Top 15 Madrid Instagram Spots | Places to visit in Madrid for photography lovers

Madrid is beautiful at any time of the year with its own charm make everyone feel welcome and happy. This is tailor made Madrid Instagram spots itinerary for everybody. We have been exploring the Spanish capital several times so we decided to put together our personal list of the best Madrid photo spots. Along with the many things to do in Madrid you can add a couple of extra stops to do during your itinerary. 

Madrid is not only the top tourist attraction and classic landmark, but there is also much more to discover within the city and surrounding areas. From the hidden gems to the best Madrid photo spots, you will leave the Spanish capital with remarkable memories.

Madrid best photo spots

Palacio de Cristal
Paseo de la República Dominicana
Retiro Park 
Almudena Cathedral
Royal Palace of Madrid
Temple of Debod
Plaza Mayor
Puerta de Alcalá 
Sabatini Gardens
Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid 
Malasaña street art
Palma Street
Círculo de Bellas Artes Rooftop
Habanera Restaurant 
Mercado de San Miguel
Museo Cerralbo

Teatro Calderon of Madrid - Most instagrammable places in Madrid

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Best photo spots in Madrid

Palacio de Cristal

We can’t talk about the best Madrid Instagram spots without including the Crystal Palace.
One of the most iconic and photogenic places is Palacio de Cristal located in the heart of Retiro Park. If you don’t know the exact location, don’t worry because you will find it just random walking in the park. 

If you really want to get the best shot in Palacio de Cristal, when planning your visit think what to wear before so you already have an idea of what you wish to archive. The scenario might change depending on the time of the day you are visiting this spot.

In the morning the lights filtered by the trees are amazing, but at night you will need a more accurate lens for your camera to capture all the details. Every time that we are shooting around any cities in the world, Alessia has the same problem. She never knows what kind of picture she wants, and so what to wear.

Closest tube station: Ibiza (Line 9)

Paseo de la República Dominicana | Retiro Park

Madrid Park
Winter in Madrid in the park
Madrid retiro park | Experiences in Spain

If you are looking for other instagrammable spots into Retiro Park you should consider the path of Paseo de la República Dominicana. If you enter from Ibiza metro station you will lead to Alfonso XII monument. It’s the right spot for your instagrammable Madrid itinerary.

If you are visiting Madrid in Spring even better as the trees around will make your picture amazing.

TopTips: We suggest you go and shoot on a Sunday morning around 8.30 AM ish so you won’t find many people and you have time to take all the pictures you want.

Closest tube station: Ibiza (Line 9)

Almudena Cathedral

The first thing you should know about Almudena Cathedral is that the inside is stunning. I think we have never seen anything like this before, maybe Notre Dame in Paris, but both are completely different.

The square outside the Cathedral is the perfect location for your Madrid spots itinerary. The Cathedral of the Saint of the city is located in a huge square in front of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

If you know how to choose the right moment and time of the day you will end up with one of the most beautiful pictures in Madrid.

Closest tube station: Ópera (Line 2 and 5)

Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace Madrid - Spain Travel Itinerary 2 weeks
This is the Royal Palace of Madrid. The architecture of this amazing square will inspire you a lot. Take here your unique instagrammable photo of Madrid

From the Royal Palace, you are able to see the Almudena Cathedral perfectly. If in your list of the most instagrammable places in Madrid there is the Almudena Cathedral, you can’t miss the Royal Palace either. This beautiful palace, which is the official residence of the Royal Family, is one of the best spots in Madrid to consider.

If you have time, after your shooting, spend some time and visit the Palace as it’s really worth visiting. There is the option to visit the Intern of the Royal Palace of Madrid. Check the online ticket in advance.

Closest tube station: Ópera (Line 2 and 5) Plaza de España

Add to your visit to the Royal Palace the Prado Museum and save some money.
You can book your ticket here to skip the queue and enjoy the tour.

Temple of Debod – Madrid Instagram Spots

One of Alessia’s favourite spots in Madrid, Temple of Debod, is an Egyptian temple dated back to the 2nd century BC, which was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid.

It’s a beautiful monument which is considered one of the best spots in Madrid. If you really want to visit it, plan your journey around sunset time. The lights and colours will reflect on the water, creating a unique scenario between dream and reality. It is something that you don’t see every day.
How to reach the Temple of Debod? It’s very easy, by tube is also the quickest way. You can either exit from Plaza de España, with line 3 and 10, or Ventura Rodríguez with line 3 as well.

Don’t’ miss this beautiful and most Instagrammed place in Madrid.

Closest tube station: Ventura Rodríguez and Plaza de España

Temple di Debod - Greek Ruins of Madrid - Instagrammable places in Madrid

Madrid Instagram Spots

Plaza Mayor

When we spent a couple of days in Madrid, after our trip to Sri Lanka, I forced Toti to discover the whole city, to let him change his mind on which was more beautiful compared to Barcelona. I have lost my mission, while he is still in love with the Catalan Capital. It was his first time and I wanted to show him what this city could offer. The moment we reached Plaza Mayor, his reaction was unforgettable.

Plaza Mayor is one of the most important landmarks in the Capital of Spain. A perfect Madrid photo spots location to include in your trip itinerary. Today, this square is considered one of the prettiest open spaces in the world, thanks to its picturesque and historical architecture.

If you are visiting Madrid in Spring or before the beginning of the Summer, you might want to enjoy a lovely drink in Plaza Mayor in one of the cosy bars around. The glamourous facades of Plaza Mayor are a good excuse for a fresh drink on a hot summer day in Madrid. It might be a bit more expensive than usual, but at least it will be worth it.

Closest tube station: Sol (Line 1, 2 and 3)

Main square of Madrid - Plaza Mayor - Instagrammable Madrid

Do you want to explore more about the neighbourhood of Madrid? Book here your tour and spend an amazing day trip from Madrid to Toledo!

Puerta de Alcalá

Are you looking for the right spot during sunset? Puerta de Alcalá is a lovely spot where you can enjoy the sunset while shooting for your instagrammable Madrid. This neoclassical triumphal arch is one of the cool places in Madrid to visit.

The surrounding area is dominated by its green little park, perfect for a few minutes relaxing on a bench. This spot for photos is a bit tricky, we recommend you try to wear something which can contrast with the white colours of the architecture, and obviously avoid the central hours of the day.

Closest tube station to reach Puerta de Alcalà: Retiro (Line 2)

Madrid Puerta de Alcalà - Madrid photography spots

Sabatini Gardens | Instagrammable photos of Madrid

Of course, and the ideal place for shooting. If you want to have this place all for yourself you should get up early and be there in the early morning. No one is around and you can archive one of Madrid’s best Instagram spots.

InsideTips: Sabatini Gardens are beautiful even during sunset. If you have a bit of patience you can still achieve an amazing result.

Closest tube station: Ópera (Line 2 and 5) and Plaza de España(Line 3 and 10)

Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid

The Botanic Garden in Madrid is a must-do during your itinerary. The colours, flowers and green are all concentrated in one place. For the ideal spot in Madrid, you should think about what to wear in advance, as the colours around the Botanic Garden are strong, you should wear something simple with a unique colour.

Located close to Estacion del Arte, with line 1, you can reach the Botanic Garden by walking from the station into the park. If during your Madrid itinerary, the temperature is moderate or high, we suggest you lay down and enjoy the sun.

Closest tube station: Estación del Arte (Line 1)

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Malasaña street art

Who doesn’t love street art? Malasaña quarter is known for its beautiful street art and vibes.

Malasagna is one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the city with its lovely restaurants, bars and vintage markets. In your Madrid Instagram spots, it should be definitely in your list as the colours, vibes and people are a remarkable souvenir of your trip to Madrid.

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The best Madrid Instagram Spots

Calle Palma Madrid

For us, one of the best points where we love taking pictures is around the small streets of the city.

If you are looking for one of the coolest streets in Madrid where to take snapshots, it is for sure Palma Street. You can start your walk from Tribunal tube station (Line 1 and 10) and stroll through the beautiful street.

If you are going at the appropriate time you can even have the street all for yourself and be able to shoot without anyone around. It is not one of the most beautiful streets of Madrid, but for sure the best street scenario in the city.

Closest tube station: Tribunal (Line 1 and 10)

Calle Palma Madrid - Best photo spots in Madrid

Círculo de Bellas Artes Rooftop

Madrid itinerary 3 days- Spain
The view from the rooftop of Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid – One of the most instagrammable Rooftops of Madrid.

One of the most beautiful things about the rooftop is that you can catch the perfect moment without being so patience. The ideal place to capture a gorgeous sunset over Madrid is Circulo de Bellas Artes rooftop as it offers a remarkable glimpse of the city.

What’s the best part of this rooftop? For us, it was enjoying a fresh Cerveza while admiring the beauty of the Spanish Capital. 
After spending the first half an hour shooting this wonderful panorama for your Instagrammable Madrid, don’t forget to put back your camera or phone and actually appreciate the view.

Closest tube station: Banco de España (line 2)

Start the day at Habanera with a delicious breakfast

Breakfast in Madrid

One of the most instagrammable places where we had breakfast was close to the Colon tube station in this restaurant called Habanera. The inside is gorgeous and it gives a special atmosphere when having breakfast or brunch. It’s a jungle Tropicana restaurant located in the heart of Madrid, with its particular leafy palm wallpaper, flowers chairs and lush plants. If you are looking for the most instagrammable cafes in Madrid this is what you want to look for.

Closest tube station: Colón (Line 4)

Mercado de San Miguel 

San Miguel market is one of the coolest markets in the city. The vibes, food and the people make this market a lovely place where to enjoy a typical and delicious Spanish food. 

It’s a stop that you can’t miss if you are exploring Madrid and it’s perfect for a great Instagram food shot. The architecture of the location itself is the ideal for photographers lovers, with the glass walls filtering the light from outside.

The position of Mercado de San Miguel is really central, this could be used as a meeting point where to start your exploration of Madrid. Try the fresh typical Spanish food at one of the many stands in the local market and go back to the street to enjoy your photography day in Madrid.

Closest tube station: Ópera (Line 2 and 5)

Madrid city centre and market

An Instagrammable hidden spot in Madrid

Museo Cerralbo

It is one of the most important museums in Madrid, but also the less popular one. This instagrammable spot in Madrid is going straight in the list of most hidden gems of Madrid.

It is the most authentic example of the typical aristocratic life in Madrid of the latest XIX. The Museo Cerralbo, in classicist style, decorated with neo-baroque and rococo elements, was home of Marqés de Cerralbo. Take an amazing photo on the rich in a detailed staircase. This is a hidden gem of Madrid and will be a unique photo to take absolutely.

Closest tube station: Plaza de España (Line 3 and 10)

Things to know before visiting Madrid

There are a couple of things that we suggest you do while exploring Madrid:

  • Plan your itinerary with the minimal details as you don’t want to miss anything
  • If you are thinking to visit Madrid from May to early September be ready for high temperatures
  • Carry with you a water bottle as between one location and another you might walk a bit
  • The tube can be your best friend, it’s easy and not expensive to use
  • Be proactive and show interest in what you see, book free walking tours to get to know the city
  • Pack accordingly to your Instagram itinerary and if you miss something don’t worry, Gran Via has got many shops
  • Have fun and enjoy every single moment in the Spanish Capital
  • Spanish people are friendly and even if you don’t understand they will help you to feel welcome
  • You can reach the city centre from the airport with the tube. From Madrid Nuevo Ministerios with line 8, you can reach Madrid airport. The journey will take you around 15 minutes. Amazing isn’t it?

What to pack for a Madrid photo spots itinerary

Madrid is beautiful any time of the year and sometimes it’s hard to decide the right time to visit the city. For us, the right time to explore and shoot around Madrid was during spring. It is when the weather was warm but not too much and the days are longer than winter.

  • Always have with you something colourful to contrast with the surrounding
  • Plan in advance where you want to go and shoot to have everything ready
  • A tripod is highly recommend
  • Have backup clothes with you if you want to change during one location and another
  • Backup memory and battery it will save your life in case you haven’t charge your camera the night before
  • Have fun while taking Instagram pictures as it will help you to personalize better that unique moment

Madrid photo spots | An itinerary of Madrid Instagram Spots

Madrid instagrammable spots at sunset - Photos of Madrid at Sunset

The Spanish capital has got so many gorgeous places to visit. If you are an Instagram fan and you are always looking for the right spot, Madrid will like a playground for you.

We always try to make the most of our trips. Our itinerary of Madrid Instagram spots needs to be helpful as much as we can. So if you have any other suggestion to make this guide even more helpful, please comment below.

We have been to Madrid so many times and we can’t stop coming back even if it is for a short weekend or for a day conference.

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Best Instagram spots in Madrid Spain

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