Seville 2 day itinerary | Cultural experiences in Spain

This city has made a big mark on our heart, the beautiful corners of Seville, the charming character that will take you back to the past and the gorgeous architecture is something you have to experience. Our post about Seville 2 day itinerary is a trip into the beauty of a beautiful Spanish city. Seville is one of the biggest cities in Andalucia. We have visited this place during our amazing tour from the coast of Spain to the intern part.

If I have to choose a city to visit soon, Seville will be on the top list. Without a doubt, Seville is a gem of Andalusia, a city to explore and stay for 2 days in Seville or more.

Planning a trip to Seville is well to know that the city is cheap. Low fare flights and good food for an affordable price. Seville in 2 days will be made for a few bucks and worth it all. If you are flying from Europe, it is well to know that it is easy to reach Seville from almost everywhere. Or you can just land in Malaga, close by 2 hours by high-speed train, instead of reaching Madrid with your flight and taking a 2 hours train to Seville. We have been done a Tour of Andalusia and Seville was a stop by, we spent a couple of days in the city and was amazing to discover it.

 Best Time to Visit Seville

Like everybody, we will always be on top of weather conditions and popular time of the year. So those few pieces of information are worth. Please don’t skip it if you are seriously planning to visit Seville soon. Depending on the kind of experience you are looking to have in Seville, you can choose your best time to visit Seville.
The most popular time of the year to be in Seville are for sure, the Holy week, called locally as Semana Santa. The Feria de Abril, in April and the months that go from May to June. After this time, Seville is simply too hot to be more than two days exploring the streets.

Seville is quiet during winter, that it makes a perfect time of the year to promote slow travelling. We love those periods of the year, and Seville is the ideal. The Spanish region of Andalusia is well known for the 300 days of Sun, which makes rainy days low on average. If you are not a fan of crowds and popular spots, visit Seville in winter will be the best idea to avoid the queue and long time waiting for visiting the attractions.

Seville 2 day itinerary | Cultural experiences in Spain 1
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Top things to do in Seville: the attractions you must visit in Seville

What to see in Sevilla - Plaza de Espana
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A beautiful photo of Seville – Plaza de Espana of Seville, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe

Being a shortlist of things to visit in Seville in 2 days, I have tried to concentrate your visits. As always during our short trips that can go for a mid-week trip or a weekend in Seville, we try to concentrate our energies during the first day, visiting as much as we can.

The second day is more chill, with visits to the main attractions left and a few stops on the way to recharge. In our day 2 in Seville, we eat like locals and do more slow-travelling activities. This itinerary of Seville in 2 days is the same. 

Bear in your mind that visit Seville in 2 days is a bit tight. If you want to visit the city at the best we suggest at least to spend 3 days in Seville. 2 Days in Seville will stretch your legs a lot, the city is wide. The proper centre of the city is where is located the Royal Alcázar. This is the perfect centre where to start to explore Seville in 2 days.

Walking around the Royal Alcázar you will discover the amazing gems of Sevilla. The Cathedral of the city and La Giralda, the tower. If you feel that the two days will be a full immersion in the culture of the city, we suggest ordering your Seville City Pass. It allows you to get in and out of the attractions and public transport.

Plaza de España, The Gold Tower, Metropol Parasol and many others are the attractions waiting for you in Seville. Let’s discover it together.

What to see in Seville in 2 day Itinerary

Day 1 in Seville

  • Plaza de España
  • Parque de Maria Luisa
  • Seville Cathedral
  • La Giralda
  • Barrio Santa Cruz
  • Royal Tobacco Factory
  • Evening beers, flamenco, and tapas

Day 2 Seville Itinerary

  • Metropol Parasol
  • Museum of fine arts
  • Bullring of Seville
  • Torre del Oro
  • Triana
  • Flamenco and Tapas

Seville 2 day itinerary | Day 1

Seville itinerary 3 days - Plaza de Espana
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This is one of our best photos so far, this is Plaza de Espana and we were so happy to discover Seville.

Depending on the time of your arrival in Seville. We suggest you start the day with an amazing breakfast in Spanish style. The day will be long and the many attractions of Seville are just waiting to be discovered. On your first day in Seville, you will go around the most important sightseeing. Your itinerary will include a visit to the Parque de Maria Luisa. Here, in the Maria Luisa Park, you will admire the gorgeous Plaza de España

The second stop on your Sevilla Tour will be the Cathedral of the City, with the tallest Bell Tower “La Giralda”. The other landmarks of the city you will discover in your day 1 in Seville, are the Barrio Santa Cruz with the amazing colours and Andalus architecture and the Royal Tobacco Factory.

Check those tours we suggest to you:

Plaza de España

Plaza de Espana - Seville
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Plaza de España has inspired us a lot in our Seville Itinerary. We ended spending an entire afternoon just wandering around the arcade and the benches of the square.

This is the symbol of Sevilla. We are affectionate to this place, that has been one of the first-ever professional photos from us. Plaza de España is not important just for us, but the citizens of Sevilla. The huge square is amazing, full of tiles of various colours that have inspired artists from everywhere for ages. Usually, this square is crazy busy.

It is really popular among tourists and we suggest to check it in the early morning. If you have the chance to come back in the afternoon, make sure it is in your plans. During the sunset, the lights of this square are just amazing. It will let you feeling completely different compared to the morning.

The Beautiful Plaza de España is worth to visit

On the side of the square, in the semi-circle called by many as a kind of semi moon shape, where there are 48 benches. Those are full of ceramic painted tiles azulejos, typical of the cultural heritage of Seville. Each bench is representing a province of Spain, making it a proud square not just for Seville but for the entire nation. The square is now a Unesco World Heritage site, so is really important to don’t skip it.

This square is ninety years old, built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. It is immersed in the awesome park of Maria Luisa. Take the chance to rent a little boat and go around the canals of this square. This is an awesome romantic spot of Seville and you can’t miss it. This idea will be perfect even at night. Admire the square with the glamorous lights sparkling.

The Park is closing at 10 pm, and so after this time, the square is not accessible anymore.

If you are visiting Plaza de Espana in Seville you can’t miss renting a boat and exploring the lovely square from a different point of view. If you are looking for more inspirational things to do in Spain, read our latest post about all the experiences to do in Spain.

Things to do in Seville in 2 days

Parque de María Luisa

Being in Plaza de Espana is well to know that the entire square has been built in the Parque de Marìa Luisa. Your trip inside the city of Sevilla has just started, but for sure you want to take it slow and easy. Chill in one of the most beautiful parks in Spain. Take an ice cream at one of the stands in the long avenues. Refresh yourself in this park if you are visiting Seville in summer, with temperatures going up 40 degrees.

The Parque de Maria Luisa is a public park today, once part of San Telmo’s Palace. The garden itself has been completely redesigned for the Exposition Ibero-American of 1929, with the French Engineer inspired by the design of the gardens of Generalife and Alhambra of Granada and the local Alcázar of Sevilla.

Seville Cathedral and the Giralda

For sure you will notice the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral, it is visible from kilometres. The Seville Cathedral and the Giralda are top tourist attractions of Seville. If you didn’t know and didn’t notice, the ancient time has seen Seville one of the attractive poles of Moorish culture and conquest of Andalusia.

The Bell Tower of Seville was once a mosque, in origin was a symbol for the Moorish in Sevilla. That was demolished in the 15th century because of poor conditions, not for religious reasons. Then was built the actual Cathedral of Sevilla, following the Christian architecture, Gothic Style. This is the biggest Cathedral in Spain and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

La Giralda, that is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla, was originally a mosque minaret. This awesome masterpiece of Gothic style with Moorish influence is a structure of 104 meters that is the tallest one in the city.

Fun Facts: As per low is not possible to construct buildings higher than La Giralda. This makes this place a must-see. Hike up la Giralda for 360 views over Sevilla. Book the skip the line ticket and move fast.

The Real Alcázar of Seville

Well, we have already presented this lake. The photos This is our favourite place in Sevilla, an awesome spot where to snap the best memories from your holidays in the Spanish city. The Alcázar is the Royal Palace of Seville, a symbol of the various Epoque and conquerors the city had. Originally the home of the Muslim Kings, the first layer style is in perfect Muslim style. Within the centuries the residence has got many important families owning it, after the Reconquista (The return of the Christians over the Moorish).

The marvellous essence of the various styles of The Alcázar in Seville will grab you and show dreamy gardens and fountains. At the entrance take an audio guide, and go through the eras from the Mudéjar to the Gothic one. The internal courtyard of the Royal Palace of Seville is gorgeous and breathtaking. The maze garden is one of the main attractions of the outside Alcázar. 

The Royal Palace of Seville is another amazing World Heritage Site of the city. The outdoor gardens that were used for some scenes of the famous movies Game of Thrones.

When we visited the Royal Alcázar of Seville we were really lucky to get the ticket in advance. Waiting outside before us, there was a long queue.

Intern of the Real Alcazar of Seville - The Royal Palace
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Seville itinerary 2 days

Itinerary in Seville in two days
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The streets of Santa Cruz with the local partying in the streets of the city. Spain is fun even just walking through the district, folklorist activities are waiting for you in your Seville 2 day itinerary.

Streets of Santa Cruz

The streets of this borough have inspired us a lot. It is not the main attraction of the city, but worth a visit to Seville. The Streets of Santa Cruz are close by the Alcázar of Seville, a narrow maze of streets with a historic past. The yellow and white buildings are characteristic of Andalusia, and make this place an awesome spot where snap some shots.

The area of Santa Cruz is the former Jewish quarter, and once called “La juderia”.

Royal Tobacco Factory

This will be the last stop on our Seville Itinerary in 2 days. The Royal Tobacco Factory is today just a historical building, but once upon a time, it was supplying most of Europe’s request of cigarettes in the 19th century.

The Royal Tobacco Factory is just behind the gardens of the Alcázar of Seville. If you are not a fan of a Royal Tobacco Factory, you can skip it and go through the streets around the Cathedral, pop in a classic Spanish bar and enjoy a pint of local beer and go direct to the next step.

Beer and Tapas in Seville
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Evening Beers, Flamenco and Tapas

This will be the best part of your short trip to Seville. The only evening you will spend in Seville will be devoted to fun and food. Spain is well known for its good food and local tasty beers. Even though there are many good places in Seville where to eat, there are a few places that we will suggest to you.

The Tapas is a selection of a small portion of local food, it will include Jamon (Local prosciutto), cheese, dried tomato, omelettes and more. The fine Spanish cuisine is amazing and will kidnap you. What we suggest to you is to book a food tour of Sevilla, it will give you a full experience.

Another icon of Spain is the local dance Flamenco. Seville is well known for the many Flamenco bars, or locally called Tablaos. The area is recognized as the place of the best Flamenco bars is Tirana. This neighbourhood will offer you some of the best tapas bars in the whole city.

The Andalusian culture is everywhere, enjoy art, music, and dance. If you want to get deeper into the Andalusian culture is good to book a local tour, that will explain the origin of this ancient dance. The most popular flamenco bar in Triana is “Casa Anselma”, that bar is opening not before midnight.

Day 2 in Seville

What to do in Seville in 2 days

It’s your second day in Seville and you are already a bit more confident with the city and its streets. In your day 2 in Seville, you will be exploring some of the best cultural places in the city, going through the historic centre and the picturesque streets of the flamenco capital.

Your two days in Seville, Spain, are almost gone, and this is the perfect time to see the city from a different point of view, you will go up the Metropol Parasol, it is one of the latest monuments of the city. Crossing the river, you will experience what is life in Seville over the neighbourhood of Triana.

Admire the amazing Torre del Oro, knowing the dance art of Flamenco visiting the local museum. We will still suggest you get a Sevilla Visitors Card, using public transport and free access to museums and activities.

If you are a fun of the hop-on-hop-off bus, you will spend just –$ for a 24h ticket. Taking the Tourist bus will help you to explore more of the city in less time. Grab your ticket for the hop-on-hop-off bus in Seville.

Plaza de Espana Sevilla the most beautiful square in the world
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Metropol Parasol

This futuristic building is de facto one of the symbols of the city. The Metropol Parasol is in Placa de La Encarnación, in the older quarter of Seville.

The structure of the Metropol Parasol is consisting of giant mushrooms shape buildings. In Spanish, this structure is called “las setas”. The architect has been inspired by other amazing buildings in the city like the Cathedral of Seville and the ficus trees in Plaza de Cristo de Burgos, which is nearby.

At the underground level of the Metropol Parasol, there is a museum where are preserved the ruin of Romans and Moorish. The Metropol Parasol museum is the Antiquarium, reserve an hour to discover the amazing archaeological finds displayed.

Museum of Fine Arts

Talking about the museum, your next step in the short visit to Seville is to visit the Museum of Fine Arts. As you can understand our itinerary is full of culture and art, Seville is plenty of amazing places to discover and learn from. The Museum of Fine Arts is housed inside an old convent, which makes even more suggestive a visit.

Seville 2 day itinerary

Bull Ring of Seville, Spain - Seville 2 day itinerary
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Real Maestranza Bullring

This place has been so inspiring for me an Alessia. The Real Maestranza Bullring has been for many years the meeting point of the population. Despite the recent movement against the bullfights, the bullring of Seville is still active and attracts tourists and lovers of this cruel fight. If you want to add this kind of experience, watching a bullfight, check the events calendar

If you are not a fan of bullfight but want to learn more on cultural typical things of Andalusia, you can still visit the Real Maestranza Bullring and the museum. Taking a guided tour, you see not only a museum on the sport and the history of matadors, but also get to walk around the historic stands of the beautiful arena. Check the tickets!

Sevilla Golden Tower and River View
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Guadalquivir Riverfront

A romantic walk on the riverfront of Sevilla will relax the body and mind. The Guadalquivir Riverfront is a palm tree walking road on the side of the Guadalquivir River. Seat along on one of the benches with an amazing view over the pretty neighbourhood of Triana. 

While walking on the riverfront you can see your next stop on the Seville in 2 days itinerary. Torre del Oro is just a few steps away on your path.

Torre del Oro

The beautiful tower that you can admire once stepping out of the Metro station of Puerta de Jerez is Torre del Oro. As I told you before the Torre del Oro is visible by the riverside of the Guadalquivir. The tower has been built by the Moors in 1200 and was used as a watchtower, once part of the city walls and was linked to another important tower into the city, the Torre de la Plata.

Today, it houses a naval museum that you can visit. You can also climb up the tower for river views from the roof. Along with the Giralda, it is one of the most representative symbols of Seville. It was designated a historic-artistic monument in 1931.

The Tower once was one of the two anchor points for a massive gold chain that blocked the river. That chain is today missing. Torre del Oro translated into English the Gold Tower.

Seville 2 day itinerary

Classic bar shop in Seville in the neighbours of Triana
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The visit to Seville cannot be complete if you don’t visit one of the most folkloristic districts of the city. The local identity is well identifiable in Triana. The district for many years has been growing and developing apart from the rest of the city. The style of the buildings, the streets are completely different than the context of the rest but perfectly mixed in. Triana is well known as the neighbourhood of the Flamenco and the Azulejos tiles.

Visiting Triana District, you have to enjoy the local market. Walkthrough the stands of fruit and vegetables you will feel the fresh products coming from local farms.

The Museum of Flamenco Dance

The last place to visit in Sevilla before you leave the city is the Museum of Flamenco Dance. Check the ticket for the museum.

Make sure you are not skipping this on your trip, is important to understand the cultural factors of the city. Discover the secrets of the Flamenco dance and learn its moves from valid teachers.
Other than just visiting the Museum of Flamenco, why not taking a lesson from locals? Check out this opportunity!

Flameco Dance Museum in Seville Spain - Seville 2 days itinerary
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How to Get Around Seville

That’s true that Seville is a compact city, most of the sightseeing in the city is located in the old town. Visiting Seville you will understand that most of the exploring path will be walking. But, due to your short visit to Seville in 2 days, you need to move fast and smart. The public transport of Seville is efficient, the metro line will take you even from the areas to the city centre in less than 20 minutes. These amazing commuters are the ideal to save a few bucks on the accommodation, due to the services tickets are cheap.

When we stayed in Seville, we rented an Airbnb just outside of the city heart. (This is our code discount for your next booking with Airbnb).

Buying a multiticket card, called Tarjeta Multiviaje, will allow you to recharge your card for every trip. You can recharge the Tarjeta Multiviaje at many bus stops and in all the metro stations, it will allow you to get up and down the bus and metro within Seville.

If you don’t want to spend your time charging a card, or paying for a single trip of 1.40 Euro, you can buy a Tourist Card. This special offer will allow you to get up and down the buses, free in some sightseeing and great discount.

If you want to get old fashioned in Seville, you can take the only one bus still running in the city. The T1 tram is the only line passing by the core of Seville. The Track of the Tram T1 is going from Plaza Nueva to San Bernardo. The ticket for the tram is just 1,20€ for a single journey.

From the Airport to Seville city centre

The city of Seville has got its airport, it seems more expensive than the closest Madrid and Malaga, but worth to try to check for a cheap flight. From Seville airport into the city you have to take a bus for 35 minutes. The ticket for the journey from the Airport of Seville to the city centre is 4€ each way and you can get off at Plaza de Armas or Santa Justa Train Station.

If you are not fancy to take a bus from the Airport, you can book private transport like a taxi that will cost you just 25 euro. Book your transfer!

Accommodation in Seville

The recently pulling of new Airbnb has turned in an easy way to find accommodation in Seville even in high season. In Seville you can easily find any kind of accommodation you are looking for, according to your needs, you can opt for a fine hotel or a cheap one, or going on a budget with an Airbnb or a hostel.

We suggest you go for accommodation just outside of the city centre, it will be chaotic, especially in the high season and it is better to take it slow and stay in the neighbourhood. Staying just 48 hours in Seville the ideal location is near a metro station or within a few buses stops from the old town.

Seville’s city centre may be wide but it’s not huge.  The area we feel to suggest you check out is Triana. This is one of the folkloristic districts of Sevilla, ideal for a quick escape of two days in Seville. From Triana within a few buses stops you can reach the main sightseeing of the city. Not only that. The District is really lively at night, that makes it ideal for a dinner out and goes to bed close by. This location is ideal hassle-free to explore Seville in two days.

If you are more for an adventure and a backpacking trip, you can check out the Nomad Hostel, high rated by backpackers and budget travellers. Those are other few suggestions regarding the hotel and hostel within the city centre of Seville.

Guadalquivir Riverfront - Discover Sevilla - riverside
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The Perfect 2 day Seville Itinerary

Seville 2 days itinerary
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Even if you are planning a weekend in Seville, it is enough time to fall in love with the Spanish city. If you are the kind of traveller that wants to get into the soul of a city, two days in Seville will be not enough. But we are here to point you straight were the life and the heart of the city is.

The traditions of Seville are close in a district, more than the streets of the city centre where you can find mostly tourists. The soul of Andalusia is in the bars, clubs and Flamenco Tablas. Areas like San Bernardo and Triana are characterful of the identity of this city.

Why you should visit Seville

The beauty of Sevilla - Discover Sevilla - where eat and drink in Sevilla sevilla at night
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The city of Seville is amazing, and if you are following our blog you can understand how is hard to say that for us for a city that hasn’t got the seaside. But Seville is magical, and I think we have spent the best days of our Andalusia Tour Itinerary there, over than on the beaches of Malaga.

The gorgeous Southern Region of Andalusia is something incredible, with amazing landscapes, traditional little towns and cultural hubs are the ideal holidays for everyone. Seville itself is the perfect city break getaway in Spain. With 2 days in Seville, you will see just the front aspect of an amazing city. You will learn, exploring Seville in 2 days, how is the typical day of locals.

It may seem tough to fit a lot of activities in one of the best destinations in Europe in just two days, but following our itinerary, you will certainly take the best from your trip. Concentrate energies for some awesome experiences in Seville to take back home as lifetime memories.

Experiences to do in Seville in 2 days

Experiences in Sevilla for food lovers

Suggested Experiences outside of Seville

Day Trips from Seville

Jerez de la frontera travel couple italian trip abroad
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This is Jerez de la Frontera, as you can spot many similarities with the nearby Seville.

If in your mind you are planning a bigger trip to Andalusia, and just two days are not enough to satisfy you, those are some of the best day trips from Seville you can try.

Seville is close to many great cities like Madrid, Cadiz, and Malaga. It makes easy to reach those destinations by train, bus or car. As we said before could be an added value for budget travellers to have the closest airport like the Spanish Capital and the biggest city of Andalusia.

Over the classic Seville day trips to the biggest cities, there are many other little towns picturesque and worth a trip.

Within 40 minutes from Seville, there is Jerez de la Frontera, well known for the MotoGP and the annual Feria del Caballo, the Fanfare of Horses, that attract tourists and locals from everywhere. The city itself is compact, but welcoming with charming Andalus architecture and traditions.

Visit it for a few hours while driving in the courtyard of Spain. Another great location to visit nearby Seville for a day trip in style is Huelva on the coast side of Spain. This is a little city where the locals escape during the summer, enjoying the beaches.

Within 3 hours from Seville by bus you can reach Portugal, here is where is coming from the influence of the cousins. From Seville to Faro, one of the most beautiful stretches of the Coast of Europe is an easy ride by, bus, train or car. You can step in Portugal within 2 hours from Seville, that makes this location a great hub where to start a trip within the two great nation of west Europe.

More itineraries about Seville

Q&A of Seville in 2 days itinerary

One or two days in Seville?

Definitely one day in Seville will be not enough to visit everything. In just one day in Seville, you might see just the old town and the city centre with the main landmarks. If you have just one day in Seville, we suggest to stick around the Cathedral Area, avoid a visit to the Royal Alcázar if not already booked your ticket. The Royal Palace of Seville is worth at least half-day visit with the full access to the amazing external gardens

Are 2 full days in Seville enough?

Depending on which is your way to travel 2 full days in Seville are enough to visit the best of the visit. The main sightseeing of the city is within the old town and walkable distances. We are the kind of travellers that likes to visit places and get lost, so most of the time we going walking around the city centre, and moving fast to other locations with public transport. If you want to visit Seville in 2 full days, you have to be smart and look for an accommodation close to the landmarks, or at least the public transport services.

How many days in Seville?

To be honest to get fully in the Seville mood you have to visit the city within 3 – 4 days. Seville is amazing and worth a full holiday. Take it slow and enjoy the places where you are staying. If you can spend just a weekend, think at least to arrive in Seville late on Friday or have a half-day on Monday, it will allow you to get at least the breakfast and 2 full days in the city.

Weekend in Seville?

A weekend in Seville is what we suggest to a part-time traveller. This city is adapt to any kind of travellersbackpackerssolo travellerscouples for a romantic getaway. A weekend will be not enough to visit Seville, but are the perfect days to enjoy the life-like a local, visiting a market or participating in traditional festivities, like Easter.

Must-do things in Seville Spain?

Visit the Real Alcázar and the gardens
Hike up the Metropol Parasol
Raw a little boat in Plaza de España
Watch a Flamenco Show
Learn how to make the Paella
Eat churros for the breakfast

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