Sintra is a lovely city located close to Lisbon. While we were spending our time in Portugal, we decided to plan a day trip to Sintra from Lisbon. Planning an itinerary of Portugal off the beaten path, Sintra needs to be in your list. You will love your Sintra itinerary even if you spend just half day in the castle of Sintra. This place, Sintra is a perfect day trip from Lisbon. In our guide, we will help you to plan the best one day Sintra itinerary, enjoying the view and the amazing Castle Garden Park.

Are you still thinking about what to do in Sintra in one day?

The instagrammable pena palace is a popular place nowadays in Portugal
Sintra Portugal Castle – Sintra one day itinerary

What to do in Sintra in one day

  • Visit Peña Palace and the Royal Park
  • Be surrounded by the magic Quinta de Regaleira
  • Hike the Moors Castle of Sintra
  • Queluz National Palace
  • See the Ocean from Cabo da Roca
  • Wine Tour in Sintra

Peña Palace and Park – Sintra itinerary

Every time we hear about Pena Palace I just start to laugh and I will explain to you why. To reach the castle there are two ways. You can go through the park and walking up to the hill or take a lovely bus that stops you just in front of the entrance.

Guess what? We didn’t know!

An amazing palace that is a must-do if you are planning some day trips from Lisbon. The colours of the exterior and the particulars of the interior make it worth your visit. The ticket for accessing the Palace and the Park is 14 euro per adults but you can choose to visit only Pena park as well and the cost is just 7.50 euro. A Sintra itinerary is a must-do in Portugal, that is so close to Lisbon that it easy to reach.

Best time to visit Pena Palace – One day in Sintra

If you want to enjoy every corner of the Palace you should be there when it opens, at 9.30 am. The perfect time as not many people is around. It is worth to arrive early so you can take nice pictures. This Palace is for many the most instagrammable place in Portugal, and maybe in Europe.

I know this means you need to wake up early but it’s worth, the view from the top of the Palace it’s just stunning. Another option if you don’t want to wake up so early is a couple of hours before it closes. The castle closes at 7 pm and the last admission is half an hour before, the park instead closes at 8 pm with the last admission at 7 pm. Sintra has got many Hotels, if you’re planning a Road Trip of Portugal, think to stay here for a night.

How to reach Peña Palace?

Once you will arrive at Sintra train stations there is the 434 bus which connects the station to the Pena Palace and Castelo dos Mouros ( Moorish Castle). The route of the bus is cool as it passes through the historic city centre, the old town of Sintra. This bus service is essential when visiting Sintra as a day trip. It will be your best friend and you will avoid climbing a deep hill to reach the castle. The Tourist Bus will leave you just in front of the main entrance. A complete tour of Sintra will cost you just 20 euro.

Sintra is becoming a really popular destination in Portugal. Together with the other castle of Quinta Regaleira are attracting many tourists every day.

TopTips: If you decide to drive to Sintra, good luck as there is very limited car parking in the historic centre and almost none near Palacio Pena.

In your itinerary of Sintra in 1-day you can’t miss visiting the Moors Castle

The ruins of the Moors Castle make really suggestive the landscape of Sintra from the top
This is the view of the Fortress of Sintra. This is a landscape that you can enjoy in your one day trip to Sintra Portugal

Castelo dos Mouros is a classic ruined castle and it’s another must-do in Sintra. This castle doesn’t have the history of Pena Palace or the National Palace but still is highly recommended as is an enjoyable attraction of Sintra. The position of the Castle is a strategic one as it provided a suitable vantage point over the River Tagus, and it offers to Sintra’s town protection.

You can visit the castle every day from 9.30 am to 8 pm during the summertime. During winter it opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm and the last admission is one hour before it closes.

The tickets are not expensive at all, for adults is 8 euro and children (6-17 years) is 6.50 euro.

If you are travelling from Sintra to Lisbon, make sure you discover Lisbon hidden gems with our latest itinerary.

Queluz National Palace – Sintra day trip itinerary

Queluz Palace was a royal residence and in your Sintra day trip itinerary, you can’t miss visiting. If you ever been to Versailles in Paris you will notice some resemblance between the two royal residences.

Usually, Queluz National Palace is overlooked by tourist as its located between Lisbon and Sintra. In your Sintra in a day, you can plan to visit the Palace without missing the impressive Baroque architecture and the beautiful gardens.

The tickets are 10 euro adults and for children between 6-17 years old is 8.50 euro and it opens from 9 to 19 pm. If you just want to walk around the massive gardens, you can purchase the ticket only for 5 euro and 3.50 euro children.

TopTips: If you love taking pictures plan your Sintra itinerary go early morning. Arrive at the Queluz National Palace when it opens and takes the most beautiful pictures.

Palácio Nacional de Sintra – Sintra itinerary

Palacio Nacional de Sintra Portugal
Palacio Nacional de Sintra, Portugal

In your one day in Sintra, you should visit Palacio Nacional which is another Portuguese Royal Palace. The residence is a mismatch of medieval, gothic, renaissance and romantic architecture. It has been recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site and is part of the cultural landscape of Sintra.

The entrance is 10 euros for adults and children 8.50 euros. It is a nice palace and a good way to spend an afternoon in Sintra.

Other than Sintra you can go for a day trip from Lisbon to Cabo da Roca

The view from Cabo da Roca, the western point of Europe is just insane. Enjoy it at the sunset or the sunrise for the best lights ever.
The view from Cabo da Roca, the western point of Europe is just insane. Enjoy it at the sunset or the sunrise for the best lights ever.

When organizing a day trips from Lisbon and after spending a half-day in Sintra you can plan to do to Cabo da Roca. For those, you might don’t know, Cabo da Roca is known as the farther west point of Europe. The easiest way to reach it is by car and from Sintra is 30 minutes. It is not easy to reach Cabo da Roca by public transport but if you plan a guided tour you won’t miss this beauty.

Day trip to Sintra from Lisbon – Sintra day trip

A Sintra day trip is easy to organize. For us was a last-minute plan, nothing organized before, we didn’t have any problems. A perfect day trip to Sintra from Lisbon should start early in the morning so you can enjoy Sintra in a day without stressing yourself and without missing anything. Remember in your Sintra day trip don’t forget to bring the camera with a full battery.

It’s a lovely city where you will be inspired by taking lovely pictures. Sintra is just one of the many Lisbon day trips. If you are planning an itinerary of 2 or three days in Lisbon, one needs to be dedicated to the Sintra Castel Portugal.

Lisbon to Sintra by Train

There are a lot of trains from Lisbon to Sintra which runs often and the cost is less than 3 euros each way. Using the train for your Sintra tour is the best choice as it is quick and cheap. Online here you can find many bargains for your trip.

Lisbon is connected to Sintra by two train services, and these convenient and inexpensive rail services make it very easy to visit Sintra as a day trip. As the Lisbon to Sintra railway is an urban route, tickets and seats cannot be pre-booked. Try to buy the ticket the day before the departure to avoid long queues during pick times.

The main train station is Lisboa-Rossio, located in the heart of the city and easy to reach. You can get the train from Lisboa Roma-Areeiro as well and the distance is more or less the same, less than an hour.

Lisbon to Sintra by Bus

Believe it or not, there are buses as well as going to Sintra. I thought that going by bus will take ages but isn’t true. I was surprised when people told me that the bus was taking half an hour from Lisbon-Amoreiras to Sintra. As well as the train, there are many options to go to Sintra from Lisbon, and many bargains could be found here.

The bus stop is located close to Marquês de Pombal which you can reach by metro, yellow or blue line. Once you exit from the tube station it will be 10 minutes by walk to reach the bus stop.

Lisbon to Sintra by Car

We don’t suggest you driving to Sintra as it’s really difficult to find any parking space. You just need to be lucky. If in your Sintra itinerary you are planning to visit Cabo da Roca, maybe you can organize your trip better. You can arrive in Sintra very early like around 8 am, try to find a parking space and have time for a coffee before the main attractions open.

We did drive from Lisbon to Sintra and it was okay, as we arrived early in the morning and we had the good luck to find a space for the car.
Why we did it? Because we couldn’t miss visiting Cabo da Roca. It’s the farther west point of Europe, after it there is just the ocean.

Check the cheapest Tour Guide of Sintra

The landscape view on Portugal from the Castle of Sintra
The landscape view on Portugal from the Castle of Sintra

One day Sintra itinerary – Things to do in Sintra

If you don’t want to miss any of the Sintra highlights you need to organize one day in Sintra in a proper way. There are a lot of things to do in Sintra Portugal and with an organized schedule, you will be able to see the most important Sintra sightseen.

If you are visiting Portugal and especially the big Capital you can easily plan Lisbon to Sintra day trip. You can explore another Portuguese city, different from the capital and why not even better as during non-touristic hours you can enjoy a bit of peace if you stroll around.
What are you waiting for? Plan your day trip to Sintra from Lisbon and enjoy this lovely city.

Sintra Tours and Portugal Wine Tours

Sintra Wine Tours and Sintra Sightseeing Tours
Sintra Wine Tours and Sintra Sightseeing Tours

Not many people know that Portugal has a great production of Wine and many of the most prestigious vineyards in Europe. There are so many tours that take you around the hills of Sintra. Some of the best tours give you also the chance to try the local’s wine and visit the sightseeing of the valley.

Planning a proper Lisbon day Trip to Sintra, you need the chance to go off the beaten path in Portugal. An unusual thing to do in Portugal is a wine tour, that will help you understand better the local life. If you are not willing for alcohol, there are food tours and cultural tours, that despite the common thinking are so cheap and affordable. Be ready to spend at least half day in Sintra tasting nice food and drinks.

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