Seville off the beaten path | Discover the hidden gems of Seville

A guide to Seville off the beaten path. Discover some true hidden gems in Seville, an amazing city in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Enjoy the architecture of Seville.

Last Update: March 28, 2024

Seville off the beaten path will be your guide to the best secret masterpieces of the city. Let’s go away from the classic itineraries of Seville and maybe get lost.

Seville is one of those cities which will always be in your heart. We fell in love with Seville so much that we couldn’t resist to come back and explore Seville Hidden Gems.

If it is your first time or not, after exploring the most important landmarks of the city, you need to make sure you plan smart your Seville off the beaten path itinerary.

The city is overwhelming, if you are not prepared will end up outside of a bar enjoying the sun and a cold beer.

Go off the beaten track, and discover a different shape of Seville. The city can offer more than just the classic touristy spots.

Intern of Seville - Amazing Architecture and Buildings
A proper Tour of Seville off the beaten path will take you to hidden spot in the beautiful city of Andalusia.

Non-touristy things to do in Seville Spain

  • Tour of Maestranza Bull Ring
  • Watch a Sevillan football match
  • Iglesia el Salvador
  • Parque Maria Luisa
  • El Costurero de la Reina
  • Yacht Cruise along Guadalquivir 
  • Sunset Bike Tour
  • Triana Market
  • Alternative tour in Seville
  • Seville electric car tour

 Tour of Maestranza Bull Ring

Not really considered by tourists when visiting Seville, but the Maestranza BullRing is a unique experience that you need to have at the least once in your life.

You might be able to find tickets to see the actual show but if not make sure you reserve your spot to check the inside of this gorgeous Bullring.

Watch a Sevillan football match 

A really off the beaten track plan would be watching a Sevillan football match. If so it is in your plan you need to book your tickets while in advance as sometimes tickets are impossible to find. It’s a unique experience which you should have if you are visiting Seville. 

Whether you are a football fan or not, it’s an incredible experience where you will have a lot of fun. As Italian, we love watching football matches even if it is another team playing. If you are lucky that the home team wins, you will see how locals are celebrating. This is one of those authentic experiences which will change your trip to Seville and make it better.

Iglesia el Salvador

Located in Plaza del Salvador this church is one of the hidden gems in Seville with its architecture and gorgeous interior. El Salvador church needs to be in your Seville off the beaten track itinerary as it’s not a very popular touristy church.

As you might see around the city, Seville has got plenty of cathedrals, one more beautiful than the other. Iglesia del Salvador is a huge pink church located in Plaza Salvador where with its stunning interiors and coloured lights made this one of the most beautiful churches in Seville.

If you wish to visit the interior, which we highly recommend, the price is only 4 euros.

Tips: The outside is one of the most instagrammable places in Seville.

If you want to know all the spots around the city see our post here.

Parque Maria Luisa | Undiscovered Seville

Considered one of the world’s most beautiful park, Maria Luisa Park in Seville is the ideal spot if you are looking for a Seville off the beaten track itinerary.

Most people know Seville especially for the beautiful Plaza de España and its history but there is more to discover in this city. Explore the gorgeous Parque Maria Luisa, a sprawling green open space with fountains and mosaics where you can enjoy a lovely walk on a sunny day in Seville.

El Costurero de la Reina

A real off the beaten path itinerary of Seville would be including El Costurero de la Reina. Very hardly you will find it on a two days itinerary of Seville, but you have to visit.

El Costurero de la Reina (the Queen’s sewing box) is a gorgeous building built in the late nineteenth in Maria Luisa Park.

It’s a unique building which if you are visiting Seville you should consider to visit.

TopTips: It’s a gorgeous building and if you are looking for a perfect spot in the city keep this in mind.

Cruise Tour on the Guadalquivir - Sevilla Golden Tower and River View
The Guadalquivir is the river passing right in the middle of the city. For a proper Seville off the beaten path itinerary you should add this to your bucket list.

Yacht Cruise along Guadalquivir 

An alternative thing to do in Seville could be a cruise along Guadalquivir which it’s a unique experience where you will have a lot of fun. 

You can book here your tickets and enjoy the beautiful time along the river in Seville.

What are you waiting for? Reserve your space to be able to see Seville from a different point of view.

Sunset Bike Tour

When it comes to the perfect sunset spot we are always the ones who are up for it.

Seville is the ideal city to enjoy a sunset bike tour and be able to see the most important landmarks while appreciating the sunset shadows. There are so many tours taking place in Seville but this is the one that we suggest.

Triana Market

Who doesn’t love the local markets? One of the best ways to explore real Sevillian life is exploring the Triana Market. Usually, markets are the best place where to eat something which is fresh and with a delicious taste.

Spanish markets are known even for the little shops where you can stop and have a quick and fresh beer with some tapas.

For us, it was heaven with the perfect combination of local food and good vibe. As we love the food we are always looking for the right place where to grab something quick to eat during our trips. We explored around but when we found the Triana Market we found our place! With its fresh products, colourful surroundings and delicious smell, this market will be your favourite as well.

For us, Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain which you can’t miss visiting. If you want to know more about what to do in Spain, read our Spanish Bucket List post.

 Seville like a local | Enjoy the famous siesta

I bet that most of you have heard about the famous Spanish siesta. Alessia is missing this moment so much since we are back in the UK. (Siesta=Nap)

After lunchtime, from 2 PM until 4-5 PM the majority of the shops are closed. Why? Because it’s the time for the siesta. The time where you can go home and rest before starting your evening shift. It’s one of the best times of the day where you can just rest without thinking about anything. 

Alternative tour in Seville

When it comes to the beautiful city of Seville what we suggest is to try something different. For example, booking an alternative tour will help you to see and understand better the history of this gorgeous city. 

If you book your spot here within 2 hours you will see Seville from a different perspective and we assure you that you will love it. 

Seville electric car tour

If you really want to enjoy Seville from a different perspective and have fun at the same time, you should think about booking a tour of the city by an electric car. 

Nowadays everyone is looking after the environment and is trying to keep it as clean as possible. Renting an electric car in Seville and having fun around the city might be a good option. 

We have done it a couple of times and every time we suggest it to our friends to try this new experience.

You can check here the tour and book your spot. 

TopTips: If you are sitting on the back of the car be ready for a lot of wind and if you will find speed bumps you will feel them a lot. 

Seville off the beaten path - Alternative Seville Itinerary

Getting around Seville

Getting around the city is very easy as the public transports work really well and you can see all the city centre by walk. The easiest way to travel around the city is to take the local transport and the metro. It is efficient and quick from one side to another. If you want to do like us, think to take an accommodation outside of the city centre, save a few bucks and travel for around 20 minutes to the main landmarks.

The Metro works with the Seville Metro Card, it is a normal card, called Tarjeta de Viaje, containing a number of trips, depending on the balance that the card has. You can recharge it at any metro station. The same is working on the bus and trams of the city as well.

Once you reach the city centre you don’t need to purchase any other transport tickets as you can easily walk around the heard of Seville. 

Best time to visit Seville

We found Seville beautiful all year, from spring to winter the city has got a particular charm which you will fall in love with.

This Andalusian city can become really hot during the summer months like having almost 30/35 degrees in May. It has been named the frying pan of Spain due to the highest temperatures.

If you are planning a Seville off the beaten path itinerary you should definitely consider the month of April, May or September and October. Try to avoid the clue months of Summer as very hot and you won’t be able to enjoy it a lot.

Are you ready to plan your Seville off the beaten track itinerary?

As we mentioned before we fell in love with Seville and from our pictures and our way to talk you understand why. We have spent so much time around the city and still, we can’t get enough of it. 

If you are planning a trip around Spain, Seville needs to be on your list as it is an incredible city and you can’t miss visiting. If you want to plan 2 days in Seville or 3 days itinerary in Seville you need to make sure you have all the top landmarks on your list together with the off the beaten path sights.

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