Travel preparation, all the things you don’t forget.

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Your brain, start to go around the world literally for find what missing. So… there is a list of everything, at this point you can flag all the things done.


Always when you start to plan your trip, the first thing comes to your mind is: What I am forgetting now? 

This post wants to help you with your travel preparation, and reduce to minimums the possibility to forget something important at home.

Good enough? 

Point one, you need to take your document. That are the first things you need to keep in your mind. Where are you going without it?

Let’s carry your passport, or if you are European and travel in the Eurozone can be not necessary to have your passport, you can use your ID Card.

Especially great when your passport is expired and you don’t have enough time to renew.

So, next step is get informed about all the entry requirements of the country you are going and also, is important to know if you landing, in a country for fly again in few hours, can be necessary to have a visa or special passport for doing it.

It could be necessary for some medical paper, about your vaccination for some places, like Asia or Africa.

I can advise you to collect some more information about your destination, I love to print some map and guide, getting informed about the place on blog and websites.

I take notes on every suggestion I find, also sometimes, I am looking on Instagram for finding the best photo.

I do it for have a good image of what I am going to do. For finding it is simple, often is necessary only to put the hashtag in the search box and puff.

toti at night with backpack in warsaw
For someone will be possible to make a plan for the trip.

I did it sometimes, but really I get stressed about that, I prefer to make a list of all place I want to see.

I think is better, but if you think your way is to have everything scheduled, let’s do it.

Take a note of all the theaters, museum and place to visit.

Look on their websites, online, and find if they have a special event.

If you book online you can save money, and also, sometimes, this event are private and you can book the ticket just online and in advance.

I did it in France, for visit the Tour Eiffel, I was there in Xmas, was 10 Pm, and there were a long queue, if I didn’t book the visit online, I think I never get up to the Mademoiselle.

travel preparation luggage






Weather is not a secondary aspect of your trip. Can be relevant, for prepare your luggage.

Choose wisely your luggage, need to be light but strong.

Take care of your luggage, and before you choose your bag, read on the website of your flight company the dimension need to be it.

In my experience, to a lot of people, just before the crew ask to place the bag in the hold. But if the dimension of your luggage is right, there is low chance this happens.

On your luggage place a tag with your name, phone and address, I hope you never have a missing.

The wisely is a coloured tag, you will be able to collect your suitcase faster as you will be able to find it immediately.

Don’t forget to take your medicine, not a lot like Alessia does but wherever you think it might be necessary.

If necessary take some other, like painkillers. If your trip expects long walk or hardly route, mind to have in your backpack a small first aid kit.

When you travel, you need to think about which kind of trip is.

It is a leisure trip, like a holiday, or one-day tourist trip, you can take different luggage.

But, for all of this trip, the best handbag for travelling is a backpack.

You can place everything, in all the pocket.

Print all your reservation.

Yes. Your mobile can be out of charge or in extreme case damaged, you might need to have a paper proof of your booking.

Bear in your mind, can be always something unexpected, and you need to have a plan B.

If you are planning a road trip here you go some tips


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