15 Madrid Rooftop Bars | Best terrace views of Madrid

When it comes to choosing the right destination for your next holiday, Madrid is not always considered. Most of the people prefer to spend a couple of days in Barcelona or laying on a beautiful beach of Malaga. Let’s say, without sea, looking at a Spanish staycation, Madrid is not considered as the first choice. In this detailed itinerary, you will find the best rooftop bars in Madrid which will change your mind about the Spanish Capital.

Madrid is a wonderful city and the capital of Spain. Find your right spot on the top of one of the tallest buildings of the city. Enjoy a cocktail chilling in the best rooftop bars in Madrid Spain, and enjoy a wonderful 360 view.

While staying in a city for a seasonal vacation, we always look for the best spots where to enjoy the city at the best. Madrid has plenty of amazing rooftop terraces. This is our selection of 15 best places to have a drink at the top of Madrid.

The Best Rooftop Bars Madrid 

We have been to Madrid a couple of times, but we were always looking for a new spot and a different angle of the city. You can see here our post of all the hidden gems of Madrid and discover new places.

In this different itinerary of the best rooftop bars in Madrid, we are encouraging you to explore with us all the best rooftop bars. There you can enjoy an amazing sunset and have fun dancing under the stars. For daring people, we will suggest experiencing a few rooftop bars if you can for breakfast, or staying in a hotel with a rooftop to enjoy the sunrise.

  • The Hat
  • H10 Puerta de Alcalá
  • Ginkgo Sky Bar
  • Jardin Secreto
  • 360 Rooftop Bar @ Riu Plaza España
  • Mercado de San Anton
  • Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience
  • El Viajero Madrid
  • Gymage
  • Azotea Forus Barcelo
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes
  • Doña Luz
  • Atico 11 @ Hotel de las Letras
  • Picos Pardos Sky Lounge
  • La Terraza del Urban
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The Hat

Located on the top of one of the greatest hotels close to Plaza Mayor, the Hat is today considered one of the most popular rooftops bars Madrid. That’s why we placed it in the first place of our list.

If you are with friends or even with your partner this rooftop bar is ideal to grab a drink and enjoy the beautiful view of Madrid. This is not just the most fun rooftop in town, but also the coolest hostel. The Hat Hostel is well known among backpackers. If you are looking for accommodation to stay in Madrid, we suggest booking here. If you are with your other half, don’t worry, check out our tips on how to stay in a hostel as a couple.

Closest tube station: Tirso de Molina and Sol.

Best rooftop bars in Madrid
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Best rooftop bars in Madrid

H10 Puerta de Alcalá

When it comes to good and warm weather and you are in Madrid, for sure, you will be looking for some places where to enjoy a fresh drink while having a stunning view.

Located close to Retiro Park, in Madrid’s Salamanca neighbourhood, H10 Puerta de Alcala is a stunning hotel where you can enjoy the beautiful rooftop terrace space. 

This is a hotel with an amazing space at the top. This is not the cheapest accommodation option you can find in Madrid. However, booking a room here will give you the chance to enjoy a sunrise over the rooftops of Madrid. If you have the chance to book at least a night inexpensive accommodation in Madrid, this is the place you have to look for.

Coming back to our main topic of the best rooftop spaces in Madrid, H10 Puerta de Alcalá is ideal even just for a cocktail. You have to go from the main entrance, up with the lift.

Closest tube station: Principe de Vergara

Ginkgo Sky Bar – Madrid Rooftop Bar

Located right next to Plaza de Espana, Ginkgo sky bar is one of the best rooftop bars in Madrid and it needs to be on your list. During the day you can enjoy a delicious drink with some food. If you are planning to explore the terraces of Madrid later in the day, visiting the Ginkgo by night you can enjoy live music as well.

Ginkgo Sky Bar is not usually in the list of places to visit in Madrid. However, it’s an alternative thing to do in Madrid and one of the best ways to enjoy a lovely view of the city.

The access to the terrace is limited so you need to book in advance your visit to make sure you have your spot. You can book your visit on the website, or booking a rooftop tour of Madrid.

Tips: Elegant/Casual Dress code is required.

Closest tube station: Plaza de Espana 

Madrid can’t be skipped in your Spain itinerary, in fact, it’s on the top of our Spanish Bucket List.

Jardin Secreto

The secret garden, which is not anymore a secret one, it’s a hidden bar worth visiting.

How to reach it? Step inside Salvador Bachiller Accessories shop and take the elevator up to the top floor, there you will discover a charming and cosy rooftop bar in Madrid, Spain.

The view’s completely different from the other rooftop bars, you will see a change of scenery from the busy city centre of Madrid.

Are you ready to discover one of the top rooftop bars in Madrid? Now, you know where to find it!

Closest tube station: Gran Via and Sol

360 Rooftop Bar Madrid @ Riu Plaza España

Are you looking for a 360 rooftop bar in Madrid? You might have found it! 

The best sky bar 360 Madrid is at Riu Plaza de España and you can’t miss visiting it. Its spacious and modern rooftop offers an amazing view of the Spanish Capital. 

If you are staying in the hotel you can access the rooftop bar for free, otherwise, outside visitors pay a fee between 5 and 10 euros. For a cheap fee, you should visit the bar before 6 pm, afterwards, it will cost 10 euro. The fee makes this space less crowded compared to the others, also the prices of the drinks are a bit pricey but absolutely worth it. 

If you are not staying in the hotel, we highly recommend you to pay this small fee as it’s worth the view.

Closest tube station: Plaza de España

Do you want to know more about Spain? Read our latest post of Spain bucket list.

Mercado de San Anton

Who told you that a local market can’t have a beautiful rooftop bar in Madrid? This one has it! 

As you enter into Mercado de San Antón you will see the various food stands in a huge space. Not everyone knows that you can go up to the fourth floor, from there enjoy a drink with some friends at any time of the year.

After tasting the delicious food downstairs you can spend your time on the little terrace upstairs and tasting a good beer. The entrance to this space is free. This is one of the best free rooftop spaces in Madrid.

Are you still thinking that this is only a food market? Once you will see it you will love it. 

Closest tube station: Chueca

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Corte Inglés Gourmet Experience Gran Vía

Not everyone thinks of the Corte Inglés as one of the roof spaces in Madrid. Instead of living in Malaga as Digital Nomad, we discovered the city a lot. We went into the Shopping Centre and were surprised by the stunning view from the top.

Now every time we explore a city in Spain, we look for the Corte Inglés for our first experience on a Rooftop Bar.

When we were looking for a rooftop bar in Madrid we thought that, even in Madrid, we could find a terrace on the top of El Corte Inglés. We were actually right. The best part of all this huge supermarket is the actual outdoor terrace where you can get a picture of the famous Schweppes sign, which is an iconic landmark of Gran Via. Follow the signs for the Gourmet Restaurant and you will find the sky rooftop terrace.

Closest tube station: Sol 

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El Viajero Rooftop bar Madrid

This restaurant and bar is located in the Latina area of Madrid. This is today a very popular rooftop bar in the Capital of Spain. With its cosy and small garden on the roof, it is considered the best spot to visit during your Madrid itinerary. Expect the beautiful view over Madrid old town, you will admire a wonderful sunset accompanied by a relaxed atmosphere and a cold beer.

Locals love to spend a winter evening with friends as El Viajero is one of the best Madrid rooftop bars.

Closest tube station: La Latina 

Gymage Terrace

Just off Gran Via, Gymage is another best rooftop bars in Madrid which you need to consider visiting. Once you step in this place, you will think that you might be in the wrong place but you are not. The best part is the lever two rooftop lounge bar with a restaurant and a pool.

Yes, it has a pool too. But, what makes this one of the best Madrid rooftop bars is a wide concept, over than just a bar in the clouds. The Gymage has also a fitness club, a restaurant, a theatre, and a healthy shop. You can live a full day relaxing within activities and stunning views. Remember to head on the rooftop terrace at the sunset, enjoying the view over Madrid.

From the terrace, you can order whatever you like from a coffee to a local beer and in the meantime enjoy a delicious tapas as well.

Closest tube station: Callao

Azotea Forus Barcelo Madrid

Considered one of the greatest places for an evening cocktail in Madrid. The Azotea Forus is another place which you need to consider if you are looking for the best rooftop bars in Madrid.

With a great combination of delicious food, stunning view and moderate price you can consider this place one of the best ones where to go. To be honest this is for sure a cosy and elegant place where you can enjoy a drink. It is really sunny, but not our favourite one.

Closest tube station: Tribunal and Alonso Martinez

Top rooftop bars in Madrid
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Rooftop bar Madrid Bellas Artes

If you haven’t been to Madrid yet, you should know that the Circulo de Bellas Artes of Madrid is one of the most important cultural centres in the whole of Europe. It’s a must-see during your Madrid itinerary. The entrance cost 5 euros, which includes access to the roof as well. Otherwise, you can access the terrace for only 4 euros.

The best part of Circulo de Bellas Artes is the rooftop itself. The stunning view of the city centre, particularly Plaza de Cibeles and Gran Via.

The Circulo de Bellas Artes has an indoor and outdoor area, making this rooftop ideal for every season. Madrid could be really hot, and willing to enjoy the sun, the roof terrace of the Circulo de Bellas Artes of Madrid is what you have to look for.

Closest tube station: Sol

Atico 11 @ Hotel de las Letras

Situated in the city centre, Atico 11 is at the top of the Hotel de las Letras. A cosy haven, ideal for an afternoon with a view. The rooftop Atico 11 has an awesome terrace, from where you can admire the lovely view of the Capital. In the meantime, you can enjoy the delicious tapas. This space is also a fine restaurant, with many Spanish traditional specialities.

Even if the terrace is a bit small, the atmosphere is nice and charming matching with the music which gives the ambient a nice vibe.

Closest tube station: Gran Via

Picos Pardos Sky Lounge

Located in Salamanca Barrio on the top of the Bless Hotel, this rooftop bar in Madrid has a spectacular and panoramic view over the city skyline.

Apart from the view, you can enjoy the fantastic pool which is free for the hotel guests. If you want to visit the space as an external guest, the pool is accessible too if you reserve the Balinese beds. The cost is not excessive, and a day in the Picos Pardos will cost you around 50 euro.

This is one of the best experiences to do in Madrid in Summer and is a highly suggested activity to do in the city.

Once on the top, you will understand what we are talking about. From the premium drinks and delicious food from a 10-times, Michelin awarded chef.

Closest tube station: In the middle between Velázquez and Núñez de Balboa

La Terraza del Urban | Rooftop bars in Madrid Spain 

Another popular Madrid rooftop bar is located close to Puerta del Sol, with its cool view of the city and with a relaxing atmosphere.

If you are visiting Madrid in spring or summer this is the ideal place where to spend a couple of hours with friends or with your half. Apart from the lovely vibes and atmosphere on the terrace, during the day time, the pool is also available for the Hotel guests. So, if you are looking for a place to stay in Madrid you should consider Hotel Urban.

Closest tube station: Sevilla

Plan a visit to the Spanish Capital and discover the best Madrid rooftop bars

Madrid is always a surprise and you can’t guess what the city can offer. Alessia loves Madrid as Toti loves Barcelona. Every time we are coming back to our favourite cities we are always looking for something new.
Whenever you will be visiting the Spanish Capital, keep in mind those beautiful rooftop bars in Madrid and try to visit at least a couple. Why? Because the experience you can get while admiring the landscape combined to a lovely sunset, it’s unique and worth to do.

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Madrid Rooftop Bars
Madrid Rooftop Bars
Discover the best Madrid rooftop bars and enjoy a stunning view over a coffee or a beer. Plan your trip to the Spanish Capital and explore the top rooftop bars in Madrid.
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