Madrid is a busy city, where tourists from all over the world come and spend at least a couple of days. This guide will help you to find all the unusual things to do in Madrid, exploring the hidden gems of Madrid. Madrid is not just Prado Museum or Retiro Park. There are some quarters of the city which you don’t find on the regular guide. We decided to share with you our top 13 non touristy things to do in Madrid, without missing a stop by the best tapas bar Madrid.

An alternative things to do in Madrid is to get lost without a map, just use your feelings. Be ready to plan an amazing Madrid off the beaten track itinerary. If you are looking for an unconventional Madrid tour you are in the right place as we will share with you what to do in Madrid non-touristy.

madrid off the beaten track
Madrid Atocha – Train Station – Botanical Garden in Madrid Atocha Train Statino

Non touristy things to do in Madrid is an alternative itinerary for Madrid secret places

Madrid, as the capital, has been always considered a place where you need to visit only the top attractions. We decide to go more in deep and create our alternative itinerary of Madrid. We will get off the Touristy places, discovering Madrid off the beaten path. In the list, you will find 13 hidden things to do in Madrid. On the common touristy travel guide you won’t find it. For instance, before planning your trip to Madrid you should know a couple of things.

If you are organizing your trip during summer, be ready for hot weather. Even at 8 pm, the city will be boiling in Summer. Prepare your luggage carefully, without missing shorts as they will be your best friend. Not just a Summer guide of Madrid, but we will suggest things to do in Madrid in October even. Are you ready to enjoy the lovely city around you?

Hidden gems in Madrid, is a Non Touristy guide, an Alternative itinerary of Madrid

Are you ready to be carried in a complete alternative itinerary of Madrid, along with the most hidden spots of the Spanish Capital? Madrid is one of the most visited cities of Spain, a place where the Monarchs dwell. Some of the most hidden gems of Madrid has been unrevealed for so long. It is not common to find an itinerary of the most hidden gems in Madrid, with the best Secret of Madrid to be discovered. Some of the attractions in this list are just behind the common, crowded sightseeing of the city. An itinerary of Madrid off the beaten track will give you the chance to find hidden things to do in Madrid and live like locals.

Non Touristy Things to do in Madrid

  • Parque Quinta de Los Molinos
  • El Capricho Parque
  • Exploring el Barrio Malasaña
  • The Tabaclera Arena
  • Libreria U.N.E.D. de Escuelas Pías
  • Faro de Moncloa
  • Best Tapas in Madrid
  • Mercado San Miguel
  • Oiala Restaurant
  • Hammam Al Andalus – Spa in Madrid
  • Museo del Romanticismo
  • Taberna Flamenca “El Cortijo”
  • Top view of Madrid from Delieda de San Francisco
Best Non-touristy things to do in Madrid - Spain-12
Non touristy things to do in Madrid

Unusual things to do in Madrid

#1 Parque Quinta de Los Molinos

It’s considered a historic park by the Community of Madrid. Quinta de Los Molinos Park is the perfect locations for those who, after a few days in Madrid, want to relax. The closest metro station is Suanzes, line 5, and if you want to reach it by public buses there are number 77 and 104.
It’s a quiet place where you can relax your mind and the best thing is that there are no many people. You won’t find this park on any Tourist Guide of Madrid.

Retiro Park is a must-do in Madrid, but for an off the beaten path Madrid itinerary, Quinta de Los Molinos park is the ideal choice. It’s one of the free things to do in Madrid and you can’t miss visiting this lovely park with all his blossom. The best time to visit the park with vivid colours is obviously in Spring.

If you are in Madrid you can't miss visiting the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

#2 Parque El Capricho

This park is known as the home of trees of all kinds, and wonderful almond trees that blossom in February and March. Located close to the airport it’s a must-do in your plan of non touristy things to do in Madrid. Most of the people don’t know the existence of this park, but it’s a nice place where you can relax without being surrounded by many people. Is one of the hidden gems in Madrid.

If you want to plan to spend a couple of hours there, before catching you fly back home, take the opportunity to visit unusual things to do in Madrid. Stop by and enjoy the last few hours in Madrid in this lovely park.

Metro Line 5, stop at El Capricho

Hidden Gems in Madrid, Spain

#3 Exploring Malasaña Barrio

The neighbourhood of Malasana is filled with a sort of extravagant art. It’s a must-see of hidden gems in Madrid perfect for your off the beaten track Madrid itinerary. This “Barrio” of Madrid is a really popular one, especially by locals. It’s the perfect combination of amazing street art, good restaurants and architecture.

It’s a trendy area in Madrid, lively in the night. In this borough, you will be able to find the best tapas bar in Madrid. To be honest, all of the bars are good and delicious so we highly recommend to follow your nose.

The coolest non touristy things to do in Madrid, have to be the perfect place to stop by for lunch. Remember that in Spain, they love the “Siesta”, a relaxing time between 2 and 4 pm, where most of the shops are closed. For the full experience of Madrid at night, we will suggest visiting Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

Fancy for a short day trip from Madrid? See Toledo and Segovia and book here your ticket.

LOCATION ¦ Plaza del Dos de Mayo
Metro Stop ¦ Noviciado

Non-touristy things to do Madrid - Spain-4

#4 The Tabacalera Area

The Tabacalera area is covered in street art by 25 different artists, all of them focusing on an urban nature theme. It is considered a unique area and is one of the best non touristy things to do in Madrid. You can explore this area and take some nice pictures as well. You will be inspired by the lovely graffiti that you will find around you, so be ready with your camera.

It will be a fun non touristy things to do in Madrid, exploring the most hidden gem of the Spanish Capital. We will bet that you want to find The Tabacalera Area in your guide, it is absolutely out of Madrid Tourist Attractions.

Calle de Martín de Vargas, 7-I, n. 5, 28005 Madrid – Metro Station: Embajadores

#5 Librería U.N.E.D. de Escuelas Pías

A church converted to a library today is one of the best secrets of Madrid. Located in the city centre is easy to reach. You don’t need to plan your visit as during your journey in Madrid you will pass by without even know what it is. The library is open to visitors from 9.15 am till 10 am and from 9 pm until 9.45 pm. It’s one of the non touristy things to do in Madrid and perfect for taking pictures as well.

What we did before organizing an off the beaten path Madrid travel itinerary? We locate all the best photo spot in Madrid, we could find.

Calle del Tribulete, 14, 28012 Madrid – Metro Line 3, Stop at Lavapies

#6 Faro de Moncloa

Visiting Faro de Moncloa is one of the unusual things to do in Madrid. Of course, is not like the London Eye, which is the symbol of the city, but you can experience a 360 panoramic view of Madrid. The entry is for a maximum of 30 minutes and you can buy the tickets online or at the main hall.

Believe it or not to go up is not expensive at all, for adults is 3 euro and children from 7 to 14 years old is 1.50. It is considerate non touristy things do Madrid as most of people don’t know the existence of this amazing viewpoint of the city. This is also in our list of cheap things to do in Madrid. Can you imagine which kind of Top photo spot in Madrid is this sight? Worth to try. Remember Faro de Moncloa is closed on Mondays.

The closest metro station is Moncloa, line 3 and 6.

itinerary Non-touristy of Madrid - Spain-22

Non touristy things to do in Madrid

#7 Best tapas in Madrid | Casa González

Quick hands up for those who might don’t know what tapas is. Tapas are the traditional way of eating in all Spain, locals go to bars and order a drink with several snacks in the form of tapas. It can be translated to the Italian aperitif but will fill your stomach, and one of the top ten Madrid bar for us was “Casa Gonzalez”.

It’s Madrid best tapas bar and it is located not far from Museo National del Prado. The typically hidden gems in Madrid as not many touristy know the existence of this lovely bar. It’s a must-do if you want to discover the best tapas in Madrid Spain. Along with a few pints of beer, will be the best lunch ever. After that, you are ready for the Madrid tourist spots. and if you’re not fancy with beer, check for a glass of local wine, ask for tinto.

hidden gems in madrid

# 8 Mercado San Miguel | Madrid top tapas bar

What we learned about our day trips in Spain is that where there is a huge food market there is good food. That’s what happened to us. We walked through Mercado de San Miguel and we just loved it. Well, Toti was busy to take pictures, like always, and I was trying to look for the perfect place where to have a drink and eat delicious tapas. It’s one of the perfect spots for locals and during the week is not extremely busy, and like in many cities in Spain, Mercado de Atrazanas in Malaga, or La Boqueria in Barcelona, the best food is in the markets. As the locals love to say about the Market, it is the monument of Spanish cuisine.

Mercado San Miguel is located in the heart of the city centre, easily reachable by walk from Puerta del Sol.

Plaza de San Miguel, 5, 28005 Madrid

#9 Ojala Restaurant – Best tapas tour Madrid

When I have been to Madrid this was one of my favourite places. Perfect unusual things to do in Madrid is to have a lovely breakfast or even late brunch but with delicious food. It’s one of the places where most of the locals prefer to go and you won’t feel to be in a restaurant but a cool bar in Madrid. They have got cool offers each day of the week for only 10 euro and the food is just delicious.

How to reach it? It’s very easy, is located in the Malasana quarter and the closest tube stations are Tribunal, line 1 and 10, or Noviciado line 2.
If you are exploring the main attraction in Madrid such as Plaza de Espana you can reach this best tapas bar in Madrid even by walk and it’s only 10 minutes by walk.

#10 Hammam Al Andalus | Alternative things to do in Madrid

One of the alternative things to do in Madrid is to book an Arab bath. It’s the perfect place for everyone to enjoy and relax the mind and the body. The Spanish Spa is one of the best experience I ever had. You can choose between a lot of services, massage for 15 minutes or a deep massage or just the entrance to the Arab bath.

You can pre-book online or just walk into the shop. Hammam Al Andalus is an Oasis of relax. As I did it in Madrid and I loved it, when I saw it in Granada I just got crazy and push Toti to try it. Do you wanna know what happens? We found out that there is one in Malaga as well and we are booked in for next week. Don’t think it twice and enjoy one of the unusual things to do in Madrid.

Hammam Al Ándalus, Madrid Calle de Atocha

#11 Museo del Romanticismo – Madrid off the beaten path

Madrid is not just Museo del Prado or shopping in Gran Via but there are a lot of things to see in Madrid off the beaten path. Museo del Romanticismo is one of those hidden things to do in Madrid. Located close to Tribunal metro stop, the museum captures the essence of Madrid’s 19th century middle-class life.

The Romanticism Museum is considered one of Madrid special places for the story and the art. It’s one of the best alternative things to do in Madrid, instead of visiting all the busiest attraction you can stop by and enjoy this lovely museum. The entrance is only 3 euro per adults and 1.50 per children. On Sundays the entrance is free and it opens from 10 am until 3 pm. Remember on Mondays the museum is closed.

TIPS | Calle de San Mateo, 13, 28004 Madrid – Metro Stop at Tribunal

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Non touristy flamenco in Madrid

#12 Taberna Flamenca “El Cortijo”

This is the perfect combination to try for typical Spanish food and cuisine and a good flamenco show. It will and cheap thing to do in Madrid. Located downtown is a must-do and you can’t miss enjoying a lovely evening with this amazing combination.

You can reach it by public transport as there is the metro station close by with line 1.

But, they offer private transport from Puerta del Sol from 24 euro for 4 people to go and come back. Perfect if you feel lazy to use the metro or if you drink a bit more. Obviously this, not the only option to watch the typical show in Spain, other Flamenco Shows are just around this area, get lost in Madrid, to find other amazing places.

#13 Madrid view and romantic sunset at Dalieda de San Francisco

Who said that the main attractions of Madrid are pricey? Next, to the Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, there is a small park. Several benches seem watching from the top of the city. This is for us a romantic spot of Madrid, where enjoy the city at the sunset. It is one of the quietest places in Madrid, situated in the Quarter La Latina. It is also the ideal spot where take photos of Madrid. We highly advise visiting the closest Capilla Cristo de Los Dolores.

Avenida Gran Vía de San Francisco, 29

Fun non touristy things to do in madrid


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Unique things to do in Madrid | Hidden things to do in Madrid

As you might have understood I love Madrid, even if isn’t a city where you can find the sea. I have been to Madrid many times and every time I discover something new. If it’s your first time in Madrid, of course, you can’t miss visiting all the cultural attractions in Madrid. The top touristy things of Madrid, are covered in our Madrid Itinerary in 3 Days. But this is for us the best way to see Madrid off the beaten path. In your bucket list of things to do in Madrid Spain, you should consider visiting something different from the main Tourist spots in Madrid, Spain.

If you love Spain, one of the best things that you can do is planning a day trip from Madrid. After visiting the beautiful Spanish Capital hang towards Granada, another Spanish gem located in the south.

Where to stay in Madrid

Non touristy things to do in Madrid Spain
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