Photos that will make you want to explore Trentino

I never thought in my life that one day I would love Trentino so much. I think it was the best experience I ever had so far this year and I would love to do it again. As we loved it so much, we have tried to tidy up a list of places where you have to go. Those are just some photos that will make you want to explore Trentino. We had incredible adventures, hiking the Italian Dolomites and discovering charming lakes.

The best way to start this photography itinerary is to have a proper Italian breakfast in Trento, the Region Capital. Going through the day around the mountains, valley and the awesome landscapes. Take a break with an aperitif with mint and Apple Spritz in a proper Italian Way. Ending the day with dinner up to the Dolomites with an amazing landscape that will fulfil your soul.

Trentino point of view over Dolomites
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Usually, people don’t consider visiting Trentino during spring or summer, but you will be surprised seeing all the amazing activities you can do. Because Trentino and Dolomites are generally associated with a unique winter trip to Italy, not many people will decide to go during another period of the year. If you are still willing for a winter holiday, Trentino has got some of the best ski resorts in Italy.

We chose to put together a list of all the best photos spots that will make you want to explore Trentino. You won’t have any more excuses to avoid visiting this wonderful Italian Region.

As you know the capital of the Region is Trento, a little city in Northern Italy, surrounded by mountains. The Dolomites with the Italian Touch is giving you a meaning of what you can expect visiting Trentino. Associate great landscapes with amazing and tasty food and the combo are perfect. The air free of pollution and the fresh spring water is an add on for a healthy holiday in Italy.

Explore Trento best landscapes

Buonconsiglio Castle Trento

Buonconsiglio Castle Trento was our favourite place in the city, and it will be yours as well for sure. The castle itself is the perfect place for an instagrammable itinerary of Trentino. 

Where to take the best photo of the castle? The best photo spot of Buonconsiglio Castle is on the top, you will have a breathtaking view of Trento which will look like a postcard. Make it yours with the personal touch.

If you are creative and you will let your imagination work, you will see how many beautiful pictures you can take inside this gorgeous Castle. Those are just some inspiration from us. As you can see, from the balcony of Buonconsiglio you will admire the steeple of San Vigilio Cathedral.

The Caste is open every day from 10 am until 6 pm.
We recommend you to go during the golden hour for a better and clear view over Trento. With the Trentino Guest Card, you have one free access to the Castle. 

the best viewpoint in Trento
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The best viewpoint over Trento – Explore Trentino

Buonconsiglio Castle is not the only viewpoint over Trento. If you want to discover another perspective of Trento you need to take the Cable car and go up to Monte Sardagna. From the top, you can enjoy an Italian aperitif with a breathtaking view.

This amazing scene will be print in your mind for the rest of your life. The mix of a charming city and the beauty of the nature of the Dolomites it’s something impossible to describe.

What’s better than an Italian Spritz with a breathtaking view? I guess nothing. You can easily access to the Cable car with your Trentino Guest Card and having the best experience ever. The ride on top of the cable car will take just 3 minutes. We did an amazing hyper-lapse that looks incredible. Below you will find the amazing video by Nellie Winter, looking at the Italian point of view about the quality of life. (We are in the video too).

Lago di Toblino – Day tours from Trento

If you love photography this is the right place for landscape photos. The Lake of Toblino will be the perfect day trip from Trento for professional and passionate photographers. This is one of those places that will make you want to visit Trentino. 

What did we love about Lago di Toblino? The landscape, absolutely.

This beautiful panorama will be print in your mind for the rest of the week in Trentino. The colours, the atmosphere and your camera will be combined in one marvellous shot. The Toblino’s Lake is for us one of the best lakes in Trentino we have visited in our visit. If you are going for photography purposes, we will suggest you head close enough to the lake when is becoming darker. In this way, you will catch all the best of landscape photography.

Was a pleasure to take some shots with those amazing professional photographer, learn some techniques and new skills. This is Greg Snell photographing the Italian Hills. (Spot us in the video).

Explore Val di Non

Best photography spots in Trentino
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Lago di Tovel – Explore Trentino

After enjoying a lovely breakfast in Trento we started our journey towards Val di Non. Before reaching our destination, we stopped for lunch at Chalet Tovel where we met the nature surrounded by Lago di Tovel.

We never thought we would love so much going into the wild and exploring the beauty of this gorgeous region. Used to live in a city, sometimes you forgot the smells of the wild nature. We walked for an hour around the Lake discovering all the lovely spots along our path.

Nowadays this lake was known as per its red water. Why was it red? Because of a special seaweed which coming on the surface, giving the lake its reddish colour. This strange phenomenon is not happening anymore.

This lake is on our list of best photo spots in Trentino because is surrounded by the mountains, and of the reflection on the water. There are many spots along the lake that will inspire you to snap the water mirroring the Dolomites. You will catch snowy peaks even in summer.

Best Lakes Trentino - Lake of Trent - Lago di Trent
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A swim in the Lake Trent is a well-deserved plan after a hike on the pick of Dolomites. Explore Trentino.

Hiking and swimming in Lago di Tret

Before going for a swim into Trent’s Lake, there is a “small” path which you need to hike. During your route, stop and look around you as nature hide the best spots to photograph. Flowery meadows and streams will guide you all the way to the top.

After walking a bit, we reached the lovely Tret Lake. I am not sure if we were happy because we arrived at our destination or because it was time for a swim. But, at least we had the chance to take some lovely pictures. The water was frozen but worth a swim. Wake up early in the morning, you will catch the best lights. This lake was one of the most wilds we visited in our Trentino Itinerary.

Kayak in Trentino Lago Santa Giustina

Have you ever been Kayaking? We did it during our adventure in Val di Non while we were discovering the hidden caves around Santa Giustina Lake. Exploring the canyons and the lake from a different perspective, experiencing the extraordinary. We were surrounded by the best creative people and motivated to have the most from this experience.

It was a great adventure for us, especially when we were trying to don’t fall into the water as we had all our equipment with us. I think in all the experience we ever had discovering Trentino, kayaking and exploring the caves into Santa Giustina Lake was the best adventure. There are some gorgeous spots which will make your trip to Trentino memorable.

Explore Val Di Sole

Best photos of Dolomites, Italy
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Explore Trentino from the top of the Dolomites. The best spots are not just in winter, during summer with the right temperature you can get the best of the Italian Region.

Malga Monte Sole for a stunning view

It is not every day that you will hike up the mountain to 2000 mt. Surrounded by the snowy picks of Dolomites, in an Alpine retreat. Malga Monte Sole is the top of the area of Val di Sole, really close to Switzerland into the Stelvio National Park. We did it riding an e-bike from the valley. It was hard, but all over the mountain, green meadow, trees and snow.

Check the shots we took up there. To reach the top will take you around an hour or more with an e-bike. Many people hike the mountain, using the only paths available. On the top, there is an awesome mountain retreat, where you can eat and refresh.

Picnic by Noce River

Trentino is not only hiking and skiing, but you can also even enjoy a lovely picnic by the river without stress yourself. Seems like the perfect cure for everybody want to relax. A peaceful and good lunch by the river will give you all the energy you need to deal with Trentino’s wild nature.

Apart from having lunch by Noce River, you can take some great shots perfect for an Instagrammable Trentino Gallery. What are you waiting for? Take a picnic basket and snap.

Breathtaking suspended Bridge in Stelvio National Park

Thinking about unique experiences in Trentino, walk on a cliff will be one of that. One of the most wonderful activity you can do in Trentino is walking through the suspended Bridge in Stelvio National Park. The Dolomites are full of activities well known for the winter time, but also amazing during summer.

A mix of emotions followed by an amazing view of the waterfall and nature. This moment you will remember for the rest of your life. Go across the bridge is completely safe, take a wide angle lens with you, that you will need to take a photo of the full scene. Remember that this is a highly protected area, you can use your drone without permissions.

Most instagrammable lakes in Trentino
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Amazing view on the deer’s lake – Explore Trentino

Stroll around Lago dei Caprioli

Have dinner at Chalet al Lago – Formerly Lake of Fazzon

One of the most Instagrammable lakes in Trentino is for sure Lago dei Caprioli. Some of our best photos for this article are from this area. Many landscapes will inspire you walking around the lake. You can snap the snowy mountains, the stream coming from the pick, the mountains mirrored in the lake and much more inspiration will come, just walking through. This will be the perfect spot for a stargazing night in Trentino, snapping the milky way. The deer’s Lake as you can translate it is really away from the city’s lights. 

It is also a really romantic place where you can have a perfect dinner at Chalet al Lago. A cute restaurant with a view of the lake. Remember to ask for Trento Doc, a local sparkling wine.

Val di Sole, Trentino - Italy
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The energy of water is one of the precious resources of Trentino.

Why Visit Trentino?

Trentino is a hidden gem where people consider to visit maybe just during wintertime. This is not true. What we understood was that this incredible Region is marvellous every time of the year. From skiing during winter to swim into the lake during summer.

If Trentino is on your bucket list, see our latest post of things to do in Italy which need to be in your bucket list.

If you will spend a week in Trentino you will see how many things you can do and especially how many wonderful places to photograph there are. You want to miss at all a beach retreat, while in Trentino you can easily go from hiking boots to swimming suit.

We have tried to give some inspiration on things to do in Trentino, but there are many more. Cultural Heritage and old traditions are in the skin of this Region. You can visit the shores of Lake Garda or the history of Rovereto, known by the locals as the Oak Town.

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