleries and unique shops and incredible hotels. Mayfair is an elegant neighbourhood of London, surrounded by Hyde Park, Green Park and St. James’s Park, a few steps away from Buckingham Palace and Oxford Circus. 

It’s the perfect place to enjoy London in the Fall, strolling by the glamorous shop windows, many of them decorated for the time of the year. Head to Berkeley Square to see some of those.

Lukes Mews

St. Lukes Mews is one of the prettiest streets in London, you might recognize this place as the cinematographic set of “Love Actually”, the movie Directed by Richard Curtis, with Hugh Grant.

The entire street is filled with lovely autumnal tones with red, yellow and orange shades. The houses are just awesome and match with the vibes. Make sure you add St. Lukes Mews to your London in the fall itinerary and enjoy the beautiful and gorgeous colours around this area.

Fall in London | Sloane Square autumn colours in London

Sloane Square

Recently, we discovered that Sloane Square is perfect for Autumn colours in London. We usually visited this part of London around Christmas time but never during fall. This year we were lucky enough to enjoy the gorgeous golden trees and colourful houses around Sloane Square on an unusually sunny autumn day. It’s not only that! 

The local council decorate the whole area, inspired by the time of the year, the shops around show the best in terms of style and elegance in the garnishment. 

The awesome spot is going toward the Saatchi Gallery, passing through a gorgeous and instagrammable flower tunnel with plenty of colours and autumnal vibes. Be ready to find many people around as this spot became famous on the gram!

Best park to enjoy London in the fall

It is clear to say that London is gorgeous, especially in some parts of the year where the shapes of the buildings, the atmosphere and the colours give to the streets and grey sky different and unique vibes. You will have the best of the fall in London just by visiting the beautiful parks. There are many parks within zone 1 and zone 2 of the city which are worth visiting in Autumn. The below is the list of the London Parks worth visiting in Autumn.

Hampstead Heath

For us, Hampstead Heath is the most attractive neighbourhood in the city and hosts one of the best parks, if not the best, to enjoy the London foliage season

With its narrow streets, independent shops, cafes and cosy atmosphere, it makes one of the best places to see autumn colours in London.

Take a walk around Hampstead Heath, sip a coffee at one of the cute cafes while enjoying the fall season in London. This will be the ideal place to visit on the weekend, the narrow cobblestone streets are pretty empty, with just families walking around.

Hyde Park London | Autumn Colours in London

Hyde Park

Considered one of the most famous parks in London, Hyde Park won’t disappoint you if you are looking for autumnal colours in London! We know that it’s a foregone decision, but visiting London in November you have to pass by Hyde Park.

Enjoy a delicious hot chocolate while strolling around this gorgeous park and admiring the gorgeous autumn leaves in London! The best place to access Hyde Park to enjoy the foliage in London is from Hyde Park corner, which you can reach through the Piccadilly Line (Blue) by tube, or from Marble Arch, arriving with the Central Line (Red).

Instead, if you are visiting London in Spring, you might want to read our ultimate itinerary of where to see cherry blossom in London.


Greenwich Park

This is the famous park with one of the best views of the city of London. Greenwich Park is one of those Royal parks beautiful in every season. If you head there in Spring you will see the cherry blossom in London, instead of in Autumn, you will admire the gorgeous foliage in London.

One of the best ways to enjoy this autumnal atmosphere is to walk up the hill and admire the view of the Maritime Museum surrounded by autumn colours shades. From the strong red to the light yellow and with a background with Canary Wharf skyline.

Autumn leaves in London | London in the fall

Holland Park

You can’t miss this area in London if you’re chasing all the autumn locations in London! Holland Park is one of my favourite parks in my second home, it’s always beautiful. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer or autumn, Holland Park will always have amazing vibes and gorgeous colours around. It’s considered one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in London as it’s located close to Notting Hill. 

For travel vibes, you should consider heading toward the Kyoto Gardens, those are free to access and host a proper Japanese Garden in Central London.

things to do in London in the fall

Richmond Park

This is the most faraway park in our list of London places to visit in Autumn. In the West area of London, you will find Richmond Park, famous for its wildlife and home to wild deers. 

During the autumn in London, this park becomes a completely different one, wear layers and layers of golden trees fall over the hills of Richmond Park. To explore the park you will need a full day out, prepare yourself with hot drinks and some snacks. This is an incredible occasion to be close to nature and observe the fauna in their habitat.

Head to King Henry’s Mound, also known as the poet’s Corner, through the telescope you can see the city of London and clear the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

TIPS | Visit the park late in the afternoon to admire the gorgeous golden light surrounding the area!

St. James’ Park

Last but not least, St.James’s Park will always be our favourite Royal park! When autumn approaches, we always organise a picnic in this park. We love its atmosphere and the beautiful ivy red, yellow and orange leaves adorning the path. From here, you can enjoy the beautiful skyline with golden trees and the London Eye on the back. It’s the perfect fall in London location and you don’t need to go far away to enjoy those gorgeous colours.

To get the best shot of this area of London, head toward the horse guard. The white Royal Building in front of St. James’s Park will be fully covered by incredible autumn colours.

Kynance Mews | Autumn colours in London
Places to visit in London in autumn

Events in London in Autumn

Autumn is a good season to visit London, because of the many events taking place during October and November, it’s the perfect time of the year to have incredible experiences.

The whole month of October you can go from restaurant to restaurant, discovering new dishes. In fact, in October there is the London Restaurant Festival, which will show you the incredible food scene in the city. The London Fashion Week instead is taking place late in September and sees the city centre completely full of stylists and fashion designers. The area of Carnaby Street is ideal to taste the atmosphere of the fashion event of the year.

The BFI London Film Festival is running from October until November, It screens more than 300 films, documentaries and shorts from approximately 50 countries. The most attended event is the Bonfire Night, on the 5th of November. This celebration is also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night and Fireworks Night. Every year fireworks are displayed all around London to celebrate King James I who survived an explosive attack on the House of Lords back in 1605. If you are visiting London in Autumn, out of those dates, cuddle yourself in the court of Covent Garden, with a glass of wine and live music. This is one of the prettiest spots in London in the fall.

Q&A About London in the fall

Is October a good time to visit London?

Yes, it is perfect. October in London means many events and festivals as a celebration of poetry and art. This year, due to the pandemic events, the atmosphere has been a bit different, so many of these events were cancelled. In general, October is the best time to visit London. Usually Autumn is not a busy month, travel-related for London, with many tourists who prefer Christmas to visit London. October lately has been dry compared to December or January, which makes a good point on the choice. If you are lucky enough you will get a few sunny days to enjoy the streets of London in Autumn.

What can you do in London in the fall?

Cuddle yourself with a hot chocolate
Experience a typical afternoon tea
Stroll around London parks
Experience London film festival
Explore London hidden corner with colourful leaves
Walk along Regent’s Canal

What is the best month to go to London?

The best months to visit London are March through May/June. The temperatures are mild and the city starts to show bloom colours around. The weather in London is always changing and you never know what the temperature can be. Spring and Summer months are pretty nice and usually warm so we suggest you plan a trip to London during those months.

What should I wear in London in October?

London fashion is very casual but, if you are not used to the cold, we suggest you bring warm clothes. Always check the weather before your trip and plan accordingly. If you are looking for an inspirational outfit to wear in London in October, make sure you get brown, white, red and black clothes.

What should I pack for London in Autumn?

Overall the Autumn season it’s unpredictable, recently has been warm, but with some days very wet and freezing. Prepare your luggage with many layers, in case of rain, or to take off while travelling into the tube, which is always super hot especially in pick time. Don’t forget in your bag an umbrella, just in case. We always suggest taking a hat, as fashionable as possible, but warm London and the trendy areas are the perfect spots for incredible photos.

Where can I see autumn leaves in London?

Little Venice
Kynance Mews
Chelsea Embankment
St. Dunstan in the East
St. Lukes Mews
Sloane Square
Hampstead Heath 
Hyde Park
Greenwich Park
Holland Park
Richmond Park
St. James’ Park

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Places to visit in London in the fall
Places to visit in London in the fall

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