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Best weather in Europe

Malaga is nice in every season, that’s why we think that Malaga is worth a visit. The high summer temperature is comparable to Morrocco or other African destinations.  

The great food tradition makes Malaga “la Mecca” for food lovers. Try: Tinto de Verano         Tapas of fried seafood         Cerveza (San Miguel)         Croquetas

Great Food and drink

Art and Culture

In Malaga there are some of the most important museums in Spain, also this is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and everything in the old town remember the artist. 


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Visit the Hammam Spa. The thermal Arab baths unique of the Andalusia Region.

Wellness Relax

Malaga Awesome Cruise Harbour


A Traditional  Spanish Town 

If you want to experience more of the typical Spanish traditions, visit the southern area of El Palo. 

A great walkable Seaport, with market and activities

Efficient and cheap public Transport 

Incredible Day Trips

Hikes and Excursions at Caminito del Rey

Reach the airport from the city centre in 20 minutes for 2 euro.

Easy to reach Madrid, Sevilla, Granada, Gibraltar.

Summer in Malaga is Amazing

The real summer in Malaga is starting with the night of San Juan. But generally the beautiful season, is starting since March with nice weather warm temperatures.


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