2 Days in Valencia | Discover the Valencian Culture

If you love Spain as we do, you need to put in your Spanish bucket list, Valencia. I think that after the Andalucia’s regions, Valencia is our favourite city in Spain. Our trip to Valencia was a last-minute plan and, believe it or not, we managed to see all the city. This is our itinerary on how to spend 2 days in Valencia.

How we did it? Well, not sure about it but we just followed our instincts, we walked for a bit but in the end, we found our path. We did it in more than just two days in Valencia, but with this guide, you can digest a special itinerary in 2 days.

If you are spending 48 hours in Valencia, make sure you have a plan of things to see and do before you arrive. As mentioned before, Valencia is a big city and if you don’t know where to go, you will end up wasting your time and your days. There are many places to see in Valencia in 2 days and we tried to highlight the most important and beautiful in a full guide to the city.

After Seville, Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain worth visiting. That’s why you have to include it in your Spain bucket list of things to do!

Things to do in Valencia Spain in 2 days

What to see in Valencia in 2 days
Las Ciudad de las Artes y la Ciencia in Valencia is a must visit in the city

If you are spending 2 days in Valencia, the first thing that you need to know is that you will need to walk a lot. It’s impossible to see every single corner of the city in just a few hours in Valencia.

For this, we tried to tidy up the list of the most important sightseeing of Valencia, and with our guide, you will be able to discover the Valencian culture.

2 days in Valencia itinerary

  • Rent a bike and discover Valencia city
  • Plaza de Toros
  • Valencia City Hall
  • Mercado Colon
  • Puente de las Flores
  • Torre de Serrano
  • Plaza de la Virgen
  • Torre del Micalet
  • Valencia Cathedral
  • Central Market
  • Jardin del Turia of Valencia
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
  • Umbracle Gardens

Rent a bike and discover Valencia city

Bike Rent and Bike itinerary of Valencia
With your rental bike tour of Valencia, you will discover every corner of the city. Here we are at la Ciudad de las Artes y de la Ciencia.

One of the first things which come up in our mind it was renting a bike, being able to stroll around the city on two wheels. We had the opportunity to get confident with Valencia on our very first day. In this way the following day we already knew where to go. If you are spending 2 days in Valencia during summer or winter is always good to have in mind a bike tour around the city.

There are many companies to choose and with 3 hours bike tour around Valencia, you get to know more about the history as well.

Book here your Bike Tour and discover this beautiful city.

Plaza de Toros

Bull Ring - Best photo spot in Valencia

Located close to Valencia Nord train station, Plaza de Toros is a must-see during your 2 days itinerary in Valencia. Inspired by the Colosseum architecture, the Valencian Plaza de Toros is today a very busy attraction and you can’t miss it.

This Plaza de Toros of Valencia inspired many pictures of our trip, you can see here all the best Instagram spots in Valencia.

Valencia City Hall

Valencia city hall at the sunrise
This photo has been shot at the sunrise, just in front of the Valencia City Hall with the amazing Valencian Architecture.

While strolling around the city of Valencia you will end up in the City Hall, which is the old city of Valencia. The City Hall of Valencia is one of the most beautiful places we have visited during our stay. Valencia is the place of the light, flowers and de las fallas (Traditional celebrations). The Valencia City Hall is also the symbol of the Valencian Community and manage the third city of Spain for inhabitants. Recently this city has grown a lot, thanks to the industrial sector and the services.

We suggest to visit this area twice, but you will easily end up more and more here because is the central area. The Valencia City Hall is really suggestive in the morning, but get really different light and perspective in the evening. It is amazing to admire the silhouette of the building, with the light of the central fountain highlight the architecture.

Mercado Colon

Mercato de Colon Valencia - Best photo spots in Spain
The facade of the Mercado de Colon in Valencia – One of the best example of Valencian Architecture

One of the most famous markets in Valencia is, for sure, Colon Market. It’s one of the most popular places in Valencia for tourists. Comparable with the visitors of the complex of Arts and Sciences. As you might know, if you are looking for typical and good food, the best place to look is the city market. Mercado Colon is a very modern and beautiful market where the entrance facade will be impressed in your mind.

If you are looking for a place where to have breakfast or a quick lunch here is the right place to go.

Things to do in 2 days in Valencia

Puente de las Flores

Ponte de las flores Valencia
How beautiful is the Puente de las Flores, translated it is the Bridge of the flowers. A fully coloured bridge that crosses the two sides of Valencia

Located 5 minutes away from Colon Market, the flower bridge (Puente de las Flores) need to be in your list of things to do in Valencia. Puente de las Flores is a lovely bridge with plenty of colourful flowers. This bridge is located very close to the city centre. It is unmissable during your 2 days in Valencia itinerary. If you still have time, lay on a bench and admire the beautiful park in front of you.

Torre de Serrano

Torre de Serrano in Valencia is one of the 12 Tower across the wall of Valencia. It is one of the most preserved in Spain.
Torre de Serrano is the Watchtower of Valencia, located across the old walls of the city, is today one of the two last remains towers in the city, of the 12 existing before.

One of Alessia’s favourite places in the entire city is Torre de Serrano. The first thing that you will think when hearing about Serrano, is associating this name to the famous Jamon de Serrano (the famous Spanish ham).

The best time to visit the tower is in the early morning when no one is around and you can just admire and take some good pictures around Torre de Serrano.

The Torre de Serrano, or Torres dels Serrans, were one of the 12 doors that open the city to the outside. It is one of the best-preserved monument in Valencia. Built-in perfect Valencian gothic Style, is a must-see in your visit to Valencia. Unfortunately along the old city wall, the Torre de Serrano and the Torres de Quart are the last remains of those 12 old towers in Valencia. In 1865, all the old walls were demolished and this is what remains of the old Valencia.

Plaza de la Virgen

lights in the morning in a corner of Plaza de la Virgin of Valencia
We wake up really early that morning, ready to catch the first daylights. This has been snapped in a corner of Plaza de la Virgin of Valencia, close to the Church that gives that the name.

A wonderful iconic and historic square, that you can’t miss in your Valencia itinerary for 2 days. Santa Maria Cathedral is a nice spot to relax. This is where locals use to sit on the bench and eat a snack on the way.

The surrounding is plenty of shops where there are people going in and out at all the time.
One of the main attractions in the square is probably the Neptune fountain surrounded by eight naked women. If you are visiting Plaza de la Virgen by night you will see how magical and particular the atmosphere.

Things to do in Valencia Spain

Torre del Micalet

Torre del Micalet - Things to do in Valencia Spain
Torre del Micalet is one of our inspirational places. In the early morning, this place is dead, with a few locals running to go at work. The architecture was so inspiring that Toti was lost looking at the majesty powerful tower

Valencia bell tower is similar to Seville Torre de Oro. This bell tower of the Valencia Cathedral is located in Plaza de la Reina and it is one of the most visited monuments in the city.

You might be interested to visit the tower and the three interesting rooms: the prison, the bell and the bells. The best part is the terrace where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city of Valencia.

Valencia Cathedral

Instagrammable Valencia - Valencia Cathedral
Another example of Valencian Architecture – Unmissable places to visit in Valencia in 2 days

You can’t leave Valencia without visiting the Cathedral. As you might know, there is an entrance fee to visit the cathedral and the crypt. But if you manage to arrive in the early morning you will be able to assist to the function and not paying the entrance fee.

Is it true that you won’t be able to visit the crypt but, at least you can admire the beautiful inside architecture of Valencia Cathedral.

Central Market

Azulejos of Valencia - Mercato Central
The Azulejos just outside of the Mercato Central of Valencia will leave you speechless. It is awesome and discretely colourful with a prevalence of Yellow and blue. Include it in the itinerary of two days in Valencia.

Valencia is a big city, and as you can understand there are many local markets. The Central Market is the biggest in Valencia, with alleys full of stands rich in food and suppliers. In Valencian language, it is called as “Mercat Central”.

Dated back since 1839, the Central Market of Valencia is today one of the largest in Europe, with over 8,00 square metres and the amazing Art Nouveau in Valencian Style. Check the website of the Central Market for more information about this landmark of Valencia.

The market is open from Monday to Saturday, from 7.30 am to 3 pm.

Jardin del Turia of Valencia

Sunset in the park of Valencia
It is suggestive to walk along the 9 kilometres park in the centre of Valencia. This is just one of the passage across the old riverbed.

This is one of the largest city parks in Europe. The riverbed of the Turia river has been turned in a beautiful park that cut Valencia in two perfect half. On your right side looking at the Mediterranean sea you will see the old town of Valencia, on the left instead of the new development of the city.

The park itself covers a total of 1.1 million square metres, it is an enjoyable walk area with a long cycling path. It is the formerly riverbed of the Turia, well known as the overflowing river. The course of the river was diverted due often overflowing that destroyed parts of Valencia a few times.

Today this riverbed is a 9km stretch with a green park, that is the natural lung of the city. Walking through the park you will find fountains, small ponds, football, rugby, tennis and baseball pitches, also athletic tracks. All around you threes, bushes and beautiful flowers.

Reaching the final point of the city of science and arts of Valencia, you will pass by the beautiful Palau de la Musica de Valencia, the Music Palace of Valencia. For kids will be fun to spend a few hours at the Gullivers park. This is a large park dedicated to the Gullivers Travels, with many attractions free.

Today the Jardin del Turia, the Turia Gardens are one of the most lively cultural places of Valencia, with many events taking home here especially in summer. This is one of the favourite outdoor areas of locals.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

An afternoon at la Ciudad de las Artes y de la Ciencia of Valencia - 2 days in Valencia
This photo was taken at the sunset at la Ciudad de las Artes y la Ciencia of Valencia. The Art and Science area of the city, the shapes of the building and soft sun are inspiring.

Very different from the rest of the city centre, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, it’s considered the new part of Valencia. With its modern architecture and huge museum, you need to spend at least half a day just strolling around the Art and Science area.

If you are planning your 2 days in Valencia we high recommend you to pre-book the ticket in advance to avoid any queue.

Is well to know that the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias of Valencia is the symbol of the new city, open to the future, aware of their past. The building complex of this area of Valencia is awesome. You can associate the architecture of the structures with different forms inspired by the natural figures, such as fishes, sea animals and shells.

Umbracle Gardens | The tropical garden of Valencia

Umbracle Gardens - Valencia Exotic Park
Umbracle Gardens has been identified as one of the most spectacular open-air gardens in the World.

Just uplift on the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, like a beautiful terrace there is the Umbracle Gardens. A 4-acre area, housing beautiful and rare plants and threes in one of the most touristic places of Valencia. The arches on the top are matching with the futuristic architecture of the area. The light coming in is just impressive. You can easily catch glimpses of the sky thanks to the impressive design of the building.

Mostly consistent in Mediterranean bushes, trees and tropical plants. The open-air garden terrace is often a scenario of amazing temporary exhibitions from some of the most talented artists in the World. Famous are the photos of Valencia from the Umbracle Gardens. Popping all around the Instagram feed, looking more like a tropical place than a Mediterranean area.

At night the Umbracle Gardens change the dress and become one of the most trendy clubs in Valencia. Often the open-air garden of the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias host famous international DJs with one special night on invite-only. If you are looking for fun in Valencia, this will be a good place to visit.

Where to stay in Valencia | 2 days in Valencia itinerary 

Valencia, as mentioned before, is a big city and finding accommodation it can be easy but sometimes not. If you are planning your 2 days in Valencia itinerary during “Las Fallas” forget about it. You won’t be able to find anything, or if you do, it will be super expensive.

There are a couple of nice places which we recommend you to have a look:


Talking about the best area where stay in Valencia, is easy to say the city centre of course. Pulling over many Air BnB every day, the centre of the city is really big. We have personally been quite close to the central touristic area, in two different places.

We will suggest you look for something in the Ruzafa area, that is the first we have stayed in. It belongs to the beautiful and popular market of Ruzafa. Within 10 minutes walking, you can reach the most popular sightseeing in the city. The main shopping alley of Valencia is also close by. All around the quarter of Ruzafa, there are bars and restaurants open until late. It is a central area well linked with public transport.

Other areas to check out are also the Mestalla borough, well known for hosting the home team football stadium. The beach area of Malvarosa is developing quite fast recently, and if you are looking for a summer retreat within 5 minutes from the sand and sea, this is where you have to focus your accommodation research.

Unique things to do in Valencia | Where to eat the best Paella

Now that you are in Valencia, you cannot miss the opportunity to try the most international of all the Spanish dishes. Of course, we are talking about paella.

Choosing the best paella in Valencia is like choosing the best pizza in Naples: An almost impossible task that we prefer to leave for you and your palate.

Still, because we do not want you to leave this beautiful city disappointed after hearing so much about the universally famous paella, we will give you a few recommendations that will make you fall in love with the local gastronomy:

  • Restaurant Arroceria Ca Merche (Carrer Alcalá Galiano, 40. Valencia). Traditional “arrocería” with a small place atmosphere.
  • Mas Blayet (Avinguda de la Plata, 12. Valencia). Mediterranean restaurant with a good selection of rice and other local food. Specialised in paella.
  • Restaurant El Forcat (Carrer de Roteros, 12). Valencia. Classic Spanish restaurant focused on local dishes, paella the star of the show.

However, if you have time to explore the outskirts of the city, you can try Bon Aire, a world-famous restaurant that has won prizes for the best paella in the world for several years:

  • Bon Aire Restaurant (Carrer de Cabdet, 41. Valencia)

Bear also in mind that the traditional paella has no chorizo in it, and in this region, it is actually offensive to ask for it. You will be seen as a “guiri” (Spanish slang for flip flops and straw hat tourists). Trust the local recipes, you will not be able to try this anywhere else!

You can’t leave Valencia without having a wine tasting while exploring the city. You can book your tour and discover Valencia the best places to visit.

Getting around Valencia | 48 hours in Valencia

Valencia at the sunset

As Valencia is a big city you might think to purchase a Valencia Tourist Card which will help you to enjoy the city better.
With this card, you have free travel and entrance to public museums and discount access to other galleries. As experienced travellers, we highly advise buying a full access card such as the Valencia Tourist Card. It will allow you to take any bus and metro in the city, without thinking to buy a single ticket every time. The special access card will allow you also to get into any sightseeing that is included in it for free.

Order here your Valencia Tourist Card.
Or try the Valencia Tourist Card 7 days to save some money!

Fun facts about Valencia

  • It is the third-largest city in Spain
  • They speak Spanish and Valencian
  • The weather during summer can reach even up to 42 degrees
  • River Turia turned into Europe’s largest urban park
  • Best paella
  • Horchata the best local drink 
  • If you are visiting Valencia during spring a must-do is to see “Las Fallas”

Best time to visit Valencia

Instagrammable Valencia-38

Valencia is atypical as a coastal city. It is obviously that been located close to see will be the perfect place to visit in the summertime. But, Valencia has a double side. The culture and the architecture of Valencia make it the perfect city to visit the whole year.

Actually, as we have said before, it is not the perfect location for who are looking for the sea and relax. That is due to the seaside area is just recently renewed and developed in a touristic way. Instead visit Valencia during celebrations or events is what we suggest, even if it will be crowded. Days like Las Fallas, the World Paella Day, or La Tomatina at the close town of Buñol, are advised by us.

We will talk better about la Tomatina below. Winter in Valencia is good as well, with high temperature compared with other European cities, thanks to the sea breeze. Valencia is among our suggestions about the best European cities for winter sun. With a few days of rain is perfect to be discovered when it is cold everywhere else.

Discover Valencia in Autumn is amazing too, walking through the Turia Park in falls make you breathe the essence of autumn. Looking at the Autumnal colours of Valencia in the park is a thing to add on your list of what to do in Valencia Spain in two days.

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What is “Las Fallas?”

If we are talking about Valencia you need to know about Las Fallas or Falles, as Valencian would say. It is a big festival that locals celebrate when spring comes. It lasts for four days and it is open to everyone. Tourists, locals and families are welcome to this amazing festival.

Important words to know when visiting Valencia or any other part of Spain:

Hola – Hello
Gracias – Thank you
Por Favor – Please
Una cerveza por favor – A beer, please
La cuenta – The check or the bill
Donde esta or Donde se encuentra – Where is…?
Hasta luego or Adios or Chao – Bye or see you. 

Things to know before travelling to Valencia

Best sunset view in Valencia

Valencia is located on the southern coast of Spain, facing the mediterranean sea. Despite that it is not a city built on the seaside, that is developing just from a few years ago. Instead, the old town of Valencia is where the city is most lively.

If you are still looking to answer the question why go to Valencia? The cultural heritage of the centre of the city is your response. Spain is well known to be a mismatch of culture, coming from different ethnic groups. That gives to Valencia to the fact that other than Spanish, in Valencia is spoken their own language.

It is common to hear Catalan Valencian spoken in Valencia. You can recognise that even on the sign at the corner of the streets, written in the double language. The streets in Valencia are commonly called by the Spanish name, or Castillian language and the Valencian language.

Valencia is well known for the paella, famous worldwide. The special rice, the basic ingredient of the Valencian paella is produced just a few kilometres away from the city.

This is uncommon for a big European city to have rice fields so close. But this is what makes the Valencian Paella unique in the World. The city hall honour this old traditional dish with a World Paella Day, a celebration of the tasty product from Valencia. In that day, they cooked a giant paella.

In 2014 the biggest paella in the world was cooked for 110,000 people, check it out.

Day trip to Cuenca from Valencia | Exploring Spanish hidden gems

Most of our friends never heard about Cuenca and we know that now you are still thinking about where to find this city.

Cuenca is located one hour away from Madrid by car and a couple of hours by train from Valencia. You can take the high-speed train which will take you less otherwise you can always opt for the normal train and reach Valencia in about three hours.

You can check the time and the prices here.

Cuenca is a small city and if you are planning a short break from Valencia, this city is ideal for you. You can easily explore Cuenca in one day and be able to see one of the most beautiful landscapes ever.

READ MORE ABOUT CUENCA | Best things to do in Cuenca Spain

2 days in Madrid | Day trips from Valencia

If you are organizing a trip around Spain and you are tired of Valencia you should think about 2 days in Madrid.

The big Spanish Capital is plenty of things to do and see. If you just want to visit another city before going back home, Madrid is the perfect alternative.

Visit Barcelona from Valencia

A visit to Valencia could be fun, but associate it with an escape to Barcelona will give you a better idea about the identity of this part of Spain. The two cities are really similar, but the architecture of Barcelona is peerless.

Visit Barcelona from Valencia is really easy, it will take about 3 hours by car and 3 hours and a half by train. Visit Barcelona after two days in Valencia is a must-do. On your way up to Barcelona, you will pass by some of the best coastal places in Spain, such as Tarragona, the natural area of Parc Natural del Delta de l’Ebre, Vila-Real and Salou. In just one trip you can discover two of the biggest cities in Spain.

Check our guide to the best cities to visit in Spain.

Visit Ibiza or Maiorca from Valencia

A Sunset on the beach
A day trip to Ibiza is possible from Valencia. Thanks to the 6 hours transfer by boat from the city port of Valencia, you can reach Ibiza Town, go for a party and come back the day after.

If you have a look on the map, you can clearly understand how close is the funny life of Ibiza to Valencia. The third city of Spain is away just 6 hours by ferry from Ibiza, a bit farther is Palma de Maiorca.

From Valencia, you can reach Ibiza in every season, with links every day between the Iberian peninsula and the amazing natural Island of Ivissa. A mini cruise from Valencia to the Balearic Islands. From Valencia, you can reach even Formentera, ideally for summer relax staycation.

Include a day at La Tomatina of Buñol

Organizing an itinerary of Valencia in 2 days, why not think to discover the surrounding areas and the amazing natural landscapes. Spain is beautiful everywhere. I have discovered that just driving away from the largest cities, and get lost in the meadow landscapes you can grasp the true essence.

One of the best ways to do that is to visit la Tomatina of Buñol, a traditional event that is taking place in this little town of fewer than 10K inhabitants. It is the celebration you will see yourself throwing tomatoes, in a red party in the narrow streets of the town. This is quite a recent celebration, become in 2007 a festival of International touristic interest.

La Tomatina is taking place every year in summer, at the latest Wednesday of August.

How to spend 2 days in Valencia

If you have a well-planned itinerary you will enjoy your time in Valencia. For us, it was a wonderful surprise when we spent the first couple of days exploring the city. Of course, if you have more days even better as you can visit Valencia without rushing from one place to another.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, bring your sunglasses with you even if it is winter and let’s enjoy this beautiful city.

Our tips for your 2 days in Valencia Itinerary

How to get to Valencia
Budget for Valencia in 2 days

How to get to Valencia

Valencia is easy to reach from every part of Spain. The city is a few hours away from Madrid or Barcelona. This will save you a few bucks if the flights direct to Valencia are pricy. The main train station in Valencia is really busy and is easy to arrive from Madrid or Barcelona. But also you can get into Valencia by train from other Spanish cities like Zaragoza or Malaga. The company that runs the train in Spain is Renfe, which with a fast train will take you everywhere in the country.

The prices of Renfe are usually high, in that case, you can go for a slow bus.
From Valencia, you can go by bus around Spain using the private company Avanza. You can also take a ride with Alsa, which is the popular bus company in Spain. We have done the whole southern coast of Spain, going from Valencia to Malaga by bus, and have to say that was a really good and cheap trip.

Valencia is one of the major cities in Spain, so has got a busy hub. An international Airport which hosts some of the most important airlines. You can fly in and out of Valencia with Vueling, Iberia, the Portuguese Tap Air, the low coast brands as EasyJet and RyanAir, but also with Eurowings and Blue Air.

Valencia is running Uber, which will lower your costs of Transports. On the other hand, public transport in the city is efficient and really low cost.

Budget for Valencia in 2 days

We found Valencia really easy going and cheap. It is in the Spanish mood to be like that, and Valencia didn’t disappoint us. We try always to travel on a budget saving on stupid stuff but trying to get the best of our experience with less. Valencia is Europe, and the local currency is the Euro.

Depending on where you want to sleep the accommodation breakdown can be different. For a bed, in a hostel, you can spend around 20 euros for the night. If you are two people we will suggest you check before an Air Bnb. We found a really good accommodation in the city center for less than 40 euro at night, and you don’t have to share a room. There are many Air Bnb in the city, so have a look (Check for our discount with Air Bnb).

For lunch and dinner, Valencia has a wide choice of places, from the fancy one to the street food. There we discovered the fast-food chain Taco Bell. But you can also seat in a nice restaurant and get the famous local paella for around 15 euro per person.

For the activities in Valencia, you can go for an easy free walking tour to the entrance to the museums that will cost you from 2 to 5 euros.

The public transport is really cheap, if you want to take the bus or the metro, the ticket will cost you just 1,50 each.

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