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There was a time while visiting the Dolomites that we felt completely at peace, and relaxed, surrounded just by nature and mountains. That’s why we are happy to show you the 10 best places to visit in the Dolomites.

This is the occasion to completely switch off from your daily routine, going for long hiking, exploring endless landscapes. Those are the 10 places not to miss in the Dolomites. Whatever part of the Dolomites Region you are exploring, it is worth it. We have included places in the traditional Dolomites known area, but also, down the Brenta-Dolomites, with the Val di Sole and Val di Non.

This part of northern Italy it’s well known for the gorgeous landscapes, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, images that will live in your memories forever.  Let’s show you all the Dolomites best places.

 10 Unmissable places in the Dolomites

  • Lago di Braies | Pragser Wildsee
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo
  • Lake Carezza | Karersee
  • Val di Funes
  • Val di Non
  • Lago di Tovel
  • Lago di Sorapis
  • Val di Sole
  • Canyons Lake Santa Giustina
  • St Johann in Ranui church
  • Places to visit in the Dolomites

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A guide to the Dolomites Best Places

This guide will start from the most popular lake in the Dolomites, the enchanting Lago di Braies. Our guide will then take you to the symbol of the mountains, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. This is an authentic prize for fellow hikers, after a long walk toward the peak. The three valleys that we have included in the list of Dolomites best places are the fairytales Val di Funes, the apple valley, Val di Non and the Val di Sole with some of the most incredible water sport activities in the Region.

Some other hidden gems in the Dolomites, are also included, and you might never hear about them. Those places are the Canyons of Santa Giustina Lake, the Lake Tovel, Sorapis and the tiny St. Johann in Ranui church, girded by green meadows and high snowy peaks.

Lago di Braies | Pragser Wildsee

Well, we have already presented this lake. The photos are never beautiful enough to narrate the enchanting view. Lago di Braies it’s the most popular lake in the Dolomites.
The water mirroring game it’s unique, giving a perfect reflection of the Dolomites peaks in the distance. You should visit this lake early in the morning to catch the perfect sunrise lights.

Lago di Braies is also known as Pragser Wildsee, included in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park, in South Tyrol. You can rent a boat to catch the perfect Dolomites shots from the centre of the natural basin. We have included the Lago di Braies on our 7-day Dolomites Itinerary, which is a proper road trip through Italy’s best mountains.

Worth to mention that we have included the Lake Braies and the following Tre Cime di Lavaredo in our guide to the 35+ Landmarks in Italy.

Lake Braies early in the morning - This is an unmissable spot in a Dolomites Itinerary
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Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Another incredible natural spectacle in the Dolomites. The Tre Cime di Lavaredo is also known as the Three Peaks. Those are three massive mountain towers soaring towards the sky. The hike to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo it’s not easy, and you might end up not enjoying the landscape after the trail. The good news is that there are a few rifugios along the route, which will be the perfect location to stay overnight in the Dolomites.
The famous Dolomites three peaks (Drei Zinnen) has got many trails, perfect for all levels of hikers. You can reach the Rifugio Auronzo by car, leaving it at the nearby parking space. From the Rifugio, there is a 10 Km loop passing by Cappella degli Alpini, a small church surrounded by mountains.

View of the Tre cime di Lavaredo
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The reflections of the Dolomites in the emerald lake water of Carezza Lake
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The beautiful Dolomites reflections in the Lake Carezza. Karersee as it is called in German, it’s one of the Dolomites best places to visit.

Lake Carezza | Karersee


This lake has completely different vibes compared to the previous Lake Braies. The Lago di Carezza in South Tyrol, it’s the perfect photo spot in the Dolomites.

This incredible lake features high peaks in the background, reflecting in the emerald water. We suggest you visit this place early in the morning, because you become quite busy during the day, and also to enjoy the perfect sunrise.

For the best experience, it is worth staying overnight nearby the lake. Find an amazing accommodation at Nova Levante or Vigo di Fassa, which are just half an hour away from Lago Carezza.

Valleys – Dolomites places to visit

Val di Funes

This the valley of the Dolomites. The Funes Valley it’s a beautiful area with the highest mountains of the range as a frame of the green meadows.

The landscapes of the Val di Funes are memorable, and the little picturesque villages are the perfect places to relax in the Dolomites, or at least eat a bite. It’s a beautiful quiet valley in the Dolomites, with some of the most instagrammable places in the Dolomites. One of those is the Church of San Giovanni in Ranui, but we will say more later.

This high peak lake of Coldai it's made by melted water and completely covered by ice in winter
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Val di Non

From a valley to another. The Val di Non it’s a less known valley in the Dolomites, however, it’s popular as the apple valley. From the hills of these fairytales, places are becoming the best quality apples in the world. This production is given the landscape a different look compared to other areas of the Dolomites.

This part is completely included in the Trentino Region and is not insta-famous like its neighbour South Tyrol. However recently it’s gaining more attention from tourists thanks to the hiking trails and summer activities. We have visited it in collaboration with Visit Trentino and it’s now one of our favourite destinations in Italy.

Kayaking in the Santa Giustina Lake in Val di Non
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Val di Sole

This was one of our favourite experiences in Trentino. The Val di Sole is a niche location in the Dolomites but is the closest to the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio.
Researching a bit about the Val di Sole you will understand that it’s worth a visit. This valley has got some of the highest peaks of the Dolomites, with sports activities open all year round. It’s the perfect destination for summer in the Dolomites.

We enjoyed our activities, rafting on the River Noce, hiking in the Stelvio National Park, hiking to the peaks facing the snowy peaks even in June. This part of the Dolomites features also over 150 Km slopes for a proper winter retreat. This is one of the best places in the Dolomites also because it has got many accommodations on a budget, away from the pricey Cortina D’Ampezzo.

Best photos of Dolomites, Italy
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Other lakes in the Dolomites worth to see

Dolomites Places worth a visit - Lake Tovel in Val di Non - Trentino Italy
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Lake Tovel was an incredible discovery while exploring Trentino. This lake it’s still an hidden gem. You can find it in the off the beaten path guides to the Dolomites. Lake Tovel need to be included in your itinerary of places to visit in the Dolomites.

Lago di Tovel

This was another location we have discovered while enjoying Trentino. Lake Tovel it’s a beautiful lake surrounded by the Dolomites. It’s a natural lake, compared to others in the same area, with an incredible heritage of stories and legends.

This lake’s very famous because it once was turning red in some part of the year until the mid-1960s. This particular phenomenon was happening because of a red alga, appearing on the surface. The Tovel Lake is an authentic gem of the Adamello – Brenta Nature Park, the most southern part of the Dolomites Range.

Lago di Sorapis

Well known, but less popular than Lake Braies. Lake Sorapis is something you should put on the list of places to visit in the Dolomites. It’s not easy to reach this lake, at 1923 metres above sea level. The hike is not easy.

It is 13 kilometres that can take about 4 to 6 hours with a drop of 725 metres. However, there is a shortcut from Passo Tre Croci, which will take about 1 hour and a half. Check some interesting Dolomites Hikes.

The hike is hard, but the reward is high. The composition of the lake and the mountains it’s like no other. Unmistakably, the Lago di Sorapis is one of the best places in the Dolomites.

The beautiful Lago di Sorapis at sunrise - Best Dolomites Lakes Italy Mountains
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Canyons Lake Santa Giustina

For an unforgettable holiday in the Dolomites, you have to plan a mix of well-known locations and less popular spots. The Canyons of Santa Giustina Lake are a popular attraction among locals, but less known for tourists.

This artificial dame it’s in the Val di Non and the area is often mentioned as Canyons Valley. This is because in a narrow area of the lake the rocks have been forged by natural factors by years of erosion. You can experience the canyons kayaking in between with a professional guide as we did, and it was memorable.

If you are not into kayaking, you might just go for a walk around the river park, a 3.5 Km loop, enjoying the panorama and the hills. You can admire the production of local grapes, and the famous Trento Doc, a sparkling wine typical of the region.

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Dolomites unique places to visit

St. Giovanni in Ranui church

We have introduced you to this little church before. One of the smallest chapels in the world, San Giovanni in Ranui in Val di Funes it’s a little gem in the green valley surrounded by woods and the Dolomites.

The church was built in 1744 and what makes this tiny church beautiful is the stunning background and the empty meadows around.

Behind the church, there is the view of Puez Geissler Odle.

This is one of the easiest locations to reach on our guide to the best places to visit in the Dolomites.

San Giovanni in Ranui - Val di Funes South Tyrol is one of the best places to visit in the Dolomites
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Dolomites Photos

We wanted to give you a more intriguing experience in the Dolomites through our guide. So, we decided that we needed a few more photos of places you have to explore in the Dolomites. Driving through the Italian Mountains, you will have the best scenarios, that’s why for many the Dolomites Road Trip it’s one of the best in Europe.

Where to stay in the Dolomites

 Best places to stay in Dolomites in Summer

If you are looking where to stay in the Dolomites, you should consider our suggestions

10 Best places to visit in the Dolomites | Italian Trip Abroad 1
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5-Star Luxury Hotel close to the ski lift and slopes
LOCATION | Val di Sole
10 Best places to visit in the Dolomites | Italian Trip Abroad 2
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$142 | £112 | €122

Traditional local accommodation

Best time to visit the Dolomites

The Dolomites are an all-year-round destination. There is no best season to visit the Dolomites, because the Region features some of the best ski chalets in Europe, and absolutely the best summer experiences.

Weatherlike, in the Dolomites area they have cold temperatures in winter but mitigated in summer. This makes the areas of Trentino and Val di Funes an ideal destination for a summer break in Europe. The temperatures in summer rarely go above 25°C.

Looking for the best time to visit the Dolomites, this is definitely around late spring or early summer, the months of May and June are excellent, but you might also consider September. For colder weather we recommend you check about Autumn, October and November are the best, to avoid crowds and get better rates on the accommodations.

How to get to the Dolomites

There are many ways to reach the Dolomites, but definitely, but not all of them require you to rent a car.

The easiest gateway to the Dolomites it’s from Trento and Bolzano by the Italian side, but also Innsbruck. The Dolomites are the natural border of Italy and Austria.

You can reach Bolzano or Trento by train from the major Italian cities. You can land in Venice Marco Polo, which is served by Low-Cost European airlines, but also at the smallest airport of Venice Treviso. For a larger trip through some of the best cities in Italy, you can land in Verona, taking a train to Trento or Bolzano. From the Region Capital Trento, you can take buses that will take you to the Dolomites, or just rent a car there.

Another location considered the perfect gateway to the Dolomites in Belluno. This Alpine town passed by two major rivers, the Piave and the Ardo. It’s very charming. From Belluno, you can reach Cortina d’Ampezzo or other Dolomites Chalet by bus or rent a car for a unique experience in the Dolomites.

Q&A Dolomites best places

Is safe to travel to the Dolomites?

Yes, definitely. Enjoy the Dolomites landscapes and the endless adventures. Hike up the high peaks and discover some hidden gems in the mountains. However, we always suggest booking insurance before your trip. You know, just peace of mind. Check some options.

Best time to hike the Dolomites?

Spring, Mid-May, early June. When the snow is melting, it’s starting the hiking season in the Dolomites. Before early May it might happen that some trails are still close because of the snow, or because landslides occurred in the winter period.

How many days do you need in the Dolomites?

At least a week. However, there is not a perfect answer to this question. You can organize a perfect itinerary of the Dolomites even in 4 or 5 days. Depending on the time of the year you are visiting the Dolomites, the length might vary. We have a complete 7-day itinerary of the Dolomites ready for you.

What not to miss in the Dolomites?

Val di Sole
Lago di Braies
Tre cime di Lavaredo
Val di Funes

Is the Dolomites worth visiting?

Yes. The Dolomites are the kind of area we love to visit all year round. This destination it’s ideal for everyone, and it’s so relaxing that it will be perfect to switch off from the busy regular life.

What is the best area to stay when visiting the Dolomites?

There are two areas you should look for the best experiences, the Val di Funes and the Val di Sole. Depending on your ideal Dolomites plan, the location where you have to stay might change. The traditionally recognized Dolomites Area it’s just between Belluno and Bolzano. However, you can also discover the Trentino locations, starting your trips from Trento.

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