10 reasons why is Malaga worth visiting | Spain Costa del Sol

Visiting Malaga for the first time will have on you a high summer expectation. Those are 10 reasons why is Malaga worth visiting. Thanks to the good weather all year and the high temperature in Summer, Malaga is becoming the first choice for brits expatriate and nomadic people like us. Malaga is worth visiting because it is an entry point visiting Andalucía, Southern Spain’s most popular Region.

The first time we were planning a trip to Malaga, was on a round trip of Spain. It wasn’t the first Road Trip for us but for sure the longest one. Ten days up and down the Costa del Sol, chasing the sun. Malaga was the first stop in our trip, we literally fell in love, and a year after we decided to quit our 9-5 job in London and move to Malaga. So, now its time to tell you the 10 reasons why Malaga is worth a visit.

wanderful spots in malaga in Spring - Spring Break in Spain
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Are you still thinking if is Malaga worth visiting?

10 reasons why you have to go to Malaga!

  • Best weather in Europe
  • Great Food – Best Tapas Bars
  • Incredible Attractions
  • Wellness treatments
  • Awesome Cruise Harbour
  • A Traditional Spanish Town
  • Summer in Malaga is Fantastic
  • Great seaport
  • Efficient public Transport – Easy access from Malaga Airport to Malaga city centre
  • Day trips to Unesco Heritage Sites

Free walking tour of Malaga, visit the city on a free walking tour with a local guide in English
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Best time of the year to visit Malaga

Malaga is nice in every season, that’s why we think that Malaga is worth a visit. The high summer temperature is comparable to Morrocco or other African destinations. The over 30 kilometres of beaches, with goes without ends over and over, up and down the Andalucia Coast, making it the perfect spot for your summer escape in Europe.

Spring in Malaga is nice as well. The temperature from March to May are around 20-25 degrees, and during the weekends the beaches are starting to be crowded. After summer, from September to early November, Malaga still has got nice weather and stable temperature. Winter in Malaga is not that cold, but it rains more. But, don’t worry, close enough there are mountains slopes in the near Sierra Nevada. As you can see Malaga is worth a visit all year.

Best weather in Europe | The best beaches of Malaga

malaga ladscape city center
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This is the view over Malaga West Side – Downbelow there is the ancient Roman Theatre in the centre of Malaga, you can see also the bell tower of the Cathedral of Malaga.

As we said before Malaga and the entire Costa del Sol has got one of the best weather conditions in the whole of Europe. Thanks to 300 days of sun, it is becoming the favourite destinations for expatriates from all around. We have to be honest, it was one of the main reason after we have left London. The grey weather of the English Capital made us moody most of the year. We bet all that the southern part of Spain will become soon a favourite Digital nomadic destination.

The temperature during the summer in Malaga will go up to 35 degrees, with days on 40 degrees as well. So, it is time for the beach already in April. This is the reason why it is called Costa del Sol. In winter you will enjoy the sunshine with temperature not below the 15 degrees and shades all day long.

Great Food and drinks | The best tapas bars of Malaga

discover the market in malaga
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The local Market Atarazana is one of the best place in the city to understand how locals life is going. Fresh food, tasty recipes and smells good.

Spain is well known in the World for the great food, and really you haven’t anything to envy to Italy about the popular Mediterranean diet. The great food tradition makes Malaga “la Mecca” for food lovers. Obviously, the well known local product is Tapas. Many places in the city centre are famous as a tapas bar. Getting here for the first time we will suggest to you to point your GPS to Plaza de la Merced, still in the city centre, minutes away from the Roman Theatre.

Here you will find many tapas places with local beer for just 1 euro. The most popular restaurant for tapas is Tapeo de Cervantes but also check for La Cueva, a Spanish chain really famous. If you are not fancy for a beer, try out el tinto de verano, instead of the Sangria not typical of this area. Remember the local beer is the San Miguel.

Incredible Attractions of Malaga

Malaga is one of the largest cities in Spain, not popular as Barcelona and for sure less touristy than Madrid, but amazing as well. There are some of the most important museums in Spain, also this is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and everything in the old town remember the artist.

The ancient Arabic past and the Moorish domination forged this territory inside. On the top of the hill of Malaga, there is the Alcazaba and the Gibralfaro a fortress-looking at the sea, protecting the inhabitant from the invaders.

The other incredible attractions of Malaga are the Centre Pompidou (Modern Art), Picasso Museum, Museo de Málaga (Malaga history and Archeology) and the Roman Ruins right in the city centre. Another Attraction worth to be visited in Malaga is the local food market of Atrazana.

Wellness treatments | Energy of water of Malaga

Not everybody knows that Malaga has got a great tradition in body wellness and treatments. Right in the city centre, you can visit the Hammam Spa. The thermal Arab baths are finely decorated with attention to the details. A relaxing holiday is nothing without rest your mind, just unwind yourself and enjoy the treatments.

The thermal water is going directly into those amazing pools, the calm atmosphere, the soft lights, oriental scents and professional staff will take care of you.

We have tried it ourselves, not just in Malaga. The Hammam baths are also in Madrid, Granada and Cordoba.

Spa treatments in Malaga, Spain - Details of the intern of Hammam Al Andalus
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Malaga has Awesome Cruise Harbour

harbor malaga italiantripabroad
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The view of Malaga from the Harbour Terrace – You can find this beautiful terrace overlooking the city from the seaside, just walking on Muelle 1 toward the beach “La Malagueta”.

If you are fancy for a great relaxing holiday, Malaga is becoming one of the most popular Cruise stops around the mediterranean sea. Not just that, the near position to the Ocean makes it a great location for a Portugal – Spain coast Cruise. That’s why we suggest to you to check out for a cruise that will get you here, even if is just one day in Malaga, you will enjoy the best that this city has to give.

The Cruise Harbour is recently built, giving to the Malaga landscape seaport a new face. Since you get inside the seaport, you will see palm trees and a white lighthouse to welcome you in Malaga.

 A Traditional Spanish Town

Being a city in develope with over half a million inhabitants, Malaga is keeping the traditional peculiarity of a typical Spanish Town. The beach makes friendly the environment, especially of the Malagueta area full of tall residential buildings.

If you want to experience more of the typical Spanish traditions, visit the southern area of El Palo. Here you can admire amazing little villas with terrace directly on the beach.

The Skyscraper of Malaga from the top of the Gibralfaro, the highest point of the city is amazing. The sea on the side and the huge city grid on the other. Despite is becoming a busy harbour, is not that crowded of tourists as you can think, that’s why is maintaining the traditional folklore of a Spanish Town.

Locals are friendly and really relaxed. The food is typical of the region, and most based on seafood. Usually, when visiting Spain you are going to holiday places, not really traditional. So we say yes when people are asking us if Is Malaga worth visiting.

Summer in Malaga is Fantastic

malagueta spain spagna malaga best beach in spain south spain andalusia
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Malagueta is the nearest beach to the city centre of Malaga. It is the most known beach as well of all Costa del Sol

The real summer in Malaga is starting with the night of San Juan. In that night everything stop, the people are going on the beach and is a party until morning. But generally the summer, and the nice weather is starting from March on, with high temperature since April.

Concerts are played on the beach or on the promenade, many people are coming from the closest villages to enjoy the summer in Malaga. On the seaside, the part of Malaga that face the sea welcome a great Sunday market on the pier.

More info about Malaga

Malaga it’s a fun city, chosen by many people every year, mainly British, Germans and Italians. The surrounding area is also the favourite location to settle for British Expats.

Malaga Catamaran Sailing at sunset with a glass of bubbles
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Great seaport | Malaga is worth to visit

The seaport of Málaga is the Muelle 2, restored to new life by a major renovation, it is now home to sculptures, fountains with many bars, restaurants and shops. On the seaport of Malaga, you can find the museum Pompidou. It is the lively part of the city that goes toward the beach of La Malagueta. The waterfront of Malaga is really big, with a modern look full of gardens and benches below amazing palm trees that make you feel to be in a tropical place.

Efficient public Transport | Easy access from Malaga Airport to Malaga city centre

An efficient public transport makes Malaga worth visiting. Malaga is cheap both for internal and airport transportation. You don’t have to take an expensive taxi to get into town from the airport. With just 1.80 Euros you can go to the city centre by train from the airport.

If you want more you can get a bus for 3 euros from Malaga Airport to the city centre. The train will take around 12 minutes to take you to the centre of the city, the station of Maria Zambrano. Taking a card outside of the airport for public transport will save you money.

The green card of public transport of Malaga works on buses and the metro. Using this card, you can get on the bus for 0.97 cents and on the metro for 0.82 cents. The cheapest prices compared to other destinations make Spain and Malaga worth a visit.

If you are not fancy to take public transport and want to be freer, at the airport you can find many cars hires stands. Obviously, we always advise you to book your car in advance, skipping the queue and find the best price.

Day trips to Unesco Heritage Sites close to Málaga

anfitatro romano malaga spagna italiantripabroad
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Base yourself in Málaga in order to discover the surround. From Malaga you can travel to Granada, full of Unesco Heritage Sites or Sevilla, one of the best amazing cities in Andalucia.

If you want to see hidden gems of Andalucia you have to reach the little towns around Málaga. Those are really popular, called Pueblos Blancos, White Villages. From Malaga, you can travel to Nerja a typical resort town, with many hotels on the seaside.

Ronda is another amazing place to visit from Malaga, insert into the list of Unesco Heritage Sites for the great ancient history. The inland roman town is the most popular among tourists. You can reach Ronda from Malaga in about one hour and for cheap.

The tickets from Malaga to Ronda goes from 5 euros if booked in advance. Mijas Pueblo is another white village close to Malaga, a marvellous small village on the rock with a great Spanish tradition. From the station of Maria Zambrano, you can get a bus for all those destinations. Is Malaga worth visiting? Yes!

Best hikes of Malaga and excursions at Caminito del Rey

Not everybody knows that Malaga surround has got some of the best hikes in the Region. One of the most popular adventures to do in Malaga Costa del Sol is the Caminito del Rey.

Visit the Natural Gorge of Los Gaitanes, impressive gorges formed by the Guadalhorce River. Walk on the wooden footbridge hanging from the walls of the gorge. Stroll up on top of the sea and enjoy the amazing view, a seascape of the Southern Coast of Spain.

Don’t miss to walk on a glass floor that overlooks the void. Try an adventure in Malaga is not expensive, the Caminito del Rey Tours start from 20 Euros, check for the best deal.

Is Malaga worth visiting in Winter? Yes!

Yes. Malaga is worth visiting in winter as well. The Southern part of Spain, the Costa del Sol is never too cold. In winter the temperatures are going not below the 15 degrees maintaining a good climate for everyone. But Malaga Spain is not just worth visiting in winter for the warm temperatures. 

Did you know that there are ski resorts just an hour away from Malaga? Yes, in Granada you can go up to the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range with snow until late May. Up there you can find some of the best ski resorts in Europe, cheap as well.

The landscape of Sierra Nevada is one of the best we have seen. That makes Malaga a nice place to visit, base yourself and discover the surround.

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 Tours to do in Malaga

Things to do in Malaga Spain | Is Malaga worth visiting

An open mind about the destination - how to travel with a full time job
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If the list up is not enough to make you book a holiday to Malaga, this is the guide to the best things to do in Malaga. In your next visit to the Andalucia’s Capital City, you have to hike up the Gibralfaro a Moorish Fortress looking at the sea, protecting the old city from invaders.

Below the Gibralfaro there is the Alcazaba, an awesome proof of the traditional Arabic buildings. The Alcazaba of Malaga is an absolute hidden gem, not sponsored like the Alhambra of Granada. Still below the ruins of a Forum, a Roman Theatre that host plays for free for tourists every day.

Check for our Malaga Guide, the best way to discover and Visit Spain like a local. The local Malaga Tourism is developing great itineraries based on culture, history and arts. Thanks to the presence of the Museum of Picasso or the Modern Art Museum Pompidou.

Another amazing Malaga sightseeing is the Cathedral, awesome and stunning even at night. Refresh and relax in the area of the Cathedral of Malaga during lunch and pick hours.

If you are not fancy for a city visit, close to Malaga there are little cities more oriented to summer tourism. The most known are Marbella and Torremolinos. We can assure you that is Marbella worth visiting. If you feel fancy, there is also the closest Puerto Banus, with prices not really cheap as Malaga.

We hope to had given you more than one reason to visit Malaga Spain. Just last things Malaga Costa del Sol is Amazing.

Q&A Why is Malaga worth visiting

What is Malaga famous for?

Malaga is one of the biggest cities in Spain and carrying a long tradition in Andalusia. the city is worldwide known because of the birth town of Pablo Picasso. The masterpieces of the famous artist Pablo Picasso are exposed everywhere in the city and locals are very proud of that. Malaga is also well known for the beautiful beaches, great history, Roman ruins, the Moorish Alcazaba and is the gateway to Andalusia.

What should I not miss in Malaga?

There are 10 Essential Things to See in Malaga
You should not miss visiting Malaga:
The Cathedral
The Gibralfaro Alcazaba
Roman Theater
Malaga Harbour
Picasso Museum
Centre Pompidou Malaga
Plaza de la Constitución
Malaga Park
Caminito del Rey
Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

Is Malaga a walkable city?

Yes, Malaga is a walkable city.
Thanks to the nice weather and wide pathways the whole city is walkable. Also, the city centre is traffic-free. Enjoy the warm temperatures, walking through the shopping streets without risks. Is also easy to pass from the old town to the sea promenade just by walking.

How many days do you need in Malaga?

At least two days. Málaga is the ideal city break, that could also become a perfect one week holiday in Andalusia. We always suggest spending at least two or three days in Malaga to enjoy the architecture, the beaches and the typical Spanish life.

Is Malaga expensive?

No. Malaga is the cheapest destination in Europe. The ideal vacation for on a budget travellers without missing the fan and cool adventure. The entire Costa del Sol is cheap, and Malaga is not expensive at all even for eating in the restaurant, which a simple meal can come as little as 10 euro.

Is Malaga Spain safe for tourists?

YES. We have been to Malaga twice before deciding to move here, and definitely, we can say that Malaga is a very safe city for visitors. Unfortunately around the major tourists’ attractions, there are always pickpocketers in action, so watch out.

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