We have been in so many places in Germany but never to Berlin. Finally, after a long time, we made it to the capital of one of the most powerful and intriguing countries in Europe. Even if the conference scheduled was cancelled, we had the pleasure to explore the German Capital. This was the right time for a slow trip looking for the most instagrammable places in Berlin.

After spending 4 days in Berlin we tidied up our list. Ready we woke up early in the morning to catch the best light and fewer people around the most important landmarks. This is our list of the 15 best Instagram spots in Berlin.

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Top Berlin photography spots

If someone says to you that Berlin is not photogenic, we will completely disagree with it. It is so worth visiting Berlin even just to photograph some of the most interesting landmarks in Europe. Some of the best photo spots in Berlin are the landmarks of the city like the Brandenburg Gate or the East Side Gallery. We tried to include non-touristy spots as well, like watching the sunset from Elsenbrücke or having a coffee in one of the most instagrammable cafes in Berlin.

  • East Side Gallery
  • Reichstag Building
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Alexanderplatz
  • Rotes Rathaus
  • Oberbaumbrücke
  • The Victory Column
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Hackescher Markt
  • Markthalle Neun
  • Watch the sunset around Molecule Man Sculpture
  • Street Art in Berlin
  • House of Small Wonder
  • Checkpoint Charlie

East Side Gallery

Socialist Fratenal Kiss - Art at the East Side Gallery

The Socialist Fraternal Kiss on the wall of Berlin is a masterpiece of the Russian Painters Dmitri Vladimirovich Vrubel. Below the image is “Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love”, depicting the kissing communist leaders Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker.

For sure you have heard about the most famous part of the East Side Gallery which is “The Socialist Fraternal Kiss” or known as well as “The Kiss of Death”. This famous painting is a must-see during your Berlin itinerary but it’s not the only one.

If you walk through the whole wall you will see how many beautiful pieces there are. The part of the wall of “The Kiss” will, unfortunately, attract most of the people, making your way to grab a perfect shot nearly impossible. 

As I said before, the whole line of street art or protest art on the wall is worth to be admired. Masterpieces from the best artists in the World, coming to Berlin to leave their message on a line that before was dividing and now is putting together generations.

Be patient as so many tourists want to get their pictures in these locations but if you really want to stay alone try to get there early in the morning.

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Reichstag Building

Reichstag Building - Berlin Photo Spots - Instagram Spots in Berlin
The beautiful spiral staircase of the Reichstag of Berlin was a mind blowing for us addicted to photography. It was inspiring us to shot everywhere. This is today a true symbol of the city and the Govern, a beautiful place in Budapest, over than an Historical hub for Germany.

Considered one of the historic buildings in Berlin, for us, the Reichstag Building needs to be on the list of the best Instagram spots Berlin.

We managed to visit it in the morning and late afternoon and both times we loved it.

This place is ideal for night photography in Berlin. The architecture and the surrounding are perfect for low light exposure.

You can visit the building inside as well but you need to request your visit while in advance and wait for the confirmation, otherwise, you won’t be able to get in. (Check the tickets available)

If you don’t have the ticket, there is a ticket office which opens at 8 AM and they are able to assure you if they got any spots. It is worth it to queue early in the morning to find your spot for the same afternoon. It is free of charge and you can grab some spectacular memories back home.

TIP: Don’t forget to bring your passport with you as they will ask for it. 

Brandenburg Gate | Best Photo Spots in Berlin

  • Brandeburg Tor best photography place in Berlin
  • Couple pictures at the Brandeburg Tor in Berlin
  • Where to photograph in Berlin

One of the most instagrammable places in Berlin is for sure the Brandenburg Gate. The history and architecture are today one of the top sightseeing in Berlin.

If you really want to get your perfect picture what we suggest is to wake up very early in the morning and be there for sunrise. Those are the sunrise and sunset time in Berlin now.

We visited the Gate in the afternoon and we couldn’t get even one picture as there were so many tourists. 

What’s better than waking up early and being able to take all the pictures that you want? The square was empty and we managed to take all our pictures and it was absolutely worth it. 

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral
This beautiful Cathedral it’s gorgeous from every corner. In a clear day the architecture really stands out with an amazing blue sky in the background. This is the most classical photos of Berlin Cathedral from the main façade.

The Cathedral is absolutely stunning. This was the first thing we saw when we reached the Berlin city centre. The facade itself is gorgeous but we tried to find alternative instagrammable spots in Berlin. By walking down the river you will see how the Cathedral will appear in your pictures. After a long day travelling from London to Berlin, very early in the morning, we decided to spend a bit of our time shooting from the river where you could clearly see the cathedral. 

If you are lucky and it’s a sunny day in the German Capital, even better, as the lights will play their role.


Alexandreplatz Berling - Things to do in Berlin
This is the busy Alexandrerplatz, the main square of Berlin – You can easily spot the beautiful calendar and clock, but also in the background the magnificent Rotes Rathouse. This is one of the best photo spots in Berlin.

Alezadrerplatz is well known as one of the most representative public squares in Berlin with its shops, cinemas and many attractions around within walking distance.

It’s even one of the most instagrammable places in Berlin with the world clock in the middle and the tram passing on one side you can really get a great picture. Of course, as the main square in the city, you need to go there very early in the morning to be able to take a couple of pictures.

TIP: Carry with you a wide-angle lens in order to achieve the perfect shot of the whole square and the Berlin TV Tower.

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Rotes Rathaus

Rotes Rathaus - Best photo spots in Berlin

Known as the town hall of Berlin, Rathaus is one of these locations which you need to visit if you are planning your Instagram spots Berlin.

As travellers and an adventurous couple, we are always looking for the perfect spot and be able to share with you our personal photography in Berlin guide. Rotes Rathaus is not on everyone’s itinerary, but for who want to see Berlin from a different point of view. Switch your itinerary from a classic one to a Berlin photo itinerary and you will see how this is one of the most instagrammable places in Berlin. A shot in Rathaus will show the simple life of Berlin as it is, routine and locals everyday use.

Oberbaumbrücke | Best Berlin Instagram locations

Berlin Instagram spots - Oberbaum Bridge - River Spree -  The most inspiring Instagram Spots in Berlin for Toti
This might be one of the best spot for photographer enthusiast visiting Berlin. This part of the city it’s often overshadowed by many other spots, and also the Oberbaumbrücke Bridge it’s often left behind visiting the East Side Gallery. We found our perfect spot, with the red bricks bridge just on the banks of the River Spree.

Located close to the East Site Gallery, Oberbaum Bridge needs to be in your list of the best photos spots in Berlin.

While walking through the East Side Gallery take and look back as you will see how the landscape with the Oberbaum Bridge is perfect for your instagrammable Berlin.

As it is considered one of the landmarks of the city you might find few people strolling around so be ready to look for your ideal spot.

TIP: Many people will shoot Oberbaumbrücke Bridge from the front side. We suggest you find a different point of view from the riverside, the river Spree of Berlin.

The Victory Column

Located not far from the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column is today one of the favourite tourist spots. Symbol of the Prussian military victory in the 19th century. The Victory Column is even one of the top photography locations in Berlin. If you are planning a sunrise shooting to the Brandenburg Gate, you can easily walk towards the Victory Column. From there you will admire this stateliness without having people around. It will take you around 15-20 minutes walking across the park to reach the Victory Column, plan ahead of time to catch the sunrise.

TOP TIP: If you don’t catch the sunrise, you can still achieve the best shot at the Sunset. The Victory Column is perfect when the daylights are going down as well.

Charlottenburg Palace

Well, you can’t leave Berlin without visiting Charlottenburg Palace as today is considered Berlin’s largest and most magnificent palace with a baroque style.

Beautiful inside and outside the Charlottenburg Palace it will be the ideal place if you are looking for alternative spots in Berlin.

Hackescher Markt Metro Station

Best stations in Berlin - Hackescher Markt
This like many other Metro stations in Berlin are the perfect backdrop for a photo shooting. We saw this stop many times while visiting Berlin, so we decided to step out of the train and snap a few photos. The Red, yellow and orange bricks were inspiring us a lot. The Hackeser Markt Metro Station it’s without doubt an incredible photo spot in Berlin you have to try.

When it comes to finding the most beautiful spots we are always up for everything. Can you believe that we found one of the most instagrammable places in Berlin in a metro station? 

Hackescher Markt was a metro stop on our way back to the hostel. We couldn’t stop thinking about taking a few pictures in this station. How do we manage to do it? The station wasn’t that busy so we found our angle and placed our tripod. You can easily reach Hackescher Markt from Alexanderplatz and spend some time while you find your perfect Instagram Spots Berlin.

Why this metro station? With its design and good lights will make this one of the most instagrammable places in Berlin.

Markthalle Neun

Who said that markets can’t be instagrammable? In all the countries we have been to so far we always found markets so photogenic and perfect for taking pictures. Of course, if you are looking to have no one in your picture it might be not the right place but you just need to find your angle. The vibes, design and atmosphere make the Markthalle Neun a good spot for Instagram spots Berlin.

Watch the sunset around Molecule Man Sculpture

Are you looking for the perfect place where to watch the sunset? In the German Capital, one of the most instagrammable places in Berlin for sunset is by Molecule Man Sculpture. The view is stunning and the background just amazing. This incredible sculpture is a series of aluminium bodies installed in different locations in the world, including Berlin. For us, this was the ideal spot where to end our afternoon in Berlin while enjoying the sun going down.

Street Art in Berlin | Anne Frank Tribute

Especially in Berlin, Street art is almost everywhere around the city and it’s not just what you see in the East Side Gallery. There are so many lesser-known spots which we were able to find while we were getting lost in the city.

As adventure seekers, we always find our path and discover the hidden spots and this time we noticed that there are so many photography locations in Berlin which need to be seen. 

You can check out the Street Art tour in Berlin here.

Looking for most significant pieces of Street Art in Berlin, the Tribute to Anne Frank just outside of the museum dedicated to her is an awesome piece of art. Point your map to Rosenthaler Strasse, and get lost in the little alleys you will find hidden gems of Berlin for free.

Instagrammable Cafes in Berlin

House of Small Wonder | Hidden gems in Berlin

If you google House of Small Wonder you will see why it is considered one of the most Instagrammable cafes Berlin. The entrance, atmosphere and design will make you want to go there and have even just a coffee but be able to take pictures on that staircase. 

Of course, as per Alessia’s personal itinerary, we couldn’t miss it.

Checkpoint Charlie Metro Station

Well, I know, Checkpoint Charlie is a must-do in Berlin for everyone, this is one of the famous sites in Berlin. But this is different, we are looking for the best Instagram worthy places in Berlin, something that is well-known but from a different angle. This is one of them. The location of Checkpoint Charlie is always crowded with tourists looking for the historical shot of Berlin, sometimes there are street artists in typical soldier costumes to help you to get into the Epoque.

We went over the symbols and got out of the Metro Station “U”. This was the shot that we were looking for. The Landmark locating you, and the photo will be framed into the metro location mark. Check out the Metro Station before heading to check in the well-known symbol of freedom after the Second World War.

Checkpoint Charlie Metro Station - Top photography places in Berlin Germany

Where to stay in Berlin 

How to stay as a couple in a hostel
While was our first experience together in a hostel dorm, we were incredibly surprised to see how we felt comfortable staying at the St. Christopher’s inn in Berlin. The Dorms are safe, comfy and organized with all the needs a traveller wants.

For the very first time, we stayed in a Hostel. Crazy isn’t it? But, yes. We had the pleasure to be invited by St. Christopher’s Inn Hostel in Mitte and be able to experience the hostel life. 

To be honest, we loved it and even as a couple, we didn’t have any issues. The hostel was located close to the main Berlin’s attractions and it was the most important thing for us. When we decided to wake up for sunrise we had to walk only 10 minutes to reach the Brandenburg Tor. Amazing right? Remember that if you book directly with them you got the Breakfast included which is a great way to start your day.

TIPS: If you are visiting Berlin during the summer, this Hostel is one of the few in the city which has got a rooftop which is ideal for hot months.

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Tips for Instagram Spots Berlin

  • Plan ahead where you want to go to be able to miss nothing
  • Have always back up clothes if you wish to change your outfit
  • Keep in mind that as a touristy place you will find many people so be ready to wake up early
  • Go for sunrise for pictures and enjoy the magical moment
  • Don’t forget your tripod as you will need it
  • Have fun and get lost
  • Admire Berlin Skyline at night which is perfect for night photography
  • Most of the tourist spots in Berlin can be busy but try to adjust your itinerary so you can get your Berlin Instagram photos
  • Don’t miss Berlin sightseeing as most of them are the right spots for Instagram pictures

Are you still thinking about Berlin photography itinerary?

East side Gallery - Berlin Wall - Save our Earth - Instagram spots Berlin
This is just one of the many art work graffiti in the area of the East Side Gallery. A beautiful message to visitors. For us the East Side gallery it’s an unmissable location in our best Instagram spots in Berlin.

Berlin is a great city and we were surprised to see how many things you can do. We were supposed to cancel our trip to Berlin as our conference was called off but now we are so glad that we didn’t.

As photography lovers, we couldn’t stop strolling around the city and finding the best photo spots in Berlin. If you love night photography and long exposure, Berling night photography is ideal for you as well.

We spent 4 days in Berlin and we enjoyed every single moment. Make sure you book your flight and discover this wonderful city.

Q&A – Best instagram spots in Berlin

Where can I watch the sunset in Berlin?

There are several spots worth to visit in Berlin at sunset. This city has got a beautiful light by the end of the day. You can sign on your list of places where watch the sunset in Berlin, the Landwehrkanal, but also the Oberbaumbrücke which is on our list. Another amazing spot to watch sunset it’s from the top of the TV Tower in central Berlin, which we have included in our list. Talking about high spots we have also to mention the Klunkerkranich Rooftop Restaurant.

Which is the most scenic spot in Berlin?

The Brandenburg Tor
Berlin Wall Memorial

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