We are an Italian couple based in London, and working as Travel Content Creators Worldwide. In 2015 each one starts their own trip to Uk, from Italy. We come from the same country but met only in London. In 2016 we moved together, in the same flat and share all the hobbies.

Our adventures started with the first trip abroad to Copenhagen for Alessia’s birthday. There we started to think about blogging and pack our bag for travel all over the World. Together we have explored a lot, and more are coming. We have seen sunrise, sunup and sunset, swim in a lot of Ocean and met a lot of new friends.

We travel because is the only way to escape from the routine. We love the adventure, discover new places and new colours. We went out of our home country for discovering the World, and now we are a Travellers Couple.

Italian Trip Abroad is an award winning travel blog

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Toti and Alessia Italian Trip abroad photographed by 2foodtrippers
Toti Maisto and Alessia Vurchio – Travel Bloggers of Italian Trip Abroad – PH. by 2foodtrippers.com

This blog has started as a point where share with friends and our family some of our magic trips, trying to take inside the amazing places all of you are reading now. We are here to inspire you to get out of your sofa now and go to explore all the wanderlust of the World.

We want just to have a small corner where write about our trips. We will show you how is beautiful the World, though two of our greatest passions,  Roam adventurous places and Photography.

Italian Trip abroad toti and Alessia at Bratislava - Slovakia

As expatriates, we feel really nostalgic sometimes. We sort out our homesickness travelling. In this blog, you can reach all our feeling to be an Italian couple living in the UK. For this reason, we write and post everything about expatriate life. We also believe in the slow-travel concept. Just stopping in a place for a bit more than a dinner or lunch, you can get in the soul. Sometimes, you don’t need just a typically holiday time, three days, one week. Sometimes, you need to stop in a place a take everything this place can give to you. We want to live this dream, and we want to share that with you.

The post in this blog is all about travel and photography. We’ve lived and travelled in all corner of Europe if you want to find some tips, this is the right place.

Prettiest streets in London - Pretty street - Pretty doors
Thanks for this photo to Joanna Davis of The World in my pocket. This is Toti if you don’t know him yet during a photoshoot in Kensington.
most intagrammable spots in paris - paris instagrammable
This was a snap from the beginning of everything. We didn’t know either where to start and what we were doing. But all the way up, we remember those few shots, made by strangers on top of the Trocadero.

All our World it’s about the communication of sensation. We want to travel, we want to see all the world around us, take the picture, post online my experience and meet a lot of new friends. This changed our lives, and now we see the World open to us. We will meet new cultures, new cook, and explore the secret places.

Where are you now? Stand up please, take your luggage, say bye bye, and fly.

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