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Get Your Guide – Tours and Holiday Packages

This partner is almost in all our guides. It is a Tour Leader in the world for experiences and holiday packages. We en encourage you to know better the culture you are visiting, experiencing daily life through adventures.

Get your guide prices are really good, and client satisfaction is really high. This company offers a fair cancellation policy which is in line with our requirements.


As Amazon Associates, we earn from qualifying purchases.

We use amazon in our daily purchases, from home stuff to travel gears. You can see all what we use in our trips through our guides. All the products we suggest you are actually the one we use, or we have used in the past.


Booking.com is a leader in holiday accommodations. We decided that offering a good product from a top seller was the best choice for our readers. You will find booking links and widgets through our main posts.

Hotels .com

Like above, this is one of the most important accommodation leader in the World. We choose to partner with them in order to offer an alternative to the competitor, and find the best price on the market.

Lonely Planet

Since before this blog was alive, Lonely Planet has been synonyms of trustworthy and honesty. This is the master guide for any travellers, through the guidebooks and the website. We used a lot Lonely Planet in our trip, and are addicted to the monthly magazine version. In our guides you will find direct affiliate to products that you can purchase on their website, for the best transparency.



Those are rolled out through cookies, check our policy regarding this. We are Ezoic partners, placing ads in the appropriate spots on our website, trying to balance your experience with the contents.


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