Mobile photography exhibition in London with Samsung, Three Uk and Traverse Events.

If your passion becomes your work would you be happy? If you have the chance to display your photo in a gallery in London, the capital of Europe and the place where all the best photographer are living and working, would you be the happiest person in the World?

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That is what happened to me, it is Toti to write this post. I think this is the most emotional and personal post I have to write on Italian Trip Abroad.

Ok, until now for sure you don’t understand anything about what happened in the last few weeks. Well, the whole will be explained soon.

So if you don’t have any plan for the 1st and the 2nd of August, pop in the Herrick Gallery in Mayfair and check out the work of 50 amazing influencers and photographer from all over the World. I’ve worked with some great blogger, photographer and influencers. I’ve loved to work with them and share ideas and point of view. There are some great people out of there, such as Steve Biggs, Lorenne Blau, Philip Ammon and Emile Tarrier. The gallery is open from 10 am to 6 pm, for those two days and is free to visit.

Anyway, this is a short story. Samsung and Three UK have borrowed me a brand new phone, a Samsung S9 plus. Check out the performance of this new mobile phone. The device has linked as one of the best for mobile photography, so that’s why they have to take the chance to give a try with influencer and mobile photographer to use it and discover all the best potential and power of this advanced device.

The new aspect of the communication and the evolution of the social media, see the IGTV, and lives everywhere, on Instagram and Facebook, take the photography game to another level. All the photos need to be the best possible and quickest. For sure the mobile photography is the new goal of all the best brands on the market.

That’s why you need to be always one step forward with the technology and why you have to upgrade your gear and your skills.

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Take the example on the top, it was basically on a walking tour with Julie Falconer A lady in London. The walking tour was through the street of Kensington and South Kensington, see the self-walking tour of Julie, are so amazing. I was crossing the street, going from one mews to another, following the light and the beauty. This man, come just from the opposite way and was doing something strange, I didn’t have the time to put my camera straight as I wanted, but I had the Samsung S9 plus on my right hand. The shot was done quickly and was effective. You could say to me anything about the image quality, but if I wasn’t quickest enough to catch the perfect time, the shot could be already away.

I don’t know if I give you the correct idea of what I mean, but as simple as that. If you want to step up in photography, and going in step with the times, you need to put your professional photography skills in the mobile. Start to learn about the post-production on the go, using some app, and show to the other the World through your eyes.

Following the steps above, there are some good mobile photography App, I really suggest you download.

VSCO: I discovered it recently, it is becoming really one of my favourites. But I still prefer Lightroom mobile. As Kim Leuenberger say, the A6 is the perfect effect, and it always works.

Snapseed:  It is the first app I used since the Instagram account was up. It is quick and does the job. I want to use it as much otherwise your photos will be too much retouched and seems fake. Keep it low retouch and always use another app, professional, for the next step.

Afterlight: This is a great app to have full control of your light and colours. It has got some good filter, you can use this app as a solo app or in a combo composition.

Lens Distortion: This app was suggested by Sean Byrne a guru of mobile photography. That lets you add a bit of flair to your shot. There are a lot of effects, really good even in the free feature. If you want to go over the other effects are not overpriced. You can add a solar beam, a bit of fog, rain or even snow. Give it a try.

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