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Reasons why Puglia is Worth to visit

Where is Puglia?

Visit the incredible Unesco Heritage of Puglia. Enjoy the cone-shaped houses of Alberobello.



This picturesque white town in Valle D’Itria is well known as the door of Salento. From the high hills you can clearly see the coast side.

Visit the historical treasure of Ostuni


Stroll around fairy-tale towns around Valle d'Itria. Write down Ostuni, Locorotondo, Martina Franca, Cisternino. Enjoy the atmosphere which will take you back on time.

Get lost around fairy-tale town


The local cuisine is one of the top notches on our list. Puglia is very famous for the production of olive oil and wine.  

Taste the rusting and delicious food


You will be impressed by the beautiful Puglian coastline and the crystal blue water.  

Swim in crystal blue water


Places to consider:

Polignano Monopoli Gallipoli Otranto Vieste

Gargano Santa Maria di Leuca Grotta della Poesia Torre dell'Orso

In Italy, we got so many different kinds of pasta and in Puglia, one of the famous ones is “Orecchiette” which literally means “Small ears”. 

Make homemade pasta


You will enjoy being amazed by the stunning landscapes of Valle D’Itria while strolling around this southern part of Italy.  

Famous for its scenario


The sunniest days in Italy 


Considered one of the driest and hottest areas in Italy, the summer months in Puglia from May to September can reach up to 30 degrees and sometimes even over 35 degrees. 

Puglian excellent wine


Puglia is one of the largest wine producers in Europe and this means that you have to try the local wine.

Famous for the production of olive oil


The region of Puglia supplies 40% of olive oil production in Italy and 12% of production in the world. It means that this olive oil is one of the best ones.

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