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Why Partner with us?

An Italian travel couple that loves to travel and tell stories. The perfect match to compete in the travel market today. Nowadays people are searching information for their trip online, through blogs, scrolling the Instagram feed which enhance places through photography, asking advices to friends on Twitter, watching for recommendations on YouTube. We can give to your brand all of that.

How can we collaborate?

Press Trips. Reviews. Photography. Video Production

If you are interested in working with Italian Trip Abroad, please get in touch. You can also contact us directly – hello(@)

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What make us special for you?

What is our vision?

We believe that travel is an experience that have to make up lifetime memories. We want educate travellers to develop an authentic way to explore places, which sometimes are not just the popular ones. Read Our Stories for more info.

Our Values

We believe in slow travel, an authentic way to make every experience valuable and sustainable. Often we partecipate to the process to select the correct audience, which is not often obivious.

Positive Reviews

Every partner has given us good feedbacks. We are ready to show you what they say about us as reference.We believe in cooperation and longterm relationships with our partners.

Off the beaten Path

We love the adventure, explore new places and open new routes. If you have an hidden gem which needs a little push to be known, we are ready for it. Contact us and we will help you to plan the correct campaign.

Award Winning Travel Couple

In 2020 we have been named “Best UK Travel Couple Blog” by LuxLife Magazine and for the third year in a row in 2021 we are in the list of the best UK Travel Bloggers.

Photography addicted

We love photography and this is our passion. We visualize the result and give to our partners the best overview beforehand. You will be sure about the result just seeing our previous works. Check our photography skills.

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This is just a few of the brands we have worked with in the last few years. Please get in touch for more enhanced files about campaigns you might be interested in.