If you are here, for sure you are looking for some insight and inspiration. Something that will take your travel photography game to the next level. Maybe you are just curious about our gear and cameras that we are using abroad.

What we have also thought about photography is that you don’t need just to study, a great camera, last priced lens, what will take you to the next level is the passion for photography. The technique that you will learn studying, will just take you from the passionate photographer to the professional photographer.

The gear is not the essential kit to start to travel and shot, you can improve your gear year by year, travel after travel. It is a step by step learning process.

In our bag, we carry passion and attention to detail. We started this adventure, Italian Trip Abroad with a common Bridge Camera, a Fujifilm S4500 with a great Zoom. This camera doesn’t allow you more features and is an entry-level that has helped us to start this career.

What we always carry with us

Years later our photography game as evolved, recently some of the questions coming up on our Instagram account is “What camera are you using for this shot?”, or, “Which lenses are you using in your travels?”

We are also fascinated by the greatest photographer out there, and scrolling the Instagram feed looking for inspiration. 

Sometimes, the question is even more accurate. The Instagram game has evolved around the preset of Lightroom. If you don’t know what those are, it is basically a settled list of settings to implement in your Adobe lightroom software. Over the years we have improved those setting, personalizing our favourite and making our own. If you are interested in our presets, we are really happy to talk about it. Drop us an email at hello@italiantripabroad.it .

What is inside our Camera Bag

This is the point that you were waiting, our camera bag is easy and simple. We don’t have a look just about the gears, but also about the weight and the kind of travel we have to afford. Mind that your health is more important than to carry an extra lens.

We move in two, so over time, we have started to carry two DSLR, splitting the weight. (Even if Toti is always carrying more!)

A Backpack for every use – Slicks Backpack

Sliks Backpacks is an innovative brand, with attention to the details. Their backpacks are specifically designed to carry heavy weight and don’t feel it at all.

Before leaving London for an incredible adventure around Europe, we thought about needed a bag that can suit all our needs. Carry more than one camera, a tripod, Hard Disks and lenses over some extra clothes.

We are the kind of travellers that can easily get from cityscape to a complete jungle scenario in a few minutes. That makes our needed on another level, stressing the gear as much. This is the reason behind our choice to find the best carry bag, that will not just be a camera bag, but also a travelling and everyday friend. Something that will suit all our needs on the road, or in a busy environment like London, from one meeting to another, carrying another suit to change on the fly.

We knew that we needed a camera bag, but on the other hand, we also wanted something that can be useful in every situation. We have been using our actual bag in a cave in Trentino, Italy or Kayaking as well. The Slicks Backpack has a range of awesome bags that helps you to travel around carrying heavy stuff without stressing your back.

This bag has the capacity to carry two DSLR with a mid-range zoom attached and an extra lens. The external string is ideal to mount a tripod. The internal area has got an area exclusively for the laptop, with the anti-shock feature, the other area is ideal for an IPad or a book. There is a small internal pocket that I personally use for the headphones, some cables, and extra memory cards.

One of the best features that helps me a lot carrying this bag in trekking sessions, hiking or just strolling in a new city is the string that helps you to balance the weight. I’ve never suffered from back pain with this bag like I used to feel fatigued with other bags in the past.

The bag is completely water repellent and comes with a waterproof cover that can also help you in a low light situation. As I have said before, I have used this bag in such incredible situations. I will assure you that the dimensions of this bag are suitable for most of the internal flights in Europe. I’ve travelled with it on trips from the UK to Italy, Spain, France, Austria, and many others more, without having problems with luggage dimensions or weight.

Our Main Camera – Canon 7D Mark ii

Most instagrammable Trentino

We bought this camera in 2018, in time for the Black Friday, the time of the year where the shops are dropping the price. This is the right time for us, we were planning our summer trips in Europe and need a few months to understand all the features of this camera.

What we love about this camera is the 19 points of focus, that take our photography to the next level. We can feel the difference between this one and the Canon 600D.

We have to be honest, at the beginning was really hard to go from a semi-professional camera to a full-frame. Once you set it with your own settings, you neither need presets, the photos are coming as you dream in your mind.

Are you looking to level up your photography skills? Check here the best tips to improve your photography.

Second Camera – Canon 600D

canon 600d italian trip abroad

The Canon 600D is the camera we chose for our trips, it’s really light and has a lot of features can help you in every situation.

We were in different countries with this Camera and never had any problem, shot with sun, rain, snow, full of light or completely dark. In the beginning, was really difficult to switch from the bridge to the reflex.

The secret is to tray, tray and try again. You will see your skills are improving day by day.

The flip screen of the Canon 600D has helped us a lot of recording videos for our YouTube Channel. Thanks to this feature we are able to record in different kinds of situations  and see what you are doing in real-time

Which lenses do we carry in our camera bag?

canon 80-200 italian trip abroad camera gear

We use three different lenses. A classic 18-55 mm of series of Canon. This is a typical kit lens. We bought it with the camera and used it for our first shots. We are currently also using a Super Zoom lens, a Sigma 70-300 mm. The super zoom lens helped to take long shots to reach places that we couldn’t make with a kit lens.

Another cheap but powerful lens is a 50mm of Yanugo. Check for more details. This is a prime lens 1.8, that help you to catch more light. We have used this one mostly for portraits. It is a quick lens, but has a fixed length so is not ideal for everyday photography.

Has you can see we use really cheap gear, not expensive lenses. We try just to get our photos sharpest as possible, with attention to the details and a rich composition game. But to be clear, we are looking into improving our gear, getting a wide lens. Because is true a gear is not essential, but it is important.

Always carry with you a Tripod

So you need a tripod for sure, it can be good to have a selfie stick but don’t look professional to take a pic with it and also you need something to stabilize your image.

Sometimes you need to take a video of the place it needs to be stabilized before the post-editing so it’s a good idea to use it.

I bought it on Amazon for 24£ 60″ and 3 Sections, lightweight aluminium support video camera, camera and scopes up to 6.6 lb.

External memory cards

Viewpoint Dolomites, Italy

We have tons of it, really can’t quantify the GB we carry on our trips. Our tips are also to carry a plastic cover for your memory cards.

As we try to get our shots as sharp as possible, looking for the best shot we do it in RAW. This format gets you to play more with colours and get a more‌ ‌true shot. The RAW format contains more information and so carry more weight, so extra space in your memory card is the ideal. We use professional SD Cards with speed of 633X and 95Mb/s, which allows you to get speed shots in RAW as well.

We also record videos on our camera, if you are willing to do that, it is really important to the speed of your memory cards, which can also make you record in 4K.

If you want to invest in a Full Frame Camera, as the Canon 7D Mark ii like us, you need to know that those cameras use the CF Card. It is a bigger version of the SD Cards. Because we had a lot of cards and didn’t want to lose our powerful gear, we bought a CF Adaptor. This will allow you to put inside an SD Card and act as a CF.

When we are in a campaign that takes us to shoot and post on Instagram as stories, we use our Wi-Fi SD Card of Toshiba (Check if you like it!). Our Card is 16 GB and really powerful, can be connected through wi-fi to your mobile and download the photos straight away.

The Wi-fi Card doesn’t change anything on your camera settings, change just on your phone the presence of an app, where you can be connected in real-time with your camera.

External Hard Disks

Over the years we have learned that carry power is better than weight. Our power in our trips is an external hard disk, with 1 TB space. Every day after the long photo session you can download your shots, organized in folders and format the SD Cards ready for the next day.

We carry just one external drive at times, and it is always empty. Just one, because we were losing all our gears, Hard disk as well on our trip to Trentino, Italy. It was on the train and we completely forgive that. There is a happy ending of the story, we get the bag back with everything inside, from that moment we have started to carry just one hard disk at times.

That is because you can lose the gear, that can be bought, but your memories not, if you think that our photos are also our job, you can clearly understand what we were losing.

Check how we edit our photos, this is a guide to help to improve your Instagram photos.

Comfortable backpack

Recently, we had the amazing opportunity to try this wonderful backpack. The latest Nayo Smart gives you everything you need. Before our last trip to Hamburg, we were looking for an ideal backpack which could carry all our equipment but at the same time comfortable for our back and shoulders.

We fall in love with the latest design of Nayo Smart. It is the perfect combination of everything you might need for work, travel or even for every day.

The inside is perfectly divided for laptop, Ipad, external hard disks, and an anti-thief secret pocket just at the back. The outside is waterproof and resistant, ideal for us living in London, used to get in and off from trains, with all kind of climate situations.

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