London Bucket List | 44 Experiences in London

London is one of the main destinations in Europe and every year welcomes so many tourists, accounting in 2008, 37.9 million people from everywhere in the World. London is a dream come true for every visitor, which spends an average of 3 days. Even if you have a week or two in the city, there is always something that you will miss.

That’s why we decided to put together our personalised London bucket list, an intense guide where we share with you all the top experiences you must have in London.

As Londoners, we will help you to make the most of your London itinerary without missing the top sight. With a good balance of main landmarks and hidden gems, we are sure to show off the best of London.

Are you ready to feel like a King or a Queen while strolling around London?

Come with us and discover all the best things to put on your bucket list in London! Follow our itinerary, accurately divided by locations for easy reach.

Experiences to do in London
    1. North London Bucket list
    2. South East London Bucket List
    3. Central London Bucket List
    4. East London Bucket List
    5. West London Bucket List
  2. North London Bucket list
    1. Shop in Camden Market
    2. Visit Alexandra Palace
    3. Rent a bike Regent’s Park
    4. Enjoy a beer in Finsbury Park
    5. Visit Hampstead Heath
    6. Hike up Primrose Hill
    7. Follow Harry Potter on Platform 9 and ¾
  3. South East London Bucket List
    1. Have lunch at Borough Market 
    2. Eat at Mercato Metropolitano 
    3. Visit London Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park 
    4. Cross the Meridian in Greenwich 
    5. Climb the O2 Arena
  4. Central London Bucket List
    1. Do some shopping in Oxford Street
    2. Walk-through Piccadilly’s streets
    3. Explore Carnaby Street
    4. Book a musical in the West End
    5. Eat an ice-cream in Chinatown
    6. Visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace
    7. See the iconic Covent Garden
    8. Stroll around Trafalgar Square 
    9. Visit the National Gallery
    10. Admire the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral 
    11. Enjoy the view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from One New Change 
    12. Visit Westminster Abbey
    13. See the Big Ben & House of Parliament 
    14. Book a ticket and enjoy the view from the top of the London Eye
    15. Enjoy the view from the SkyGarden
    16. Experience London’s nightlife in Soho
    17. Enjoy a coffee at Peggy Porschen
    18. Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames
    19. Visit British Museum 
    20. Admire the view from The Shard
    21. Visit the Tower of London
    22. Cross the Tower Bridge
    23. Go on a free walking tour
  5. East London Bucket List
    1. Start the day with a breakfast with a view at Duck & Waffle 
    2. Explore Shoreditch and Brick Lane street art 
    3. Wander around Spitalfields Market
    4. Enjoy the view from the Emirates cable car
    5. Visit Olympic Park in Stratford 
    6. Get a boat from Greenwich to Westminster
  6. West London Bucket List
    1. Have a picnic in Holland Park 
    2. Go shopping at Harrods
    3. Ice-Skating in Natural History Museum
    4. Shop at Portobello Market
    5. Stroll around Notting Hill
    6. Wander around Kew Gardens
    7. Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum 
    8. Get lost in Hyde Park 
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  8. Best tours of London
  9. More itineraries about London 
London Bucket list | Experiences in London
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North London Bucket list

  • Shop in Camden Market
  • Visit Alexandra Palace
  • Rent a bike Regent’s Park
  • Enjoy a beer in Finsbury Park
  • Swim in the pond in Hampstead Heath
  • Hike up Primrose Hill
  • Follow Harry Potter on Platform 9 and 3/4

South East London Bucket List

  • Have lunch at Borough Market 
  • Eat at Mercato Metropolitano 
  • Visit London Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park 
  • Cross the Meridian in Greenwich 
  • Climb the O2 Arena

Central London Bucket List

  • Do some shopping in Oxford Street
  • Walk-through Piccadilly’s streets
  • Explore Carnaby Street
  • Book a musical in the West End
  • Eat an ice-cream in China Town
  • Visit the Queen in Buckingham Palace
  • See the iconic Covent Garden 
  • Stroll around Trafalgar Square 
  • Visit the National Gallery
  • Admire the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral 
  • Enjoy the view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from One New Change 
  • Visit Westminster Abbey 
  • See the Big Ben & House of Parliament 
  • Book a ticket and enjoy the view from the top of the London Eye
  • Enjoy the view from the SkyGarden
  • Experience London’s nightlife in Soho
  • Enjoy a coffee at Peggy Porschen
  • Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames 
  • Visit British Museum 
  • Admire the view from The Shard
  • Visit the Tower of London
  • Cross the Tower Bridge 
  • Go on a free walking tour

East London Bucket List

  • Start the day with a breakfast with a view at Duck & Waffle
  • Explore Shoreditch and Brick Lane street art 
  • Wander around Spitalfields Market 
  • Enjoy the view from the Emirates cable car
  • Visit Olympic Park in Stratford 
  • Get a boat from Greenwich to Westminster

West London Bucket List

  • Have a picnic in Holland Park 
  • Go shopping at Harrods
  • Ice-Skating in Natural History Museum 
  • Shop at Portobello Market
  • Stroll around Notting Hill
  • Wander around Kew Gardens
  • Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum 
  • Get lost in Hyde Park

North London Bucket list

Experiences to do in London | UK bucket list
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Shop in Camden Market

Camden is known not only for the delicious street food but even for the plenty of boutiques, jewellery and souvenir shops.

If you are looking for the right market which can offer many varieties of food, you are in the right place. 

During weekends we love strolling around Camden Market and grab some bites while enjoying the shops around us.

Many people know Camden for the famous singer Amy Winehouse, you will be not surprised knowing that you can snap a photo with the statue of the Iconic pop star right in the Camden Lock Market.

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Visit Alexandra Palace

One of the best places to put on your London bucket list is Alexandra Palace.

Entertainment and sports venue in London, situated in the London Borough of Haringey, Alexandra Palace is a must-visit in London. You can enjoy a long walk in the park, hiking the hill to the palace with a panoramic view of the city of London.

Alexandra Palace hosts one of the best New Years Parties in London, with fireworks, a dance hall and many other attractions on the last night of the year. Check it out.

Rent a bike Regent’s Park

Riding a bike in a park in London is a dream of every kid. There is a little kid inside all of us. London is famous for its parks and there is nothing better than strolling around with a bike around Regent’s Park. This is one of the most beautiful Royal Parks in the city, full of secret gardens and awesome benches. This is an incredible experience to place on your London Bucket list.

In London, it’s easy to rent a bike. With only £2 you can have a Santander cycle scheme for 24 hours and enjoy the beautiful panoramas around London. Just go to a Red Santander column, there are many across the city, buy your pass with every debit or credit card.

Enjoy a beer in Finsbury Park

Celebrate your day in London with a great fresh pint. Finsbury Park might not be on the everyday tourists’ guide but is definitely a place to check out. There is a great pub which we suggest, “The Finsbury”, with many activities all week is one of the most incredible pubs in London with live music and an awesome outdoor area.

Located in the North of London, Finsbury Park is a local place where everyone loves spending the afternoon after work.

Visit Hampstead Heath

This incredible park belongs to the area of Hampstead, one of the most beautiful boroughs in London, and also one of the most expensive ones.

Like the surrounding area, also the park is cosy. The green lung is beautiful and has got a hill right in the middle with ponds and natural pools all around.

Do you want to visit London in Spring? Check out the itinerary of where to see cherry blossom in London

Hike up Primrose Hill

One of the best things to do in London is enjoying the skyline on the top of Primrose hill. Londoners love to spend their summer with a beer and some snacks while enjoying this stunning view of London. I mean, you can’t say no to a free view in London so, make sure to add Primrose hill to your ultimate London bucket list.

Follow Harry Potter on Platform 9 and ¾

Many people are visiting London for two reasons. The first one is because it’s a beautiful and stunning city and the second one is well-known for the famous movie: “Harry Potter”.

In your London bucket list, you can’t miss the famous and most wanted picture while crossing Platform 9 and ¾. You will find the platform in King’s Cross Station, and just next to it you will have a souvenir shop if you wish to purchase something that will remind you of that trip. You can reach King’s Cross Station with the London Underground, many lines are passing by, the mains are Victoria Line (light blue), Piccadilly (Blue), Northern Line (Black).

South East London Bucket List

Have lunch at Borough Market 

London is famous for its vast and amazing markets, with worldwide cuisine. One of the best London experiences is to grab lunch at Borough Market. In this market, you will find all the types of cuisine to choose from. From Italian to Spanish and from Thai to Indian. Place  Borough Market in your ideal London bucket list for a taste of the world.

Eat at Mercato Metropolitano 

After Borough Market, Mercato Metropolitano is another of our favourite places where to eat and hang out with friends. A chaotic and vibrant indoor and outdoor market, Mercato Metropolitano is chosen by locals as one of the best places to eat. This beautiful piazza in Elephant and Castle is showing the best cuisine, with food from around the world ready for you without travelling far.

We love the atmosphere and the delicious food, especially the Italian one. 

TIPS | During weekends, the market is always busy, and if you wish to find a space where to sit, it will be almost impossible. Try to go during weekdays. 

Visit London Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park 

Being in London for so long helped us to discover less known places. Before moving to Malaga last year, we lived close to Battersea Park. Would you like to know why it’s worth visiting? Well, while walking inside Battersea Park you will find a Buddhist Stupa which encourages the search for world peace. This building is a worship place, mostly dedicated to meditation sessions. Often, especially at the weekend, you will find people around the pagoda meditating. Please be aware to respect others visiting this place and don’t be selfish snapping photos everywhere to disturb this religious moment.

Cross the Meridian in Greenwich 

Greenwich London | Bucket list London
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For sure you’ve heard about the famous Greenwich Meridian. Even when I was at the school back in Italy, I’ve learned about Meridian 0 which is passing by this awesome borough of London. For many years this place has been the centre of the world and the Astronomical Laboratory for scientists.

In your ultimate London bucket list, Greenwich can’t be missed. It’s one of the most amazing experiences that you can have in the city. The entire world recognises Greenwich Mean Time and it played an important role in the history of navigation and astronomy. This geographical reference passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and it’s where east meets west. To reach the observatory and so walk across the meridian, you have to climb up the hill of Greenwich just passing by the Royal Park. From the top, you can enjoy a clear view of London.

Climb the O2 Arena

One of the most amazing experiences in London is climbing the O2 Arena. The view from the top of the O2 is incredible, and it’s something that you have to do. The tickets to climb the arena are not that expensive. In these 90 minutes, you will experience something that you haven’t done before. Don’t miss climbing the O2 Arena on your London bucket list otherwise, you will regret it. The top tip we can give to you is to check the weather before heading for your experience. You know London can be wet, and it can ruin the vision of the landscape from the top.

TOURS | Book here your ticket for enjoying the view from the O2 Arena 

Central London Bucket List

Do some shopping in Oxford Street

Being in Oxford Street is like being on the Champs Elysees in Paris or Via Condotti in Rome.

Home of big brands like H&M, Zara, Timberland and more, Oxford Street is ideal for some shopping. It doesn’t matter when you will be going, you will always find many tourists around and fewer locals. We prefer to go very early in the morning when the shops open to avoid the crowds.

TIPS | Avoid the tourists and go in the morning on a weekday.

Walk-through Piccadilly’s streets

Located in the heart of London, Piccadilly is famous for its huge LED screens, unique architecture, flashing lights, Eros statue and the chaos. If you have been to New York, you will see how Piccadilly and Times Square look similar. The atmosphere is pretty much the same. Piccadilly is one of the famous places in London which you have to visit.

FUN FACTS ABOUT PICCADILLY | The name Piccadilly Circus derives from the Roman word “Circus” which means “circle” and the name “Piccadilly” comes from the 17th century and it’s referred to as a collar named “Piccadil”.

Explore Carnaby Street

Considered another beautiful place in London, Carnaby Street is a colourful street surrounded by a particular architecture. While walking through Carnaby street, pay attention to the details and design around this area. If you are visiting London during the Christmas period, keep in mind Carnaby streets for the famous Christmas lights.

If you want to experience the best of Carnaby Street, explore the surrounding narrow streets, full of pubs and clubs open till late.

Book a musical in the West End

You can’t leave London without watching a musical in the west end first. It’s one of those experiences which needs to be in your London bucket list.  All the musicals are amazing, and sometimes it’s hard just to choose one. We’ve seen Aladdin as our first musical and I must say that we love it. If you want to see a musical, make sure you book in advance your tickets as the majority of the time, they sold out quickly.

Eat an ice-cream in Chinatown

One of the most authentic things to do in London and even super delicious is to eat ice cream in Chinatown. Yes, you heard, right! Ice cream combined with a waffle. The famous Bubble wrap ice cream is today all over social media and it’s a delicious dessert that you have to try while in London. 

Chinatown is the right place if you are looking for Chinese restaurants and shops. Keep in mind this location if you are visiting London during the Chinese New year as the area is adorned with many decorations. 

Visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Bucket list things to do in London
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Has the Queen invited you for an afternoon tea? We can’t talk about London without mentioning the famous royal residence. See the iconic Buckingham Palace is one of the must-have experiences in England, that every visitor should have.

You can’t complete your London bucket list without visiting Buckingham Palace. Known for its history and for being the official Royal residence of the British Monarchy, Buckingham Palace is also famous for its changing of the guard which happens every day at 11 AM. Check the official website for more info.

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See the iconic Covent Garden

Vibrant and cosy area, Covent Garden is the most popular location in central London. With its cool shops, restaurants and bars, Covent Garden is known even for its beautiful Instagram spots.

The main area is known as the Apple Market where many tourists will stop by and grab something to eat, or just stroll around the stands with the latest gift from London.

We love this area especially during Christmas Time as the entire square is adorned by Christmas lights, decorations and a giant tree. The weekend is always crowded with many street artists performing in the square.

Stroll around Trafalgar Square 

Home to the famous National Gallery, Trafalgar Square is located close to Piccadilly Circus, just 5 minutes by walk. Adorned with beautiful fountains and Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square is another must-see in London. 

HISTORY ABOUT THE NAME | The square is named after the Battle of Trafalgar where a British naval force, during the Napoleonic War, won against the combined fleets of the French and Spanish.

As you are in Trafalgar Square, you can’t skip the beautiful National Gallery. Home to iconic pieces of art like the Baptism of Christ, the Wheatfield with Cypresses from Van Gogh and even more.

The National Gallery is a free museum which you can visit whenever you want. Often offering premium experiences with extraordinary galleries open to the public just for a few days. The iconic location, stunning building and unique masterpieces make the National Gallery one of the most unmissable things to do in London. We have included it in our London itinerary in 4 days, check it out along with other iconic free museums.

OPENING HOURS | Every day from 11 AM to 6 PM | Friday until 9 PM

TICKETS | Free but due to recent circumstances you have to book your visit online here.

Admire the beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral 

St. Paul Cathedral and Millennium Bridge | Experiences in London
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Considered another iconic landmark in London, St. Paul’s Cathedral is well known for its stunning architecture with an Angelican interior decor. I mean, St. Paul is a must-see in London and you can’t leave the city without paying a visit. If you are attending a service you don’t need to pay but if you are going to visit the crypt and the rooftop, you will need to book your tickets in advance here. If you want to see St. Paul’s best shapes, you should walk across the Millenium bridge, to reach the other bank side. Another best view is described below.

Enjoy the view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from One New Change 

Recently we’ve discovered this new rooftop where you can enjoy the view over St Paul.

Just in front of the Cathedral, there is this open-space shopping centre, taking the lift to the rooftop you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Capital of England. 

As said the access to the top is free but restricted for private events from time to time. If you want to make this moment unique, you can go for an aperitif or some drinks at the bar on the rooftop.

Visit Westminster Abbey

With all the amazing attractions that there are in London, we think that the most impressive one is the stunning structure and architecture of Westminster Abbey. 

Founded in the 11th century, Westminster Abbey is famous for the famous wedding of Prince Williams in 2011. 

It’s not only a historical building but with its facade and stunning architecture of the inside, it’s one of the top places to put in your London bucket list. The complex area itself needs to be explored a lot, from the Abbey itself to the clock the famous Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Westminster Bridge, the Supreme Court and Parliament Square.

TICKETS | Secure your skip-the-line ticket to Westminster Abbey NOW.

See the Big Ben & House of Parliament 

After you visit Westminster Abbey, you can head towards Big Ben and the House of Parliament. Big Ben, whose real name is Elizabeth tower, isn’t the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament like many thoughts. Even if today it’s still under renovations, it’s a must place to add to any UK bucket list.

Like Big Ben, the House of Parliament plays a very important role for the UK. Overlooking the River Thames, the House of Parliament serves as the meeting place for the House of Commons and the House of Lords which are the two houses of the UK Parliament.

Book a ticket and enjoy the view from the top of the London Eye

London Eye view from the riverside by Italian Trip Abroad
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We can’t talk about the ultimate London bucket list without mentioning the famous London Eye. Considered as one of the most instagrammable spots in London, the London Eye is a very popular tourist attraction as it offers a unique 360 degrees view of London. 

If you want to discover more instagrammable places in London, check our London Instagram Spost guide!

We’ve been there just once and we must say that it’s a great experience to do in London, especially if it’s your first time in the city. If you are already planning your trip to London, don’t forget to book your tickets for the London Eye here!

Enjoy the view from the SkyGarden

Romantic things to do in London
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I even don’t know how many times we have been to the Sky Garden. For us, it’s a special place and we enjoy coming back every time. The entrance is completely free and what it has to offer is a stunning and breathtaking view over London.

With its funny walkie talkie shape, the Sky Garden has become popular over the last few years. Aside from the amazing view, you have a bar and even a restaurant which is serving cool-tasting lunch and dinners with a fancy view.

As we said, the entrance is free, but you need to book your ticket on their website here!

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Experience London’s nightlife in Soho

Known for its nightlife and cosy bars, Soho is a really popular neighbourhood in London. 

If you love the vibes and the nightlife, this is the right place for you especially for a couple of drinks with your friends.

This area of London is located in the heart of the city centre and it’s where all locals love to go out on the weekends. Completely renowned this district of London is well known for its transgressive nightlife, and to be the formerly red light district of the city. However, nowadays Soho is open to any genre, without prejudice, welcoming people to enjoy the cosy clubs and incredible atmosphere. Worth checking out Kingly Court, the earth of foodie lovers, nearest Carnaby Street.

TOURS | Experience in London one of the best food tours in Soho.

Enjoy a coffee at Peggy Porschen

peggy porchen in London Fitzrovia
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Nowadays, Peggy Porschen is known as one of the most instagrammable cafes in London. With its predominant pink colour, many people are looking for this cafe only for taking pictures. Located in the Belgravia area, the speciality of this cafe is the delicious cupcakes which you have to try.

Make sure that before your visit you have your camera! 

Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames

Afternoon Tea on a cruise on the Themes - London Bucket List - Best experiences in London
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If you are looking for a different way of sightseeing in London, this might be the best solution. 

What’s better than an afternoon tea while exploring London’s landmarks? We had the opportunity to explore London from a different point of view thanks to City Cruises.

Thanks to their 90 minutes ride on the Thames, we could enjoy London’s most important landmarks while tasting a delicious afternoon tea with sweets and savoury sandwiches. 

It’s an amazing experience to do in London with your friends or your partner.

We’ve started our cruise from Tower Bridge, passing by the city, Millennium Bridge and St. Paul, London Eye and Big Ben crossing the Tower Bridge and keeping towards Canary Wharf

Don’t let this opportunity escape and book here your ticket for a fantastic afternoon tea cruise on the River Thames. For more afternoon ideas in London, check our post here.

Visit British Museum 

London bucket list things to do in london
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British Museum Toti | London tourist bucket list
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After the Natural History Museum, the British Museum is our favourite one in London. 

It’s the right museum if you love to explore human history and culture and even if you are looking for a couple of Instagram spots in London.

TICKETS | The entrance is free but you need to reserve your spot in advance here.

Admire the view from The Shard

London can be sweet and one of the most romantic European cities. If you are looking for a lovely place where to enjoy a view with your partner, you can book tickets for The Shard. This is one of the taller buildings in London, with a colossal skyscraper and an insane view from the top of the 40th floor. The 360 view from the top is worth the ticket, you have just to be lucky enough to get a clear day with a beautiful landscape.

It’s an incredible experience and even if a bit expensive, it’s something that you don’t do every day.

For more ideas of romantic things to do in London, you might like this post.

Visit the Tower of London

Declared in 1988 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Tower of London is one of the most iconic castles which will walk through its history. Home to the Crown Jewels, today the Tower of London plays an essential role in British history, over just being an iconic tourist landmark.

After being in London for so many years, we finally visited the Tower, and I must say that’s worth putting on your London bucket list.

Cross the Tower Bridge

Cross the Tower Bridge - London Bucket List by Italian Trip Abroad - The best things to do in London on a budget
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The view and the breeze from the middle of the bridge is an experience to make in London. 

The Tower Bridge needs to be on your London bucket list, yes or yes. You can’t leave the city without paying a visit to another iconic landmark. It’s called Tower Bridge because it’s a combination of a Tower and a bridge crossing the River Thames. 

Crossing the bridge won’t cost you anything, but if you wish you can visit the Tower Bridge exhibition, which we recommend. There is also a glass bridge on the top which is an incredible experience, looking at people and cars crossing the bridge under your feet. Check the ticket here.

Are you ready to enjoy a lovely sunset from Tower Bridge? Make sure you bring your camera with you as this is one of the perfect Instagram spots in London.

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You will love it!

Go on a free walking tour

If it is your first time in London you should consider booking a free walking tour of the city. 

A free tour will give you an idea and some insight into the main attractions in London. You will cover Covent Garden and the West End, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park, Big Ben,  Westminster Abbey and Houses of Parliament. Everything that you should visit if you are planning a trip to London. 

Book your spot here and don’t miss this fantastic occasion!

East London Bucket List

Start the day with a breakfast with a view at Duck & Waffle 

Did someone say breakfast with a view? We got the right place for you. For your bucket list in London, you need to add the Duck & Waffle. On top of the 40th floor of this building, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views and, in the meantime taste a delicious breakfast.

If you never tried the Typical English Breakfast you might want to order it while you’re at the Duck and Waffle!

TIPS | You can either book a table for Breakfast, Brunch or Dinner but you need to do it in advance. Check their website here.

Explore Shoreditch and Brick Lane street art 

writers in Brick Lane
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If you love street art the alternative neighbourhood of Shoreditch and Brick Lane is the perfect place. While walking around this area you will see many walls covered with amazing murals including works by Banksy and Stik. 

Did you know that Shoreditch and Brick lane are one of the most trendy places to go in London? In fact, during your London itinerary, you can’t miss visiting this gorgeous area and explore every corner of it!

If you want to know more about street art in London, book here your spot for a guided tour.

Wander around Spitalfields Market

Shoreditch and Brick Lane -old spithfield market
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All markets in London are a must-see. Spitalfields Market is well known for its delicious and cheap street food and cosy clothes shops.

It can become a really busy place so make sure you visit it early in the morning otherwise you won’t enjoy it much.

OPENING HOURS | Monday to Friday from 8 AM till 11 PM and Weekends from 9 AM until 11 PM.

TOURS | Book here your private walking tour with a local.

Enjoy the view from the Emirates cable car

Grenwich Peninsula from Emirates Cable Car - London Skyline of Canary Wharf
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Can you believe that the first time we have been on the Emirates Cable Car was a couple of years ago? We didn’t know that there was one in London. It’s an authentic and nice way of crossing the River Thames. The view from the Cable car is amazing and it’s something that you need to add to your London bucket list. It cost a bit more compared to the standard underground ticket fare but is worth it. A way to tackle down the price is to buy it on your oyster card, while you have a weekly or monthly ticket.

TIPS | Make sure you go for sunset as the view is even more magical.

TICKETS | Book your London Cable Car tickets here!!

Visit Olympic Park in Stratford 

Located in the Stratford area, the Olimpic Park is a sporting complex built in 2012 for the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics. The park occupies four areas of east London: Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. It’s an alternative way to stroll around London and visiting something new.

Most of the tourists focus on London city centre without paying attention to the beautiful places around different areas. If you are looking for real experiences in London, go and visit Olympic Park!

Get a boat from Greenwich to Westminster

One of the best experiences you can have while in the city and absolutely worth putting on your London bucket list is to get a boat from Greenwich towards Westminster. Check here the website for the exact times for winter and summer. It’s a different way to enjoy London and see the different sightseeing from an alternative point of view. The price is only £7 and it’s absolutely worth doing it.

West London Bucket List

Have a picnic in Holland Park 

One of the most relaxing things you can do while in London is to enjoy a lovely picnic in one of the best parks in the city. The best west London Park, Holland Park, is for us one of the cutest one. Not as busy as Hyde Park, you can enjoy more than just a green area. Walking through the forest, or going to Japan without taking a flight, enjoying the beautiful Kyoto Gardens. This authentic gem of Holland Park is a crafted Japanese Garden Style in the centre of London. With waterfalls, bridges, carps and many other features. This place is the right one to go also with kids as it has got a playground ideal for the children. 

Go shopping at Harrods

The luxurious store of Harrods might not be the right place to buy your souvenirs but it’s an iconic spot in London and you can’t miss it. From clothing firms to homeware and food emporiums, Harrods has it all! Are you ready to spend some money on luxurious stuff, you are served.

Ice-Skating in Natural History Museum

Entrance of the Natural History Museum in London - Include this enchanting place in your london bucket list
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Apart from adding the incredible Natural History Museum to your London bucket list, one of the experiences that you can’t miss is ice-skating. During Christmas, the area next to the Museum became a place adorned with decoration with an ice rink in the middle. Locals and tourists love to spend their time there especially during those festivities.

The Natural History Museum itself is an iconic spot to include in your bucket list of London places. The stunning architecture of the facade is unique, it becomes even more stunning. Enjoy strolling around the rooms themed around Nature and Science.

Shop at Portobello Market

Established in 1850 and considered one of the world’s largest antique markets, Portobello Market is worth inserting into your ultimate London bucket list. From the sporting shops to vintage clothing you never know what you can find next in Portobello market. 

With its colourful houses along Portobello Road, make sure you bring your camera along. 

Before visiting make sure you check the opening hours as they might vary due to the weather conditions.

Stroll around Notting Hill

Interesting building of the Instagrammable Notting Hill - Portobello - Italian Trip Abroad
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This is just one of the many shots that you can catch at Notting Hill – Portobello – Italian Trip Abroad

If you are visiting Portobello Market, you can’t miss Notting Hill. Are you ready to be brought back to the Victorian era? While walking through the streets of Notting Hill, you will feel brought back in an old black and white movie. Known for the famous movie Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, this area is a must-see in London.

TOURS | Reserve here your spot for a walking tour around Notting Hill.

Wander around Kew Gardens

This botanical space needs to be in everyone’s bucket list. Built by Edward I in 1299, Kew Gardens became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. It’s the right place to visit especially if you are in London in summer. Home to different species, Kew Gardens proclaimed itself to be the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world.

Do you want to wander around Kew Gardens? Purchase your admission tickets here.

Visit the Victoria & Albert Museum 

Located in South Kensington the V&A is dedicated to art and history. Free to visit, the Victoria and Albert Museum is the right place if you love to learn about history and culture as you will find many interesting things to see.

Get lost in Hyde Park 

I mean, you can’t leave London without paying a visit to the famous Hyde Park. Located in the heart of the city, Hyde Park is the largest of the four royal parks. With its many monuments, flower arrangements and gardens, Hyde Park is the favourite place of many people. 

Considered the right place where to cycle, walk and exercise, Hyde Park needs to be on your list of things to do in London.

TIPS | There is the Peter Pan statue inside the park. Get lost to find it!

London bucket list restaurants

London bucket list restaurants
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SUSHI SAMBA | An alternative way to enjoy London and some sushi 

SARTORI | Typical Italian restaurant where you can taste a delicious plate of pasta or a yummy pizza

DUCK & WAFFLE | A breakfast with a view is something to experience in London and this place is the right one

GÖKYÜZÜ | Are you looking for a cheap but delicious lunch or dinner? This Turkish restaurant is one of the best in London

POPPIES | You can’t leave London without trying the typical Fish and Chips. Poppies are the right place where we could enjoy a really good one.

PIZZA PILGRIMS | As Italian from Naples we are always looking for the right pizzeria where to enjoy a delicious but not expensive pizza. Pizza Pilgrims needs to be on the top of your London bucket list restaurants.

PATTY & BUN | One of the best burgers ever. I think we never tried something like this before. Keep in mind this place as you will love it!!

Best tours of London


Where to stay in London

If you are looking where to stay in London and enjoy the unique landmarks of the city, below are just two of our suggestions. London is wide and offers any kind of accommodations, from on a budget solutions to the ultimate luxurious option.

Regular Double Room at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch - London
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The Hoxton Shoreditch

$100 | £75 | €84 per night

Budget Accommodation
Cool 4-star hotel in a vibrant area, close to Liverpool Street. The Hoxton Shoreditch is not just an amazing hotel, but also a trendy bar.
LOCATION | 81 Great Eastern Street
Awesome features of the Holiday Inn Hotel in London at Jeremy Street
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Holiday INN

$200 | £150 | €168 per night

Mid-Range Hotel
A central hotel, a few steps away from Piccadilly Circus. The Cavendish London is a 4-star hotel for the best experience in London.
LOCATION | 81 Jeremy Street

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