Where to find the 12 best photo spots in Valencia

After our trip to Sri Lanka, we thought we would come back in Malaga straight away, but we decided to discover the Spanish Inland and stop a few days in Valencia. I must say that it was the best decision ever. And you know looking for the best photo spots in Valencia is becoming our mission nowadays.

Valencia is quite a big city on the southern coast of Spain. You might need a couple of days if you want to see everything, getting the best photos too. We had the pleasure to discover Valencia with Baja Bikes. That’s allowed us to roam around the popular sightseeing with a knowledgeable guide, respecting the environment riding a bike.

Valencia is a busy city and if you really want to get your shots you need to wake up early. Wait for the sunrise, that in summer is relatively late in this part of Spain. In August, the first morning lights were expected around 7.15, with the perfect light around half an hour later. Waking up early doesn’t allow you just to catch the best light, but also to enjoy the city at the best, roaming around without crowded queue at the entrance of the monuments and museums.

In this guide, we will share with you all the best places to take pictures in Valencia without missing the top sightseeing.

12 Best Instagram spots in Valencia

  • Torres de Serranos
  • Puente de Las Flores 
  • Colon Market
  • Central Market 
  • Arts and Science Museum
  • L’Umbracle
  • Valencia Cathedral
  • Valencia City Hall
  • Plaza de la Virgen
  • Valencia Bullring
  • Torre de Micalet
  • Puerta del Mar

Torres de Serranos

Instagrammable Valencia - Torre de Serrano

Once you will reach Torre de Serranos you will feel like a Royal while going through the huge gate. This place can get very busy during the day and you need to be fast to get your shot. Even in the early morning, you will be surrounded by many locals going back and further reaching the working place. We were there in the early morning but still, there were few people crossing by. 

It is an important landmark and one of the best-preserved constructions in Valencia.

By the way, just to give you a quick heads up, we wake up early in the morning quite often when visiting a new city. We did it recently in Florence, building up a full list of instagrammable photography spots in Florence, Italy.

Puente de Las Flores – Valencia Instagram spots 

Ponte de las flores Valencia

Located close to Torre de Serranos, is an easy path really worth to be photographed. The Puente de Las Flores, that means “The Bridge of Flowers”, is a colourful connection between the two parts of the city. It is one of the most colourful bridges we have ever seen.
Plenty of flowers and it is one of the best photography spots in Valencia. If you are walking through Valencia’s park you won’t see it properly, because you are passing below the Puente de Las Flores, so make sure it is on your list of Valencia itinerary.

Colon Market – Mercato de Colon

Mercato de Colon Valencia - Best photo spots in Spain

Hungry right? Doesn’t matter if is early morning and so time for the breakfast, or you want a quick lunch exploring the city. The Mercado de Colon is not just a lovely market where you can grab something to eat, but it is even one of the most instagrammable places in Valencia.

Why do we say that? Because the entrance is so beautiful, in line with the surrounding architecture. It is one of the most insta worthy places in the city, with early morning light, you will get shadows and dark area that will make your photos look more professional.

Central Market – Best photo spots in Valencia

Another famous place and a  perfect photo spot in Valencia is the Central Market, or like the locals call it “Mercato Central”. Always busy but worth to be visited, this market is a mix of Restaurants, Bar and a shopping centre. 

What did we like about this market? From the inside perspective seems to be a normal market, but it’s not. The ceiling is so beautiful and harmonic with the rest of the market. The best part is outside on the wall there are famous azulejos. Despite what you are thinking, this part of Spain has been producing Azulejos for long. You can find it also in Porto, Portugal, especially on the front of the houses, museums and churches. 

Arts and Science Museum – Sunset in Valencia and perfect Insta Spot

Valencia at the sunset

The modern part of the city is the Arts and Science Museum, a building complex that includes the Oceanographic Park. In our Valencia Itinerary, you can’t miss it. We have been in this special place a couple of times, always at different periods of the day, in order to catch all the different lights.
Those structures are awesome and insanely beautiful, the longline forms that are modelling fish, faces, places are just sublime.

Beautiful places in Valencia - Architecture of Valencia

Think that the Oceanografic is the biggest in Europe, and at night the light makes you feel want to shot forever with the long exposure. Now we can say this is the best places to watch the Sunset in Valencia and with the colours surrounding the scene you can get a perfect photo of Valencia, Spain.

Grab your ticket to visit the Oceanografic here.

L’Umbracle – The exotic garden of Valencia

Surrounded by palm trees, Umbracle is one of the most instagrammable places in Valencia. Here you can enjoy one of the best views in Valencia over the City of Arts and Sciences. 

Wait for your moment as it gets busy every time. Many people, grab a quick sandwich and relax in this park before starting to be back on the road exploring Valencia. 

The concept behind Umbracle is to recreate a typical exotic environment. At night this place becomes a disco club, with lights, music and drinks going down until the next day.  

Valencia Cathedral – Instagrammable places in Valencia

Instagrammable Valencia - Valencia Cathedral

In your itinerary of the best photo spots in Valencia, you can’t miss the Cathedral. This is a must-do during your Valencia itinerary. We can suggest you plan in advance this visit and don’t skip it. We have been strolling around for a couple of days, and finally ending visiting it in the early morning. The entrance is subject to a fee of 8 Euro, but if you are going in the early morning, let says 8ish, you will be able to get in for free. It is an active church, so we skipped in before the function, and enjoyed the amazing gothic ceiling.

Valencia City Hall

Town Hall of Valencia Spain

It’s located in the main square of Valencia and today is considered one of the best Instagram spots in Valencia. If you are looking for the perfect instagrammable spots in Valencia, this is the right one. You can get a really good shot in the middle of the square with the fountain and the City Hall behind. 

Wear something with colours to give your picture something different.

For sure you will miss this spot in the morning, because of the surrounding. Just in front of this building, there is the Home of the Post offices of Valencia, beautiful too. But at night, when the Valencia city Hall gets all the lights on, it is becoming absolutely the most beautiful building in the square. You will notice it.

Plaza de la Virgen – Beautiful places in Valencia

This square is one of the best places to visit in Valencia. In Plaza de la Virgen is located three important sightseeing of the city which you need to see. Generalitat Palace, Santa Maria Cathedral and the Desamparados’s Basilica. Those are a must-do during your Valencia photography itinerary. 

TopTips: If you are visiting Plaza de la Virgen in the early morning you will get a better light. Just under the bridge, the lights are going to break into the building creating a fascinating atmosphere, ideally for a photoshoot. Toti was too inspired by this light, that we ended up staying more than we expected shooting no stop.

Valencia Bullring – Best photo spots in Valencia

Bull Ring - Best photo spot in Valencia

The is the first thing we did when we woke up for the sunrise. Because it is so close to the main station of Valencia, Estació del Nord in the Valencian local language, it is going to be busy during the day. In order to achieve this shot, you have to arrange a visit to this building in the early morning or late evening. When we visited the place, just behind our Air Bnb, (Grab a 25$ discount here) the streets were empty, so it was easy for us to get what we wanted. 

Plaza de Toros in Valencia is a nice location even if you are planning to see it after sunset. Close to the Valencia Bullring, there is the main station of Valencia, this is another place where shot a great memory of the city.

Torre del Micalet

Instagrammable Valencia - Micalet Tower - Torre del Micalet of Valencia - Spain

We thought we were in Seville and not in Valencia as the architecture is quite similar, but not the same. Micalet Tower is located in the heart of the city centre close to the Cathedral. 

The best time to visit Torre del Micalet is either early in the morning or after sunset. We have been both times and still can’t decide what’s better but it’s always good to have two different time perspective. 

Puerta del Mar

Instagrammable Valencia - Puerta del Mar

If you have ever been to Madrid, Puerta del Mar will look familiar to you. We passed by with our tour with Valencia Bikes and of course, Alessia wanted to stop to get her shot. It’s not a tourist attraction as most of the people don’t know the existence of it but, for your Valencia photos itinerary it’s perfect. It’s Alessia favourite place for getting the best photo spots in Valencia as almost no one is aware of this gorgeous monument.

Are you going to Madrid too? Check our post on things to do in Madrid.

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Travel Tips for your Instagrammable Valencia

View of the Science museum of Valencia from the Park
  • Plan in advance all the things to see in Valencia to save time
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will walk a lot
  • If you want you can use public transport which will help you to get around the city.
    Or go for an hop-on-hop-off bus way more cheaper.
  • For your best photo spots in Valencia itinerary wake up early to watch the sunrise
  • Don’t miss the sunset from the Art and Science Museum
  • Carry with you back up clothes to help you with your Instagram Spot in Valencia
  • Don’t forget your tripod
  • Have fun while exploring the city and getting the best spots

Photography in Valencia – The best time to visit 

Sunset in the park of Valencia

As we said already Valencia is a big city and it can get very busy. If you love taking photos, photographing Valencia is the perfect challenge. We suggest avoiding pick season like August and visiting Valencia in September or October. The weather is still nice but you will find fewer people. 

Getting around Valencia – Tourist Card and Bike Tours

Instagrammable Spots in Valencia Spain - Discover Valencia by bike

To get around the city you will need more than two days in Valencia, otherwise, you will end up running from one place to another.

One of the solutions we found really useful was the bike tour with Baja Bikes, three hours guided tour around the city. Thanks to this ride we were able to spot our favourite places for an instagrammable Valencia and know a bit of the history of the city. The tours are in different languages and you can get more confident with the city. 

Click here to book your tour in Valencia.

Bike Rent and Bike itinerary of Valencia

If you don’t have many days in Valencia but you want to see most of the city, you can choose the Valencia Tourist card of 24, 48 or 72 hours. This card is perfect to see the most important sightseeing in Valencia and includes public transports. It’s ideal to see the most important places in Valencia.

Grab here your Valencia Tourist Card for just 15euro

Best photo spots in Valencia – Insta worth places in Valencia

Best sunset view in Valencia

Valencia is a lovely city on the sea, even if it doesn’t look like that. This place will inspire you a lot, be free and get the creativity out of you. Try to stroll around the city doing something different at different times, the architecture and the position will help you to step up in the photography game. Usually, most people want to get the perfect Instashot but remember that it’s your picture and you need to like it. During our walking around Valencia we discovered a couple of instagrammable places and for this, we suggest you get lost around the city and find your spot.

We are still writing about instagrammable spots because we want to inspire people to collect their own memories. The places are beautiful, but without people in it are empty and doesn’t communicate emotions. Grab a photo that will inspire others to travel is a mission for us.

If you know other places in Valencia worth to be on this list, we will be happy to include it and credit you.

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