16 most beautiful cities in Spain to visit once in your life

When it comes to talking about Spain we are always ready to give our opinion. After living in Malaga and travelling all around the country, we decided to write a guide on the top 16 most beautiful cities in Spain. A guide starting from the north of Spain until the lovely and warm south. There are so many beautiful places on the coast but also mountain landscapes, scenarios that blend perfectly with the Spanish culture.

Spain is not only Madrid or Barcelona, but there are also many cities around the country that are worth to visit. In our guide, you will find many places that you never heard before. You will see what Empuriabrava, Ronda and Cuenca have to offer and why are considered in our list of the most beautiful cities in Spain. 

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most beautiful cities in Spain
The wheel of Malaga gives you a welcome into the city. It is in the main square, close to the Information Point

Most beautiful places in Spain

  • Seville
  • Cuenca
  • Cordoba
  • Granada
  • Segovia
  • Toledo 
  • Madrid
  • Ronda
  • Zaragoza
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Malaga
  • Valencia
  • Empuriabrava
  • Cadiz
  • Barcelona
  • Alicante
What to see in Sevilla - Plaza de Espana
A beautiful photo of Seville – Plaza de Toros



I always said that the most colourful city in Spain is Sevilla. The colours which surround the city makes it one of the most beautiful in Spain.

Seville is one of the best places in southern Spain, and we always said so. It is the capital of Andalucia region and you can’t visit Spain without stopping by Seville. It’s famous for flamenco dancing and for amazing landmarks which mark this city as one of our favourite cities in Spain. A must-see place perfect for your photography tours Spain is Plaza de España. The combination of the stunning square and the colours around will make your holiday memorable.

During your trip exploring the most famous Spanish cities, you will discover that Seville is the most romantic city in Spain as well. This city needs to be in your list of the top 5 most beautiful cities in Spain.

WHERE TO EAT | Bar Eslava, Bodega Santa Cruz

PLACES TO VISIT | Seville Cathedral, Royal Alcázar, Plaza de España


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Cuenca was a surprise for us. We have never heard about this city before but thanks to my best friend, we had the pleasure to explore Cuenca. Located close to Madrid, within one hour drive, this city is a little gem worth visiting. After our trip to Sri Lanka, we decided to finally explore Cuenca and with our friend and her dad. We were able to discover the hidden gems of the city and a bit of history as well. 

Cuenca is the city where you won’t find the words to describe. Even if it was a hot and sunny day in August, we had the pleasure to see the whole city. 

The beautiful landscapes and amazing architecture you will see how Cuenca will be impressed in your mind.

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, in fact you will see the typical “Casas Colgadas” which are a series of houses constructed inside a rock. 

WHERE TO EAT | Trivio, La posada San Josè, Ponderosa.

PLACES TO VISIT | Casas Colgadas, Cuenca Cathedral, San Pablo’s Bridge

WHEN TO VISIT| Spring/Autumn


Located two hours away from Granada, Cordoba is the perfect escape for architecture and photography lovers. That’s why it is the perfect city for Italian Trip Abroad, as we love both.

The must-see place is “Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba”. There are no words to describe the inside of the Mosque. Cordoba is considered one of the most historic cities in Spain. The historic centre which includes its charming old town makes the city one of the best cities in Spain.

The tickets are only 10 euro for adults and children up to 14 years old is 5 euro. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Southern Spain as is one of those cities where every corner is perfect for photography in Spain.

WHERE TO EAT | Taberna San Miguel, El Churrasco, Taberna Salinas.

PLACES TO VISIT |  La Mezquita, Alcazar, Roman Bridge

WHEN TO VISIT | Autumn/Spring

Most Romantic city in Spain


When talking to someone about Spain, the first city they think is Madrid or Barcelona. Forget about those two cities for a moment and try to push the limit. There is a city situated in southern Spain, Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Granada is one of the city you should visit in Spain. Home to some of the most iconic architecture in Spain. You can’t leave this country without visiting “La Alhambra” a palace and fortress which housed the Muslim kings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the view from the top is just breathtaking.

In Granada, you can experience the real essence of the Spanish lifestyle. Remember if you are going to Granada you need to try one of the best tapas bars, “Los Manueles” the perfect place where to have the famous Spanish Croquetas.

WHERE TO EAT | Los Manueles Tapas Bar & Las Provincias

PLACES TO VISIT | Alhambra, Generalife, Albayzin

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Autumn

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Planning a day trip from Madrid? Segovia is the perfect destination for your day trip. You can visit the city in one day because it’s not very big. The main reason to visit Segovia is for sure the castle or better called Alcázar de Segovia, which makes the city one of the best cities to visit in Spain. During your time in Segovia, beside the Castle, you need to visit the aqueduct.

It’s a Roman aqueduct which crosses the city from one side to the other. A stunning monument which you will see during your day trip to Segovia from Madrid. It’s one of the must photography in Spain.

WHERE TO EAT | Bar Ibiza

PLACES TO VISIT | Segovia Castle, Aqueduct



If Madrid is in your list of top 16 most beautiful cities in Spain you should consider a day trip from Madrid to Toledo. Considered as one of the best Spanish cities, Toledo is one of the coolest cities in Spain which you will love.

Not far away from the Capital, Toledo is the perfect mixed match of perfect streets and architecture. The streets in Toledo are so pretty and perfect for your photography tours in Spain. The whole city is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the large numbers of historical monuments. That’s one of the main reasons Toledo is the most beautiful places in Spain to visit.

WHERE TO EAT | Nuevo Almacén, Cappuccino

PLACES TO VISIT | Mosque Mezquita de la Luz, Jewish Quarter, Alcazar and the Cathedral.


Famous Spanish cities - Madrid


Here we go. The big Capital of Spain, and the largest city in Spain. The perfect place if you are planning a photography tour of Spain as well. Madrid is one of the best places in Spain where you will be inspired to take a lot of pictures.

Obviously, the capital of Spain needs to be on our list of the most beautiful cities in Spain to visit. In Madrid, you can visit amazing places such as the Royal Palace, Retiro Park, Museo del Prado and the Museum Reina Sofia. Those are just some of the best attraction that Madrid has to offer.

This land is really well known for its good Spanish food and a lively nightlife. That makes Madrid not just a place to visit but also one of the most beautiful places in Spain to live in. If you are visiting Spain for the first time, even one day in Madrid needs to be on your list of places to visit.

WHERE TO EAT | La Campana, La FInca de Susana

PLACES TO VISIT | Prado Museum, Retiro Park, Plaza Mayor and Royal Palace

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Autumn

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Ronda was a lovely surprise and we are so glad that we had the opportunity to visit. Located close to Malaga, Ronda has got so many stunning places worth visiting where you won’t find any words to describe it. 

The city is the result of an old Roman settlement, as evidenced by the fantastic aqueduct and bridges. When the Arabs arrived, the city changed and they created a perfect mix between Spanish, Arab and Roman architecture. If you are planning a road trip around Andalusia, Ronda must be absolutely in your plans and you will see why it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

WHERE TO EAT | Casa Maria, Siempre Igual, Puerta Grande.

PLACES TO VISIT | Puente Nuevo, Tajo de Ronda, La casa del Rey Moro.

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Autumn


The city is located in the Aragon region, not far from Barcelona. Zaragoza in Spain is such a charming city, perfect if you are planning a day trip from Barcelona as well.

In your list of most beautiful cities in Spain, you should put Zaragoza in Spain and visit la Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. It was one of the most beautiful churches we have ever seen exploring Spain. The entrance to visit the church is free but remember it’s a religious space so be respectful! Zaragoza in Spain is for sure one of the most unique cities to visit in Spain

WHERE TO EAT | Los Xarmientos Parrilla Aragonesa

PLACES TO VISIT | Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Aljafería Palace,Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Autumn

Santiago de Compostela

Well, Santiago de Compostela is a symbolic city capital of Galicia. As you might know, Santiago is the endpoint of the famous Camino de Santiago, the famous Christian pilgrimage. This city is not on our bucket list of the most beautiful cities in Spain just for that, but the architecture and the food make Santiago de Compostela a picturesque city.

The symbol of the city is for sure the Cathedral where the Camino ends. Too many cathedral rights? But Spain is home to tons of cathedral, all of them breathtaking.

If you are strolling around the city looking for something to eat, you are in the right city as the seafood in Santiago is delicious. There is no particular restaurant or bar as all of them are good, and like everywhere in Spain the food is cheap.

WHERE TO EAT | O Sendeiro, Restaurante Filigrana

PLACES TO VISIT | Cathedral, Museo del Pueblo Gallego, Praza do Obradoiro, Parque Alameda.




Can you believe that we just moved to Malaga? Well, that’s true! There is a reason why we made this decision. Malaga is like a small Barcelona, not so busy but one of the most beautiful places in southern Spain. In Malaga, you can find wherever you want, from the best beaches to a relaxing place to stay with your kids.

Malaga is the perfect mix of architecture as there is the Gibralfaro and art, as there is of my favourite Museum, the Picasso one. Malaga is the best way to end your trip to the most beautiful city in Spain.

WHERE TO EAT | Tapeo de Cervantes, Pepa y Pepe, Terra Mia 

PLACES TO VISIT | Gibralfaro & Alcazaba, Malaga Cathedral, Picasso Museum

WHEN TO VISIT | Summer/Spring/Autumn

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Top 16 Most beautiful cities in Spain


Have you ever heard about Valencia? We have been for a day trip from Malaga and we just loved it. You should consider this city as one of the most beautiful places in Spain. It is considered one of the large cities in Spain after Madrid and Barcellona, Cordoba is one of the top places to visit in Spain.

The City of Art and Science is one of Valencia’s most popular tourist attractions. It is a huge outdoor cultural centre that offers a science museum, outdoor art gallery, aquarium and centre for arts. In your Spain travel itinerary, Valencia is one of the cities you should consider. It is the perfect place of culture and history and at the same time, it’s a wonderful place where to spend summer. We found so many instagrammable spots in Valencia, sightseeing that you won’t miss to visit.

WHERE TO EAT | Mercato di Colon, Dulche de Leche, Taberna Jamon Jamon.

PLACES TO VISIT | Valencia Cathedra, Oceanografic, La Lonja de la Seda, Central Market and beach.

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Summer

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If you have never heard about Empuriabrava, don’t worry because we also had no idea where it was. It is considered a small Miami for its scenographic characteristics. 

Located in the Costa Brava area, Empuriabrava is a small town worth visiting. With its refined style and enchanting beaches, it is easy to fall in love with it. Obviously there are no cultural attractions of a certain level which makes Empuriabrava ideal for a top summer holiday. The nightlife of the city is among the most fun of the Costa Brava, ideal for young and old.

WHERE TO EAT | El Raco del Mar, Essencia




With its spectacular seaside, Cadiz is a lovely city to visit in Spain. Cadiz is very particular, in fact, is located on a peninsula. The whole scenario is dominated by the imposing dome of the Cathedral. Famous for its picturesque charm, local bars and delicious cuisine, Cadiz is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain worth visiting.

.Kissed by the Atlantic Ocean, Cadiz is not a destination chosen by many tourists. Maybe that’s why after our road trip to Spain, we decided to go back and spend a couple more days there. The city is not very large and juggles on a strip of land, which can be covered in about 1 hour. However, what fascinated us is the possibility of waking in the historic centre with limited traffic. 

WHERE TO EAT | Taberna el Tio de la Tiza

PLACES TO VISIT | Plaza de San Juan de Dios, Plaza de Españaand the Cathedral

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Summer/Autumn


The city is known by all, Barcelona cannot be left outside our guide of the most beautiful places in Spain. With its charm, the important architecture and wonderful Gaudi’s monument, Barcelona can’t be missed. The city of thousand contradiction, ancient and modern, local and global, Barcelona is everyone’s favourite destination. You can easily reach Barcelona as there are plenty of flights from all over Europe. 

WHERE TO EAT | Bodega Biarritz, Pinotxo, Viana, Rao.

PLACES TO VISIT | Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Rambla

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Summer

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Between a cold beer and tapas, a walk on the promenade and a dip in the crystal clear water of the Andalusian coast, Alicante is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

The city of Alicante is very popular not only for its beautiful beaches but even for its typical product “Torrone”. In fact, if you really want to know the essence of Alicante, the traditions and local culture, we recommend you to visit Jijona, a village not far from the city. 

This is the typical area of ​​the local product, with one of the most famous nougat factories.

Let’s explore Alicante

The climate of the city is one of the reasons why tourists love Alicante, and it is one of the first choices as summer tourist destinations. However, this city thrives on tourism all year round. In fact, it is not only seen as a summer destination, but also as an autumn holiday in the sun. The beautiful days persist until October, with the possibility of enjoying the beach too. Rainfall is concentrated between January and February, with few showers in December.

Thanks to the beautiful monuments and spectacular architecture, Alicante is a unique destination in Iberian land. For these reasons we have included it in our city guide of the most beautiful cities in Spain

WHERE TO EAT | Marisqueria del Barrio, Bar Guillermo, Taberna Iberica.

PLACES TO VISIT | Santa Barbara Castle, Cathedral of San Nicola of Bari, Basilica of Santa Maria, Postiguet beach.

WHEN TO VISIT | Spring/Autumn/Summer

Most beautiful cities in Spain | Discover the Spanish culture

As you can see Spain has some amazing places to visit. Most underrated city to visit in Spain are still unknown to the mass of tourists, and that preserve these places well. This list will be full if we integrate also some of the most beautiful places in southern Spain, with Barcelona on top of this list.

In Southern Spain, there are few little towns, that are worth to be visited. Some underrated pueblos, like Frigiliana, Mijas, Nerja, Girona and many more. Spain is beautiful, now is your turn to book a flight and visit Spain. Cheap accommodation could be found in Costa del Sol, the Southern part of Spain.

In the north of the Iberian Peninsula, there is as well some cities worth of visit. If you are looking to visit Northern Spain there are cities like Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian or Vigo and Oviedo, over than Santiago de Compostela.

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