We all know how it’s difficult to organize something really special. All we want is the perfect night. Is it Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, birthday or announcement, what matters is to find the perfect spot for our intent. London is wide, but often this makes us distracted by too many choices that might not fit our needs.
This is the reason behind our list of 15 Romantic things to do in London for Couples. Helping you to find the best solution for your next date. Fifteen good solutions for every need, from a romantic escape on the coast to a traditional relaxing day in a Spa in central London.

London things to do for couples

The most romantic places in London

  • Romantic Things to do in London for Free
    • Have a Picnic in St. James Park
    • Wander Around one of London best neighbourhoods
    • In the clouds at the Sky Garden
  • Valentine’s Day in London
    • Enjoy bubbles and chocolate on the London Eye
    • Go for movie and dinner
    • Champagne and love on top of the Shard
  • Romantic Things to do in London this weekend
    • Does someone say breakfast with a view?
    • Fancy a live Jazz performance?
    • A romantic escape to the coast side
  • Romantic things to do in London in winter
    • Book a Spa Day
    • Tea Time on a double-deck bus
    • Watch a Theatre Performance
  • Romantic Things to do in London at night
    • Dinner on a boat on the River Thames at sunset
    • Dine-in a Romantic Restaurant
    • Enjoy a stroll around Notting Hill at night



We wanted to start this full list of best places where to spend a romantic day in London, with some real free experiences. London is super expensive, but it can be great to know that you can still have the chance to surprise your other half without spending money.

In many years in London, we have tried to balance our eating out and money-saving, without missing the fun side of the city. Here we go with some tips from locals, that can help you to boost your romantic date in London.

Free walking tour of London


For many St. James Park is the most romantic place. With the awesome fairytale atmosphere that will take your body and mind outside of the chaotic city centre of London, a romantic picnic in St. James Park is all you need.

Surprise your other half with an amazing day out, that is not far away from home. It’s easy to prepare a romantic lunch out, even during your break at work. A little sunshine on the grass and a bottle of bubbles to enjoy the day.


Greenwich photo spots in London

London is beautiful, and there is always something new ready to be discovered. Even when you think that you know every corner of this wonderful city, there is a new space coming up, or a little neighbourhood makeover that will leave you speechless. You don’t need to stress about commuting, on a couch or train, or get stuck in traffic to spend a romantic day out.

There are some lovely neighbourhoods that you can visit just by staying in London. Picturesque scenarios that you will discover are just a few steps away from your door.

For sure you will discover many hidden spots that you have never thought about. London is full of surprises and even after five long years, we still have to discover some gorgeous places.

Some of the best neighbourhoods to explore in London are for sure Greenwich, South Kensington, Hampstead Heath and the wonderful Holland Park.

In the cloud at the Sky Garden, breakfast and love

Romantic things to do in London

This is always our first choice when in need of a relaxing and romantic aperitif or breakfast. To be honest the Sky Garden is the ideal place also to work or stay in peace for a bit. At the 35th floor over the chaotic London, it is offering a space in the clouds, surrounded by nature.

Yes, if you have never heard of it, it’s an unusual garden on top of a big glass building. The Sky Garden is at the top of the Walkie Talkie, named like that because of the unusual shape of the building. You can sit at many places in the garden, chill and relax with a glass of champagne, breakfast and cakes.

At the very top, there is also a Restaurant. You should reserve your spot to get on top of the sky garden, which is often fully booked.

Do you want to be more romantic? Check where to see cherry blossom in London and visit the big capital in spring!


Enjoy Bubbles and chocolate on the London Eye

London eye - Best Romantic Things to do in London at night

If you want to be super romantic on a special day, it is maybe the best choice. You can have your own private space on top of one of the most recognizable landmarks of London. Reserve your pod with a Champagne and chocolate experience, while the panoramic wheels do its game.

A beautiful view over London, just for yourself and the other half. It is not a secret that this spot is used to be the choice of an engagement proposal.

This option might be expensive, so you can look at other opportunities.

Did you know that London is considered one of the most romantic European cities? Well, it’s super romantic for a reason and you can’t miss visiting.

London hidden gems
London itinerary 4 days

Go for movie and dinner

What is more romantic than a movie and after a lovely dinner in a fine restaurant. There are many opportunities in London to combine movie and dinner.

Champagne with love on top of The Shard in London

Enjoy the view from the shard | romantic things to do in London

This was Toti’s surprise for Valentine’s day back a few years ago. While you will not have your privacy and space will be quite full, the view and the atmosphere is unique.

You can still enjoy the packages that The Shard is launching before the date, and then enjoy a dinner at the restaurant of the building. The atmosphere on Valentine’s day is so romantic, with musicians and performances at the very top of the Shard.

In the external garden, there is a photo booth, ready for your next social media profile picture.


Does someone say Breakfast with a View?

This could be a dream come true. Believe wake up on top of a tall building, with the whole London looking at you could be fantastic.

There are many hotels with a view that are the best to snap awesome photos. Wake up early to catch the sunrise lights. This dreamy moment could be expensive, but booking it in advance could save some bucks.

Splurge on a room with a view and order breakfast to your bed; there’s nothing more romantic than a cosy morning in!

OUR SUGGESTIONS | The Shard, SkyGarden and Duck and Waffle

Fancy a live jazz performance in a club?

London has got so many activities that you will never be annoyed. Look after yourself and treat your other half with a crazy night in a club. If you like jazz, you will not be surprised to discover why this could be one of the most romantic things to do in London for couples.

A romantic escape to the coast side

Brighton beach - Shore beach in UK - day trip to Brighton from London

We love to explore the areas surrounding London, more than that the way that is linked to the coast side of the country. Especially from London we can reach Brighton in less than an hour, with trains departing often from Victoria Station.

Other than just Brighton, that is a must-do if you are living or visiting London, it’s to go for a Romantic escape to Portsmouth. Vivid are our memories of Toti’s birthday a few years ago. This was a surprise trip by Alessia, with a romantic bottle of champagne waiting in the hotel, strawberries and chocolate! Romantic, isn’t it?

Well if you are looking for some ideas about romantic things to do in London for couples, visit Portsmouth is a great suggestion.


Book a SPA day

In winter nothing is better than taking refuge in a spa, in the heat, relaxing and pampering yourself. A Spa is the best way to spend a romantic weekend with your other half, and winter is the perfect time of the year to plan it. The months going from October to February are the coldest one for the UK leading Capital. Doesn’t matter when you book it, the prices are always too high and you need to look for the best deal.

Some of the best Hotels in the city are offering package which include a full day Spa. Check out for the Hilton Park Lane, close to Hide Park. The Agua Spa with the rooftop terrace of the Sea Containers in Southwark is one of the best, offering walk-in for external clients.

If a SPA day sounds like a dream for you, there are so many other things you can do with your partner. In fact, in this list, you will find more inspiration for all the things you should add in your couples bucket list.

Tea Time on a double-deck Bus Tour of London

The special setting of Brigit's Bakery for Christmas. The afternoon tea on a classic double deck red bus around the centre of London
The special setting of Brigit’s Bakery for Christmas. The afternoon tea on a classic double deck red bus around the centre of London

Alessia has been in love with this trendy idea of hosting a traditional afternoon tea on a bus tour. Outside it looks like the classic double-deck, red, London buses, but inside it is a wonderland. (Check our post about the best Afternoon Tea in London).

Ideally in Christmas time, we have included this tour in our list of things to don’t miss in London. Onboard of Brigit’s Bakery you can enjoy the classic Christmas lights, in a proper romantic atmosphere.

Check availability and prices for your next experience on a Double deck bus in London.


If you are looking for romantic things to do in London for special occasions, watching a theatre performance could be so awesome.

Somebody will say that you will never enjoy London as much if you have never been to a theatre. Doesn’t matter what you are going to watch but the high level of performances are just great.

We have attended the theatre and musical comedies in London a few times, every time it was magical. Go on a tour of the epic Shakespeare Globe Theatre.


London at night
London at night will introduce you to some of the best landscapes in the World. Sparkling lights and the incredible shapes of beautiful building, like the St. Paul’s Cathedral in Central London.

London knows how to put magic in your date night. The lights of the big city make the atmosphere even more romantic. For many Londoners, just walking on the riverside, from the London Eye to the Tower of London at night is romantic. A free tour with an awesome scenario. Below are other amazing romantic things to do in London at night.

Dinner in on a boat on the River Thames

The area of River Thames has been for ages the first approach with London, but also one of the most romantic areas. Around the banks of the river, there are some of the traditional British spots. Not only the lights of the buildings at night help to increase London’s romantic appeal.

Looking for the most romantic things to do in London for couples, having dinner on a boat, sailing the river and passing under the illuminated bridges of the centre, it is certainly one of the experiences to mark in the list of things to do in London.

Book your dinner out, and surprise your other half with a view of London completely different.


London best restaurant skyline - Coppa Club tower bridge of London

If staying afloat on the river is not for you, so why don’t look for a table in a romantic restaurant. There are many choices in London, from high priced restaurants to more modest ones.

Coppa Club on the riverside, just a few steps away from The Tower of London and Tower Bridge is the ideal location for a romantic dinner with your other half. If you are looking for some romantic places in London for couple, definitely you have to check out for this spot. The amazing view over the Themes and the Shard on one side, and on the other the symbol of Millenial London, is enough reason to book your dine out here.

Enjoy a stroll around Notting Hill at night

Interesting building of the Instagrammable Notting Hill - Portobello - Italian Trip Abroad
This is just one of the many shots that you can catch at Notting Hill – Portobello – Italian Trip Abroad

Notting Hill is so much more than just the setting for a famous movie. But from that, we get the inspiration to suggest you stroll around Notting Hill at night.

The area is gorgeous every day, especially on Saturday when the whole main street is full of stands and the shops are open for the market. In summer, in August the streets of Notting hill are invaded by Londoners and tourists for the Carnival. But at night this area becomes even more striking, there are some hidden gardens, narrow streets that will enhance your romantic date.

Not only a place to walk around, but Notting Hill is also our suggested location to look for your next Airbnb flat while visiting London. In this borough, there are some of the most charming lofts, houses, flats and rooms. Take your romantic escape to the next level, and book a romantic apartment in the heart of Notting Hill.

Romantic restaurants in London for anniversary

We couldn’t leave you without a few suggestions for your anniversary. If you are in London you should go for the best. But with the wide range of premium location and experience, it is just not easy to pick the right one for you.

Depending on your anniversary, we have placed three suggestions that can be useful for everybody. Look at your wallet before booking some of those places.

O’Ver in London Bridge | Typical and Traditional Italian Restaurant, we have been in other branches of this Restaurant Chain, but the one in London Bridge is just superlative.

Pizza Pilgrims | If you are on a budget, or your date is not that demanding, a pizza and drink should be the most genuine option for everybody. Despite there are many other pizzerias in London, really good, Pizza Pilgrims combines price and fulfilled expectations. Our first date was at Pizza Pilgrims in Soho Square, all surrounded by Naples Team Scarfs and the breeze of our homeland.

Acqua bar on top of the Shard | This is a fancy way to spend your anniversary, with a nice view, a few expensive cocktails and fine dishes. It is not for everybody, but one in a while you can commit to this. Remember to book in advance your table and don’t just show up. Enjoy your romantic restaurant in London with a view.


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