Budapest was a blast for us, an incredible city, often overshadowed by other European Capital. Budapest needs more attention. We decided to create a list of the best Budapest instagram spots. A guide for photography enthusiasts to roam around the city and enjoy the beautiful architecture and unique landscape. This will be a blog post dedicated to the best photos spots in Budapest.

The Hungarian Capital it’s a great city, rich in history and culture. Starting from the past, always in between the west and east, but also from the oriental taste. The city is now the glory of a melting pot of flavours, smells and taste that has its definition of beauty.

This guide to the best Budapest Photography spots, will walk you through the streets of the old town, hike up the hilltop of the Fisherman Bastion and the Buda Castle, through the Parliament Building on the Pest side. Enjoy with us some of the best Budapest instagrammable spots.

Stunning view of the Buda Castle from the Pest riverside
We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel of Budapest with this stunning view

When is the best time to take photos in Budapest?

Best to say that Budapest it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in our opinion. As photography enthusiasts we have gone along the cobblestone streets, roaming from one side to another of the city, shooting tons of photos in just two days in Budapest.

As always, to achieve the best Instagram shots you should wake up early. The main landmarks of Budapest tends to be pretty busy all day. However, some landscapes of Budapest are at their best at the sunset or later in the dark. I have been alone walking through the city, at sunrise, waking up when outside was still dark, just to reach some interesting photography locations in Budapest at the blue hour. It was amazing, and are so far some of the best shots, I am proud of.

If you don’t know what is the blue hour, it is the early stage of a new day. When the morning lights start you will have that soft nice illumination. However, you can achieve some similar effects also in the evening when the sun is setting. This is the best time for two photo locations in Budapest, the Fisherman Bastion and the Hungarian Parliament.

20 Most instagrammable places in Budapest

  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Széchenyi Chain Bridge
  • Gellért Hill
  • Citadel
  • Shoes on the Danube Bank
  • Hungarian Parliament Building
  • Matthias Church
  • Széchenyi thermal bath
  • St. Stephen’s Basilica
  • Rudas thermal bath
  • Gellért thermal baths
  • Liberty Bridge
  • Szimpla Kert – Ruins Pub
  • Vajdahunyad Castle
  • Paris Courtyard / Brudern House
  • New York Café Budapest
  • Danube Riverside and Old Fashioned Tram
  • 360 Rooftop Bar
  • Intermezzo Roof Terrace
  • Great Market Hall

Map of the 20 most instagrammable places in Budapest

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sunset from the Fisherman's Bastion - What to do in Budapest in 3 days
Amazing Landscapes of Budapest at the sunset from the Fisherman’s Bastion

The most beautiful Budapest Instagram spots

This post was originally written to host just 10 photography spots in Budapest, however, after a while, we decided to enlarge it, just a bit. We have now reached 20 Budapest Instagram Spots to fill your itinerary of the city.

If you are in Budapest just for a few days, you should consider downloading the map we have prepared above. This will help you to walk through the city, from one hot point to another, without getting lost.

Being one of the top cities in Europe, often compared to Paris for its beauty, there are many inspiring photo spots in Budapest. It is magic and photogenic even more than Paris. Compared to France Capital, Budapest doesn’t have anything less. It is the Paris of East Europe. For us Paris is Instagrammable, but Budapest is Instagram worthy too.

In this guide, you will also find some of the best rooftop views in Budapest. Those are the perfect observation points to watch the city from a different point of view – See our suggested Photography Tours of Budapest.

We have enjoyed our time in the city through the New York Café, the panoramic views from the Buda Castle and Heroes Square.

If you are planning your holiday and are looking for the most instagrammable places in Budapest, or even you are a photography enthusiast and don’t want to miss any shots, we will give you some Budapest photography tips.

The photography guide of Budapest

Aiming to be a photography guide through Budapest we have to be clear, this will drive you crazy. The street photography scene of Budapest is insane, you are going from more classical buildings like the Buda Castle and the Fisherman Bastion, to the underground scene of the Ruins Bar around the Jewish Quarter. This will be your trip to Budapest through photography.

We have our favourite photography spots, like the Fisherman Bastion, the Gellert Baths, Matthias Church and the Hungarian Parliament. Even planning a short trip to Budapest you will be able to enjoy the city. The bridges like in Paris are also the main attraction. The most instagrammable bridges of Budapest are for sure the Chain Bridge and the Liberty Bridge, you have to check them out. The magical atmosphere of the city, it’s often chosen as the right location for unique events, around the streets you can find the perfect location in Budapest to propose.

Best photo spots in Budapest

Fisherman’s Bastion | The best viewpoint of Budapest

Visit the Fishermain's Bastion is a must do in Budapest - What to do in Budapest in 2 days
From the top of the fishermain’s Bastion looking at the Hungary Parliament

This is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Budapest. The fisherman Bastion it’s not only a unique instagrammable spot in Budapest but also a proper symbol of the city. From the high hill of Buda, it overlooks the entire territory.

It’s impossible to visit Budapest without enjoying a few hours roaming around the walls of this old white Bastion. This has become over the years the most visited place in Budapest. The Fisherman Bastion it’s also one of the most beautiful photo spots in Budapest, which offers an incredible 360 view over the city. 

The columns of the Bastion frame the Danube River and the Parliament. This beautiful spot of the city, it’s ideal for a visit at day or at night. To reach it, you can walk uphill, or easily take the old cable car. There is a small fee entrance, but the view it’s worth it. We suggest you get the cable car to reach the top, and just walk back down later to enjoy every single spot. The views around the Fisherman Bastion are also picturesque and unique.

Széchenyi Chain Bridge 

There are nine bridges in the Hungarian Capital that are crossing the Danube, linking the two sides, Buda and Pest, but the Széchenyi Chain Bridge has been recognized as the best bridge in Budapest. The Chain Bridge as it is called often it’s one of the well-known landmarks of Budapest. The Bridge crosses the Danube River from one side to another, offering a perfect view over the Hungarian Parliament. Széchenyi Chain Bridge it’s a wonderful short walk, perfect to snap a few photos of Budapest.

The bridge’s amazing at every time of the day. For night photography, this is the perfect spot in Budapest. Try to walk along on the two separate sides to have a perfect overview of the city.

At the entrance of the bridge, you will have a powerful image to shoot. This is for us the perfect corner of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge to snap. This Budapest instagram spot will show you the Buda Castle just in the background, an unique view, perfect even at night.

Gellért Hill | The highest point to photograph Budapest

We have already told you how beautiful the city from above. The Gellért Hill it’s known as the best view of Budapest. The cave of the hill was inhabited before the city was even officially settled.  Thermal spring waters later attracted more visitors and the hill created a natural point of defence. Today the numerous unique sights make Gellert Hill a great way to spend part of a day.

The Gellért Hill it’s nestled on a hilltop of authentic gems, you walk up or take the cable car. However the funicular it’s one of the greatest scenarios of this place. The cable car it’s one of the many instagrammable places in Budapest. It can be dated back to 1870, taking locals and tourists from the river banks to Castle Hill. During the II World War, this was destroyed by the bombs and then rebuilt in the same shape.

We have enjoyed the view from the cabin, and taken a lot of photos. The ride on this old cable car will take you back on time. From the windows, you can easily spot the Chain Bridge, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Wheel in the city centre.


Buda Castle Area is one of the best places to visit in Budapest
Buda Castle Area is one of the best places to visit in Budapest

Talking about Gellért Hill we can’t miss to introduce you to the Citadel. This fortified city was the heart of Budapest in ancient times. Today it’s considered one of the most instagrammable spots of Budapest because it’s an authentic gem of the city. While visiting the hilltops landmarks of Budapest, cut off some time just to roam around the old walls.

It’s ideal to visit the Citadel at sunset, the light it’s just insane. However this place is often crowded at that time of the day, so be sure to be there on time. Place it on the list of sunset spots in Budapest, and don’t miss it.

Location | Citadel

Shoes on the Danube Bank | Instagrammable Budapest

We were debating if we should place it in the list of instagrammable places in Budapest. However, you can find it here for a reason. Instagrammable it’s not mean no-sense photos as many think. Instagrammable it’s every place that can tell a story through images that look incredible and unique.

Due to this definition, the artistic installation shoes on the Danube Bank is an incredible Budapest Instagram worthy place.

Whether you are staying in Buda or Pest it is guaranteed during your visit to Budapest that you will find yourself strolling along the edges of the Danube.

This spot was originally inserted also in the list of top 10 photography spots in Budapest because it was unique. The meaning behind those sixty pairs of iron shoes is to give remembrance of the 3,500 people who were shot into the Danube during the time of the Arrow Cross terror. Of those people, 800 were Jews.

Budapest Photo Spots Guide

Budapest Parliament at night - View from the Chain Bridge

Hungarian Parliament Building | Best photography locations in Budapest

This is the best photography location in Budapest. The Hungarian Parliament it’s visible everywhere strolling around the riverbanks, during the day it’s so impressive. However, it’s at night that this parliament gives its best.

There are two main locations, from where we loved to take pictures of the Budapest Parliament. The most impressive it’s from the top of the Fisherman’s Bastion. The second perfect location to frame the Hungarian Parliament it’s from the Chain Bridge.

When the night approaches, the lights of the Parliament are turned on, to give an incredible view of the river bank. Enjoy one of the most instagrammable places in Budapest.

Hilltop Cittadel with the view of Mattia's Church and the Fisherman's Bastion

Matthias Church | Top 10 photography spots in Budapest

This is one of the favourite photography spots for travellers.  Matthias Church is one of the finest churches in Budapest and the most unique churches in Europe. Full of surprises, mysteries and treasures, the church has a breathtaking interior with colours inspired by orientalism and romantic historicism. Its mystically exotic atmosphere paired with its Neo-Gothic features differentiates it from any other church.

Széchenyi thermal bath | Instagrammable Budapest

Outdoor Pool of Szechenyi Thermal Baths Budapest - 2 Day Itinerary Budapest
Széchenyi Thermal baths outdoor swimming pool

That’s the best part of the best photography spots in Budapest. Those are the most recognized relaxing places in Budapest. The city’s well known for its spa facilities, and Széchenyi has gained a name among tourists.

The Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the biggest in Budapest and offers relaxation and treatments to visitors. With its perfect mix-match of cold and warm pools, steam rooms and many other attractive facilities, it’s the perfect spot to relax after a long walk around the city.

We have written an entire blog post regarding the best spas in Budapest, you should read it.

St. Stephen’s Basilica

This is the tallest building in the city, but also one of the most impressive pieces of architecture and style. The Basilica’s visible from the cobbled Zrinyi street, which is the perfect location for your next instagrammable shots in Budapest. The scenario’s beautiful, and you can snap very beautiful photos with the Basilica in the backdrop.

Being the tallest building in town, it’s easy to understand that the view from the top it’s breathtaking. You can climb up the stairs of St. Stephen’s Basilica and enjoy the view. It is the perfect observation deck over Budapest, from the opposite side of Gellert Hill.

Octagonal Outdoor pool of Rudas Baths
The octagonal outdoor hot pool of Rudas Baths. This is an advantaged point to admire the beautiful Budapest’s Landscape

Rudas thermal bath | Best photo spots in Budapest

Someone say Spa and relax? This is the perfect place where to take good pictures and relax at the same time.

Rudas thermal bath needs to be in your top 10 photography spots in Budapest, this Spa is really popular because of the beautiful view that you can enjoy from the rooftop. On the outside terrace, there is an octagonal outdoor covered pool. The 360 view over the Danube River it’s gorgeous and you can spot some of the best landmarks of Budapest.

Arriving in Budapest, we left our bags at the Hotel and directly went for a walk toward the Spa. This was a win because the only facilities open late at night. 

The ticket is not expensive, but it is often busy. Try to avoid pick time.

The formula of this Spa it’s often different from the others, allowing genders to mix just a few days a week. Friday and Saturday are mixed. On those days the slots to enjoy the facilities are open from 10 pm till 4 am. 

Gellért thermal baths

Another Spa on our list of best instagrammable spots in Budapest. Gellért Spa it’s our favourite in the whole city. Check our Budapest Spa Guide for more information.

The Gellért thermal bath is where you will fall in love with the city. We have spent here a full day relaxing. The architecture and design of the Spa will make you bring your phone just to take some photos. This is an Instagram worthy place in Budapest. The perfect combination of relaxing and best photography locations in Budapest. Thanks to the mix of indoor and outdoor pools, the Gellért thermal baths are ideal for solo travellers, couples and even families. We have seen many in our stay in the baths.

Book here your day at Gellert Thermal Baths and skip the line

Széchenyi Chain Bridge of Budapest has a beautiful view over the river
Road Trip lovers? Start to plan your trip following the river, the Danube path, visiting Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Hungary is not just Budapest, but even other cities around, you can easily plan a day trip away from the great city on the Danube.

Liberty Bridge | Instagram worthy place in Budapest

We all agree that the Széchenyi Chain Bridge it’s the most beautiful in Budapest. However, the Liberty Bridge it’s another authentic masterpiece in the city. Thanks to the unique green colour and the Gellért complex just on the opposite side, this can be classified as one of the best backdrops in Budapest for photographers.

The vibrating atmosphere makes it the perfect place for a few photos, not only of the bridge but also as a viewpoint over the river. 

As said before, this Bridge conducts you over the Buda side, at the entrance of the Gellért Hill Cave. This is referred to as the Szabadság híd in Hungarian and once named the Francis Joseph Bridge before being destroyed during WWII. 

To get the best photos of this amazing bridge, you should visit it early in the morning. This will let you avoid traffic and many cars passing by. If you are lucky you might also get a yellow/orange typical bus passing by, which will add some details to the composition of your instagrammable shot of Budapest.

LOCATION |  Liberty Bridge, Gellért Hill Cave
PRICE | Free

Szimpla Kert | The first Ruins Pub

The Ruins Pubs are the other face of the medal of Budapest, a city always growing and renovating. The Eastern Capital has been able to pass through the eras and adapt to the current time, without losing the old fashioned facade.

The Ruins Pubs are an attraction of Budapest, popular among tourists but also locals. The Szimpla Kert it’s for sure the best one, famous because the first to be open in the early 2000s. Before this new life, space was a stove factory, and the owners have left the old walls with that retro style.

You can enjoy the vibes of this pub since stepping in. Often there are live music concerts, art and photography galleries. The outdoor area and garden it’s a masterpiece of recycling, with the seating area made from an old Trabant car. You can find this pub in the 7th district which is the Jewish Quarter. Like the Szimpla there are many other bars in the area for proper bar-hopping. Check the route and book your Ruin Bar Tour.

Visit at least one ruins pub while in Budapest to enjoy the atmosphere and find some cool instagrammable spots in Budapest.

Vajdahunyad Castle

We couldn’t miss introducing you to a fairytale castle in Budapest. This is one of the most instagrammable spots in Budapest. The Vajdahunyad Castle should be on the off the beaten path itinerary of Budapest because it’s often out of the tourists’ guides. However, the castle is unique and worth a visit. This Medieval Castle dates to the 18th century. Unique and mainly visited by locals, the Vajdahunyad Castle often hosts concerts, galleries, exhibitions and festivals.

The entrance to the main courtyard it’s free, and to be honest this is the best part of the Castle. If you want to explore the Museum, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm, you have to pay an admission fee of 1600 HUF (About £ 3.8 | $ 5 | € 4.3)

This place becomes even more magical in winter. The Castle is in fact inside the City Park, which has got a boating lake. During winter this place becomes an ice-skating rink. The whole area becomes a winter wonderland for adults and kids.

LOCATION | Vajdahunyad Castle
PRICE | 1600 UHF ( £3.8 | $5 | € 4.3) to visit the museum

Paris Courtyard | Brudern House

This is another Budapest Hidden Gem. The Paris Court it’s well hidden in the Palace of the Downtown Savings Bank. The building built in 1912 has been recently renovated and only opened to the public again in 2019.

The Paris Courtyard it’s today one of the most luxurious hotels in Budapest, the Parisi Udvar Hotel Budapest (which is also pet-friendly). The Court known as Parizsi Udvar in Hungarian, is in the city centre, right on Ferenciek Square (M3 metro station). The style of the Parisian Court is a mixture of Neo-Gothic, Eclectic and Art Nouveau architectural elements inspired by Moorish buildings and motifs. Nestled in this awesome space there is a cafe’ a restaurant and an incredible walking passage.

Be aware that while photography it’s allowed, it’s not possible to use a tripod or get a proper photo shooting. Enjoy this little corner, one of the most inspiring Budapest Instagram spots.

LOCATION | Paris Court
PRICE | Free to Enter
TO CHECK | Stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in Budapest

New York Cafe Budapest

From a hidden gem of Budapest to a well-known spot. We are just talking about the most beautiful places to visit in Budapest in this guide. It is now the time to mention the New York Café, the most instagrammable place in Budapest.

The building itself it’s a blast, including a luxury hotel within the complex. The architecture of this place it’s like in a fairytale, that’s why during the years this has become the most visited spot in Budapest.

The coffee house it’s always busy, with main tourists queuing to get a table. You can also book a table in advance, or stay at the hotel which will be a great idea to enjoy this place at the best. Check their rooms!

LOCATION | New York Cafe Budapest

Danube Riverside and Old Fashioned Trams

Budapest danube Bank - take a stroll around the Brudapest Riverside
The riverside of Budapest from Buda. Downhill of Buda Castle

This must be one of the most romantic things to do in Budapest. Walking along the riverside, like in Paris or London, will reconnect with the surrounding. We don’t know you but feel nostalgic while exploring a city that relies a lot on their river, streaming right in the middle.

Budapest it’s a beautiful city, but the Danube gives a more intimate experience. While strolling on the riverside, you might notice the old fashioned orange trams. This will catapult you completely back on time. Often you might find street artists and painters, just placing on a canvas the landscape. This is the image we have just thinking back to Budapest. You might also hop on a tram and revive that bohemian atmosphere, like in Paris.

360 Rooftop Bar | Budapest Instagram Spots

This post will show you some of the best locations in Budapest to take photos. The 360 rooftop bar it’s a popular rooftop close to the Opera of Budapest on Andrássy Avenue. This is a very popular rooftop bar in the city, the best for the 360 view, which gives the name to it. What also makes this spot so special it’s that in wintertime, you will find a gorgeous igloo to protect you from the cold.

Why don’t have a special night? Go to the 360 Rooftop Bar and enjoy Budapest with a glass of wine or a cocktail. We suggest you check this place around the sunset to fully enjoy the lights and have the perfect photos.

LOCATION | 360 Bar
OPENING TIME | Every day from 2 pm to 12 am

Intermezzo Roof Terrace

Budapest it’s amazing and has many rooftop bars worth visiting. In this list, we have to mention the Intermezzo Roof Terrace. On the top of the Hotel President, walk through the reception hall directly to the lift. From this gorgeous bar, you will have a clear view of the Hungarian Parliament, the Buda Castle, the Fisherman Bastion, St. Stephen’s Basilica and also the Ferrywheel of Budapest.

Like many places in Budapest, in winter this becomes very popular. On top of the Rooftop, you can find a small ice-rink which makes your experience even more incredible. As for the 360 Rooftop bar we suggest you visit it at sunset to enjoy the landscape view. Include this place in the list of things to do in Budapest in winter.

LOCATION | Intermezzo Roof Terrace
WHEN TO VISIT |  Sunset all year, in winter all-day

Great Market Hall

You might have seen that we love local markets so much. Always when exploring a place, even for the first time, we check the food market hall. Budapest has got an impressive Great Market Hall, in Hungarian the Nagycsarnok or Vasarcsarnok. The beautiful building was built in 1897, it is today the largest market hall in Budapest. There is another Market Hall not comparable, but also beautiful and large, which is the “Downtown Budapest Market Hall” in Hold Street.

The Budapest Great Market Hall it’s full of food stands and shops, which opens the door every day from 6 am, and it’s closed on Sunday.

Because of the architecture, the nice food exposition, this is for us one of the best Budapest photography spots. Be sure to visit the market early in the morning to get some snap of the real-life in the city.

LOCATION | Great Market Hall
OPEN TIME | Every Day from 6 am – Close on Sunday

Other Instagram worthy places in Budapest

High Note Skybar

Another incredible rooftop in Budapest worth a mention. The High Note Skybar will offer you not only a tasty drink and snacks, with some nice music in the background, but also a beautiful view over the St. Stephen’s Basilica. This is one of the top-level bars in the city, so expect high prices, but worth the experience.

Locals love this place, as much as tourists. In 2016 this has been named as one of the best rooftop bars in the world by Conde Nast.

The Bar is on the roof terrace of the Aria Hotel, one of the most luxurious in the Hungarian Capital. Place it in your list of instagrammable places in Budapest for a very unique experience in the city.

Dohany Street Synagogue - Jewish Quarter Budapest

Dohany Street Synagogue

This might be another hidden spot of Budapest or at least something that it’s often outside of the classic tourist’s maps.

The Dohany Synagogue it’s in the Jewish district. The architecture of this building it’s gorgeous, completely different inside from outside. The Synagogue has got a classic Moorish look from the outside, while the interior of this religious space it’s more similar to a catholic church.

To get inside this place you have to buy a ticket, which will introduce you to a one hour tour. This is very explicative of the religion and gets you inside the secret spaces of the synagogue. The entrance fee it’s the reason why we have included this place only in the list of other Instagram worthy places in Budapest, while it’s beautiful to take photos of the inside.

However, if you feel, you can opt for an interesting tour around the Jewish Quarter of Budapest.

Book your tour of the Jewish District of Budapest

Liberty Statue

We didn’t include this in the visit of the Gellért Hill, because it’s on the opposite way to the route to the Fisherman Bastion. However the Liberty Statue it’s a great place to take some photos of Budapest. This space honours the people who died for the independence of the country in the Second World War.

The square is on the Gellért Hill, on top of the Citadel. The view from here it’s gorgeous, with the Danube just below your feet. This is the perfect point of view to admire the Chain Bridge, the Liberty Bridge and other stunning buildings of Budapest. The white concrete staircase, with the Victory Statue on the very top, offers the perfect backdrop for your photos. Also, you can consider taking some photo of the statue with the view of the city, this will be the proper instagrammable shots of Budapest to look for.

Heroe's Square Budapest at night - Best photo location to visit in 2 days in Budapest

Heroes Square

We are now in the mood to show you some incredible squares of Budapest, and Heroes Square it’s one of them. You can’t leave Budapest without a shot in this place, because it is one of the biggest in the country and also a World Heritage Site for UNESCO.

The square hosts the statues of some of the Hungarian Leaders in a semi-circular shape colonnade. The large square was built in 1896 for the millennium of the Magyar Conquest of Hungary. In some aspects, the view of this square has reminded us of the Brandenburg gate of Berlin.

You can plan a visit to Hero Square while discovering Vajdahunyad Castle, which is right behind the plaza. A half-day exploring this part of the city, achieving two shots from the best instagrammable spots in Budapest.

Where to stay in Budapest

As always on our guides you will find some suggestion on places to stay. It is the same for this post, which will introduce you some beautiful locations where to stay in Budapest. Three options to enhance better your trip to the Hungary Capital, three different budget and areas where look for.

Albergo Diffuso Monopoli

Intercontinental Hotel

PRICE | £160 | $220 | €186
LOCATION | Apáczai Csere János
Book this just for the beautiful view over the Fisherman’s Bastion

Don Ferrante

D8 Hotel

PRICE | £68 | $98 | €79
LOCATION | Dorottya utca 8, 05
The most convenient and modern hotel in Budapest

A recap of the best photo spots in Budapest

We hope that this post has given you some inspiration for your next trip to Budapest. The Hungarian Capital it’s so beautiful that we are always checking for a cheap flight ticket to Budapest. The 20 Instagrammable spots are worth a try, also because getting around Budapest it’s cheap and nice, even in winter, when it’s freezing outside.

You must include in your exploration of the city, some spots like the New York café, the Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church, and the Chain Bridge. Also, find the time for yourself, relaxing in one of the many spas we have included in this list. If you have not yet decided which one, check our guide to the best Budapest Spas.

Q&A – Most Instagrammable Spots in Budapest

Where can I take pictures in Budapest?

Fisherman’s Bastion
Matthias Church
The Chain Bridge
Buda Castle
St. Stephen’s Basilica
Gellért Spa
Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar
Gellert Hill and Cable Car
Hungarian Parliament Buildings
Liberty Square
Shoes on the Danube

Is Budapest a dangerous city?

Not at all. We have loved Budapest and felt very safe. We have also been walking around late at night and early in the morning without feeling in danger at all. Recently we have friends living in Budapest and feeling the same. Budapest it’s also Mecca for backpackers, attracted by the gorgeous landscapes, the infinite culture and cheap prices.

Which is the best district in Budapest?

The 5th District. However, also the Terézváros and District 7th are the best to consider for your stay in Budapest. We overall think that the 5th District it’s ideal for a few days in the city, but it comes at a price. This is the cultural part of Budapest, and an easy hub to reach the main attractions of the city.

Is Budapest expensive to visit?

Not at all.  Budapest it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and for sure one of the cheapest we have been so far in the old continent.
It’s not a secret that it’s the ideal on a budget location chosen by many travellers. This is also one of the most romantic cities in Europe, which for an affordable price will give you lifetime experiences, like spa, rooftop bars, cultural heritage and instagrammable spots. For an on a budget experience, for longer than a few days, try to lower the accommodation costs staying just outside the city centre. Overall the Tourists life it’s not expensive in Budapest.

Which side of Budapest is better?

Pest. Even for locals, it’s evident that Buda it’s the quiet side, instead, Pest is where most of the attractions, nightlife and experiences are going on. However, if you are planning to stay in Budapest for a long time, or even weeks, you might find Buda less expensive and with more local vibes.

Best photo spots in Budapest
Instagrammable places in Budapest

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