If we ask you what’s the most romantic city in Europe, your answer might be Paris or Venice. Can’t blame you, both of them are romantic and worth visiting but in this guide, you will find the most romantic European cities besides the most famous one.

We included hidden gems such as Valletta and Nice. Those two might seem out of the league, just because not advertised enough as romantic destinations in Europe. Despite that, with this guide, with a mix of well known and hidden gems, you will discover why those are considered the 20  top romantic cities in Europe.  

All around Europe there are so many romantic European cities that you might haven’t thought about it. All the places listed below have got a magical and unique atmosphere that will influence you to add these places to your Europe bucket list.

Piazzale Michelangelo or Michelangelo Square is covered in our itinerary of Florence in 2 days
One of the most romantic European cities, Florence.

Romantic European cities 

  • Venice – Italy 
  • Paris – France 
  • Rome – Italy 
  • Budapest – Hungary 
  • Colmar – France 
  • Florence – Italy 
  • Granada – Spain 
  • Santorini – Greece
  • Porto – Portugal 
  • London -Uk
  • Valletta – Malta 
  • Vienna – Austria
  • Sintra – Portugal 
  • Nice – France
  • Amsterdam – Netherland
  • Prague – Czech Republic
  • Bruges – Belgium
  • Lisbon – Portugal
  • Seville – Spain
  • Copenhagen – Denmark 

Most romantic European cities 

Ponte di Rialto - Rialto Bridge of Venice | Most romantic European cities

Venice – Italy

On top of our list, there is Venice. We fell in love with this city not only because it is one of the most romantic cities in Europe but thanks to its charm, amazing surroundings and incredible architecture. 

Considered one of the crazy tourist destinations in Italy, Venice is the ideal city if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner

We never planned a trip to Venice before last summer. We always thought that it was nothing special but we were wrong. While spending 2 days in Venice, we understood how cute and romantic this city was. 

Toti usually is not a romantic person but during our itinerary in Venice, he surprised me with a romantic dinner with a view. I guess the city made him do it! 

We know that Venice is always busy but, despite this awkward feeling of being surrounded by many people, it’s still one of the most romantic European cities loved by couples.

Combine Venice with nearby day trips, like visiting Lake Garda, one of the most romantic places in Europe. Also, you can check about Verona, home of the Shakespeare love story, Romeo y Juliet, narrow cobbled streets and legends.

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Landmarks in Europe - Eiffel Tower France
Romantic cities in Europe – Eiffel Tower France

Paris – France

Paris is one of the most romantic European cities for a reason. It might be a clichè but it’s charming, romantic and worth considering for your next romantic getaway in Europe. Take a cue from famous movies like “Midnight in Paris”, crushing in the boudoir scene, following the path of the actors along the passionate streets of the French Capital.

If you really want to impress your lovely half, we suggest you grab a bottle of Prosecco and have a picnic on Champs de Mars while admiring the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the sunset. If you are looking for the perfect Travel Guide about Paris, you are in the right place, even if it’s your first time. Paris should be on top of the European trips for Couples, and a dreamy location for every American. Follow the path of Emily in Paris, and be ready to snap fairytale photos everywhere with your partner.

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The Colosseum the symbol of Rome you can't miss to visit in Rome

Rome – Italy

Ah, the romantic Eternal City. I think that after all the typical romantic European cities listed above, we prefer Rome after all. For us, Rome is a special city. Every time we are going back home to Naples, our home city, we’re trying to stop in Rome for a couple of days at first. Spending 2 days in Rome is today our romantic escape from the routine.

While strolling around Rome you will discover many intimate neighbourhoods worth walking together with your partner. Considering the most romantic place in Europe just a fairytale town, Rome it’s quite the opposite and makes the atmosphere the perfect idyllic welcome card to attract couples and honeymooners.

Be like in the dolce vita, live a dreamlike in the Fellini film, but be aware that it’s not allowed to take a bath in the Trevi Fountain, just saying.

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Budapest, one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe
Budapest, one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe

Budapest – Hungary 

Our trip to Budapest was planned for less than a week and for us, it’s one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe. I thought that I would love Vienna more than Budapest but it’s actually the opposite. 

With the beautiful surroundings, the architecture and the amazing Spas, Budapest will be on the top of your list of the best romantic cities in Europe.

Spending two days in Budapest, you have to plan at least a full day retreat in one of the many relaxing bath centres in the city. If you want to know more about Budapest’s Spa, read our full article here.

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The beautiful city of Colmar one of the most romantic European destinations

Colmar – France

The small fairytale town of Colmar is considered one of the most romantic European cities for a reason. This city was the inspiration for the village in the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast” and it’s not hard to understand why. 

While walking around Colmar’s streets you will throwback in a lovey-dovey and stunning fairytale dream. Located in the northeast of France, in the Alsace region, Colmar is today a unique mix between France and Germany. The history of this region begins during the Franco-German War and World War I, when the Alsace was going back and forth between France and Germany. This situation made the citizens of Alsace change their habits and today 75% of the inhabitants write in German.

Learn more about the fascinating history of Colmar, and discover this that can become your favourite romantic places in Europe to visit!

Romantic Photo spots in Florence - Romantic Florence Italy

Florence – Italy 

If we have to choose just one country which has got the most romantic scenarios and cities, it will be Italy. Apart from Venice, there are many romantic cities in Italy worth visiting. In this list of the most romantic European cities, we couldn’t miss the stunning Florence. 

After Venice, it’s’ the second most loved city in Italy and you will understand why. We’ve been to Florence for 2 days and we loved every aspect of it. From the stunning and impressive architecture to the gorgeous view from Piazzale Michelangelo. 

Florence will leave you speechless with its fantastic corner and narrow streets. The food in Italy it’s excellent, and don’t believe who it’s saying to travel to Italy just for the landscapes, they are lies. Besides the gorgeous surroundings and architecture, be ready to take your partner out for a romantic dinner. You won’t regret it!

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Spain- Alhambra-Granada - Architecture

Granada – Spain 

There are so many beautiful cities in Spain but if you’re asking us which one is the most idyllic place, after Seville which we will talk about later, it’s Granada.

Located in the southern part of the Peninsula, in the stunning area of Andalucia, Granada it’s one of the top locations in Spain. Thanks to its history, amazing Flamenco shows, delicious restaurants and stunning surroundings, Granada is another gem to be considered during your romantic getaway in Europe. 

If you want to enjoy the city without any stress, we suggest you plan this romantic escape in Europe around Springtime as the weather would be nice but not extremely hot. 

Curious to know what to do in Granada? Read our itinerary of all the things to do in Granada in 2 days.

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Santorini a romantic gateway in Europe

Santorini – Greece

Imagine yourself strolling around the beautiful island of Santorini while enjoying the sunset with your partner. Nice isn’t it?! Well, this is one of the main reasons why we added Santorini to our list of romantic places in Europe to visit.

Santorini can be overwhelming but if you plan ahead your trip to Greece, maybe around spring or autumn, you’ll be able to avoid crowds and enjoy every corner of this island. 

Considered one of the famous European destinations, being the first choice for the summer holidays. Also, Santorini, thanks to its beauty and amazing sea views, makes the dreamy location for a honeymoon, weddings or just usual holidays in style. The white houses, blue roofs and domes, the turquoise water and tasty food. Greece it’s the ultimate ideal romantic escape in Europe.

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Riverview of Porto Portugal - Winter in Porto

Porto – Portugal

We’ve been to Porto during our third anniversary and after visiting Lisbon, we consider this place one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Known for its tasty Porto Wine, the city of Oporto will leave you speechless. 

We never thought that this city would be our favourite destination in Portugal. To be honest, we had the most amazing anniversary ever. An amorous dinner and an evening walk along the promenade made our one day in Porto spectacular.

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View of Canary Wharf London

London – Uk

If you’re thinking that London is not passionate, you are wrong. There are so many romantic places in London which will change your mind.

Take a boat ride on the Thames, see the city from the top of “The Shard” or just have a romantic afternoon tea on a double-decker bus. You will see how London and its stunning attractions will become your favourite romantic European city.

Are you visiting London during spring? Well, you can’t miss walking around Little Venice and strolling in the most famous London parks. While visiting the city, don’t miss the amazing Cherry Blossom Locations in London. You can find out more in our post here.

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Valletta, Malta another romantic destinations in Europe

Valletta – Malta

Often overshadowed by other biggest cities in Europe, Valletta it’s romantic no less than others. The Oriental touch, mixed with the European culture, with the sea breeze and the tasty food, make it the perfect location to visit for couples.

Thanks to cheap flights from all around Europe, Valletta is an affordable location for a lovey-dovey getaway. The Island in the Mediterranean Sea offers incredible landscapes and unique locations, some well hidden. Go and discover gorgeous unknown places hand in hand. 

Valletta itself, the Capital of Malta, is one of the most romantic European destinations thanks to its stunning scenarios. Small but with many things to offer, Valletta is another city that you can consider adding to your next romantic getaway in Europe. 

Vienna in two days - Schonbrunn is one of the best photography spots in Vienna

Vienna – Austria

Vienna has always been my dream, in fact, for my birthday, Toti organized a surprise trip to Vienna. I always loved Vienna thanks to the famous movie “The Princess Sissi”, and I was super happy to be there for an extraordinary moment. 

The city itself is gorgeous with elegant coffee houses, delicious cakes to try, fairytale landscapes and stunning architecture, Vienna will be another romantic destination worth to add to your list. Don’t miss visiting the famous Schonbrunn Palace and feel like a princess with your partner while admiring and strolling around the castle.

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The instagrammable pena palace is a popular place nowadays in Portugal

Sintra – Portugal 

Did you know that Sintra is not only considered one of the most beautiful fairytale castles in the world but even a romantic place to visit in Europe.

Sintra is famous for its stunning Pena Castle which for us, it was the most fantastic part of the city. Beside the castle, you’ll be able to enjoy the city thanks to the delicious restaurants which are great for an idyllic dinner.

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Place Massena Nice one of the top romantic cities in Europe

Nice – France

Located in the coastal area of France, Nice is a romantic destination in Europe worth considering. We spent a few days in Nice and we loved every single corner of the city. Being on a terrace, drinking a tasty glass of wine and sharing this with your lovely half, it’s one of the most romantic things to do in Nice. 

If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy the sunset together with your partner, head to Nice Castle and admire the fantastic view of the city. From Nice you can also enjoy a few day trips, visiting one of the smallest countries in the world, Monaco – Montecarlo, or the movie city of Cannes.

Amsterdam Canals another romantic European capital

Amsterdam – Netherland

Have you ever thought about Amsterdam as one of the most romantic European cities?

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, wait to be impressed by how many things this city has to offer. Thanks to its beautiful canals, markets and atmosphere, Amsterdam is a really romantic place in Europe to visit! 

Nowadays there are many ways to reach Amsterdam, even avoiding flights. From London, you can take the high-speed train or even an overnight bus which will take you to Amsterdam the next morning.  You don’t need a lot of time to visit the city centre, however, if you really want to enjoy every single corner of the city, we suggest you spend at least 3 days in Amsterdam. 

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Top European cities in Europe - Prague

Prague – Czech Republic

Thanks to its stunning architecture, photography spots and gorgeous Christmas Market, Prague is today considered another romantic gem in Europe.

Every year, Prague welcomes tourists and many couples from all around the world. With its historic city centre, colourful baroque buildings and medieval Astronomical Clock, Prague is the right destination for a romantic getaway in Europe.

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Bruges, Belgium a romantic European gateway

Bruges – Belgium

Ideal for a short getaway in Europe, Bruges is considered one of the top fairytale towns in Europe. With its colourful houses, romantic canals and delicious chocolate shops, Bruges is a small romantic gem in Europe. 

Small but tasty. If you are visiting Brussels you can organize a short trip to Bruge and enjoy this gorgeous place which you’ll never forget. Within just two hours by train, you can reach Bruges and enjoy a perfect day trip.

lisbon 3-days itinerary - plaça de Comercio - Lisbon - Italiantripabroad

Lisbon – Portugal

We spent a week in Portugal for our third anniversary and Lisbon, thanks to its charm, amazing food, warm weather, needs to be considered the most romantic European cities. We have always thought that Lisbon can be the perfect home for us, thanks to the lifestyle and the warm temperatures all year round. For many this city it’s to be considered one of the best winter destinations in Europe, because of those factors.

Cheap and with many things to do, Lisbon is the perfect romantic Capital that you’ll love visiting. We wrote many guides about Lisbon, and some are about specific places like Pink Street, one of the quirkiest things to do in Lisbon, otherwise check also some of the best photography spots in Lisbon, you will be surprised.

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Plaza de Espana - Seville - Italian Trip Abroad instagrammable seville

Seville – Spain

We love Spain and if you know us, you’re aware that Seville it’s one of our favourite cities in Spain.

The magical city of Seville it’s one of the most gorgeous ones thanks to its culture, architecture and stunning landscapes. If you’re planning a road trip to Spain, we highly recommend you to stop in Seville and fall in love with this enchanting city. Wake up early in the morning and enjoy Plaza de España while the sun is rising in the sky.

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Main Square in Copenhagen! One of the most romantic cities in Europe

Copenhagen – Denmark

Are you looking for a cosy place where to enjoy a mulled wine or a hot chocolate while strolling around the city? Copenhagen is the right city for you. 

To be considered one of the most romantic European cities, but also one of the most expensive ones, you will be impressed by the amazing places around Copenhagen. With its colourful houses, the historical city centre, the enchanting little mermaid which welcomes sailors to the city for ages, you’ll fall in love with Copenhagen.

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harbor malaga seaside walking

Romantic European beach destinations

Definitely one of the best parts of our post, this list will include some of the most Romantic European beach destinations. Sometimes we miss the fact that a romantic destination cannot be also on the beachside, besides Maldive or other Caribbean locations.

However, Europe has got some incredible landscapes and views also on the seaside. Naples, it’s one of them, and if you have seen photos of Positano, you might understand why this is our first choice. However, the same impact’s with Nice, in France, beautiful even at night, strolling by the infinite promenade.

Malaga it’s another great beach destination in Europe for a Romantic Getaway to consider. Why don’t you mention Ibiza, that is for sure one of the fun locations, but can be romantic too with the right person on your side?

Most Romantic Islands in Europe

There are some destinations in Europe romantic like not others. We have included many of these already above, but now we want to remark on some of the most romantic islands in Europe. We all agree that Greece could be the queen of this list, with Italy following the tail and to a short distance, Spain, the place that we love the most.

Santorini is well known, mentioned above, so it’s time now to introduce you to Paros, another whitewashed coastal town and Mykonos, the place where fun and freedom goes along. Going overseas, there is Italy, and it’s like coming back home to us. Ischia it’s the perfect location off the beaten path, away from the crowds of the pricey Capri, but not less suggestive. Still roaming around Europe, enjoy the enchanting landscapes of Stromboli, the active volcano island in Sicily.

Flying to Spain we have to feature in this list of Europe’s most romantic islands, Formentera and Tenerife. The two volcanic islands, located near the African Coast are the perfect Romance landscapes to spend time with your loved one.

Cheap Romantic Getaways in Europe

Moneywise Europe it’s different from the east to the west side. Portugal it’s still fairly cheap, great to afford romantic holidays for couples in Europe. The cheapest location we have mentioned in our guide, looking at accommodation price, experiences cost and food retreat it’s for sure Budapest. The amazing cobblestone streets of the Hungarian Capital will leave you with just good memories. 

Just a few hours away from Budapest, another great cheap romantic getaway in Europe it’s Bratislava. The small old town, perfectly walkable side to side, it’s ideal for a romantic weekend breaks in Europe. Walking along the old walls and climbing up to the Castle on top of the hill, Bratislava it’s cheap, cute and romantic.

Southern Europe it’s definitely cheaper than the north. So we will suggest you take into consideration to visit Puglia, a Southern Region in Italy, in the heel of the boots. Towns like Polignano a Mare, Monopoli or Ostuni might sound nothing to you, but head to the single links above to discover hidden gems in Italy.

Q&A about the most romantic European cities 

Where is the most romantic city in Europe?

These are the most romantic destinations in Europe:
Cinque Terre

Which European country is best for a honeymoon?

If you are looking for the best honeymoon destinations in Europe, below you will find our suggestions:

Which city is the city of love?

Paris is considered the city of love and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Besides that, consider also Budapest, by many defined as the Paris of East Europe.

What is the most romantic vacation?

In terms of vacations, below you will find some ideas of the most romantic destinations in the world:

Most romantic European cities
Romantic places to visit in Europe
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