A dream come true | What to do in Vienna in 2 days

Writing down a list of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe, you have to include Vienna. The charming capital of Austria is a unique melting pot of luxurious alleys and gorgeous architecture. Spending 2 days in Vienna will give you time to relax, enjoy a slice of traditional Sacher Torte, visit incredible fairytales, Royal Palace and slow down through the nice Viennese Lifestyle.

This guide will walk you through an itinerary of Vienna in 2 days, a unique path with many cultural spots, iconic photography places and some hidden gems. Be aware that two days in Vienna are not enough to enjoy the vibes of the city, however, it will let you feel it a lot. Vienna is a very charming city, a romantic place in Europe for Couples. Walking through the little alleys of the Innerstad in the evening is worth the whole trip.

Vienna has always been my dream. It was a surprise birthday and we went to visit Vienna. I was so happy. I decided to share with you which are the best things and what to do in Vienna in 2 days.

Vienna 2 Days Itinerary

Day One in Vienna

  • Hofburg Palace
  • Austrian National Library
  • Spanish Riding School
  • Vienna State Opera
  • Palace of Justice
  • Ferstel Passage
  • Cafe’ Central
  • The Museumsquartier
  • Vienna City Hall ( Rathaus)

Day two in Vienna

  • Cafe’ Sacher Wien
  • Belvedere Palace
  • KunstHausWien
  • Hundertwasser House
  • Schonbrunn Palace
  • Prater

Vienna free walking tour

Walking Tour

Book Your Space In Advance And Enjoy Vienna In The Best Way. With A Free Tour You Will Get A Better Understanding Of The City And It’s Completely Free!

What expect on your Day 1 in Vienna | Vienna 2 day Itineray

Your first day in Vienna will be amazing, running from place to place enjoying the gorgeous and glorious architecture. Was easy to find a starting point in Vienna, this will be Hofburg, which was the Imperial Palace and today is home of the President of Austria. Other places on your first of two days in Vienna are the Palace of Justice and its beautiful interns, the Museumsquartier for some cultural spot, Rathaus, the Vienna city hall. We couldn’t miss two days in Vienna to pay a visit to the city coffee scene. We will visit Ferstel Passage which is the main shopping road and not so far the iconic Cafe Central

Visit Vienna Hofburg Palace - Residence of the actual President of Austria and once upon time Royal Palace of the Imperor of Austria

Hofburg – The Imperial Palace

This is the most central palace in the city, directly in Innenstadt. The true Entrance of Hofburg Palace is by Michael’s Gate, built-in pure Neo-Rococo style.

This is today the official residence of the President of Austria, and once the Imperial Palace of the Habsburg Dynasty, which mainly used it in winter because central, switching in summer for Schonbrunn.

Hofburg Palace is today a central point on the tourist’s map, however many don’t give the right importance to this glorious building.

The Palace is one of the most beautiful in Europe and maybe in the world, expanded many times until the forms it has today. The entire area hosts the Imperial Chapel, the Library and Treasury, the Spanish Riding School, just passing by the Gate toward Michaelerplatz.

The Hofburg lies at the centre of Vienna and can be reached by underground or other public transport. The use of many architectural styles is impressive, spacing from Gothic to Renaissance, Baroque to Rococo, and a smattering of Classicism.

LOCATION | The Hofburg

Austrian National Library

Just at the back of Hofburg Palace of Vienna, there is the Austrian National Library. This is an incredible Instagram spot in Vienna. Like many buildings within the city, at night the Austrian National Gallery gives its best, with glamorous lights and nice reflections. 

This stunning building in the heart of Vienna was once called the Imperial Court Library. The complex is in the Hofburg Palace and hosts four different museums, private collections and special archives. If you are surprised by the outside, you will never imagine how beautiful the National Library looks inside.

LOCATION | Austrian National Library
OPENING TIME |  Every day excluded National Holidays

Spanish Riding School

We are still in the Hofburg Palace area. The Spanish Riding School is unmissable in your itinerary of Vienna in 2 days. This Institute was founded in 1572 and Its name derives from the fact that the horses were of Spanish origin.

The School was the set of the famous movie about Princess Sisi, so very famous among tourists.

Staatsoper - The Opera House of Vienna Austria at night

Vienna State Opera | Wiener Staatsoper

The Staatsoper is an institution in Vienna and the whole of Austria. However, opera music is a national business, with only Vienna boosting over 50 theatres and opera houses. The Vienna Opera House has a worldwide reputation for its first-class opera performances and is also known because of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Vienna State Opera is impressive and attracts many artists to play here, but also photographers called to the amazing lights at night.

It’s then that the magic happens. At night, like other buildings in the Inner Stadt, the Staatsoper shows its glamorous side.

LOCATION | Opernring
ENTRANCE | Free to roam around the building | Private Visits to be booked

Palace of Justice

This is a true hidden gem of Vienna in our whole itinerary. Not many think about the Palace of Justice while planning a guide to 2 days in Vienna, however, we can assure you this is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

The Palace of Justice is a gorgeous Vienna Instagram Spot. Don’t worry you are not getting in trouble for entering this space. The Palace of Justice welcomes guests every day to enjoy the beautiful architecture. Also, head to the top, to enjoy the view from the Justizcafè. The rooftop space with a fine cafè is so beautiful. A great overview of Vienna from above. The cafè is often closed for private events, however, it is open every weekday.

LOCATION | Schmerlingpl 
ENTRANCE | No entrance fee
OPENING TIME |  Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm

Ferstel Passage

From a secret spot in Vienna to another. Ferstel Passage is a Vienna off the beaten path place to write down. If you are the kind of traveller like us, looking for an incredible spot, without crowds of tourists around, this is the right one for you.

This shopping arcade is going from Freyungasse to Herrengasse, perpendicular to Strauchgasse. Built by the Austrian Architect Heinrich von Ferstel in 1860, today hosts fine coffee houses, expensive boutiques and fine restaurants. The passage is well hidden in the heart of Vienna, and also has a small internal courtyard.

Following the passage, admiring the vaulted ceilings and the marble-covered arcade, you will arrive at the internal courtyard. The beautiful hexagonal glass dome will welcome you to the hidden gem, with at the centre a six meters high active water fountain. We might have said already enough, you have now to check this out.

LOCATION | Ferstel Passage
COST |  Free

Café Central

Not so far from Rathaus and St. Peter’s Church, there is the Café Central one of the most beautiful and picturesque coffeehouses in Vienna. The beautiful architecture will take your breath away. The glorious pillars, made of marble and gold paint reach the high ceiling, making it impressive.

Cafe’ central has been an institution in Vienna since 1876. Many famous people were meeting here, like Trotsky and Sigmund Freud among many others.

LOCATION | Ecke Herrengasse
OPENING TIME |  Monday to Friday from 09.00 am – 05.30 pm (We suggest you make a reservation)

The Museumsquartier

Your itinerary of Vienna in two days will take you to the 7th District. This lively borough is entirely dedicated to the culture and covers an area of 90.000 square metres in art, sculptures, schools, theatres, museums. 

The Museumsquartier is a melting pot of experiences and styles that will leave you speechless. The huge area is completely walkable, with many events taking place outdoors and indoors all year round.

Locals usually meet here, feel the vibes and experience one of the coolest areas of Vienna. However, you can also just go to Museumsquartier for the best museums in Vienna, discovering the Leopold Museum or the MUMOK.

LOCATION | Museumsplatz

Vienna City Hall (Rathaus)

Rathaus is the city hall, a huge complex that will take your breath. We were so impressed by this building, one of the most beautiful for architecture and general panoramic view.

You might get this huge square quite busy, because of the many events hosted here usually. Visiting Vienna in Winter, you can’t miss passing by the Vienna City Hall, which hosts one of the most impressive Christmas Markets in Europe, worth visiting.

If you are into photography it’s worth visiting this place at night, to get some long exposure. 

LOCATION | Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz
COST |  Free
BEST TIME TO VISIT |  Early morning or Night

Vienna Skyline with the Cathedral on the main focus

Stephen’s Cathedral | Stephansdom

Vienna is so beautiful that 2 days could not be enough to visit all the sightseeing. However take St. Stephen’s Cathedral as your starting point, to get direction and don’t get lost. This is one of the most popular spots in InnerStadt, the centre of the city. The Gothic centre is an important monument in Austria and definitely the symbol of the city.

You will be amazed by the inside details, visit the catacombs or take a guided tour of Stephansdom ADV. If you have spare time on your schedule of two days in Vienna, we highly suggest you visit the Catacomb, or at least consider it.

You can also climb up the St. Stephen’s towers, enjoying the beautiful skyline. This is one of the tallest buildings in Vienna, and you might understand the clear view you will have there. Book your ticket in advance to avoid queuing. There are two options, climbing the 343 steps or taking advantage of the lift to go up the 67m high tower.

LOCATION | Stephansplatz

Day 2 – Vienna 2 days itinerary

Details of Vienna Architecture - Vienna 2 day itinerary

Café Sacher Wien

Vienna is well known for its culinary tradition, especially talking about sweet stuff like chocolate and cakes. The popular Sacher torte is something to include and don’t miss visiting Vienna in 2 days. Although you are now able to try the delicious Sacher Torte everywhere in the world, there is a special place that made it first. The Café Sacher Wien is still in the original shape, carrying the tradition nowadays.

As you might think this is a popular tourist spot, often crowded, however, you can still feel the vibes of an old café, with its gorgeous details, and curated spots, which make it the perfect instagrammable cafe in Vienna to visit in Winter.

View of Belvedere Palace - A place to don't miss to visit in Vienna

Belvedere Palace

This beautiful palace has to be included in our guide to Vienna in 2 days because it is often overshadowed by the Schonbrunn Palace, which we will talk about later on.

Belvedere in some ways is even more beautiful than the Sisi Palace, and surely is one of the best photography locations in Vienna.

This castle was used as a residence by the Habsburg Emperors back in the 16th century. The fountains and the gardens are gorgeous, just like the inside. You can visit the Belvedere Palace all year round. Thanks to the free entrance to the park and gardens, this should be on your list. If visiting Vienna in Summer or Spring, this is the ideal spot to spend a few hours, lying on the green meadows or the benches of the huge park.

LOCATION | Prinz Eugen-Straße
ENTRANCE | Free entrance to the gardens, Admission Fee for the intern (Check the tickets)


This spot is often skipped, and we don’t blame you for that. However, you are missing a part of the modern renovation of the city. The Hundertwasser House is quite interesting.

House of the Kunst Haus Wien Museum, the place has been completely designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, as the centre which hosts permanently his works.

Today the building welcomes around 200K visitors per year, and over the artist pieces, it also is used by other artists for expositions and galleries.

LOCATION | Untere Weißgerberstraße
ENTRANCE | Book the ticket in advance
BEST TIME TO VISIT |  During the day


About 5 minutes walking from Kunsthaus there is the Hundertwasserhaus, another singular building, today part of Austria’s Cultural Heritage. Hundertwasserhaus is one of the most stunning structures in Vienna, and also quite quirky to be honest.

The huge contrast between the architecture of the Innere Stadt of Vienna and this part of the city is fascinating. However, you will spot straight away this structured shape between the Landstraße district on the corner of Kegelgasse and Löwengasse.

The Hundertwasserhaus is today one of the most visited places in the city.

A dream come true | What to do in Vienna in 2 days 1

LOCATION | Kegelgasse
During the day

Vienna in two days - Schonbrunn is one of the best photography spots in Vienna
Schonbrunn is one of the best photography spots in Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace | Sisi Castle

If you are in Vienna you can’t miss Sisi Castle. Here it is the most beautiful place for photography in Vienna. Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most iconic Royal buildings in Vienna, not that far away from the city centre, and is reachable just by metro. The entrance to the rooms is subject to a fee, however, the gardens are public and the access is free.

The Palace is dated back to 1779, and its courtyard has since hosted glamorous events in the city. Is possible to find galleries, ceremonies and events in the public space. The whole complex is about 1.2 Km, a huge space that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. The scenario of the most popular movie, Sisi and its fairytale.

There are two tours which you can book: the Imperial tour which cost 14.20 euro and it included 22 rooms and the duration is approximately 30-40 minutes and then there is the Grand tour. Inside the palace is not allowed to take any pictures.

LOCATION | Schönbrunn
TICKETS |  Garden Entrance Free – Guided tour and Museum Tickets

Prater | Wirstelprater Amusement Park

This is one of the most fascinating places on our list. Everyone would come back while exploring Prater. The Wirstelprater Amusement Park is unique and incredible. We have included this in the list of most beautiful places to visit in Vienna.

We were caught by the magic of the moment, alternating having fun on the attractions like the racing go-karts and the oldest Viennese Giant Ferris wheel, that we almost forgot that we were taking photos. It’s a huge park and it will take you in a whirl of emotions like it did for us.

A dream come true | What to do in Vienna in 2 days 2

LOCATION | Prater Amusement Park
ENTRANCE | Free admission, you pay just every attraction
OPENING TIME |  All Day 24h
BEST TIME TO VISIT |  Evening / Avoid Weekend

It’s true what they say: ” When you travel you live three times: when you dream, when you live and when you remember. “

Some hidden gems in Vienna to Explore

Francis of Assisi Church in Vienna

Not often included in the guides to Vienna in 2 days, St. Francis of Assisi Church is a spectacular Neo-Romanesque Style building in Vienna.

The style of this Church is quintessential for every photographer, and the light reflecting the white stone silhouette make it an incredible subject to photograph.

The Church has a controversial history and was built from 1898 to 1913. Almost 15 years to create this beautiful Roman Catholic church, located in the Second District. Not only that, you can see the strange but fascinating Elizabeth Chapel, made completely in Art Nouveau Style, totally different from the outside.

Vienna in 2 days what to do

How to get around Vienna

The city centre of Vienna, Inner Stadt is almost totally walkable. However, where it is not, the walk paths are wide. The city centre is a traffic-free area, which makes Vienna one of the most enjoyable old towns in Europe. The distance between the landmarks that are on our 2 days Vienna Itinerary is not far from each other. Even if you have to reach the farthest places like Schönbrunn Palace, the Metro System is efficient and there are also bus and trams available.

As you might understand we have just good words about the Vienna public transport. With a mix of subway, metro, U-Bahn, S-Bahn, which are the local train, tram and buses, you can explore Vienna hassle-free.

There are no ticket barriers at the stations, but the tickets can be bought at the ticket machines at the entrance or the tram/bus stop.

Despite that, you might find it useful to get your hop-on-hop-off ticket for peace of mind and save some bucks. We found the single 2.30 euro ticket quite expensive compared to the beneficial unique ticket for the tourist bus. ADV

From Vienna Airport to city centre

Once our flight landed we were wondering how to get to the city centre. Thanks to a really good video on Youtube, we discovered that there was the cheapest way to go to the core of the city. 

It was an amazing idea for a budget traveller like us. Also, but not least, it is totally legal. Following these simple instructions, we were able to catch the train at a lower price without compromise.

Start with the right foot, not overspending money is the best way to travel more and longer. Spending less in our 2 days in Vienna, helped us to make our epic trip around East Europe, visiting Budapest and Bratislava as well. In this way, we can travel with a full-time job.

It will take just 25 minutes to arrive in the heart of Vienna and it costs only 2,20 Euro. Alternatively you can take a private transfer from the airport to your hotel.

Vienna Food scene is unbelievable tasty - Check out our guide to Vienna in 2 days

Where to eat in Vienna

The culinary tradition of Vienna is well known. It is very close to the German side but influenced by Italian spices and the way of cooking food, in fact, you will be surprised to see how the food in Vienna is amazing.

While in Vienna we wanted to try some local dishes, and with meats, you will never go wrong. Sorry Vegans! Centimeter was our choice, and it’s the kind of local place we like at most. A traditional on a budget spot that is approved by us!

You can try local beers, sausages, steaks and others, including the typical sauerkraut. With Centimeter you will never get wrong.

 Where to Stay in Vienna

If you are looking where to stay in Vienna, you should consider our suggestions

Low Price

Dan In'n Out - Vienna Apartments

Dan In’n Out

$30 | £65 | €30

City Centre On a budget Apartments
LOCATION | Salzgries 21, 01. Innere Stadt

Medium Range

Rooftop bar of Hotel Royal Vienna facing St. Stephens Cathedral


$30 | £90 | €30

Amazing Rooftop bar facing St. Stephen’s Cathedral
LOCATION | Singerstraße 3

Luxury Standards

A dream come true | What to do in Vienna in 2 days 3

SKY9 Apartments

$30 | £107 | €30

Fine Apartments in the City centre
LOCATION | Rotenturmstraße 21

 Day trips from Vienna

There are several trips that you can make from Vienna. Thanks to the advantaged position this city is the perfect landing point for an epic adventure around eastern Europe.

From Vienna, you can reach Budapest within 2 hours by bus. Bratislava is another European Capital reachable from Vienna in about 1 hour. We also suggest you check Prague as a day trip from Vienna. However, this has to be seen as a proper trip due to the distance. There is also another incredible way to travel around Vienna, through the Danube. The legendary river is passing by all these cities, making it a perfect trip by boat starting in Vienna.

Talking about short day trips from Vienna, beautiful cities are waiting for you. Check out Hallstatt, Salzburg, Wachau Valleys, Tyrol or the Italian Dolomites.

Fish Market Venice - Rialto Fish Market

Salzburg Day trip from Vienna

The birthplace of Mozart, Salzburg is one of Austria’s most popular destinations. Discover its magic on this full-day tour which will also take you through the stunning Lake Region.

Cicchetti Tour and Aperol Spritz in Venice, Italy

A day trip to the fairy tales Wachau

One of the best day trips from Vienna, discovering the Danube and Wachau Valleys. Discover the Durnstein Castle ruinsMelk Abbey, and the Krems wine-making region. Enjoy a different side of Austria.

South Moravia day trip from Vienna

Slav Exhibition in South Moravia - Bimba admiring the stunning painting

While in Vienna, you can organise a day trip to the incredible region of South Moravia. We planned our escape from Vienna within 24 hours. You can easily take a train from Vienna’s central train station and reach Brno in less than 2 hours. Pre-book your ticket here and have a fantastic journey exploring South Moravia.

You can spend one day in Brno and explore all the incredible sights this city offers. Additionally, suppose you’re planning an off-the-beaten-path itinerary. In that case, you can roam around the Jewish town of Boskovice or witness the incredible nature and go for a boat tour of the Mococha abyss. One of the best activities that we’ve done was experiencing the stunning Slav exhibition and admiring Alfons Mucha’s paintings.

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2-Day itinerary in Vienna Austria

Q&A 2 Days in Vienna

What should you not miss in Vienna?

There are several experiences you can’t miss in Vienna. These are our suggestions for you:
Have fun at Prater Amusement Park
Like a Princess at Schönbrunn Palace
A hot chocolate at the Hotel Imperial Vienna
A tasty traditional Sacher Torte
The view from the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Enjoy the beautiful Belvedere Palace
A unique performance at the Opera House

Is Vienna dangerous?

No. Vienna is one of the safest cities in Europe. There are not that many cities where you feel safe like in Vienna. Walking through the city centre, even if crowded, will be without danger or fear. You can feel safe in Vienna even at night.

Is Vienna dangerous?

No. Vienna is one of the safest cities in Europe. There are not that many cities where you feel safe like in Vienna. Walking through the city centre, even if crowded, will be without danger or fear. You can feel safe in Vienna even at night.

Is it expensive in Vienna?

Yes. While exploring the east European side, Vienna was the most expensive on our trip. Austria is well known for the high living standards and it’s one of the richest nations in the World. However, coming from London we found it fine and with many chances for backpackers or on a budget travellers like us.

Where can I watch the sunset in Vienna?

In this guide, we have covered a few spots to enjoy the sunset in Vienna. We are always looking for the best locations for sunset and Vianna has a very good one. You can visit the gardens of Schönbrunn Palace which has a collinette perfect for sunset. Also, you can check the highest point on top of St. Stephen’s Church for the perfect Vienna Skyline.

Is English spoken in Vienna?

Yes. It is a major European Tourist city and welcomes people from everywhere. Austria is a German-speaking country, however, there is a good scholarship education, which gives the people a good level of English since they were kids.

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