Madrid is a lovely city which is worth to visit during springtime. In this full guide, you will understand some reason why you should plan a Madrid spring break asap. There are so many things to do and see in Madrid in spring. We have tidy up a list of stuff that you can’t miss when organizing a trip to the Spanish Capital.

Usually, the Spanish capital is not considered when it comes to springtime, mostly just during summer. The below list is coming to help you understand why that is a terrible mistake to don’t think about Spring in Madrid. Madrid becomes even more beautiful during spring, with its lovely weather, long days and the wonderful cherry blossom the Capital change atmosphere.

Madrid in Spring is walkable and enjoyable, the temperatures that in summer could reach 40 degrees and over, in springtime will be on the average of 20-25 degrees. The cultural architecture of Madrid, the amazing city parks and incredible Movida (Nightlife) will let you enjoy a short spring break in Madrid.

Madrid retiro park | Experiences in Spain

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When is Spring Break in Madrid Spain 

After the months of January and February, when the cold affects the Spanish capital, finally the spring takes over. From the beginning of March, you will be able to see Madrid in the spring. Weather can always change and sometimes spring arrived in the middle of March but if you are planning an Easter escape in Europe, your Spring break in Madrid for sure will give you lovely weather through.

Book your free walking tour of Madrid here.

Despite the Uk spring break in Spain, Spring is usually associated with the nice weather and longest daylight. In Spain, the School are closing just a few days before Easter and a couple of days after. There is no long break, if not for the easter processions and local traditional festivities.

Thinking about Spring Break in Madrid, you can allocate your trip to Spain during the good season any time between middle March and late May. After May the temperatures are starting to be super hot, and Madrid is going to become a frying pan.

Plaza Mayor - Spring in Madrid

Best places in Spain for Spring Break

If Madrid has not yet convinced you to buy a flight, check other option for your Spanish spring break. The southern country is one of the most popular places to visit for a Spring Break in Europe.

We wrote an entire blog post about Spain Spring Break. Have a look if you are planning a spring break in Spain.

What to see during Spring in Madrid

There are so many things to do and see in Madrid during spring from the most important sightseeing to some iconic park even located a bit outside the city centre. All the spots we marked on the below map are easy to reach by tube even if located a bit far away. After the long winter in Madrid, the locals love to enjoy walking through the parks and the beautiful shopping alleys of the city centre of Madrid.

Cherry blossom in Quinta de Los Molinos park

When it comes to Spring the first thing that will come to your mind is the famous cherry blossom. Especially if you love taking pictures, during your spring in Madrid you will love to spend time around the city and its famous parks. Quinta de Los Molinos Park is the ideal place where to spend a couple of hours during your spring in Madrid. 

How to reach Quinta de Los Molinos park? It’s much easier than you think. There is a tube station located in front of the park. You can take the Green Line (Number 5) and exit at Suanzes. It’s the same line if you want to visit Casa de Campo, which is another lovely park in Madrid.

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Retiro Park, enjoy the walk in the park

When it comes to spring in Madrid you can finally enjoy the lovely parks around the city. Throughout your Madrid spring break, you can’t miss walking through the Retiro Park. This beautiful park is a tourist landmark in Madrid where locals and tourists love spending most of the time. With the lovely weather, you will enjoy better your time in Madrid in the spring. Visit the Crystal Palace while walking around Retiro Park and discover another important landmark of the city. 

Do you like Instagram spots? If you are visiting the Capital you can’t miss the top 15 most Instagrammed places in Madrid.

See all the experiences you should add to your Spain Bucket List.

Cease the sun while having a drink on a terrace

We will bet everything that you are already thinking about an amazing drink with an enviable view over Madrid, with the sun high in the sky and absolute peace of mind.

While walking around the city centre you will see many bars and restaurants with the outside seats where you can enjoy a delicious drink while warming up by the sun. But is just looking up that you can find your paradise corner in Madrid in Spring. There are so many Terrazas in Madrid and you just need to pick the one you like the most. We think that there is nothing better than enjoying a cheap beer on a beautiful terrace with a view after exploring the city.

Visit Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

An amazing tour that you can book while spending your time in Madrid in Spring is the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Tour.

If you are a Real Madrid supporter or not it doesn’t matter as the stadium is really worth to visit. The history, the tour and the trophies will make your spring break in Madrid memorable.
You can book different types of tours but if you are lucky we recommend you to go and watch a football match.

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Explore Plaza Mayor and its history 

Toti’s first impression when we reached Plaza Mayor was “WooooW”. For him, it was the first time in Madrid and I must say it, thanks to my little private tour he loved it. I have been to Madrid so many times and every time I love the city even more.

Plaza Mayor is a famous landmark of the city, here many tourists stop and decide to have a drink in one of the Terrazas around the square. Well, we can’t blame them as the view is pretty amazing.

Discover Madrid best rooftop bar and enjoy an amazing view!

Spring break in Madrid

The frescoes on the main facade of Plaza Mayor is insane, a cultural trip inside the history of Madrid, conquerors, kings and battles. Plaza Mayor is considered one of the beautiful squares in Europe, if not of the World. After seeing the major cities in Europe, we have to say that the crown is well given.

The “bigger square” is located in the centre of the city and you can’t miss it in your Madrid Spring break tour. It is a few steps away from another amazing landmark of the city, Puerta del Sol. Once upon a time, this square was named as Plaza del Arrabal, and one of the main characters are the entrance from Arches access. The most famous one is the Arch de Cuchilleros.

Eat fresh Spanish products at Mercado de San Miguel

If at lunchtime you don’t know where to find fresh and tasty local products, try in the Mercado de San Miguel. A few steps away from the mayor square of Madrid, Plaza Mayor there is an amazing old market ready for you.

We suggest a visit to the Mercado de San Miguel at any time of the year, especially during Spring in Madrid. This is one of Madrid’s oldest market but is also one of the beautiful in the city and worth a visit. It is usually busy, especially in the afternoon when locals seat for a pint or two with friends, after work. You can clearly spot the intern of the market through the glass external walls.

But is when you step in that the magic happens. Fresh local products, displayed in amazing and inviting stands. We found this market a bit expensive, to be honest. It is located in a strategic but touristic point of the city, between the main square and Puerta del Sol, a few blocks away from the main shopping road.

But the San Miguel Market of Madrid is worth a visit and a few tapas at the counter, in proper Spanish style. You can also seat at one of the many bars in the structure, thicking out another experience in Madrid like a local.

hidden gems in madrid

Sunset at Puerta de Alcalá

There is nothing better than enjoying a lovely sunset in Puerta de Alcala in Plaza de la Independencia. It’s a beautiful moment that you can’t miss if you are visiting Madrid. You can easily reach Puerta de Alcala by using Retiro tube station with line 2 or if you are around the Retiro Park or Plaza Mayor you can easily walk and enjoy a bit the city. This should be on your list of the most amazing things to do in Madrid in Spring. A unique experience in a popular landmark in Madrid.

In Spring this square is like reborn, with pink flowers all around that make it lively and beautiful. Admire the details of the statues of East and west side of the Puerta de Alcalà.

cool non touristy things to do in madrid

Visit the district of Malasaña and Chueca

Like every city in the World, even Madrid has some folkloristic district to visit. The two that we will suggest to you are the inner-city boroughs of Malasaña and Chueca. The two barrios as are called in Spanish are what the most can get you close to the Madrid mentality. Experiencing the real local life would be the best memories to take home.

How a madrileños (people from Madrid) is living, eating, singing is more interesting than to go just for sight in the city, in our point of view. The traditional traveller’s experiences are always around the popular hotspot of a city. If you are not that kind of travellers, we highly suggest to explore the traditions of Madrid, and breath like a local, getting in the skin of the city.

Basílica de San Francisco El Grande

Talking about the best district to visit in Madrid in Spring, we can’t miss highlighting the southern corner of Madrid “La Latina”. This amazing location, in a non-touristy point of Madrid, is hiding one of the most gorgeous baroque churches in Spain. The Basílica de San Francisco El Grande, in the district of La Latina and Lavapiés, is one of the oldest in Madrid. The basilica has also one of the largest frescoed domes in the World.

Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

If you are an art lover, during your spring tour of Madrid, you can’t miss visiting the Museum Reina Sofía. The art centre of Madrid is home to some of the most important masterpieces of Picasso, Dalì, Mirò and many more. The principal collections are from the 20th century up to the 1980s and are prevalently composed by Spanish artists. Not everyone knows that in the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía is jealously guarded the Picasso’s Guernica. This is the most famous artwork of the Spanish Artist and is in a permanent premier collection of contemporary art of the museum.

Madrid Spring Break | Things to do in spring in Madrid 1

Book a bike tour around the city

One of the best ways to explore a city is to have a bike tour with locals or with someone who lived in the city for a while. Thanks to the lovely flowering weather, you can enjoy better a Madrid bike tour during spring. If it is your first time in Madrid it’s the perfect way to get to know around and being more confident about the city. We did the same in our trip to Valencia in 2 days and learned a lot while cycling, thanks to our amazing local guide.

There are so many bike tours where you can choose from, that’s why we picked a couple we tried and we loved. 
Bike tour around the city while exploring the most important landmark of the city or for a fun bike tour with friends you can book a beer bike tour in Madrid.

Visit Madrid during Easter

Known as “La Semana Santa”, if you are visiting Madrid during Easter there a couple of things that you should know. Easter in Madrid and in Spain, it’s a very important occasion when most of the people spend time with their families. If you are visiting Madrid during this time of the year, you might experience to find most of the shops closed. But, wandering around, for sure check for shopping centre and most central business, opened as usual. During Easter be ready for the famous Parades and processions around the city. For sure, visiting Madrid in easter time, be ready to book in advance restaurants and tours.  

The most famous parades in Madrid is Christ of Medina (Christo de Mediaceli) which take place on Good Friday and runs around the main streets of the city. On the same day, you will see many other processions taking place like Yeomen of the Guard (Alarderos), the procession of the silence and Jesus of Nazareth the poor.

Even if you are not religious, visiting Madrid in Springtime you have to experience the local traditions. Definitely planning a spring break in Madrid during Easter, we recommend leaving blank spaces in your agenda for those parades and processions that are worth attending.

Easter food in Spain

If you are the kind of travellers that loves to get into the traditions, and this includes food, you should follow some of our tips. The below are a shortlist of products typical of the Easter celebrations in Madrid. Most of that can be found usually in the local bakeries all year round, not just in springtime in Madrid.

For a taste of Easter in Spain you should try:

  • Torrijas
  • Hornazo
  • Buñuelos
  • Bartolillo madrileño
  • Flores de Semana Santa

Take a day trip from Madrid

Cuenca as Day trip from Madrid
Cuenca is the perfect day trip from Madrid

If you are planning to stay longer in Madrid you can easily organise a day trip. By train or by bus you can reach Toledo, Segovia, Valencia and a little gem called Cuenca. All those cities are less than a couple of hours away, depending on how you choose to travel.

Plan a Cuenca day trip and book here your spot.

A spring break in Madrid is the ideal excuse to explore the surrounding cities. You will be able to see and understand more about the architecture and cultures of the hidden gem around Madrid. Madrid has been built up thanks to the countryside, and the green hills of Spain are worth a visit. Toti loves to drive in Spain, for the amazing landscapes and breathtaking scenarios.

You might have heard about Cuenca, or maybe not, but what you don’t know is that there are so many things to see in this small but beautiful city outside Madrid. 

We heard of it for the first time by Alessia’s best friend which is from Cuenca. As we are travelling seeker we went to explore the city for the first time after spending a weekend in Madrid.

See Avila and Segovia in a day and organise a perfect day trip from Madrid.

Madrid Park

Getting around Madrid

Getting around the Spanish capital is very easy, even if your accommodation is a bit far away from the city centre. By tube, you can reach the most important landmarks. When looking at the Madrid tube map you will see how many lines operate in the city so you can’t be lazy to reach a faraway destination.

Did you know that you can reach Barajas airport by tube as well?

Yes, you can and it’s very easy and accessible. With Line 8 from Nuevo Ministerios, you reach the airport in less than 20 minutes and with only 5 euros plus the airport supplementary charge.

What to pack for Madrid Spring Break

Spring is the season when you don’t know what to wear. If you are planning a Madrid spring break even worse when thinking about what to pack.

As the weather goes from the end of winter to the beginning of the summer we suggest packing essentials but useful things. Check the weather before and plan accordingly:

  • If you see that the temperature is not that high bring with you a jacket which can be useful if it’s warmer or colder
  • Long trousers/dresses are ideal and if cold you can always wear tights underneath
  • Pack colourful clothes to help you with pictures
  • Comfortable shoes and waterproof just in case of rain
  • Carry an umbrella just in case, you never know
  • Layering is the key, the tube is hot, outside is warm. But you never know when the night is coming how the temperature could be lowest. Pack T-shirt, a lot.
spring in madrid

Weather in Madrid in Spring

Usually, the weather in Madrid is or too hot or too cold, if you are planning to visit Madrid in winter be ready to cold days. During spring in Madrid, the weather goes from 16-18 degrees with a minimum of 8. The raining days are less than winter but it can happen that you might have one or two days of rain. You never know how the weather is going to be, so check before planning your trip and make sure to pack the right stuff.

Things to know before visiting Madrid in Spring

  • Check the weather in advance to make sure you pack the right staff
  • Most of the restaurants, bars and shops accept card payment but have some spare cash with you just in case. The local currency is Euro, MasterCard and Visa are accepted everywhere, Amex not widely.
  • If you are allergic to pollen prepare yourself in advance
  • Comfortable shoes are a must as you will walk a lot
  • Don’t spend money on Taxies as public transport work perfectly
  • Madrid is well connected to the rest of the world and Spain. If you have the opportunity to plan a day trip and discover the beautiful surrounding cities, prepare it in advance.
  • Have fun and enjoy the most of Madrid
  • Get insurance before visiting Madrid, it is a good practice and will avoid drawback in your trip.

Where to stay in Madrid during Spring

If you are looking where to stay in Madrid in the spring, the first thing that it will come up to your mind is a lovely hotel with a roof terrace. Why? Because at the end of the day you can enjoy a delicious drink with a stunning view.

Spring break in Madrid

Are you ready to explore the beautiful Spanish capital in spring? If you are flying from Europe you can find a cheap flight to travel in and enjoy a Madrid spring break. Madrid could also be a perfect layover for a longer trip. We have used Madrid as a hub for a couple of days before our epic trip of 10 days in Sri Lanka. And also we landed back in Madrid, spend a night and go away for a few day trips in Spain, around the central hills of the country.

Madrid is considered a beautiful gem in Spain and there are so many non-touristy things to do which you might not be aware. If you really love going off the beaten path in Madrid, start to plan a Spring break itinerary and you will see how this beautiful city will change your perspective.

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