We have been nominated in the list of TOP 25 UK TRAVEL BLOGGER of Feedspot

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Behind every success, there is always big sacrifices. Hours, days, months, years of work. Commitment and dedication to a result that you do not know if it will come.

The uncertainty and disbelief of those around you, who don’t really trust you.

The participation, support and enthusiasm of those who believe in you, we believe in ouself and we have been nominated Top 25 UK travel blog. 

After the voluntary expatriation from Italy, the difficult beginning and the continuous even hard, our talents merged into the idea of creating a blog. Step by step we grow up a lot and we have been nominated Top 25 UK travel blog.

It is mainly intended for the travel from London of an Italian expat couple. to tell according to a point of view very far from the common one, travelling to a foreign country from another foreign country that is now called home.

For a year we have tried to tell the everyday life, the difficulties of every day.

We have organized and scheduled every minute of the day, sharing a mutual passion for travel with the knowledge of one and the other two.

I, Toti, with a past as a journalist, almost political and local news and various courses on marketing, social marketing and a degree courses of Communication Science at the University of Torvergata of Rome.

And Alessia, inclined to learn a language with the same ease with which others doing shopping at Primark, ready to give the winning idea for new contents, with aesthetics and sense of the beauty of a woman. Yes, I must admit if it were not for her some of the photos would miss the chic and elegant touch.

We have broken down the walls of disbelief, starting to learn photography techniques, use of lights, shots and lenses. We took courses in SEO, photography, languages and browsing the web everywhere.

Bimba Italian Trip Abroad Place Massena

We put on a project from nothing and created our own brand, with a story behind it, with the sweat of those who have to wake up every day and find an idea.

The winning idea. We started to adapt ourself to the storytelling, we made it in our own way. We have just one thing in our head every day, it is growing and improve.

We followed some models, and we still do. We admired them but never emulated, in every picture, in each article we put a bit of our own style and the Italian taste that many envies to us.

Often we have been the only Italians in the events we have been invited or we have attended. We have been in the midst of a multitude of different nations, languages and cultures, we amalgamated and sometimes we still feel out of the water. It is not easy and it will never be.

But we are tenacious.

And some results have already arrived …
We were named among the 25 TOP UK TRAVEL BLOGS

On April 5th we received an email from the founder of Feedspot, an international profile site that talks about blogging and promotes industry activities. In the email, the congratulations on being nominated in the list of Top 25 Travel Blogs in the United Kingdom.

A result that did not seem true to us. A recognition that testified all the commitment and dedication carried out in that year of hard work, despite a full-time job for both and the desire to bring the blog every day always a step ahead.

The same levels we take daily as a model for our work. In this list, there are some of the best bloggers currently in circulation, among them A lady in London, admired in numerous speeches and events, Hand Luggage Only, The Travel Hack.

This Picture was taken by @2foodtrippers . The lovely couple inspires us daily to how to travel the World, eat well and enjoy it together.

But this achievement is not something for which we must stop and let go. The results sooner or later arrive, we need just keep going the hard work and let’s go for a new achievement more bigger.

We have not yet reached great levels and this is only the first step. We still want to train in photography, storytelling, brand reputation and working with international brands.Top 25 Uk travel blogs - Travel Bloggers - Italian Couple - Italiantripabroad This is only the last of the awards we are getting since the beginning of the year, first Michael Kors and Air Bnb who ask us to promote our photos on their social channels, now a first recognition in the Blog world.

We are proud and ready to start again. But it will be from tomorrow, sorry, now we have to celebrate.

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