How to spend 2 days in Berlin, Germany

Berlin was on our bucket list for a long time. As we have been all around Germany except for the capital, it was kind of a pin in the map to do one day. Despite that our initial scheduled conference was cancelled, we decided to go ahead and spend 2 days in Berlin anyway. If you haven’t yet you might think that visiting Berlin for 2 days won’t be enough. Actually you can do so many things with a detailed 2 days Berlin itinerary, the secret is just to plan it before heading to the Capital of Germany.

In your 48 hours in Berlin itinerary, there are a couple of things that you can’t miss visiting. So, we tied up our personal list of things to do in Berlin in 2 days, that might be useful for your next trip.

Berlin in 2 days

Berlin is unique, and since the end of WWII has been developing a different style compared to other European Capitals. If you have friends that are living in Berlin or have been in the city more than once, ask them for advice, the locals know very well underground clubs, secret spots and amazing unique things to do in Berlin. The city scene is continuously changing, making Berlin one of the most fast growing capitals in the old continent.

Are 2 days in Berlin enough?

Yes. Many of our readers, following our stories on social media (Check out our Instagram Account),  asked us if 2 days in Berlin are enough, actually yes. If you just have two days in Berlin you can plan your itinerary in advance, this will make sure you don’t miss anything.

For an ideal Berlin itinerary for 2 days, you need to be ready to wake up early in the morning and be able to discover the city while everyone is still sleeping. A complete guide to Berlin before landing into the Germany Capital is needed to optimize your time and visit as much as you can.

There are many options also in terms of transports. While you are discovering a city for just a few days, it is better to know in advance how to move fast in it. From one point to another of Berlin you will need over 45 minutes. If you are visiting Berlin for a weekend break, it is good that you know that you can buy a Berlin Welcome Card that gives you access to all public transports.

Uber Taxi is also operating in Berlin, but you can always rent a one go Lime electrical scooter when it is needed.

Best time to visit Berlin in 2 days

Best time to visit Berlin | 2 days in Berlin itinerary

Every city is different from season to season, but we know that Berlin is always beautiful. When it comes to Spring all the cities are becoming more beautiful than usual, with trees full of flowers, colourful streets and squares. Despite the different kinds of architecture Berlin is beautiful in summer like in winter.

If you have the opportunity to choose when to spend 2 days in Berlin we would suggest the months of September, April and June. You can easily find cheap flights during those months and you will be able to enjoy the German Capital with a two days itinerary in Berlin. Another perfect time to visit Berlin is in autumn, when the yellow-orange colours gives a more glamorous vibes to the city. Visiting German Capital in October is well to consider the dates of the Berlin Festival of lights. A special time of the year when some of the historical landmarks and monuments like Berlin Dom, Funkturm and Brandenburg Gate are illuminated through lights and 3D animated video art.

The reason why we suggest those dates is not just regarding the price, but also because it tends to be less crowded. In this way you can mix up with locals, and understand better the german life in Berlin.

Things to see in Berlin in 2 days 

There are so many places to visit in Berlin in 2 days and we tried to highlight the most important landmarks which you can’t miss.

You can start your day and enjoy a free walking tour of the city and ending with a delicious dinner on the top of Berlin TV Tower. This is one of the best attractions of the city, with a 360 panoramic view over Berlin, its restaurant is one of the coolest in town.

Those kinds of experiences are something that you need to do if you are visiting Berlin in 48 hours. In order to achieve the best of our visit, we wake up even early, that allows us to have more time to explore the city, sometimes be alone in some places and enjoy it better.

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Are you still thinking about two days in Berlin what to do?

Here is our detailed itinerary.

  • Berlin free walking tour
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag Dome Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Museum Island
  • East Side Gallery
  • Luxury Dinner at Berlin TV Tower
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Oberbaumbrücke Bridge
  • Free bike tour in Berlin
  • Berlin Boat Tour
  • House of Small Wonder

Berlin free walking tour

If it is your first time in the German Capital, we suggest you start your day with a free walking tour of the city. It’s the best way to get confident with a new city and even better to learn something new about its history.

In this way, you will be able to see the most important landmark in the city and have an idea about where you wish to go next. The Free walking tours are usually interesting itineraries that you can do on your own as well. If you don’t have time, check about the route that they are generally doing and try to do by yourself.

Despite that, taking a Berlin Free walking tour will make you socialise with other travellers like you on the route. Finding amazing pals while on a trip is a good way to have great memories of a place.

The tour is completely free and you can book it here.

Brandenburg Gate

Couple pictures at the Brandeburg Tor in Berlin | Berlin itinerary 2 days

Considered one of the symbols of the city, the Brandenburg Gate needs to be on the top of your list of things to do in Berlin in 2 days.

With its neoclassic style it is today one of the top attractions in the city and many tourists come all over the world to see it. If you really want to enjoy this monument without anyone around, you should think to wake up early in the morning and be there around sunrise.

This gate is the only one still standing in Berlin of over 18 there were in the past, that were giving access to the city. It was the main door to Berlin west during the cold war after WW2. Has always been a gate to the city, in metaphoric way as well. Just in front of it there was a section of the Berlin wall that was dividing the city in a west and east section until 1989.

A fun fact about the Brandenburg gate is a little room called the “silence room”. You can find this dedicated room looking at the Brandenburg gate, on the right side.

Closest Metro Station: Brandenburger Tor

Tips: We suggest you book a Berlin Welcome Card for 48 hours where you can use public transport as much as you like.

Are you planning a winter escape? Check here all the things to do in Berlin in winter!

Reichstag Dome 

Reichstag Dome of Berlin - Things to do in Berlin in 2 days

In your 2 day itinerary Berlin, the Reichstag Dome is a must-do. Apart from the lovely 360-degree view that you get from the top of the glass dome, you can learn a bit more about German history and WWII facts.

Did you know that the Reichstag is recognised internationally as a symbol of democracy? Well, yes, and today is the current home of the German Parliament.

You can easily reach the building by public transport located close to Berlin’s main station, the Hauptbahnhof.

After exploring the beautiful view from the top you can book your spot to the restaurant and have a coffee or tea while enjoying the view of Berlin.  

Closest Metro station: (U-Bahn Line) is Bundestag.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Located close to the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial is one of these monuments to visit in Berlin in 2 days. It’s a really emotional moment when you are around the Memorial as so many things will pop in your mind. It consists of 2711 concrete grey blocks, for the victims of the Shoah.

The complete installation is taking a huge area of 19.000 square metres. Entering in this kind of organized maze is mindblowing. For the artist it is the representation on even if something seems really organized and rational, it will take you in a distressing solitude, confusing the human reason.

You can have access to the museum, built below the installation. Every year this museum counts more than 500 thousand visitors from everywhere in the world.

Tips: Remember that this monument is a memorial to all Jews of Europe murdered and also to all the people who died during WWII. Please show your respect. It is a photographic spot of Berlin for sure, but nor far an Instagram spot where you can do whatever you want.

Closest tube station: Brandenburg Tor (less than 10 minutes from the Gate)


Alexandreplatz Berling - Things to do in Berlin

If you are planning a Berlin itinerary 2 days you can’t miss visiting the main square, Alexanderplatz. As the main square of the city, with its restaurants, shops and bars, Alexanderplatz is even considered the right place for photography.

This huge square in the middle of Berlin is the core of the city, here you will arrive by train from both the airports of the city. Maybe it is one of the first impacts with Berlin real life for every traveller. If you love photography and you are looking for the best photo spots in Berlin you might like our post.

We have included Alexanderplatz for both night photography in Berlin and also for street photography purposes.

From Alexanderplatz, you can reach all the main sights of the city like the Cathedral and very close to the Berlin TV Tower.

Are you thinking of getting an extraordinary tour in Berlin? Why don’t check for a boat tour? Book here you spot and don’t miss this unforgettable experience.

What to do in Berlin in 2 days? Visit Museum Island

During your Berlin itinerary 2 day, Museum Island is something that you can’t miss. It is a proper island filled with the most interesting cultural places. Most of that is regarding ancient history and will be great to dedicate a full one day to this island. If you don’t have time, check our list below, and go for the one that best suits your interests.

The five museums on Museum Island are:

  • Pergamon Museum where you will find exhibits of the Ancient East such as Uruk and Babylon.
  • Bode-Museum, where the most beautiful part is the Sculpture Gallery, displaying works from the medieval period to late 1700.
  • Neues Museum is well known for the Egyptian antiquities collection.
  • Alte Nationalgalerie is the ideal if you love the Neoclassical and Romantic period.
  • Altes Museum will take you back to the ancient Romans, Etruscan and Greeks civilization. 

Oberbaumbrücke Bridge

Oberbaumbrücke Bridge - How to spend two days in Berlin

Located close to the East Side Gallery, the Oberbaumbrücke Bridge is considered another city’s landmark. Quite often this area is underrated because shadowed by the Berlin wall section of the East Side Gallery, but it is definitely a perfect photo spot in Berlin. Not only that, the riverside of the Spree River.

If you wish to enjoy your afternoon better, we suggest you visit the Bridge during the sunset. 

While walking through the Easy Side Gallery find a spot and look back to enjoy the beautiful view of the river and the bridge.

It’s a perfect spot even if you are looking for a great Instagram spot.

All around the Oberbaumbrücke Bridge there are the best clubs and bars in Berlin. This is one of the spots for nightlife in Berlin suggested to us.

East Side Gallery

Berlin in 2 days - East Side Gallery in Berlin street art

This is one of the prettiest modern galleries in the world. The correct opposite answer to building a wall in the middle of a city. This is a symbol of freedom.

The first thing that will come up to your mind when thinking about Berlin, it would be the famous “Kiss” paint, or also known for the real name given by the many tourists crowding this spot “ The socialism kiss”. If you are planning to take a picture there, bear in mind that it would be almost impossible for plenty of tourists. The Berlin Wall is not only that piece of work. While walking through the wall you will see how many beautiful pieces there are.

The East Side Gallery is a display of the old wall which was dividing Berlin in two pieces, east side and west side. To make this gallery famous is that this display is enriched with murales made by the most famous street artists in the world. Those pieces of concrete are now impressed by hope and freedom.

To walk along the East Side Gallery from one side to another it is 1.3 Km long.

To reach the East Side Gallery the closest tube station is Warschauer Str.

How to spend 2 days in Berlin

Luxury Dinner at Berlin TV Tower

berlin TV Tower

If you are looking to do something different in your 2 day itinerary Berlin you should think about a lovely dinner at the Berlin TV tower.

The view from the top is just amazing and it’s a good opportunity to see Berlin from a different angle. It’s not very easy to organise something like this last minute, so make sure you plan in advance. We assure it that the view from the top is insane, and is the most beautiful of Berlin, due there are no other buildings higher than this tower around.

You can book here your spot and enjoy a luxury dinner at the top of the Berlin TV Tower.

CheckPoint Charlie

When we first arrived in Berlin, Toti was so excited, he loves the history of Berlin and always wanted to see with his own eyes parts of the chronicle of WWII and especially CheckPoint Charlie. This landmark of Berlin was not only an important Cold War site but also witnessed numerous attempts to escape from East Berlin.

It became the most famous crossing point between East and West Germany and if you wish to have a special view of Checkpoint Charlie, you can go up in the Hi-Flyer tethered balloon.

(The Price per adult is 23 euros but the view is absolutely worth it).

If you don’t fancy a photo there, walk along the whole street, full of facts about this special place for Berliners in the age of the cold war. A few metres away from CheckPoint Charlie, on the left side, in a remote space of the street there is still a piece of Berlin wall, grey and depressing as it used to be.

Tips: With a Berlin Welcome Card you get the discount to visit the museum.

Free bike tour in Berlin

If your trip to Berlin is on a budget you can insert in your itinerary a free bike tour in Berlin, and yes, it is for free. You only need to pay 15 euros of deposit which they will give you back if there is no damage to the bike. With the free bike tour during your 2 days Berlin itinerary you can enjoy a lovely day on a bike and discover the beautiful German Capital. 

Book here your spot and don’t miss this incredible experience

Berlin boat tour

Like every city with a river passing in the middle, even Berlin is really charming along the banks. This could be a nice thing to plan before your trip to Berlin.

Are you fancy for a boat tour along the River Spree? It’s an incredible and an off the beaten path experience to do in Berlin.

You can book here your tour and enjoy a lovely boat tour around the city.

See the city from a different point of view, which is something that you don’t do every day.

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Must see in Berlin in 2 days

House of small wonder

Considered one of the most instagrammable places in Berlin, House of small wonder is one of these places that you can’t miss from your list. From brunch to dinner you are able to enjoy some delicious food in one of the most gorgeous places in the city.

This cafe is located very close to the city centre. If you wish to spend a lovely afternoon in a cosy place you should think of visiting.

Closest metro station: Oranienburger Tor

On David Bowie footsteps in Berlin

Impossible not mention the fleeting feeling between Berlin and David Bowie. The icon of the 70s spent three years in the German Capital, from 1976-1979. At the highest point of his career, Bowie was living the best time of his life, a period that marked is career producing world famous masterpieces.

Bowie had an apartment in Schöneberg, in West Berlin living an average life with his friend and flatmate Iggy Pop. This was a popular gay neighbourhoods with lively bars and clubs. After his death, the façade of the apartment at 155 Hauptstrasse was adorned with flowers, candles and tributes to the popular star.

Bowie is part of Berlin, like Berlin has part of Bowie, today you can walk through his footsteps through dedicated tours and visit the Hansa Studios where Bowie recorded Heroes one of his most famous songs.

Where to stay in Berlin

As a couple, we are always trying to find the best accommodation which suits us better. This time in Berlin it was different. After cancelling our AirBnB we made the choice to stay at the St. Christopher Inns Hostel in Mitte.

We have never been in a Hostel before as a couple and we really wanted to try this new experience.

If you want to read more about our experience in a Hostel you might like reading this.

The Hostel life is completely different and we actually loved it, with its vibes and friendly staff we enjoyed our stay in Berlin.

You can book your stay at the St. Christopher Inn Mitte, if you reserve directly with them you get free breakfast. If you aren’t into the Hostel life you can always check an AirBnB and use our discount code.

Getting around Berlin

Getting around Berlin and reaching the most important landmarks is very easy. We didn’t have any problems reaching the city centre from the Airport and neither using public transport from one site to another.

We walked a lot as we love exploring every single angle of a new city. Why? Because sometimes the right spots or the less-known monument are the ones located between one station and another. We walked to be able to see every corner of Berlin in 2 days.

Berlin Welcome Card

The Berlin Welcome Card made our life so much easier as it included unlimited travel on the tube (Line U), trains (Line S) and buses.

We used the 48 hours card with zone AB, which it depends on where you are staying. If you are booking accommodation around the centre you will need only A and B.

Thanks to the Welcome Card 48 hours we had so many benefits where a 50% discount was applied to the main attractions of Berlin.

The 48 hours card zone AB cost us 23 euros. We were able to enjoy discounts to the Berlin Cathedral, TV tower, Checkpoint charlie museums and many others. 

Are you planning a trip to Berlin soon, book here your Welcome Card and enjoy the beautiful city without stressing yourself.

Berlin day trips

One of the best things to do when planning a trip is to explore not only the Capital or a specific city but going around and exploring what is around.

From Berlin, you can reach a couple of places worth visiting in the country. 

  • Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
  • Potsdam
  • Hamburg
  • Leipzig

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

It’s not for everyone as it’s a touching moment when visiting a Concentration Camp.

You can take a tour of the premises and discover more about the terrific reality of the life of a Nazi Concentration camp.

The Sachsenhausen concentration structure was mainly held for political prisoners throughout WWII. As mentioned before this short day trip is not for everyone but certainly provides a worthwhile history lesson.

How to reach it? If you get a car you can reach it in 40 minutes and by public transport, which is easy to reach as well, it will take you 45-50 minutes.

You can book here your Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour.


Just a short trip from Berlin, Potsdam has become one of the cities worth visiting in Germany. With its Dutch Quarter and especially for its main attraction, Sanssouci Palace.

The city itself is lovely but the palace is really the cherry on the top of the cake. You can reach Potsdam from Berlin central station in only 35 minutes and we assure you that you won’t regret it. (Line S)

Save your spot here for your Potsdam Tour! 

Hamburg at night


We have been to Hamburg during the Reeperbahn Festival and we couldn’t wait to come back. What’s better than a short day trip from Berlin to Hamburg and spending a couple of hours around this city? We stayed in Hamburg for two days and we loved the city so much.

You can book the bus here and in less than 4 hours (depending on what time you pick the bus) you can reach Hamburg. The price varies starting from 5 euros to 18 euros.

For things to see in Hamburg see our latest post.


Located only 2 hours by bus from Berlin, Leipzig is another day trip from Berlin that you should take.

Saxony’s largest city is surprisingly great with its chilled atmosphere and is today attracting German’s young creatives. If you have enough of Berlin, with less than 10 euros you can reach Leipzig. You will have the chance to spend a different day while visiting another German city.

How many days in Berlin? 

Berlin in how many days is a very common question and it really depends on you. We showed you that in 2 days in Berlin you are able to see the most important sightseeing in Berlin. If you think that 2 days are not enough, you can plan 3 days in Berlin or even 4 days itinerary in Berlin. With one or two days extra you can enjoy your trip better without rushing from one site to another.

The point is not really about how many days you should allocate to Berlin. You can still enjoy a city even in a single day, but you will not experience it at the best. To have a full experience in Berlin you will need at least 4 days, between setting up your confidence with the new place and understanding where to locate the landmarks.

We always invite our readers to dedicate as much as they can for a trip, while it is a big city, the transport is taking a lot of time to explore. Use this time on the tram, metro or bus in Berlin to see stories on Instagram, that might take your attention to some sightseeing. In this way even a short visit can let you visit a lot more.

Berlin in two days itinerary

For a perfect Berlin two day itinerary we tried to give you our personal suggestions without missing the top sightseeing. Berlin is a gorgeous capital with a lot of history and things to see and do.

The best things to see in Berlin in 2 days are quite a few but we hope that with a detailed plan you won’t miss anything. Are you still thinking about booking a trip to Berlin? Organise your 2 nights in Berlin and enjoy the German Capital.

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